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Chili officially acknowledges the UFO phenomenon:

An International ufology conference has been organized by the Air authorities of Chili in October 2000, military representatives, schientists and civilian researchers discussed of the possibility of intelligence elsewhere in the cosmos.

General Ricardo Bermudez, chief of the military UFO investigation group declared on national TV that the Chilian Air Command accepts that UFO are not a mythology but a reality, and that unidentified flying objects do fly above Chili and other South American countries.

The forum, in Santiago of Chili, made the following statement its conclusion: "Today, it can be correctly said that the UFO phenomenon exists everywhere in the world and had millions of witnesses."

The military representative explained that thousands of testimonies gathered in Chili do correspond to real observations of UFOs.

The organization of the conference is due to the National Board Of Chilian Air Affairs, the official military air command in Chili, and is a significant event that adds a lot to the seriousness of UFO investigations worldwide.

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This page was last updated on February 23, 2001.