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Crop circle:

My findings:

What follows is not proof of anything else than stated in the conclusion. Any other point of strangeness about crop circle is or will be approached elsewhere, i.e. here.

The Chibolton "Face" crop circle of August 19, 2001:

The Chibolton "Face" crop circle, as it became named, was discovered on August 19, 2001.

As soon as it was discovered, many people started to make claims about it.

Many "experts" on crop circles said that the formation was a pixel grid. Bur crop circle makers, who know better, explained that it is not: it is a halftone dot screen like those used in newspaper images, made of a grid of circles.

Many "experts" said that this type of crop circle was unprecedented. But crop circle makers again informed that it was not a first, and indicated as example the formation discovered at All Cannings in Wiltshire on June 30, 2001.

Karen Douglas posted on Swirled News that: "Many have already commented that they see a distinct similarity between this formation and the mysterious ‘face’ on Mars." This was actually claimed by Richard Hoagland, who thinks the "face on Mars" is an artificial monument.

Laura Knight-Jadczyk did not agree and said that the mouth and the deepset eyes suggest a woman's face to her, not a Neanderthal nor the face on Mars. he said that on the night the formation appeared she had a dream about "The Mother Matrix" that is "the Primal Source of all that exists in your realm." and claimed that the formation was done by aliens she calls "The Cassiopaeans."

On the Art Bell radio show, someone then suggested that it is impossible for men to create such a formation at night. But crop circles makers said:

"I know we can, so if Art want's to find us a field..."

But Art did not find a field or did not care to, apparently.

Made by aliensS?

I don't think so!

In May 2006, the discussion went to crop circle within a ufology discussion list in France of which I am one of the 40 some participants.

I took part in the discussion, presenting information and arguments that indicate that crop circles are made by land artists. While most privately agreed, and some publicly agreed and appreciated my contributions, about 4 people were in obvious disagreement, although they refused to provide any written opinion and failed to provide arguments. Typical reactions of the few hardliners ranged from "I did not read your article because it is too long but you are wrong" or "I know nothing about crop circle but you are mentally obsessed" to "Galileo too was persecuted because he was right" (irrelevant) to "you haven't contacted researchers" (wrong) or "you haven't visited one" (wrong, I visited one 6 years before I was even interested in ufology) etc. The usual sorry crap and innuendos, I would say...

I asked what the best crop circle would be. The best meaning, "the one that proves your point that they are not made by men but by aliens or whatever paranormal stuff." Only one of my contradictors indicated such a formation, and a few days later I published my report about it.

But of course, someone then said that "nobody explained the crop circle at Chibolton" which I guess is some manner to say that it was done by aliens or something paranormal.

Follow-up - May 16:

That was on May 16, 2006, 11 am local time, and I'll keep you posted on whatever comes out next.

Conclusion sor far:

I see no evidence that this crop circle was not made by land artists from planet Earth.

Follow-up - May 16 later:

Later the same day, the person who had indicated this formation as "best case" wrote "I do not know if this circle is made by aliens" and provides no argument. Another of the 4 contradictors wrote "there are true crop circles and hoaxed crop circles", giving no argument one way or another about this one, and seeming to try to close the debate. Nobody else expressed anything on this crop circle.

Conclusion sor far:

I see no evidence that this crop circle was not made by land artists from planet Earth.

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