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UFO crashes:

In Arizona in 1947

It is said a UFO crashed in October, 1947, in Cave Creek, Arizona, USA.

Not much is known about this crash.

It is said there is still one living alleged witness in Prescott, Arizona, USA.

In my mailbox, 2005:

Subj: cave creek ufo crash
Date: 19.02.2005
From: [-]@yahoo.com


My name is Pete and I've been searching for someone who might have a little information on the Cave Creek ufo crash. I have been interested in ufo's most on my life and am a firm believer that we are not alone.

I first heard about the ufo crash site a few years ago when my family and I moved to Phoenix. A man I worked with told me a story about how one day he was out walking around the hills north of town, to be more specific, north of the area where 7th Street and Happy Valley Rd come together. There, according to him, he was met with armed Military type people and told to leave the area now or else something bad might happen. I never placed the two events together but do you know of anything going on in that area north of town?

I was told that there was possibly 2 crash sites here in town. One, somewhere south of cave Creek and the second, where the Cave Creek city dump is today. Please let me know where I might find information on this event. I look foward to hearing from you.

Pete [-]

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