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The Filiperto Caponi close encounters of the 3rd kind, 1993:

Repeated encounters between a humano´d being and a 23 years old Italian from Pretare d'Arquata, who took a series of 6 polaro´d pictures of the being.

The story of these encounters is here.

May 24, 1993

The first photo showed a small shadow, as Caponi stated. The effect of the mysterious combustion of the two first pictures, altering the zone where the being was, resulted in this.

May 24, 1993

The second picture, also damaged, but the being is more distinguishable, although partly covered with "something." The arrow indicates where the head is.

August 11, 1993

The first picture where the small being is clearly seen, at least as for the head, a hand, and some dark clothing on its back and whitish cover on its lower body.

August 20, 1993

The strange creature photographed in front of Caponi's workshop.

August 20, 1993

The second Polaroid of this day's encounter, with the being stead almost still.

September 20, 1993

The last picture of the being. Remember that Polaroid photos cannot be taken in fast succession.


Caponi made these drawing to explain the succession of events on the first encounter with the being.

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