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The Big Sur UFO filming:

ACC in defense of the Big Sur UFO filming:

ACC on Dr. Jacobs: "Brave, Heroic!" and on the Air Force OFFICIAL POLICY on UFOs: "A BLEMISH ON HUMAN HISTORY!" As posted on the ACC Imagine Alien and Science Forum on Friday, 14 August 1998.

USAF Scientist Dr. Robert M. Jacobs Provides Evidence that the US Air Force hid high speed telescopic film/photos of Alien Piloted UFO Disc scoping our Nuclear Anti-Missiles in flight, during 1964.


Special to ACC Imagine, Cranford, N J (August 13, 1998 23:00 est).
For Immediate Distribution.

In 1963, USAF Scientist Dr. Walter F. Manning had invented a telescope capable of watching a missile in flight at 130 miles down range, one with a near 1000" 'effective lense' size, which, coupled to a high speed camera, was capable of filming the closest details of a missile, even one moving at 1000's of miles per hour.

The 1000" SuperTelescope (Diffraction Grating Technology) was first deployed to Big Sur in 1964. Manning and Dr. Robert M. Jacobs, used the 1000 Inch TScope to film the very first test flights of a Nuclear Anti-Missile Missile that year. After developing the film, however, the two scientists discovered they had filmed more than just one of the Air Force's latest 1000 mile an hour super-Missiles.

The Air Force and the OSI called Jacobs into a special meeting to review an Image taken of a Disc Shaped Craft overrunning the 1000 Mile and Hour Nuclear Anti-Missile Missile, engaging in what may have been high speed photo-shots of its warhead and propulsion in flight, circling the craft at extreme speed during the flight, as if examining it from every angle. Estimates state that the UFO, estimated at about 60 feet in diameter, had to be operating in excess of 4000 miles an hour along side the Anti-Missile and had hundreds of miles an hour latitudinally, enabling it to fly so precisely around and around the missile in full flight, that even at full speed, the missile was easily outpaced by the Disc Shaped UFO.

The Filming through the 1000" Telescope showed the Disc rapidly circumnavigating the Anti-Missile Missile while the missile was tracking at several thousand miles an hour. Anti-Missile Missile Technology, coupled to Nuclear Warhead Technology, could represent a threat, even to an advanced species. Dr. Jacobs has made public comment about the device: "Now, Exactly WHAT was THAT?". His obvious anger over the OFFICIAL SECRECY surrounding UFOS is both credible and authentic. He is also a student of diplomacy, and knows that failure to respond to the UFO's 'symbolic concern' about our nuclear anti-missile missile capability with some kind of genuine 'gesture', could represent a 'primitive threat' to wherever the UFO's have originated from.

Dr. Robert M. Jacobs was sworn to secrecy after being questioned about the film of the UFO taken by the Air Force. He was told "This Never Happened!", and advised of the repercussions of revealing the event, which 34 years ago, would have involved his incarceration for the better part of his life, and personal ruination.

Later, when Jacobs was long retired, he became disenchanted with the Air Force's Official Policy on the UFO Event, and, possessing a conscience that would not allow him to continue his secrecy about so important an event, he went public about the entire affair. He has indicated that he 'no longer cares' what discipline or ruination the Air Force might dish out in his now, later years.

The Air Force, however, responded to inquiries by issuing FALSE REPORTS about Dr. Jacobs. They claimed falsely that not only had Jacobs never been employed by the Air Force in the 60's, but the Air Force falsely that there was no 1000" Telescope at Big Sur at the time (these were mobile mounted telescopes), they claimed fraudulently that no Dr. Walter F. Manning ever existed, and allegedly claimed that no such picture of a UFO was ever taken during any test flight of a missile, in fact, falsely claiming that no such missile system ever existed at Vanderberg Air Force Base. The Air Force's claims, however, fell flat on their face, on the basis of evidence surfaced by Henry Winkler's "Sightings TV Show", and provided by Dr. Jacobs, who has adopted a serious attitude towards revealing the Truth about UFOs.

Unfortunately for the US Air Force and its 'claims' about Jacobs, Public Records exist not only verifying that Dr. Jacobs was employed by the Air Force at Vanderberg AFB and was involved in and responsible for filming and developing Test Range Filmography of the Advanced Anti-Missile Missiles of the era, but there exist records of Dr. Walter Manning, who is something of an ICON in the Photoimaging Telescope Industry, and of the 1000" Big Sur Telescope. In fact, filmography regarding the EXACT INCIDENT which allegedly involved filming a UFO creating its own filmography of an advanced USAF Anti-Missile Missile in flight, do exist, but the original FILM of the UFO is, for the time being, missing and presumed 'sequestered'.

Dr. Jacobs has produced from his archives (he is a photo-reconnaissance film expert) AUTHENTICATED 35 Millimeter films of the Telescope in its Trailer, being moved to Big Sur, unloaded by the Air Force under Dr. Manning's and Dr. Jacobs (a much Younger Dr. Jacobs) eye, setup by he, Dr. Manning and the Air Force, and some film (not one of the UFO, YET) detailing its operations during its test 'shakedown'.

Jacobs and and Dr. Manning can be seen shooting film with the Air Force at Big Sur in 1964 in these films and there isn't even the slightest QUESTION as to his participation and role in the Air Force operation. His involvement in the affair has been thoroughly authenticated by the investigative reporters at the Television Series "Sightings" (Henry Winkler), along with his Service Record, which the Air Force continues to deny... DESPITE OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS obtained which, along with Jacobs' large film library and personal records, have PROVEN Dr. Jacobs was involved in precisely the work he claims.

Because none of the film of the ALLEGED UFO have been released BY the Air Force, Dr. Jacobs' PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE and EYEWITNESS EVIDENCE can not be verified by reviewing the films in question. According to Sightings: Such appears to be the Air Force's HIGHLY ILLEGAL "POLICY" regarding this and other such incidents. Flying Saucers are NO LONGER the province of "falsely alleged nut cases and schizophrenics", they are the object of what MUST BE STUDIED by SCIENCE and SOCIOLOGISTS very carefully and very cautiously.

A Spokesperson for ACC issued a statement:

"Unless the entire incident has been invented by the US Air Force to attempt to create the impression of a 'military threat' by Alien visitations, or by Dr. Jacobs for reasons which simply can not be fathomed, the Air Force has committed a horrific breach of the Public Trust."

"For doing this, denying science and the People this GLIMPSE of the Universe around us, ACC CONDEMNS the United States Air Force, to the extent it did not immediately released said film in 1964 or since. That it denies its existence, and the existence of other direct evidence, to the extent that such exists, is a tragedy foundered in the brainlessness of certain military, business and political personnel."

"There is NO EXCUSE for this, the Air Force anti-missiles which were tested in 1964 have long since been declassified."


"The Air Force must come to realize that IT IS NOT THE FINAL AUTHORITY with respect to the decision about whether such photographic images/evidence are PUBLIC PROPERTY or the Property of the Air Force."

"If such an event ever took place, and/or others like it, and the Air Force failed to report it to the People and to Congress, then it's about time for the US Air Force to wake up to the fact of its own tragic behavior. Such behavior, if it took place, is a crime AGAINST the People of the United States and the World!"

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