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The Bethune Flight 124 airmiss in 1951:

U.S. Naval Reserve Lieutenant Graham Bethune, co-pilot on Flight 125 from Keflavik, reported:

"While flying in the left seat on a true course of 230 degrees at a position of 49-50 North and 50-03 West, I observed a glow of light below the horizon about 1,000 to 1,500 feet above the water. We both observed its course and motion for about 4 or 5 minutes before calling it to the attention of the other crew members... Suddenly its angle of attack changed, its altitude and size increased as though its speed was in excess of 1,000 miles per hour. It closed in so fast that the first feeling was we would collide in midair. At this time its angle changed and the color changed. It then [appeared] definitely circular and reddish orange on its perimeter. It reversed its course and tripled its speed until it was last seen disappearing over the horizon. Because of our altitude and misleading distance over water it is almost impossible to estimate its size, distance, and speed. A rough estimate would be at least 300 feet in diameter, over 1,000 miles per hour in speed, and approached to within 5 miles of the aircraft."

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Click! Dominique Weinstein's case summary.
Click! Graham E. Bethune's public testimony at Washington Disclosure conference 2001.
This page. Other sightings in that area (This page).
Click! Letter from North East Air Command: weather clear, no planes.
Click! The Parrot letter; explaining it away: it was a meteor, or Northern Lights (This page).
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Picture of a Navy R5D transport. The R5D is a variant of the C-54 transport, whose civilian version is known as the Skymaster.

Other sightings in the North Atlantic:

Commander Graham E. Bethune, who piloted the aircraft, has stated that the military personal had told him there were many other sightings in that area. It took me only five minutes to check this statement and find the following other sightings in that area in the previous and following years:



West of Thule, Greenland (77' N., 75* 15' W.) 10:50 a.m. Witnesses: two U.S. Navy pilots flying a P4Y-2 patrol plane. Three white disc-shaped or spherical objects hovered, then flew very fast in a triangular formation, in 2-3 minutes.



11:30 a.m. Witness: weather A/2c R.A. Hill. One red triangle hovered and rotated for 15 seconds, then climbed for 5 minutes.



11:05 a.m. Witnesses: 1st Officer H.G. Gardner, engineer J.V.D. Whitisy, flying Royal Dutch Airlines DC-4 (PH-DBZ). Three or four dark, lens-shaped objects veered north and changed position in formation during the 10 minute sighting.


(Unexplained Mysteries)

A Soviet pilot saw a large pear-shaped UFO flying parallel to him. He thought it was an American craft, so he hid in the clouds. Forty minutes later, he saw it again. It had no wings, antennae, or windows, and no smoke. When he tried to move closer, the UFO always kept the same distance. After fifteen minutes it shot up into the sky at speed.

ICELAND 09/14/52:


North Atlantic, between Ireland and Iceland. Witnesses: military persons from several countries aboard ships in the NATO "Operation Mainbrace" exercise. Among the sightings: one blue-green triangle was observed flying 1,500 m.p.h; three objects in a triangular formation gave off white light exhaust at 1,500 m.p.h. Details about these events.



8:30 p.m. Witness: one unnamed farmer. A cylinder, 2-2.5' long, 4-5' in diameter, made a loud whizzing sound, flew straight and level fast, then slow, then fell into a sandbar.



12:38 p.m. Witnesses: Lt. Col. E.J. Stealy, lst Lt. J.W. Burt. About 10 round, white objects, one of which left a brief smoke trail, flew in an irregular formation, some of them making erratic movements during the 5-8 second sighting.

ICELAND 08/11/55:


11:45 a.m. Witness: 2nd Lt. E.J. Marlow. Twelve grey objects, from cigar to egg-shaped, varied their formation from elliptical to wavy line to scattered to straight line to trail formation. Speed varied from hover to 1,000 m.p.h. Sighting lasted 3-4 minutes.

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