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CE-III report in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, 1950:

The events:

Dr. Botta, an ex-war pilot, aeronautical engineer, and now architectural engineer with a well-known real estate company in Caracas was in Argentina on a construction project. He was driving along the highway about 75 miles from his hotel in an isolated region when he saw the metallic, discoid object resting in the grass off the highway.

Approaching nearer, he saw an opening or door in its side. Peering inside, it seemed empty. There was some sort of red light pulsating in the dome at intervals of one second... he went inside and was surprised to see a curved divan with four seats, three of which were occupied by small beings covered in a kind of tight-fitting grey coveralls. He estimated the height of the beings to be about four feet. Their faces were dark, or charred. In front of them was a screen with rays playing on it, and on top of the screen was a globe of transparent material which was rotating. He touched one of the little occupants. Its flesh was rigid.

He related his story to two friends and they decided to return the next morning. All they found was a heap of ashes. One of the men looked up and spotted three objects. One was cigar shaped, high up. Two others were discoid and smaller. One of the discs, about ten meters in diameter, was hovering above the group at an estimated height of 600m. He took five pictures, only two of which show the object with any degree of clarity. The discs shot up and merged with the cigar-shaped object. It traveled for a short distance and turned blood red, made and 80 degree turn and disappeared in a few seconds.

Case data:

Hynek Classification:CE-III
Original Vallee Classification:Type Ia
Current Vallee Classification:CE5
Minimum Distance:Contact

Object Appearance:

Disc, 32 feet diameter, 13 feet, tower (dome?) with windows six feet.

Interior Appearance:

Interior 7 feet high; metallic appearance, but resilient, like rubber. Holes or vents in the floor, no pipes or cables. Control panel with bright instruments in front of center occupant, whose hands were resting on two levers. Above the panel, there was a small sphere with a circle. To the right, an apparatus similar to a TV screen was seen. An intermittent light of orange-whitish color in the roof of the cabin.

Occupant Description:

Humanoid, four feet in height, with eyes, nose and mouth. Grey-chestnut hair, cut short. Skin bronze, faces dark. Dressed in overalls of a lead grey color.

Object Behavior:

Tilted on ground. Later observation may have been of the same object hovering near another disc and a cigar object. Discs merged into cigar, cigar moved a small distance, turned red, made an 80 degree turn and was gone in seconds.

Physical Effect:

Smell of ozone and garlic.

Medical Effect:

Fever and skin blisters; had been wearing dark green sunglasses and outline of glasses was plain on his face. Was tested by a doctor for radiation, but no traces were found.


An apparently multiple witness case, with physical and medical effects along with a clear view of the occupants and the interior of a UFO. Unfortunately, it seems that the photos, ash samples, medical reports, or accounts by the secondary witnesses have never been made public.


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