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UFO crashes:

Aztec, New Mexico, USA, 1948:

There is an alleged UFO crash on March 25, 1948 in Aztec or near Aztec, New Mexico, USA.

Though still considered a hoax by most researchers, others have left the door open on this one.

A new first-hand witness has been found in Las Vegas. The story is that a large disc said to be 99 feet in diameter came down in Hart Canyon and that a military recovery team was dispatched from Durango, Colorado.

According to a UFO researcher that I could not identify yet, a second craft came down in this vicinity and was reported by an ex-army private.

There seems to be several date confusion on this case, since another case is sometimes listed at the same date and not far away, and since this case is sometimes listed with a different date, April 12. These may be other cases, I am investigating...

There is at least one video recorded testimony about the crash, here is the video interview of Captain Virgil Armstrong of the US Army, mentionning the crash and subsequent recovery of dead alien bodies possibly related to one of the alleged Aztec UFO crashes.

In the Press:

The Durango Herald USA, March 21, 2004 "Symposium: Is the UFO truth in Aztec?"
Farmington Daily Times USA, August 22, 2004 "Aztec to premiere UFO documentary"

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