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Kenneth Arnold sighting, June 24, 1947:

The document below is one of the collection of statements by Kenneth Arnold about his sighting on June 24, 1947. This is a part of the case file raw data. See other statements here and the case file here.

The July 16, 1947, Counter-intelligence Corps memorandum:

This document:

On July 10, 1947, Arnold received a request from Continental Air Command to appear at the Army's Fourth Air Force for an interview regarding his sighting report.

He was interviewed on July 12, 1947, at the of the Air Force field of Hamilton, California by two Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) officers, Lieutenant Frank M. Brown and Captain William Davidson, and this is the memorandum officer Frank M. Brown sent to the officer in charge.


Incident 4AF 1208 I 16 July 1947


1. On 12 July 1947, Mr Kenneth Arnold, Box 387, Boise Idaho, was interviewed in regard to the report by Mr. Arnold that he saw 9 strange objects flying over the Cascade Mountain Range of Washington State on July 25th. Mr. Arnold voluntarily agreed to give the interviewer a written report of exactly what he had seen on the above mentioned date. The written report of Mr. Arnold is attached to this report as Exhibit A.

AGENT'S NOTES: Mr. Arnold is a man of 32 years of age, being married and the father of two children. He is well thought of in the community in which he lives, being very much the family man and from all appearances a very good provider for his family. Mr. Arnold has recently purchased a home on the outskirts of Boise, recently purchased a $5,000 airplane in which to conduct his business to the extent of which is explained in the attached. exhibit. It is the personal opinion of the interviewer that Mr. Arnold actually saw what he stated that he saw. It is difficult to believe that a man of Mr. Arnold's character and apparent integrity would state that he saw objects and write up a report to the extent that he did if he did not see them. To go further, if Mr. Arnold can write a report of the character that he did while not having seen the objects that he claimed he saw, it is the opinion of the interviewer that Mr. Arnold is in the wrong business, that he should be writing Buck Rogers fiction. Mr. Arnold is very outspoken and somewhat bitter in his opinions of the leaders of the U.S. Army Air Forces and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for not having made an investigation of this matter sooner. To put all of the statements made by Mr. Arnold in this report would make it a voluminous volume. However, after having checked an aeronautical map of the area over which Mr. Arnold claims that he saw the objects it was determined that all statements made by Mr. Arnold in regard to the distances involved, speed of the objects, course of the objects and size of the objects, could very possibly be facts. The distances mentioned by Mr. Arnold in his report are within a short distance of the actual distances on aeronautical charts of this area, although Mr. Arnold has never consulted aeronautical charts of the type the Army uses. Mr. Arnold stated that his business had suffered greatly since his report on July 25 due to the fact that at every stop on his business routes, large crowds of people were waiting to question him as to just what he had seen. Mr. Arnold stated further that if he, at any time in the future, saw anything in sky, to quote Mr. Arnold directly, "If I saw a ten story building




Incident 4AF 1208 I

flying through the air I would never say a word about it", due to the fact that he has been ridiculed by the press to such an extent that he is practically a moron in the eyes of the majority of the population of the United States.

1 Incl. Exhibit "A"


The above document is one of the collections of statements by Kenneth Arnold about his sighting on June 24, 1947. This is a part of the case file raw data. See other statements here and the case file here.

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