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Triangular UFOs over Arizona, 2000:

Flying triangles are being reported on a regular basis above Arizona. Here is a collection of five reports of November and December 2000.


Filer's Files #49 - 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Mutual UFO Network Eastern Director,
December 11, 2000, (609) 654-0020


Avondale, December 1, 2000:

"I was going to the backyard on December 1, 2000, when I turned to the southwest, towards "South Mountain," and I saw a whole bunch of lights in the shape of one big triangle at 6:45 PM. It seemed to have helicopters flying along side the Flying Triangle that looked like they were "protecting." The sky was sort of pinkish purple that day."

Vail, November 4, 2000:

"My son in law and daughter witnessed a large glowing teardrop shaped craft flying very low at almost 100 meters off the ground on November 4, 2000. They drove toward it the craft flashing their lights. The craft "doubled" it's height, and started to move west along the railroad tracks. The sighting was near a new golf course two miles north of I-10 Interstate."

"As the craft moved west, two A-10 fighter aircraft tried to follow it. It increased in speed and lost the A-10 aircraft. The color of the craft was a "glow in the dark" light green/white. It had a red light at "pointed" aft end. It was encircled with different colored lights around the perimeter. It made no noise during any movement."

"My daughter says that there was a dark area, like a windshield on the upper "dome." My son in law is an electrician and my daughter is waitress."

Phoenix, November 28, 2000:

On November 28, 2000, Jason Ingraham reported seeing a mass in the shape of a Flying Triangle with a deep red light on each point that three lights would blink on an off together. Around 7:00 PM Jason observed it moving northwest for about 10 seconds when the object began to lean to the left and began to rotate in a clockwise motion.

"I was able to watch it long enough to see it make a full rotation before disappearing behind some distant trees. The movements were so smooth and unwavering that it seemed unreal. There were 6 normal airplanes in the sky along with the very different Flying Triangle."

Scottsdale, November 4, 2000:

"While watching TV at 8:45 PM, we saw three very bright lights in the southern sky over Phoenix on November 4, 2000. The three lights were in a triangle pattern, one on top and two on the bottom. The bottom left light went out first for about ten seconds while the other two remained on. Then it came back on. Then two of the lights went out at exactly the same time for about ten seconds and they reappeared. The lower left light went out again and did not come back on. Finally the other two lights went out and they did not reappear."

While this was going on we saw a normal size commercial airplane heading for the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport in the distance, but it was very SMALL in size compared to the triangle we witnessed."

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This page was last updated on February 26, 2001.