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Top secret USAF research facilities:

Nellis Area II (Lake Mead Base):

Nellis Air Force Base Area II, once known as Lake Mead Base, is a separate facility about a mile northeast of the main Nellis air base on the northern outskirts of Las Vegas. Area II is a munitions storage facility for both conventional bombs and "non-conventional" munitions which reportedly include 200 nuclear warheads. Area II is dominated by a high-security triple-fenced compound encompassing several dozen earthen bunkers. Because the fence is well-lit at night, it can be easily seen from Interstate 15 and by passenger jets approaching Las Vegas. A lower security area outside this compound includes support buildings and a federal minimum security prison. Conventional weapons used in military exercises are stored in a separate area from the nuclear compound and are transported to the main Nellis air base via a secured roadway. During the years of nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site, Lake Mead Base was a storage and transfer area for atomic devices to be detonated at the Test Site.


Area II contains at least the following...

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