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Ancient ET traces:

If aliens visited Earth, there must be ancient traces, in particular, objects leftovers that could be found by archaelogy. I have wondered if anything has ever been found, and indeed there are such reports. The conclusion that there are extraterrestrial ancient objects on Earth might not be bullet-proof, there are generally no valid scientific studies, but it is important to acknowledge that, at least, such cases do exist.

Ice Age nano-technology in Ural:

In the years 1991-1993, gold prospectors on the small river Narada, on the eastern side of the Ural mountains, have found unusual, mostly spiral-shaped objects. The size of these things ranges from a maximum of 3 cm (1.2 in.) down to an incredible 0.003 mm, about 1/10,000th of an inch! To date, these inexplicable artefacts have been found in their thousands at various sites near the rivers Narada, Kozhim, and Balbanyu, and also by two smaller streams named Vtvisty and Lapkhevozh, mostly at depths between 3 and 12 meters (10 and 40 ft.)

The spiral-form objects are composed of various metals: the larger ones are of copper, while the small and very small ones are of the rare metals tungsten and molybdenum. Tungsten has a high atomic weight, and is also very dense, with a melting point of 3410 deg. C (6100 deg. F). It is used principally for the hardening of special steels, and in unalloyed form for the filaments of light bulbs. Molybdenum also has a high density, and a respectable melting point of 2650 deg. C (4740 deg. F). This metal too is used for hardening steels and giving them corrosion-resistant properties, these being used principally for highly-stressed weapon parts and vehicle armor.

Quite apart from such subtleties, these objects are obviously the product of an inexplicable and highly advanced technology; they bear remarkable resemblances to control elements used in micro-miniature devices in our very latest technology, so-called nano-machines.

All tests carried out to date give an age for the objects of between 20,000 and 318,000 years, depending on the depth and the situation of the site. (3, 4) But even if it was only a mere 2,000 or 20,000 years, we are faced with the inevitable question: who, of all the people in the world, was at that time capable of creating such superfine micro-filigree objects, something which our own technology is only now just beginning to achieve?

ET artefact?
100 x magnification
ET artefact?
500 x magnification
ET artefact?
ET artefact?

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