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UFOS where I live?

I have wondered if there are ufo observation in my own surroundings, the South of Alsace, in France. What are the cases? How many are there? Were they investigated, mentioned in the local or national medias? What is the proportion of hoaxes, misinterpretations? Time to start to investigate...

Observation with no information:

The regional newspaper "L'Alsace" mentions a regional TV debate whith a ufo witness as a guest.

The article also mentions that there have been about 400 observations of ufos in Alsace in the past 50 years.

The article in the newspaper "L'Alsace":


Regional Information - Saturday, October 03, 1998

"Public opinion", the magazine of TV channel France 3 Alsace turned its cameras towards the sky this week to scan the mysteries of space. The unidentified flying objects would be frequent in our area, some 400 observations were made in about fifty years. "Public opinion" will try to explain these phenomena with Christian Morgenthaler of S.O.S OVNI, Agnès Acker, director of the Planetarium of Strasbourg, the commander Lejeune of the gendarmerie of the Bas-Rhin and Dominique Pigeon, witness of a phenomenon. On France 3 Alsace, today at 05:40pm.


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