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UFOs where I live?

I wondered if there were UFO observation reports in my own area, Alsace, in France. What are the cases? How many are there? Were they investigated, mentioned in the local or national media? What is the proportion of hoaxes, misinterpretations? Time to start to investigate...

Visual observation of V-Shaped lights, with sound, Strasbourg, 2000:

The observation was reported by its witness on one of the French ufology web sites gathering observation reports.

Location:Strasbourg, Department 67, Bas-Rhin
Date:Janvier 02, 2000, aprox. 06:15pm
Number of witnesses:1
Type:Orange lights in V formation.

The witness report:

"I have a baby and for his health I smoke at the window. I often turn my eyes towards the sky, I look at the stars. The sky was very clear."

"At aprox 06:15pm, over the center of the town, I saw a huge triangle with fixed lights. From my window I see only a small portion of the sky. The moon was not visible in this portion of sky at the time of the presence of the triangular ufo. Planes which often fly by, but at a different trajectory, and the lights of the planes flicker like stroboscopes, unlike those of this object. A very large deltaplane?"

"The triangular shape was determined by the fixed lights (orange) on the sides (perhaps 5 on each line which forms the V, with no lights which would closes the triangle...). The object did not move in the direction of the point of the triangle but of the other direction. IMPOSSIBLE FOR A PLANE TO FLY IN REVERSE. Its speed was slower than a plane's, I did not see it very a long time because of the reduced portion of sky visible to me, but long enough to be impressed by its size. I have difficulties to evaluate its altitude, it was not very high in the sky (perhaps between 100 and 200m). I am sorry, it is very difficult to be precise on the height, but the object was very large as seen from my window."

"There was another person who took care of my daughter at this time. On Sundays at this time, the city is quiet. The triangle made a small deaf noise, and this person noticed the noise. Like a whistling noise, the sound of a sailplane. I am certain that other people saw this object. Immediately afterwards, I phoned to the (astronimical) observatory of Strasbourg to report this event, but it was closed. I did not dare to phone to the police."

"Am I the only person in Strasbourg who saw this huge object? I cannot believe so! It would be necessary to get information. Thank you."

Cendrine (Strasbourg)

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