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Observation reports and news for April 2018:

Some of the UFO sighting reports and ufology news in April 2018 are listed on this page. Please note that the sighting reports are seldom investigated, they are often second hand reports.

04.24.2018New stupidities on the so-called Aurora crash of 1897.
04.23.2018Claims that a UFO was seen several times in Switzerland.
04.20.2018New stupidities published about astronauts and UFOs.
04.14.2018A "UFO video" in Michigan, USA.
04.14.2018Alleged UFOs spotted over Mexico City airport.
06.04.2018UFO seen in the Tourne, Gironde, France.
06.04.2018A broken stone flying saucer on Mars.
04.05.2018Donut-shaped UFO in Croydon, U-K.
04.04.2018Blue lights in the British sky reported on tabloid website.
04.03.2018Three orange orbs in Washington, USA.

Claims that a UFO was seen several times in Switzerland:

Copied on many UFO websites, the Swiss free tabloid "20 Minuten" published an article and a web page on April 22, 2018 saying that a UFO appears at night in Switzerland. They say it was reported for the first time in Kreuzlingen, that it is an "unknown, blue luminous flying object" and that it now appears "in all of Switzerland." They wonder if the Army is behind it.

They say the Swiss air traffic control company Skyguide does not knows what it is, and that it did not appear on their radar set.

They say "readers saw a bright blue ring on Thursday and reported about it for 20 minutes." A reader from Altnau reported that he saw the blue light near Herrenhof TG and got scared, as "the light was really bright."

One "Martin G. from Solothurn", who "has been dealing with such phenomena for a long time", also sighted it, observed it "through his telescope", contacted Skyguide, who told him they could not see anything on the radar.

He said "it flashed blue and violet, but also changed to white." it had moved in a southeasterly direction over the Swiss Mittelland. G. thinks it could be "a military missile."

There are pictures said to have been taken on April 13, and April 10.

"20 Minuten" proves unable to report exactly when and where it was seen. No hours, directions, elevation are given, so that it is impossible for me to decide if this was Venus or not. The images shown on their website suggest Venus under heavy zooming video of cameras.


New stupidities published about astronauts and UFOs:

The story first took shape witzh the British sensation tabloid "The Sun" on April 8, 2018, at:

It was then republished generally without any further comment on many "UFO" websites.

It is claimed that "the legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin passed a lie detector test about claims saying he had encountered alien life".

"Aldrin, the second man on the moon, and four others gave accounts of their sightings under strict lab conditions."

"He, Al Worden, Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper all took part in the study conducted by the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Albany, Ohio."

In fact, none of these astronauts "took part" in any "lie detector test" of this "Institute". Here is the result of my own "lie detector" text. First of all:

They did not "participate" in that "lie detector test".

Then, this was not a true "lie detector test". The "lie detector" or polygraph is a complex device based on sensors that are placed on the skin and that measure different physiological parameters that are supposed to vary in a typical way when the subject is lying. While some police forces use it, its reliability is controversial.

In reality, only sound recordings of these astronauts' voices were used, which is not what one does with the polygraph. The voice is supposed to betrays lies, but this is even more questionable than the reliability of the polygraph.

The so-called "Institute of BioAcoustic Biology" is a tiny non-profit organization without any scientific credibility, claiming that "the sound of the voice can act as a holographic representation of health and well-being," no less! And the Institute even claims to "reverse diseases and traumas previously thought to be incurable".

This "Institute" sells remedies, but has never published any scientific paper in any scientific journal.

Let's see what these astronauts actually said.

Buzz Aldrin: Second man to walk on the moon. His words are totally distorted. He never said he had "encountered extraterrestrial life". He only told in 2015 that during a mission, he had seen through his porthole something shining in space, which he thought was caused by the reflection of the sun on one of the four panels dropped by his own spacecraft.

In the "scientific study" of this "Institute of BioAcoustic Biology", it becomes this:

"Aldrin believes that he is saying emotionally but has doubts intellectually." His ego, "he's a highly spiritual level, he's a solidly involved." He has a firm belief in what he sees. His gut level of emotions and system of integrity is one of the reasons why he has some issues his statements about his UFO to be believed. "

Not only this has nothing to do with what he has said, but it obviously has nothing of a "scientific analysis", "by computer" either. This are just nonsense!

Gordon Cooper: Incredibly talented pilot, one of the first 7 American astronauts. 22 orbits in 34 hours in 1963, 225 hours of spaceflight. Yes, Gordon Cooper says he saw UFOs, several times, but never in the space. He says he saw them for example in the 1950s when he was a fighter pilot in Europe. He firmly believes that we have extraterrestrial visitors, and to hear what he has to say, just read his autobiography "Leap of Faith: An Astronaut's Journey Into the Unknown", 2000.

Edgar Mitchell: sixth man to have walked on the Moon, he is convinced that we have visitors extraterrestrial visitors, that "the incident of Roswell" of 1947 is indeed a "crash" of an extraterrestrial crash. (Mitchell spent his childhood in the Roswell area.) However, it was not through "direct knowledge" or sighting of hos own that he was convinced, it was through discussions with military personal involved in such incidents. He has publicly defended this opinion on UFOs since 1996. In 1972, Mitchell left NASA and founded his Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) to explore topics such as psychokinesis, extra-sensory preception, altered states of consciousness, remote healing. He himself served as a guinea pig and claims to have been cured at a distance from kidney cancer in 2003 - which was doubted because the initial diagnosis of his alleged cancer was of little value, missing a biopsy.

Alfred Worden: Apollo 15 crewman, he is the first US astronaut who made an extra-vehicular exit in space, in 1971. In 2015, he declared in "Good Morning Britain", a British TV show - though it is not obvious that he just joked - that he "believes in the aliens" but that "the aliens are us... someone somewhere who wanted to survive started civilization on this earth."

(Under the joke, hides a strong idea that I share. It is almost unthinkable for me that we are the first out there. The real first ones had to worry about their survival, which would inevitably, early or late, be threatened by the following ones, and the obvious solution was to occupy the galaxy immediately by some technology of the "Von Neumann machine" type.)

A "UFO video" in Michigan, USA:

Kaolin Adams posted a video on "Facebook," which was viewed 70,000 times and shared more than 2,000 times in less than 24 hours. The video, taken from the edge of a highway in Michigan in the USA, apparently taken on April 16, 2018, shows a multitude of lights she could not identify; which blink for one part, becoming non-blinking and slowly descending to a forest. According to her, a number of other motorists were also shocked and stopped to try to understand what was happening.

She simply does not know what it is, but many UFO websites said it was either UFOs or "military drones intended for use in a future World War III".

In my opinion, these are simply "LED Balloons": ordinary helium-filled toy balloons, equipped with a LED powered by a battery. These LEDs can be programmed to flash. Such balloons sometimes result in such reports.

Lens-shaped UFO allegedly seen over MCIA airport, Mexico City:

Source: "Inexplicata" via Alfonso Salazar, on April 14, 2018.

"We have received the following information and image from aviation technician Alfonso Salazar: "A luminous UFO flying over the airport this Saturday, 14 April 2018, the time being 9:00 in the evening. I, Alfonso Salazar, in the company of three aviation technicians, witnessed a very bright flying object flying over Mexico City International Airport. The UFO was flying from West to East and beyond our atmosphere, according to calculations. It radiated an intense white light. The sighting lasted some 15 seconds before the UFO simply dimmed its light, becoming a shadow moving across the sky. Five minutes later, another object passed, projecting an intermittent white light, flying from north to south at an altitude of 50 feet. These were UFOs, without question. Atmospheric conditions were very good."

UFO seen in the Tourne, Gironde, France:

According to the website, a UFO or "strange luminous object in the sky" was seen between Bordeaux and Langon in the night of April 6 to 7, 2018, by a resident of the Tourne (Gironde), who said:

"It was a little before midnight, the sky was starry, the object had a rectangular style, but its angles were rounded and it was stationary".

She said she heard "loud noises", "like engines."

After a few minutes, she came back inside, then came out later again and saw that "the object is still there." "In the distance, behind trees, I saw a flashing light, I do not know what it was." She planned to report to the GEIPAN official investigation group.


A broken stone flying saucer on Mars:

Some ufologists, not all fortunately, publish such utterly silly things that there is no need for any "disinformation" to discredit the UFO issue. A nice example below - seeing it I first wondered whether this was an April fool's joke... but it is not, it was published on April 6th:

A rock? Of course not, it can only be a flying saucer made of stone... And since it does not even have the shape of a flying saucer, here is the explanation: the saucer broke in two...

All this is perhaps a form of ufological poetry...

Donut-shaped UFO in Croydon, U-K.:

On April 5, 2018, a man reported to the MUFON serbiste (USA), that that same day he saw a UFO in Addiscombe, Croydon, London, U-K.:

"I was in a local park in Addiscombe, Croydon, UK with my dog and a group of approx eight other dog walkers. I saw the black donut shaped object which appeared to be approximately 18" across enter the park airspace from the east above houses approximately 100 feet away. its height was only about 30 feet above the ground, so only just above the roof tops. It was traveling west very slowly, much slower than walking pace. It slowly ascending in height and at some points it stopped moving and was completely static. It then continued to rise in height. I watched it do a 180 degree flip so the bottom of the object became the top this happened at least twice. When it flipped it appeared to be in complete control of the movement not bouncing around like it would if the wind was affecting its movement. I pointed the object out to the other dog walkers and about five of us watched it continuously all the time it was gaining height. At one point a passenger aircraft also crossed the park. The passenger aircraft had either taken off or was getting ready to land, the aircraft seemed to be much lower than we normally observe maybe 2000 feet at the point we saw the aircraft the donut object was above it at least twice as high as the aircraft. It was I thought unusual that we could still clearly see the object at such a height when it was relitivly so small in comparison to the aircraft although I couldn't see the central hole of the object. The object continued to ascend until it was too small to see any more."

Was this a drone?

Blue lights in the British sky reported on tabloid website:

The "Daily Star" British tabloid claimed on April 5, 2018, that witnesses reported spotting bizarre blue lights above Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, "prompting some to believe they were being watched by aliens", as witness James Lidington said "The lights were very large and shaped like a pair of eyes looking down at you".

The "Daily Star" says that "Baffled residents across the UK were left gobsmacked after they saw the unusual sight on Wednesday night. The eerie blue lights appeared to move according to witnesses before vanishing completely."

James Lidington apparently told "I first noticed them at around 11pm, and they lasted around two minutes before dispersing. It moved across the sky, we only lost sight of it as it disappeared out of sight. It was very strange to see, I’ve never seen anything like it before."

And: "You read and hear stories about people seeing what they think is aliens. This was very much like those stories, making it feel like it could be aliens or some night creature watching above us."

One Gail Victoria Carson added on April 4, 2018, via Twitter that this was "Over the top of Princes Risborough in Buckinghamshire". She, apparently, published this photo of the alleged phenomenon on Twitter:


Three orange orbs in Washington, USA:

A man reported on April 5, 2018, to the MUFON website that on April 3, 2018 he had seeb "3 Orange orbs traveling north then south west" in Bellingham, Washington, USA.

He wrote:

"Was at Marine park in Bellingham .Ready to go home from walking dog. When I saw 3 oramge lights traveling separately but in same direction . Theu were in a tight formation like a line. They were coming from tbe South , going north I believe. They separated widely then turned back to South towards Lummi island i think. Lost sight of them after awhile."

Chinese lanterns?

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