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News and sighting reports, May 2012:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in May 2012 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

05.28.2012Parasol UFO and tent UFO in Biron, France.
05.24.2012A hum in the night in Primrose Hill, London, U-K., called "UFO sighting report".
05.24.2012UFO media buzz in Blue Spring, a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
05.22.2012So-called UFOs filmed in tornados.
05.21.201210 UFO sightings in a bit more than 2 years in Northern Norway.
05.21.2012A video of a supposed UFO followed by an helicopter in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
05.21.2012Crackpots gather in Bugarach, France.
05.20.2012He takes pictures of "UFOs" all the time in Castellar, Argentina.
05.20.2012He thinks he filmed UFOs above Bologna, Italy.
05.20.2012Strange lights in Lubbock sky, Texas, USA.
05.19.2012Man claims to have the ability to summon UFOs at will, Los Angeles, USA.
05.18.2012Another BLURFO, this time in Fiambala, Argentina.
05.15.2012Near air miss in Denver creates UFO buzz on the web.
05.15.2012Russian cosmonaut Gretchko reportedly claims aliens will come here on December 21 or 23, 2012.
05.13.2012"UFO ballet" reported in Dampicourt, Belgium.
05.12.2012Man films "UFO?" in Fresno, California, USA.
05.10.2012St. George Island visitor reports UFO, Florida, USA.
05.10.2012Objects proclaimed "very strange" in Israel.
05.06.2012Chinese lanterns above Bordeaux, France.
05.05.2012Man thinks he filmed UFOs in the sky of Rome, Italy.
05.04.2012Daily Mail website sees "UFO" in Lithuania and also next to the Sun.

Parasol UFO and tent UFO in Biron, France.

Walkers in Biron, close to Brassaly, France, saw in the afternoon of Monday, May 28, 2012, an object of approximately a meter fifty which floated in the sky.

It was a parasol lifted on about fifty meters, around 4 p.m., by a mini-tornado which was formed in Teulère. a Queshua tent was also lifted, and its inside heated by the sun, it rose in the sky like a montgolfier "without ever seeming to to go down again." The tent was found on the Vignau way posed on the road, two kilometers from its take off place.


A hum in the night in Primrose Hill, London, U-K., called "UFO sighting report".

On May 24, 2012, the "Ham and High" newspaper website claims the "Ministry of Defence expert probes new Primrose Hill UFO hum reports", London, U-K. UFO crackpots websites of course report it too.

The wole thing is quite silly. A man reported anonymously by a "UFO sighting report" form on the web that he heard a humming noise "unidentified 'deep resonating humming' coming from all directions". Later another man contacted the newspaper claiming to have heard the sound "five or six times overnight" on May 9, 2012.

The man, Vlad Syrota said "I've been hearing the alleged humming in Primrose Hill all night." "I live literally two minutes from the park, I've been up late studying and roughly every hour I have been hearing a five to 15 second low pitch hum." "I can't locate the source, my mother has been hearing it as well as my next door neighbours."

No UFO involved there, just people hearing a sound in the night, in a heavily built place, with subway stations and other infrastructures, where vehicles or machines could be the sources of these sounds; which nobody thought to record anyway.

As of the investigation of the "Ministry of Defence expert", all we have is Nick Pope, former UFO person of the British government, privately commenting that a sound is not a UFO, he "refuted the idea that the sounds might be caused by extraterrestrial phenomenon."


UFO media buzz in Blue Spring, a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

A group of neighbors in Blue Spring, a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, USA have came together for a nightly UFO spotting session that has local TV news buzzing on May 24., 2012, and UFO websites as well. People say they are seeing repeatedly in the last weeks strange, hovering, multi-colored orbs in the sky over their town.

The TV report is missing any useful information to determine what puzzles these people. In one instance, an interviewed woman describes what looks just like a Chinese lantern. In other instances, what is shown on videos or described by the people makes think of a bright star or planet Venus; but no angular height, no direction, no hour, no movement or lack or movement, no duration, are given in the report.

Generally it seems the so-called UFO or UFOs are tiny bright lights, people using binocular and telescope to watch it. The reported colors, white, blue, red, may be normal diffraction of star light in the athmosphere, video artifacts, or colors of Chinese lanterns.

All in all, this just looks like much fuss about nothing, with terrible media treatment. A decent ufology investigation would probably solve the so-called mystery easily, whereas the media report concentrates on calling unconcerned and incpomtetent authorities instead of gathering decent data.

See the TV report at

So-called UFOs filmed in tornados.

Jaime Maussan is a Mexican TV journalist impassioned with UFOs, unfortunately much too quick to see UFOs everywhere. After having served his public with many videos taken by amateurs showing alleged UFO fleets on Mexico - which are generally toy balloons, for example those launched by Mexican schoolkids to celebrate the ends of school years, he recently proposed a TV report to convince us that UFOS are often filmed in the proximity of tornadoes. The TV report is publicized by UFO websites that are not too critical. The video is at:

During tornadoes, debris fly. These debris are seldom mistaken for UFOS by their witnesses. But sometimes, unqualified ufologists seeing these debris on generally low resolution videos, want to call them UFOs. In the report, it is obvious that the journalist admits that there are debris flying around the tornadoes, but he claims that some of these are UFOs, arguing that their movement is different from the movement of debris: debris have an agitated flight, goiin in all directions, shaken by fast circular turbulences of the tornado, whereas the UFOs, he says, show "controlled" trajectories, they fly quietly as if the tornado had no effect on them.

The error generally made in these circumstances is to believe just by looking at the images that the "UFO", "unnaffected" by the tornado in its movement, is localised close to the tornado just like the agitated debris there. Actually, a video, showing only two dimensions, does not make it possible to claim that these supposed UFOs would indeed be so close to the tornado that their movement should be affected like that of the debris really close to the tornado. These supposed UFO can be quite far behind or quite far in front of the tornado, so that their movement is not agitated by the tornado like those of the debris really close to the tornado vortex. It is known that whereas the center of a tornado can show winds of about 200 or 300 klometers per hour, just being some hundred meters away from the vortex is enough to see the speed of the mass slow down considerably, 80 to 150 kilometers per hour, and with a movement which is not necessarily circular anymore klike it is inside the vortex. The argument is thus fallacious, for lack of precise localization of the distance between the alleged UFOs and the center of the tornado. Of course each of the these vidéos can have its own explanation which can be different or more precise. For example, a helicopter flying in straight line in the sky behind the tornado at some distance can explain a supposed UFO because of its rectilinear movement unaffected by the tornado. As these vidéos often have an insufficient resolution, the possible helicopter can not be recognized as such.

What Maussan serves us here is not very different from the numerous BLURFO images: there is no visual testimony, only a later interpretation of images. The interpretation is fallacious, done without much research effort, based on images with insufficient resolution and obviously missing quantitative information on distances.

10 UFO sightings in a bit more than 2 years in Northern Norway.

Susanne Noreng, journalist of the Norwegian website Nordlys, reports on May 21 2012, that the ufology group UFO-Norge up to now this year received more reports than before. They point out that it could be caused by the polar night, but that it looks like a real increase in the number of observations.

In the last edition of magazine "UFO", the most important magazine specialized in the UFO phenomenon in Norway, several observations which came at UFO-Norge are described, including one at the Bardufoss in Troms on January 12, 2012: a woman in her 30 on that cold Thursday afternoon had a sighting since Heggelia Bardufoss. It was daylight outside when she made the observation. She looked up towards the mountain of Istindan in the east and saw a matt black object a few meters beside the notched peak of the mountain, and it was not the moon.

She said: "The form is round and clearly outlined. No light or sound which can be associated with the object." After a few minutes of walk, she noticed that the object had moved to the other side of the highest peak of the mountain. The speed of the object may have been approximately 50 kmh, and its angular size at arm's length was approximately 1 centimetre in diameter. After five minutes the object disappeared behind the mountain, and the woman did not see it again.

UFO-Norge comments that they do not have an answer about what it could have been. They point out that there are two military camps in the area, and evoke a possible military test or drill.

The President of OVNI-Norway, Ole Jonny Braenne - whom I know to be a sensible and comptetent ufologist - told Nordlys that such an observation is typical, that they do not exclude a UFO, i.e. a genuine unexplained phenomenon.

A total of ten observations in Northen Norway was received by UFO-Norge since December 2009. The article lists them as follows:

See the article at:

A video of a supposed UFO followed by an helicopter in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

See the video at

One "crazybreakingnews" published on May 21, 2012 a video which he describes as:

"UFO Sighting this morning in São Paulo, Brazil. UFO / OVNI chased by Helicopter, filmed in São Paulo, Brazil on May 21, 2012. More information coming up..."

The video shows a hovering helicopter that seems directed at a small white thing. Both are motionless or approximately motionless. The white thing does not have anything really extraordinarily strange about it, no "impossible maneuvers", no intriguing shape, no peculiar lights. It may be a kid's helium balloon or a mylar party balloon. Folks in the helicopter may just have been normally intrigued by it:

Someone commented the helicopter must be a model helicopter, making the video a fake, because he does not hear the helicopter sound. I do hear the helicopter engine sound, and it sounds like a real helicopter engine sound, not like a model helicopter engine sound. Of course the video could be a fake, nevertheless, as much more impressive videos can be faked.

Above: My enlargement of the pixels of the supposed UFO. This shows that the resolution is way insufficient for a sure identification, but that a balloon could be the solution.

Crackpots gather in Bugarach, France.

All sorts of crackpots believe the idiotic lies of some UFO and "New Age" websites about the "end of the world" on "December 21, 2012" according to "the maya calendar" - a huge stupidity. Many gurus and so-called psychics having claimed that Bugarach mount, in France, would be "spared" or that belevolent aliens would come to save the happy chosen ones, all kinds of eccentrics visit the place. An article of the newspaper Le Midi Libre for May 21, 2012, is about this. Quotes:

"Actually, it is from 2000 on that one really saw the arrival of odd people. And not of modest condition! Always in big-engined cars, often of German brand, driven by Canadians, Luxemburgers, Italians, Spaniards, Swiss, Finns, Norwegians, Englishmen...".

People from Quebec said "that they drank their morning urine, that it contains the memory of the body. One lady from Quebec however admitted she mixed it with orange juice" so that it tasted better".

One day, a restaurant owner was visited by a man dressed in white. He claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus: "He asked for some wine for his meal and my son answered him jokingly: 'Considering who you are, multiply it!'. He took it bad".

A few weeks ago, people entered her restaurant asking to him whether they could lunch in candles lighting: "According to them, the candles are good for the energies. But fearing that they would upset the other customers, I told them to go eat elsewhere ".


He takes pictures of "UFOs" all the time in Castellar, Argentina.

A man of Castelar, Partido de Morón, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on his blog "Wandering Dervish", regularly publishes what he believes to be photographs of UFOs, though they likely aren't, they apparently nevertheless fascinate some incompetent webufologists.

These numerous pictures are of the "BLURFO" kind, they do not show anything clear, just small things which can obviously be birds or insects for example.

"Wandering Dervish" seems to have convinced himself that they are UFOs, as he uses enlarging with smoothing of the pixels and applyies contour coloring graphic filters.

Among the latest images he published, this one, taken on May 20, 2012:

There is no information on a visual observation he would have made, he probably did not see anything when he took the picture, or uses automatic camera triggering.

It is visible that he uses "smoothing" in the enlargment, which gives a misleading impression on the nature of information really present in the image. The original image is not the one he published, edited to add a title and a logo.

If enlarge the alleged UFO without smoothing, it is clear that there is no sufficient detail in the image to distinguish a bird from an insect or an alien spacship or whetever:

The use of graphic filter contributes for nothing here. Any filtering can be applied on anything. Here is a portion of a photograph, real size, of a bird which I saw passing in the sky from my home:

I can obviously enlarge the picture with smoothing; which gives what some would call "a classic flying saucer with a bright dome":

Of course I can use graphic filters on my bird image, for eaemple:

... which serves absolutely no point!


He thinks he filmed UFOs above Bologna, Italy.

Announced on UFO websites, a video was published on Youtube by "xxxdonutzxxx", saying it shows "unidentified flying objects were sighted before the earthquake. This video was filmed near Bologna, Italy on 05/20/2012 / 20.05.2012."

What can be seen is three small white things slowly drifting in the sky:

Although these things are strictly speaking "unidentified", it appears rather obvious to me that they may just be balloons; so we have one more video with no strangeness to it.

See the video at its source:

Strange lights in Lubbock sky, Texas, USA.

In the last day or weeks, people in Lubbok, Texas, USA, reported "strange glowing blue lights flying up and down, side to side and sporadically disappearing and reappearing in the night sky."

KCBD reporter Keith Mowery is among those who spotted the blue lights about three weeks ago at his shop off of 87th and Avenue P. He was called by a friend to get outside, and saw "just the oddest thing. I've never seen anything like it."

He filmed the lights in the south west sky, and said "it came down, went into a circle and started blinking." "It was just a round ball, and when you zoomed in on it you could see a blue cloud around it." He thinks it was much too high to be an airplane. "I couldn't really make sense of it because I'd never seen anything quite like it before. I heard later on that other people saw it, and it wasn't just me. So I realized I really wasn't crazy and hadn't been sniffing too many gas fumes."

Around the same time and in the same area several others had witnessed the same mysterious lights, and Internet videos and blogs reported the sightings. It seems the lights had happened in a small centralized area from Interstate 27 to University Avenue and from 82nd Street to 98th, KCBD said.

KCBD consulted Dr. Maurice Clark, a professor of astronomy at Texas Tech, who looked at the video and said "It's the color I find intriguing." "If it's a lot of people in the one area only seeing it then that leads credence to somebody flying a model plane." "Its movements are consistent with that of a model plane." KCBD says remote control model gliders or planes with lights equipped to their wings "have been the center of other mystery lights across the U.S. and it could very well solve" this mystery too.


Man claims to have the ability to summon UFOs at will, Los Angeles, USA.

The web is full with some paragraphs about a man called Robert Bingham who claims to have the ability to summon UFOs at will after spending some eight years practicing the skill. "To prove his remarkable ability to summon UFOs – which he claims are actually angels here to protect the earth – Robert Bingham scheduled a public event inviting both believers and skeptics to come out and see for themselves. The event was scheduled to occur at 10:30 a.m. PDT across from the Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday May 19, 2012. At first only about 36 people were there, then later about 90. Also synchronicity - mexican natives chanting and dancing to the sun and public for peace and the end of war and corruption in their nation were present at the obelisk unrelated to the Robert Bingham thing. A few of the videos just showed up on Youtube."

See for example:

In one of the cases, showed as a "UFO photo", it seems some sort of party balloon with a vague saucer-shape was photographed. In other cases, pictures or videos are showed that seem to be of ordinary mylar balloons:

Years ago, one "Prophet Yahweh", a guru of a religious sect, in the USA, also claimed he was able to "summon UFOs", and an investigation showed he had an accomplice organizing balloons launches and the "witnesses" thought these were UFOs.

Another BLURFO, this time in Fiambala, Argentina.

Nobody actually saw the so-called UFO in the above picture.

On May 18, 2012, one tourist in the Black Mountains, Fiambala, Argentina, took pictures of the famous rock protruding on the cliff there, and when he looked at one of the pictures on a computer, he thought there is also a UFO in the picture. He reported it back to local folks and it hit the local news, who say it is an "sighting of an unidentified flying object or at least a weird occurrence" and that "the news in the local media shocked the city and the residents".

The so-called UFO is likely an insect, a bird, some dustspec, or whatever. There is no reason to call this a UFO report at all. But some media people, and even some ufologists, get all excited with such things, nevertheless, and headline about a "Photo-Surprise d'un ovni à Fiambala en Argentine le 18 mai 2012."


Near air miss in Denver creates UFO buzz on the web.

A TV news report about a near air miss in Denver apparently on May 15, 2012, caused some to wonder if it was caused by a UFO.

The news report tells that a mystery object not followed on radar flew past a commercial plane over Cherry Creek, near Denver, Colorado, USA. The FAA opened an investigation, one expert proposed the object was a police drone, or a large model aircraft, or a large bird that caught the pilot's eyes.

It is true any of these are dangers to commercial flights, but I do not see this as a reason to speculate about UFOs here. It appears that the pilot indeed saw the thing only a few seconds; moreover, on the tape recording of his radio communication he says it looked like a "large model plane". Why should he not be trusted with this description?

Police drones, large model aircraft, or large birds would of course not be equipped with traponders and would thus only possibly appear on good radar sets in primary mode. Apparently, "UFO" here is only appropriate insofar the incident apparently involved a unidentified flying object; no high strangeness appears in this.

Moreover, some people on the Internet already say it actually was a law enforment drone - though I found no official confirmation to that yet (May 20, 2012).


Russian cosmonaut Gretchko reportedly claims aliens will come here on December 21 or 23, 2012.

On, former Russian cosmonaut Georgy Mikhailovich Gretchko, 80 years old, tells that he awaits a visit of the extraterrestrials between the 21st and 23rd of December, 2012.

He allegedly claimed this in "a recent interview", and would have "no doubts on this matter".

Another stupid prophecy of the "Mayan Calendar" kind, statements perhaps purely and simply invented by the Russian media who have a record in such practice, alleged statement that however seems to be taken seriously by certain ufologists undoubtedly impressed by the brilliant career of Gretchko in the 1950's, or eager believers of the most inept twaddles of the "December 21, 2012" kind.

"UFO ballet" reported in Dampicourt, Belgium.

"Residents of the community of Dampicourt claim to have been witnesses of a 'UFO ballet' this Saturday evening [So this was on May 13, 2012.]."

"It is in the columns of the daily newspaper Vers l'Avenir, that Claudine Schmitz and her family testified. According to her, UFOS were in the Belgian sky this Saturday evening above Dampicourt in the province of Luxembourg."

"It is about 10 p.m. that this mother saw coloured objects in the sky. "We were several people to discover objects emitting an orange color", she says to our fellow of Vers l'Avenir. According to Claudine, good tens of UFOs then started to move in the sky before gathering to form a kind of 'V'."

"Several residents of the district came outside to observe this strange display. "It was terribly impressive, the more so as the phenomenon lasted three quarters of an hour more or less and that the orange objects moved without making any noise', Claudine Schmitz explains."

"But it is not all. According to these witnesses, it was impossible to them to give any telephone call during this strange overflight. At the end of the line, they heard only craking noises."

Source: "7 sur 7", at

Orange? Numerous? No soise? Chinese lanterns again, I bet. But it is not with the poor, nonquantitative information on the movements and the durations, that one can to make sure of this or reject it. As of the disfonctionnement of the phone, it hardly serves as UFO evidence: coincidences do happen...

See also this French UFO website where nobody seems to have thought about Chinese lanterns:

Addition 2 days later: Well, I was right, these were Chinese lanterns. See:

It can be noted that while some websites and forums give this information, some other do not care to provide the explanation in the 7 sur 7 article.

Man films "UFO?" in Fresno, California, USA.

"More UFOs Over Fresno?"

"By KSEE News"

"May 11, 2012 Updated May 11, 2012 at 8:48 PM PDT"

"More unexplained video of a "shiny" object in the sky. This time captured by KSEE24 photojournalist Richard Morales at about 8:00 p.m. Friday evening outside the KSEE24 studios."

"The voices heard in the background misidentified the direction of travel for the observed object. The object was in the sky to the SSE and moving in that direction."

Source and video:

What appears in the video is a small bright or luminous spot, of slightly orange hue. It could have been a toy ballon in the sunset, or a Chinese lantern. There is absolutely nothing extraordinary in the video do disprove such possible explanations.

St. George Island visitor reports UFO, Florida, USA.

On May 23, 2012 Lois Swoboda of the Apallachicola and Carabelle Times reported about tourists on St. George Island who "claim to have encountered visitors from further away."

On May 10, 2012, someone posted this report of his sighting over Franklin County:

"I like to get great sunset pictures, from the Florida coast, so every night at the beach house I would go up on top to the viewing area to watch the sunset, to see if it would be a memorable one or not. This particular evening, (I think it was Wednesday evening, but it might have been another night. The date and time should be part of the digital info however.)"

"Anyway, as I was looking northwest to watch for the sunset, an object which appeared to be a black orb with a flaming bottom streaked over my head from out over the Gulf, headed inland. I pointed my camera at it and zoomed the lens, and snapped a picture, before the object was beyond my sight. There was no sound at all. I have no idea how high the object was but it appeared to be about airplane height."

Based on information he gave, he viewed the unknown object from the Plantation so it must have been headed to Eastpoint or further up the river. The alleged photo he took was not posted with the report, but the reported came to the attention of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network.

The article goes on with other, older sightings in the area.


Objects proclaimed "very strange" in Israel.

"Yori Yanover, journalist with the '' reports in an article he wrote on May 10, 2012, the observation of a formation of 8 luminous objects in the sky", we are told.

It was videotaped and published on the web. And we are told they are "very strange" objects.

And once again, what we see totally resembles a series of Chinese lanterns, once again UFO websites publish this without any mention of this possibility.

See for example:

Chinese lanterns above Bordeaux, France.

"Valérie" or a person near her captured on video what she thought was a flotilla of UFOs above Bordeaux in France, place de la Victoire, on May 6, 2012 at 11:39 p.m. while residents celebrated the election of new French president François Hollande.

The video is on Youtube at

It is notable that the sound track reveals that wheras "Valérie" really thinks of UFOs (whatever this is supposed to mean), a man is head saying that they must be Chinese lanterns. This is indeed what the things on the video look like, and of course the motive to launch them at that time is obvious.

Man thinks he filmed UFOs in the sky of Rome, Italy.

A man published on Youtube a video of what he thinks are two UFOs. He says it was captured on May 5, 2012, at 17:50, in Rome, using the infrared mode of his camera.

He commented: "These two movies are shot in a few minutes, the first shows an anomaly of movement of a luminous object shaped sphere seemed vague at times and sometimes not, the second video shows the same object that waits for the passage of an airplane in my opinion would be next to the aircraft at altitude."


Heavy zooming is used, this suggests the source or sources are quite small and/or distant. These could be balloons, party ballons or hot air ballons, ofr Chinese lanterns, or even a plane or an helicopter reflecting the sun. Using infrared mode, distant objects with a temperature different than the environment can indeed appear a small blobs of luminous appearance. See this case for example.

Nothing makes it possible to locate an UFO near the plane here, there is no reference and only the direction is close. There is no unquestionable anomaly of movement, the zoom easily generating illusions of movement.

Daily Mail website sees "UFO" in Lithuania and also next to the Sun.

The Daily Mail newspaper's website is used to putting out silly UFO sighting articles, with so little information that id is quite difficult to understand what it is all about.

The latest exploit is an article on May 4, 2012, wondering whether some light in the sky is a "police car or a Christmas tree"... I suppose this is supposed to be their idea of some "rational explanation", a police car in the sky, or a flying Christmas tree?

However stupid the article can be, some website nevertheless call this a UFO sighting, as if tabloid Press was anything reliable, as if anything reported deserves a UFO label.

Apparently, here, what we have is a video footage published on the net, "filmed on Tuesday in Bialystock, Lithuania," of something called a UFO that "hovers above the cameraman for several minutes."

It actually looks much like some chap filmed Venus on video, using heavy zooming, as it sometimes happens.

But the Daily Mail is after a stupidity record as they even suggust it is a "police siren"... Before going into another topic about the SoHo science satellite, measuring solar activity, and supposedly capturing UFOS... again...


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