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News and sighting reports, March 2012:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in March 2012 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

03.28.2012Exoplanets in habitable zone around red dwarves.
03.26.2012Fireball in the sky of Reims, France.
03.11.2012"Strange lights" said to have been seen in the sky of Brest, France.
03.11.2012Talks of UFO filmed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
03.09.2012Unexplained flash of light, Phoenix, USA.
03.06.2012Rapper believes he filmed a UFO, San Diego, USA.
05.03.2012Official UFOlogy in Chile.
03.05.2012Study on free floating planets in our galaxy.
03.01.2012Earth as an experiment field for a new technique of extraterrestrial life detection.

Fireball in the sky of Reims, France.

The newspaper L'Union, of Rheims, France, indicates that on March 26, 2012 about 21:05 - 21:10, a young woman who was at her window street of the Procession close to the Pommery boulevard in Rheims, "saw a rather large orange ball which crossed the sky while dying out gradually, without any trail behind it. It went down rather slowly. I could follow it during eight to ten seconds. It was splendid."

The young woman immediately thought that it was a meteorite [a meteor], which seemed to her to follow a trajectory directed towards the North-East. One of her friends who lives in Nancy said he saw a luminous ball crossing the sky at the same hour, but in a more furtive way.

The newspaper notes with common sense that "Undoubtedly it is the same phenomenon whose high altitude allows simultaneous testimonys on a broad surface of the territory."


"Strange lights" said to have been seen in the sky of Brest, France.

A chap posted an image on the website on March 11, 2012 without more comment than "taken from nmy cellphone thus poor quality" - what the image shows - two orange-colored lights - could be almost anything, such as Chinese lanterns for example, but French UFO websites are puzlled all the same.

One "Samy29" adds:

"We saw the same thing at the level of the pen ar c'hleuz crossroads at about 08:15 p.m. last night (03/10), we stopped opposite the Bowling le MASTER for better observing and hear a possible engine noise ...?, very strange, The lights directed very slowly, formed a circle in the sky then, went on fading like a candle."

"Inevitably, in this election time, no space in the medias for a small strange local phenomenon!!!"


What does fade out like a candle? A Chinese lantern's candle...

Talks of UFO filmed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

UFO websites talk of a "UFO taped in Rio de Janeiro".

The given source is generally
but the original source is
Nothing more is said there, except that the cameraman does not know what it was: "Ovni em Cabo Frio - RJ - não sei o que é isso, mais foi por volta de 22:30, em cabo frio-rj". There is no date.

The secondary source claims that it is a "UFO dropping Light Balls over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. March 11, 2012", while the original source says that it was at Cabo Frio in the state of Rio de Janeiro, and that the video shows only two luminous points which seem to flicker - this may be a video artifact, and no movement can be established, as the background is the dark night.

Unexplained flash of light, Phoenix, USA.

Yahoo News says on March 9, 2012, that "Phoenix's FOX 10 reporter Andrea Robinson was in the middle of an on-air report when an unexplained, bright white explosion appeared in the distance behind her."

"The strange blast was caught on tape and aired live during Robinson's report. At first, news station employees thought the explosion was a transformer. But when FOX 10 checked with local utility providers APS and Salt River Project, they were told no transformers had blown in the area."

The website does not even give no clear date, no time, and no location for the occurrence. They merely concentrate on associating the phenomenon with the famous Phoenix lights case in 1997.

Source with video:

Rapper believes he filmed a UFO, San Diego, USA.

A rapper from San Diego, California, USA, believe he filmed a UFO and says he doesn't know whether "its alien" or stuff from the government.

He posted the video on Youtube on March 6, 2012. There is no information about the place, date, time, etc. Nobody saw anything, the so-called UFO was only noticed when he looked at the video, footage for a musical clip by the rapper.

What briefly appears looks just like the sun flashing onto some object into the camera lens, maybe a reflection from a smartphone one of the rappers had on his chest.

Official UFOlogy in Chile.

Ufologist Antonio Huneeus reports on March 5, 2012, about Gen. Ricardo Bermudez lecturing at the "International UFO Congress" in Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA, on February 25, 2012.

Gen. Ricardo Bermudez, ret., is the director of CEFAA (Committee of Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena), which is part of DGAC, Chile's Civil Aviation Agency. At the Congress, he revealed "a number of highly interesting cases involving commercial and military pilots, as well as an extraordinary daytime multiple video case showing a clear metallic-looking object during an important Chilean Air Force ceremony in 2010."

Antonio Huneeus says the "message throughout his lecture was unmistakably clear": some UFOs are real and may pose a threat to air safety operations, so they should be investigated officially not only in Chile but throughout the world.

More at:

Earth as an experiment field for a new technique of extraterrestrial life detection.

Scientific magazine Nature publishes a study by the European Southern Observatory explaining the development of a new technique for detecting life on other planets than Earth, based on the analysis of the reflection of the light of the Earth on the Moon carried out over two days, April 25 and June 10, 2011.

It was found that the weak resolution of the intensity of the spectrum of the Earth's atmosphere obtained from space reveals strong signs of life, such as molecular oxygen and methane.

The team was used the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in the Atacama desert in Chile, to observe the Moon which acts like a giant mirror rflecting our planet's light, with an aim of finding indicators such as certain gas combinations in the atmosphere considered as being signs of life.

At the shortest wavelengths, chlorophyl is very strongly absorbed and thus the plants reflect little light. Above 700 nm, chlorophyl does not absorb light, which means that the leaves are able to reflect the sunlight in a more important manner to space.

The goal is to use Earth as a a reference, a point of comparison, to find life on other planets in our solar system and beyond.

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