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News and observation reports, July 2010:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in July 2010 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

07.11.2010Another "UFO landing strip" in France.
07.10.2010Rumours of UFOs over the Atucha Nuclear Power Station in Zarate, Argentina.
07.07.2010Claim that Hangzhou airport traffic was disturbed by a UFO, China.

Another "UFO landing strip" in France.

The town of Arès in France launches out a popular demonstration on September 4, 2010 "to celebrate the installation of a flying saucer on the ufo harbor"...

The advertizing booklet gives an idea of the level of the demonstration, or "festive and popular day on this mysterious topic". It appears that "the sea front d’Arès becomes more than ever the ideal landing spot for the UFOs and accomodates many games and educational activities. Whether ufology buffs or simply curious, adult and children dive into science fiction through shows and d’animations." There will be "a privative 100 m² space dedicated to welcoming VIPs", apparently "personalities known for their interest for the subject (Jacques Pradel, Jean-Claude Bourret, Christophe Dechavanne".


Rumours of UFOs over the Atucha Nuclear Power Station in Zarate, Argentina.

On July 10, 2010, Scott Corrales says via "Planeta UFO" that "Argentinean ufologists have disclosed the presence of unidentified flying objects over the Atucha Nuclear Power Station in Zárate. New methods shall be developed to obtain further details."

"Mysterious phenomena, considered by researchers to reflect the presence of intelligent, major anomalies over the Atucha Nuclear Power Station, have stirred the interest of fans of such events."

A report in the Diario Popular newspaper allegedly reports "on the existence of UFOs over Zarate, and the increase in such activity" , and ufologist Cristian Soldano claims that the area has become "a place for constant phenomena in which pulsating UFOs (also known as "flash" UFOs) are known to have a significant presence."

No other details seem to be given, in particularly no dated and cited sighting reports.

Claim that Hangzhou airport traffic was disturbed by a UFO, China.

Sensation tabloid The Sun, U-K., claims on July 9, 2010, that "a Chinese airport was dramatically closed after an ALIEN craft was detected by baffled air traffic controllers", who allegedly spotted the "UFO" on radar screens, "forcing bosses to ground flights and divert planes away from Xiaoshan airport in the eastern city of Hangzhou".

The Sun days it happened "late on Wednesday night" (i.e. July 7, 2010) when "Many reported seeing a comet-like fireball in the sky" and that it filmed by a local person - the short online video does not allow much comment.

"The craft eventually vanished from radar screens but airport chiefs launched an immediate probe into the sighting."

A bus driver, who witnessed the strange object soaring across the sky, said: "The thing suddenly ran westwards fast, like it was escaping from something."

The Sun illustrated their short article with a fake UFO picture.


The news spread on other web portals, often with other images with no relation to the story, such as a flying saucer model... Some say the UFO was not seen but only located by radar, others say it might have been a missile while ensuring with no more thinking that it stayed in the air for an hour, others suggest that it was a reflection of the sun on a plane, an undoubtedly paranormal occurrence if it really was detected by radar without being seen, finally, the China Daily agency explains that the UFO was identified, but no details will be given as it had to do with military activities, activities about which Chinese media are not supposed to give details.

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