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News and observation reports, February 2010:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in February 2010 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

02.21.2010British National Archive continue release of UFO files.
02.17.2010Alleged UFO seen and photographed in the sky over Rossendale, U-K.
02.17.2010UFOs or whatever seen above Aylesbury, U-K.
02.14.2010UFOs were indeed Chinese lanterns, Lorient, France.
02.06.2010Video in Brussels, Belgium.

British National Archive continue release of UFO files.

A new batch of documents on UFO sighting reports in the United Kingdom gathered by the Ministry of Defense is available online, for free at this time, at:

Alleged UFO seen and photographed in the sky over Rossendale, U-K.

Aron Sacks, aged 34, was looking the weather out from his bedroom window in the village of Stacksteads, East Lancashire, when he spotted something silvery floating in the sky and took a picture with his mobile phone. He claims that it hovered in the sky for a few seconds before silently zooming off at high speed.

He said he never saw "anything like this before". His father had claimed to have seen unidentified objects hovering in the skies over their home a couple of times during 1978 and 1979.

The small image published with the newspaper article doesn't say much about the alleged object, and there is no date or hour for the alleged sighting.


UFOs or whatever seen above Aylesbury, U-K.

The Thame Gazette's website say that on 17 February 2010 in the evening shoppers at Tesco Tring Road in Aylesbury were left baffled "when a fleet of UFOs flew over them." A local man, who was in the carpark at around 6pm, said several people stopped to watch the 20-30ft long, bright cylinder objects which filled the sky, described as having a bright, whitish light, no noise at all, with a dozen of them and "flying in formation" at "two or three hundred feet high."

The possibility of Chinese lanterns is mentionned but wrongly discarded as not being white but orange (generally only) and not flying in formation (but people call any group a "formation"). The suspicion of some military exercice was raised.


UFOs were indeed Chinese lanterns, Lorient, France.

The Ouest France newspaper's website and other sites web had reported that several witnesses observed "luminous balls " in the sky of Lorient, in the night from February the 13th to February 14th, 2010 towards 00:30. They were seen from downtown, Larmor-Beach and Lanester.

The newspaper's website immediately noted the possibility that these "UFOs" might be Chinese lanterns, and GEIPAN said the same.

It actually proved thereafter that a good score of these lanterns had been launched from the Wok Star, a Vietnamese restaurant in Lanester, to celebrate the Chinese New Year's day.


Video in Brussels, Belgium.

One "mathieugir" posted a video under the headline "A UFO above Brussels" on February 8, 2010, saying "I filmed this UFO Saturday, February 6, 2010, at about 15:30 above Brussels in Schaerbeek. The object is about 10 meters long. I have no idea of what it could be..."

The 29 seconds video, on a grey sky backround, without landmarks, shows what resembles a small cylinder or small elongated piece fixed under four balloons. Apparently, nobody else saw anything, at least nobody reported anything. According to the Schaerbeek police, contacted by the observer, the scene occurs towards the Giraud avenue.

Video at

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