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News and observation reports, October 2009:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in October 2009 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

10.31.2009Report from East Texas, USA.
10.28.2009"Plane in flames" was a Chinese lantern, Burnham-on-Sea, U-K.
10.27.2009Story of "Unidentified Floating Object" in La Rochelle, France.
10.26.2009UFO sighting report, Batavia, New York, USA.
10.23.2009UFO or plane filmed in Rio Branco, Brazil.
26.10.2009Latest "alien video" from the Internet U-K..
10.22.2009Again, methane, carbon dioxide and water detected on an exoplanet.
10.20.2009Latest "UFO video" from the Internet U-K.
10.20.2009Astronomers announce a haul of planets found beyond our Solar System.
10.18.2009Rocket fuel dump caused minor sensation in Europe.
10.18.2009So-called UFO in Barcelona, Spain..
10.16.2009Astronomers sightings reporting website and project.
10.16.2009Rendlesham 1980 UFO witness Larry Warren says he will show a never seen footage of the sighting.
10.13.2009Observation in Nardo, Italy.
10.13.2009Dutch meteor photographed.
10.07.2009Observation in Casanero, Italy.
10.04.2009Claims of UFO sightings, Gorleston, U-K.
10.03.2009Help needed, to analyze and research alleged UFO fragment.
10.02.2009U-K newspaper and folks start to discover about Chinese lanterns.
10.01.2009UFO documents declassification continue in Brazil.

Report from East Texas, USA.

The KLTV website says that on October 31, 2009, a couple saw and filmed an object in the sky in East Texas on October 31, 2009 a around 6 a.m. form their back porch in Hallsville, Texas.

The couple says they have no idea what it was and that they never saw anything like this before. They only described it as "shiny" and "going crazy," "getting bigger and changing different colors. It would get smaller and bigger and go everywhere" and that "It was not just a star it was something else. You never know what's out there"; of course from the meager description it could have been a star or planet with ice crystal diffraction effect, for example. The video is not published.


"Plane in flames" was a Chinese lantern, Burnham-on-Sea, U-K.

The website had reported that Sharon Witcombe of Warren Road, Burnham-on-Sea, had spotted what she thought was an "aircraft engulfed in a fireball" as she walked home at around 05:15 p.m. on October 29. 2009. Concerned, she drove away from the village in case the plane came down, whereas the Air Accidents Investigation Branch said it had received no reports of any planes in difficulty at that period and place.

The website now informs that photographer Tim Allbutt who was in the village at the same time took several pictures of the burning object and observed it with binoculars and identified it as a Chinese Lantern.

Story of "Unidentified Floating Object" in La Rochelle, France.

The Sud Ouest newspaper informed that the fishing boat trawler "Les Deux Tours", from La Rochelle, violently struck what they call a "Unidentified Floating Object" in the night of October 26th to 27th, 2009.

Although what the trawler struck could be perfectly commonplace until demonstration of the opposite, floating wood, lost container lost etc, and that the investigation entrusted to the coastguard only begins, French "UFO" and "paranormal" website already make a "mysterious" case out of it.

UFO sighting report, Batavia, New York, USA.

On October 29, 2009, the "UFO Clearinghouse" website, posted a reader's report received the previous day about a sighting that allegedly took place on October 26, 2009, at 08:15 p.m. in Batavia, New York, USA, with a UFO said to have been seen at a distance of 100 feet or less and having a "square/rectagular,Star-like" shape. The witness wrote:

"My husband and I were heading towards Pavilion, NY from Batavia, NY on Route 63 on October 26, 2009. It was very dark out and about 8:15pm when we saw an object with 5 LARGE white lights and 1 SMALL red blinking light hovering low above the road in the distance ahead. Coming from Batavia we thought it was a radio tower or airplane or something of that nature. As we neared it we noticed it was some type of aircraft. We both were pretty calm at first because neither my husband or I believed in UFO's. As we drove directly under this object we both became extremely nervous. I didn't know what to make of what I just saw, my husband couldn't even speak. I know we were not the only ones who saw it because there were several cars in front of us an behind us."

"The cars in front of us were pulling off to the side of the road to look at it and other cars were swerving in their lane trying to look at the object. The object would not move. We opened our windows but no noise was present. After we drove a little ways up the road the object disappeared without a trace. When we arrived home about 7 minutes later, we stepped out of our car and the air smelled different, kind of like ozone or something like that. Then, a half hour later, my husband stepped out onto the deck for his last cigarette of the evening and looked up at the sky because he heard a noise. He then knocked on the window for my brother and I to come outside."

"There was an odd humming noise unlike an airplane in the sky. We looked up and I saw an aircraft that looked like a square on top of a rectangle though my husband said it reminded him of the shape of an arrowhead sort of but without a point on the end. It was moving sideways. We watched until it disappeared once again. Later, about 3am that morning we were awoken by the odd humming again. We looked out the windows but saw nothing. However, there was an unfamiliar high pitched noise coming from the corn field behind our house. Lasted about 15 minutes then just stopped. Did not get much sleep that night because we were already a little shaken by what we had already seen."


UFO or plane filmed in Rio Branco, Brazil.

A team of the TV channel "A Gazeta" who returned from the town of Rio Branco, Amazonia, Brazil, reportedly noticed a UFO on the side of the motorway on which they drove, apparently on October 23, 2009, at about 1 a.m., and filmed it.

Although one speaks about "the incredible images of the UFO" or the "best UFO images in the world" and "an oval shaped UFO", what the slow motion, heavy zooming video shows looks much like a simple plane in night flight.


Latest "UFO video" from the Internet U-K..

The Express and Star newspaper, in the U-K. posted on their website an alleged video of a "UFO allegedly hovering over Dudley's Merry Hill" allegedly taken by one Jamie Gardner, from Wolverhampton.

No date, time information is given, no sighting report is given, the newspaper merely says that Jamie Gardner said he "noticed something hovering in the sky in the distance above Merry Hill, so I got my mobile phone straight out to film the object. After looking closely at it, the craft looks manmade." He claims "I've done some research and it might be called the Aurora Project, a hypersonic jet which the US government created in the 80s but denied its existence until recently" and that it is "the same craft has been seen throughout the UK over the past few years".

The newspaper quotes Philip Francis, founder of the UFO blog The Multiverse, as bein sceptical about the footage " because of the lack of any witness statement to go with it. A full transcript of time day and place and situation is absolutely essential, otherwise it will be disregarded and automatically called fake."

The video shows a "flying triangle" of clear "belgian flap" inspiration, with details such as found on some crackpot websites showing computer renditions of alleged "secret craft". The object maneuvers as if doing a show just for the "witness" benefit, and the video, visible after a commercial spot is played, is complete with zooming out of focus effects such as can be created with general public video creation software.

Though the "witness" claims he filmed it with a mobile phone, it has a "night vision camera" effect, a video mode not generally available on mobile phone videos, except for some software gadget producing very grainy results, vers different from what is seen on the video.

Article and video at:

Rocket fuel dump caused minor sensation in Europe.

"ROCKET FUEL DUMP: A Centaur rocket caused a minor sensation on Sunday night, Oct. 18th, when it flew over Europe and dumped a load of excess propellant. "We saw it at 9:15 pm local time (1915 UT)," report Federico and Chiara Bellini of Bodio Lomnago, Italy. "It looked like a comet with a fan-shaped tail." [Photo.]

"About 20 seconds later, a second object appeared." That was a US military weather satellite (DMSP F-18), which the Centaur booster had helped launch earlier in the evening from Vandebergh, Air Force Base in California. "And then," the Bellinis continue, "a big circular halo followed the two across the sky." The halo, shown here in a movie recorded by Jonas F÷rste of Jakobstad, Finland, was probably an expanding puff of gas emitted during an earlier firing of the Centaur.

"This remarkable display took observers by surprise in England, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, and many other places. Stay tuned for additional reports and photos."

Source: Published here on October 19, 2009.

A matching sighting report from Aubagne, France.

So-called UFO in Barcelona, Spain.

A chap filmed a few seconds of a small white dot in the sky of the district of Sants, in Barcelona, on October 18, 2009 at 13:40, which totally resembles a simple balloon. He published the video on the Internet and wonders whether it is a UFO or an "atmospheric phenomenon".


Astronomers sightings reporting website and project.

Philippe Ailleris, an amateur astronomer working in the Netherlands, launched a website with a forum for astronomers to submit their sighting reports of unknown objects or "UAPs", Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

The aim is to two-fold: "to educate the public about natural phenomena in the sky that could be misidentified", and to "collect data that could reveal previously unknown scientific phenomena."

"Local astronomical societies can forward curious members of the public who think they have seen something to Ailleris' website, and in return scientists and larger societies such as the British Astronomical Association can use the website to gather data on reports of fireballs or aurorae, for instance."

The project was launched within the International Year of Astronomy (IYA), "a global effort initiated by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and UNESCO to help the citizens of the world rediscover their place in the Universe through the day- and night-time sky, and thereby engage a personal sense of wonder and discovery".


Rendlesham 1980 UFO witness Larry Warren says he will show a never seen footage of the sighting.

Retired US Air Force serviceman Larry Warren, one of the most controversed witnesses of the famous UFO event on the night of December 27, 1980 in Rendlesham forest, U-K., says he will who a never seen yet footage of the sighting during the free Paranormal Week held at Halton Lea Library in Runcorn, at 7p.m. on Friday, October 23, 2009.

He claims the images prove what he and others have insisted did happen.


Observation in Nardo, Italy.

Six workmen of Nardo in Italy said they saw and photographed with their mobile phones a spherical shining object in the sky in the early morning of October 13, 2009 at 05:45 a.m., on the motorway connecting the provinces Nardo Lecce to Gallipoli, and the medias call it a UFO.

The thing is said to have been seen during a few minutes, stationary at one time, going up slowly, then sudenly passing behind a cloud, and no more visible when the cloud had withdrawn.

Apparently nobody seems to have suspected that it was maybe just a balloon.


Dutch meteor photographed.

A meteor lit up the sky over the Netherlands on October 13, 2009 at 16:58 UTC, travelling from Southwest to northeast and spotted from locations in Belgium, Denmark and Germany also.

Robert Mikaelyan, amateur photographer from Groningen, the Netherlands, managed to take six extraordinarily sharp images of the fireball while preparing to photograph an old factory the city plans to tear down.

Source and images at:

Observation in Casanero, Italy.

In Casanero in Italy a 14 year-old-girl reports that she and other people saw a luminous green blue thing in the night sky.

CUN, the National Ufology Center, in Italy, considers meeting the girl to check of what it was, and medias calls it a "close encounter of the third kind" although there was no observation of occupant and the thing was not erpotred to be "close". It is said there were other observations the next night, but no description is given.

The chief of the San Lorenzo observatory, Giuseppe De Filippi, gave an explanation to the phenomenon: a meteor had crossed the sky that night.


Claims of UFO sightings, Gorleston, U-K.

On October 5, 2009, the Greater Yarmouth Mercury newspaper website says that a Bradwell couple, Melvin and Heather Edwards, saw a sequence of five white lights appear at around 8 p.m. or 5:30 p.m. "last night", hovering silently in the sky above Gorleston beach. The "mysterious objects" faded and then returned to view for up to eight minutes before vanishing completely.

The website calls it "UFOs" and says no word about Chinese lanterns.


Help needed, to analyze and research alleged UFO fragment.

A ufologist managed to get an alleged UFO fragment for a limited amount of time. The fragment is metallic and relates to a well-known UFO sighting in Europe.

Scientists with proper laboratory equipment (crystallography, mass spectrometry and whatever could be relevant to determine the structure and composition of a metal sample) are needed.

Please: if you can offer any real and sensible help or suggestions please contact me and I will pass the information to the ufologist. Anonymity will be respected.

U-K newspaper and folks start to discover about Chinese lanterns.

The Derry Journal website reports on 2 october 2009 about the "debate on UFOs in Derry" after the story in Tuesday's issue about a sighting.

They say one man said he laughed when he saw the article: "You can buy Chinese lanterns at the pound shop. They are fantastic things. You light the four corners, it is like a miniature hot air balloon. I have about 15 lying under my bed. "They go up through the clouds and drift around and they will eventually go out. They come in different colours. People can be fooled by them."

Another said "I saw two of those lanterns last night. All the weans are using them now but they are supposed to be for over 18s. I saw them coming but I knew what they were, I've seen enough of them to know."

A woman disagreed, saying she too saw something strange flying in the sky this week: "It scared the heart out of me. To me it looked like a glass bowl with a light inside. I rushed to get inside the house to see it but when I got there and looked out it was gone. I would be one to believe in angels and this scared me."

Another UFO spotter claims to have seen similar objects in the sky over the past four weeks.

Another person says to have seen the lights last week but he believes they cannot be chinese lanterns because he is "interested in aerodynamics" and "this thing did a 90 degrees turn" (of course the slightest puff of wind would do this to a Chinese lantern).


UFO documents declassification continue in Brazil.

Brazilian ufologist A.J. Gevaerd informs that the Brazilian defense gave 2.200 new pages of documents related to UFO sightings in the country to the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) and also to the Brazilian Public records.

These reports relate essentially to observations in the 1980's, such as those of May 19, 1986 or "The Night of the UFOS", when the Brazilian Air Force tried for several hours to identify a score of spherical objects detected on the radars and reported by civilian pilots.

The CBU made these new pages available to all at

The formerly declassified documents are at:

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