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News and observation reports, November 2009:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in November 2009 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

11.05.2009UFO abduction, or not, in Ural, Russia.
11.03.2009UFOs or Chinese lanterns in Lakeview/Boothville, U-K..
11.02.2009Ukraine starts to declassify UFO sighting reports.
11.02.2009U-K tabloid says a UFO was filmed while abducting a buffalon near Basingstoke, Hampshire, U-K.
11.01.2009UFO in Maine, USA.

UFO abduction, or not, in Ural, Russia.

August 15, 2009, four children of the village of Basyanovsky lost themselves in the forest. On August 22, 3 of them were found in a hunting lodge, but the fourth, Lisa, was never found.

A group of UFO buff now decided that the girl was "probably" abducted by a UFO, with the reason that people see UFOs in the area, the more so as there is a military base of missiles, and they decided to search the missing girl with the assistance of "psychics".


UFOs or Chinese lanterns in Lakeview/Boothville, U-K.

A witness in Lakeview/Boothville in Northamptonshire, U-K., reported on November 4, 2009 that the day before, "My neighbour Gary (opposite block) saw three orange/red orb type UFOs as he had a smoke outside his front door before retiring to bed.The came from the SE and went toward the NW."

"They were mid cloud level, neither fast nor slow, no formation, they came one after the other, went right over his head."

"First orange ones I get to report, and I missed them, I’d just gone back inside about that time!"


Ukraine starts to declassify UFO sighting reports.

According to some websites, the state radio (Natsionalna Radiokompanya Ukrainy, NRCU) in Ukraine said the country undertook to make available to the public some of the UFO sightings official records.

The president of the Association of Ukrainian Ufologists (UFODOS, reportedly announced that a previously secret file of more than 500 UFO sightings testimonys, some being "very old", was made available.

U-K tabloid says a UFO was filmed while abducting a buffalon near Basingstoke, Hampshire, U-K.

British tabloid "The Sun" claims that one Derek Bridges, a 69-year-old pensioner, has revealed how he shot "extraordinary footage which UFO experts say shows aliens beaming a BUFFALO into their spaceship."

It is claimed it was filmed from his window while getting ready for bed at his house near Basingstoke, Hampshire, after he spotted "pulsating glowing orbs hovering over a neighbouring farm late at night", "two bright lights" which hovered "high over fields, while an animal appears to dangle below before vanishing into them" and a "high-pitched screeching noise can be heard before the UFOs finally disappear into the night."

The witness says he spotted the lights over a neighbouring farm, "about half a mile away", above 2,500-acre Laverstoke Park Farm in Overton village at about 10:30 p.m. on a date not specified.

The newspaper says the place has one of the country's biggest herds of water buffalo and is close to a military base used by special forces, and that the farm, owned by 1979 Formula 1 champ Jody Scheckter "insists" no cattle have gone missing, and that officials at nearby RAF Odiham "said they could not comment at the time 'for security reasons'."


The very low quality night video shows no "buffalo beamed up into a UFO", only a set of several lights.

UFO in Maine, USA.

A witness from Presue Ilse, Maine, USA, reported to MUFON that on November 1, 2009, after a stormy night, he/she woke up at about 05:30 and, looking out the west window there was a very large bright half oval object of yellowish color which was completely stationary. "There was a half bubble extremely bright white strobe type light at the top right of the dome which was emitting E-beams of light going up at a 45 degree angle then down to the ground. The object was silent and looked flat on the bottom, although that area was not visible."

"The object appeared to be about 60 feet long and 500 feet from the house. I watched this object for about ten minutes trying to make something rational out of it and then it vanished like someone had shut off a light bulb. I have included a sketch for your observation. I have not walked down to where the object was since we would be up to our knees in mud right now."

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