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News and observation reports, March 2009:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in March 2009 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

03.29.2009Mars: Spirit and Opportunity still going.
03.29.2009Alleged UFO piece for sale in Ohio, USA.
03.26.2009Nocturnal lights in Houston, Texas, USA.
03.25.2009UFO near Medina Lake, San Antonio, Texas, USA.
03.24.2009UFO's or Thai lanterns in San Antonio, Texas, USA.
03.23.2009UFO's or Thai lanterns in Austin, Texas, USA.
03.22.2009UFO landing, occupants, in Lorena, Texas, USA.
03.07.2009Light in the sky in Zadar, Croatia.


We are told that 30 years ago, Greg Kirby, of Middletown, Ohio, USA, an admitted "prankster" who was known to set off cherry bombs from time to time, lied to local police officers and federal agents when asked if he turned over all UFO pieces he found in Blue Ball.

At 7:30 p.m. on March 29, 1979, driving north on Old Ohio 25, he saw a white-hot fireball go down in a parking lot at the Robin Springs apartment complex in Blue Ball. Apparently he picked up pieces of it after it cooled off, he called Middletown police, and turned over "all" the items to Federal Aviation Administration officials.

Stories about the fireball mystery made headlines for several days in The Journal, Dayton Daily News and Cincinnati Enquirer. Kirby was interviewed by three local television stations and received a phone call from ABC News in New York.

He later told a ufologist that his only regret is that he didn't keep a piece of the metal as evidence.

Kirby, now 51, who calls himself "a hippie," recently claimed he still owns one lightweight piece, smaller than a dime, and want to sell it. He claims Bill Gates may want to buy the item then donate it to a university or space museum, and that a friend of his who is in the areospace industry was truly puzzled by the piece.

(See the Middleton Journal, Middleton, Ohio, for March 29, 2009).


"Houston, Texas - 3/26/2009 - The witness was walking his dog, facing west, when he noticed something moving in the sky. He looked up to observe a very small, dimly-lit triangular object moving northwest at a very fast rate of speed. The witness further described that the object had at least six to eight very small, dim white lights on the bottom and appeared to be at an altitude of approximately 5,000 feet. The witness didn't believe the object was a helicopter, small plane, or commercial aircraft."

Source: "Pittsburgh UFO Examiner" website at


"March 25th close encounter - A family was visiting some relatives by Medina Lake in San Antonio. The father took his little daughter for a tractor ride through a dense wooded area about a mile from the lake. His daughter was sitting in his lap when she suddenly pointed at this object directly in front of them, and quickly hid her eyes on her father's shoulder. The object was about 100 yards away, and appeared to be around 30 feet above the ground. The witness later provided a more detailed description of the object: The object was semi-circular, with slight protrusions from top center and maybe the bottom as well. There was no sound, lights, or windows, but the witness did describe having a slight acidic taste from a faint odor."

Source: "Pittsburgh UFO Examiner" website at


"San Antonio, Texas - Two consecutive days of activity includes close encounter - 3/24-3/25/2009 - The first sighting occurred at approximately 9:00 p.m. the evening of March 24th. The witness lives along one of the main flight paths for San Antonio Airport and is very familiar with typical flight trajectory, FAA marking lights, and landing lights on approaching aircraft. The witness' attention was caught when a sudden bright gold flash appeared to the west. The object was a very bright, solid gold orb moving from west to east, at a very fast pace. The object had no tail, and was very well defined. The witness got up and moved towards the west-side of their patio in an attempt to get a better look. The object had simply disappeared. About thirty seconds later, another bright gold object appeared just below where the first object had been observed. This object had a bright tail behind it that appeared to be emitting some sort of debris similar to a sparkler. The second object also disappeared in about one second."

Source: "Pittsburgh UFO Examiner" website at


"Austin, Texas - 3/23/2009 - Two witnesses travelling down a city street noticed a circle of purple lights hovering, bobbing, and doing a sort of spin to their left, while flying away from them. The object was described as being circular, possibly disc-shaped, with a ring of purple lights around it. As it bobbled, the underside became visible and there were four very bright blue lights underneath."

Source: "Pittsburgh UFO Examiner" website at


The witness reported:

"I was on my way home driving down I 35 heading southbound towards Temple from Waco. My wife pointed to a strange light in the sky moving at incredible speed. It suddenly stopped on a dime over a field about a mile or so off the highway. I pulled my car to the shoulder as we were wondering what it was."

"Suddenly is appeared to land in the field and when it did we could make out a disk shape but due to the darkness it was hard to tell exactly. It was a cloudy night. I pulled my binoculars out of the back seat and when I focused in I saw what did indeed appear to be a saucer like object on the ground."

"I at first dismissed this as a feeder for livestock due to my poor visibility and it being a farmers field with livestock. I soon realised this object had what appeared to be a door of somesort that opened up and a redish orange light could be seen when it opened from what appeared to be the interior."

"Then suddenly it appeared 3 men walked out of the craft and the door shut."

"The craft then after about 3 minutes rose upward hovered for a brief time then took off Northbound at a very high rate of speed and I lost sight. I then refocused on the field to see if I could see any one or any thing in the field but visibility was very poor. I did note to my wife that they appeared to be walking in the direction af a rest stop that was just off of the field near the high way."

"I wanted to make a u turn and go northbound and stop at the rest stop but my wife wouldnt let me, she was getting concerned that maybe it could be aliens. I have lived in the area 35 years and never have seen anything like this. We do live near Fort Hood but the military to my knowledge does not have anything disk shaped in it's arsenal."

"I never regained sight of the 3 figures but they did leave the craft and my wife refused to stick around for it's return if it did come back at all."

Source: Unedited report from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database. These reports may be under investigation by MUFON, but those details are not reflected in the reports. Many reports are explained as misinterpertations or hoaxes.


People in Zadar were puzzled by a light in the sky on March 7, 2009 around 20:30 hours. Kata Colic of Turnj described it as a ball which kept changing colour and vanished in a few minutes. He said the light moved towards Kukljica in Ugljan and became bigger and bigger, lingered for some ten minutes and disappeared. Zadar citizen Vlado Nikolovski was in Sveti Petar and said he saw a lighting dot appear in the sky.

Witnesses said it hovered above Sveti Petar and vanished above the island of Ugljan, some even recorded the think in video but it was apparently small or far and zomming made it shaky and indistinct.

Ivo Dijan, member of the Zadar Astronomy Association, saw the video and noted it was very poor, shaky, and that the light can be anything, a military balloon, normal light or something else. He added that the air was exceptionally humid that night which can explain that the light occasionally changes colour. He remembered that he saw something similar a few years ago in Kornati, a sensational footage of three lighting dots appeared in the night sky; which turned out to be caused by army drills.

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