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News and observation reports, August 2009:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in August 2009 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

08.31.2009So-called videos of "meteor" in Cholet, France.
08.17.2009U-K Ministry of Defense releases a fourth batch of UFO documents.
08.15.2009Green blue or yellow oval or round gleam in the sky of Touffreville and Sierville, France
08.13.2009UFO-tourism: Darwin, Australia, tipped as "world's next UFO hotspot".
08.09.2009Red-orange light in Arizona, USA.
09.08.2009Red mass falling from object in Arizona, USA.
08.08.2009Orange lights in the U-K sky again.
08.01.2009People say they saw a UFO in the Châlon area, France.

U-K Ministry of Defense releases a fourth batch of UFO documents.

A fourth collection of Britain's Ministry of Defense UFO files have been released by the U-K National Archives, as 14 PDF files, for a total of about 4000 pages.

It contains correspondance to the MoD from Members of Parliament and ufologists between 1985 and 1995, complete dossiers on classic cases such as Rendlesham, the Cosford incident and the Belgian UFO flap, and UFO sighting reports generally from the public.

The documents are available for free on the U-K. National Archive website's UFO section for a months; after that they must be ordered and a small fee must be paid. See:

Green blue or yellow oval or round gleam in the sky of Touffreville and Sierville, France.

The newspaper "L'Impartial" for August 20, 2009, reports an observation on August 15, 2009 by a family of Touffreville, in the Eure, France, and their friends, who seek the explanation.

We learn that they saw towards 10:30 p.m. or 11 p.m. from their terrace "a large rather oblong form of jade color, leaving a trail behind", which appeared between two clouds. It "really did not light", remained a few moments there then "disappeared... probably behind clouds" above the trees visible from their garden. All ensure that it was well too slow to be a shooting star. One of them adds that it was not the gleams coming from the Ertepagny discotheque, and that it did not resemble beams.

One of the women says that it was "a large gleam, rather yellow with a kind of halation" and that it was not very probable that it was a plane.

The newspaper adds that two young women of Sierville saw the same thing the same day, during two minutes. One says it was a "shining object which then disappeared behind a tree ", that the young women tried to see it again in vain. The other indicates that it was "a blue green ball, rather oval, and moving slowly and without noise."

UFO-tourism: Darwin, Australia, tipped as "world's next UFO hotspot".

One Alan Ferguson claims he is seeing UFOs all over the place in Darwin Australia. He said: "After seeing all these sightings and UFOs for years, I said to myself we're crazy for not promoting this joint as a UFO hotspot. You get 200,000 people a year who go to Roswell, and the only thing there is a museum, you don't see nothing else, whereas here they are flying around the skies, and they're continually flying around the skies all the time."


Red-Orange light in Arizona, USA.

Filer's Files #33 published this report: "QUEEN CREEK - On August 9, 2009, I was outside and saw to the north, a very strange bright red light. It was moving to the northeast at a very slow rate, and was definitely moving slower than any aircraft. It seemed to flicker at times, but mostly was just a solid red/orange glow. At about 10:15 PM, the sphere seemed to flash a little, and then a same color smaller sphere dropped from the first sphere and slowly descended to the ground. The main sphere began to move slowly NW, and then it appeared to ascend then flashed bright white and disappeared completely. It appeared to be between 5 to 10 miles away, and about 4000 feet above the ground. Thanks to MUFON CMS".

This again is a fine description of a dying out chinese lantern.

Red mass falling from object in Arizona, USA.

William Puckett of UFOs Northwest says that a witness was out viewing the Perseid meteor showers on August 9, 2009, at 9:55 PM, in Queen Creek, Arizona, when he saw an object to the north and a large red mass which "appeared to drip like water" from the object. The mass descended and stopped. He grabbed his camera and snapped several photos. The red mass was visible for 10 to 15 minutes and then abruptly disappeared. The photo was taken towards the North Star. Williams Field Air Force Base and Luke Air Force Base are in the direction of where the photos were taken with a Kodak Z1015 IS (12 megapixel) digital camera.

Orange lights in the U-K sky again.

This summer, countless of so-called "UFOs" were reported in England, nearly all reports describing more or less decently what was very probably chinese lanterns, the new craze of the last summers. Amon the latest sighting is a letter from a man who says that on August 8 he saw nine orange lights in quick succession heading across Ramsey towards Huntingdon at approximately 09:30 p.m.

At first, there were two lights static in the sky, which was joined by a third. These disappeared after about a minute and then another one on its own followed by a group of four came over and seemed to hover for a minute or two before dropping to the ground. Then a single one came over and just twinkled away. The man suggests the light were too big for being planes, but he does not seem to know about chinese lanterns.

His wife also looked at some of the light, and the man took photographs that he says are "not the best quality."

People say they saw a UFO in the Châlon area, France.

The newspaper L'Union, of Reims, has an article by Stéphanie Verger thwt reports a "luminous ball" seen in sky of the Châlon area by Malia Kolivai, Elisabeth and Domenique Morizet, who were outside with friends - in all 6 people - in the night of August 1, 2009, atarting at 10 p.m., from their community of Saint-Etienne-au-Temple.

The ball, or luminous dot, moved in the sky during two hours under a partially cloudy sky. Elisabeth Morizet said that it "made the same way during half an hour then moved".

The witnesses thought of calling the gendarmes so that they also see it but did not do it fear "of being called crackpots". They did not alert anybody and did not think of taking pictures.

Neither the newspaper nor the witnesses give precise details on the winds or precise movements of the ball or the dot of light, its color is unmentionned; whereas witnesses evoke a military camp and wondered whether they were manoeuvers by the army, nobody seemed to be aware of chinese lanterns.

A similar observation was made from Rilly-la-Montagne during more than one hour the same night by Chantal Gozé and her friend, who "followed the curious manoeuvers of a luminous ball which did not stop moving in the sky", towards the East, that is to say in the same direction as the other observation.

Lastly, it seems that a photograph of the thing was taken on the same evening from Epernay, but the photograph does not seem to be have been published.


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