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News and observation reports, January 2007:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in January 2007 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.


Clinton County. -- "On January 31, 2007, I was driving home from work in a secluded rural area with no street lights at 4 AM, and stopped by my Father's home when I noticed four odd contrails around the moon. I started to snap the shot with my phone camera when a bright white light appeared above the western horizon. The light shot directly to the right side of the moon in a flash. I then snapped another picture just as a pale red ball appeared along the left side of the moon and started bouncing and going back and forth seeming to vibrate. The odd thing is that when the red one first appeared, the white light on the right developed a white circle around it with a hazy center. I was able to snap another picture just before they both vanished. This took place in a very short time. The picture shows a gazebo with the first light just above the horizon. The bright light is the moon." Thanks to MUFON CMS.

Source: Filer's Files #6, 2007,


TV channel KCAL 9 of Los Angeles reported the observation by surfers at Kewalo Basin, Hawaii, on January 26, 2007, of a trail of light moving slowly in the setting sun, one of it having been recorded in video. The trail totally looks like a gigh flying plane's contrail made apparently luminous by the sun, a frequent cause of witnesses puzzlement.


The FARS News Agency Tehran, Iran, reports on January 16, 2007 that a UFO was observed in Western Iran. The agency says a radiant unidentified flying object was observed in the sky of Central Sepidar in the vicinity of Bouyer Ahmad at 19:00 hours local time, and witnesses told FNA that it has been observed for one complete hour while moving southwards.

Another incident also called "a UFO" occurred last Wednesday, when an "object" crashed in Barrez Mounts in the central province of Kerman. The Deputy Governor General of Kerman province Abulghassem Nasrollahi told FNA that the crash was followed by an explosion and a thick spiral of smoke and caused no casualties or damage to properties. He denied rumours of a plane crash and said that investigations were underway by police and other relevant authorities. Some people said it ould have been a meteor but Nasrollahi said there were no conclusive witnesses in that regard, but that he does not dismiss the possibility that the crash has been caused by a meteor. Eyewitnesses claimed that the explosion was the crash of a radiant unidentified flying object onto the ground.

An "informed source" told FNA that the object has been on fire and there has been thick smoke coming out of it prior to the crash, concluding that the object couldn't have been a meteor as meteors do not smoke. That source said the crash has been witnessed by people in several cities, and mentioned that the fall point was located 100 kilometers from the provincial capital city of Kerman.

Officials believe that such objects could be spy planes or hi-tech espionage devices.

Note: obviously, a failing or shot down US spy drone, as well as an Iranian miitary plane crash, could have been covered-up as "UFO" or meteor or spy plane.


From: Chris Rolfe, March 3, 2007

"US F-15s And Possible UFO Encounter Over UK"

"On Friday, January 12th 2007, London Military Air Traffic Control contacted a flight of US Air Force F-15s out of RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, UK, to intercept an unknown target they had picked up on radar at 3000 to 4000ft altitude.

"The F-15s callsign Gator, went to investigate, and got a solid radar-lock on the unidentified target.

"They made two passes, passed the object which was at 17,000ft on the first pass, and then 17,700ft on the second pass. They described it as black in colour, and stated that it was not a bird, and unlike any aircraft they had ever seen.

"One pilot was heard to say to another: "Did you see that." and the other replied: "Yes, but I don't want to talk about it."

"An audio file is being analysed by UFO Monitors East Kent, and UFO Data Magazine, from the air to air comunications by the crew of the F-15s. And UFO Data Magazine hope to have a copy of the file on their website for researchers and other interested parties to listen to.

"UFO Monitors East Kent, here in Kent, England, along with UFO Data Magazine are making enquiries into the incident, and are hoping to make representations under the US and UK Freedom of Information.

"If anyone feels that they can help out in anyway, please do get in contact with myself at

"This looks like an intriguing case, especially as the incident was recorded by radio monitors here in the UK."

Chris Rolfe
UFO Monitors East Kent
Folkestone, Kent UK.


The witness wrote from Crosby: " On January 9, 2007 at 7:40 PM, going to my girlfriend's house on new Highway 90, I saw 10 to 12 objects with all kinds of lights. When I got closer they started to break up and started going everywhere, but slow, I could see blue, green, and clear lights under the crafts. I know I wasn't the only one to see them, because they were out there for about one hour or more."

Source: Peter Davenport, NUFORC,


Canadian ufologist Chris Rutkowski received three sighting reports in mid-January 2007 including this one:

On January 8, 2007, 02:00 p.m. local time, at Sach's Harbour, "At least six people in different locations watched a slow-moving, orange object moving South over the town. It was described as "the size of an aiplane at 30,000 feet" and "like a marble at arm's length." It was described as "bullet-shaped," leaving a trail of debris in its wake. Pieces seemed to be falling off, brightening, them dimming quickly as they fell. Its movement was thought to be the "speed of a plane" and it was in view for an estimated five minutes. Although the time of the sighting was 2:00 pm, Sach's Harbour is North of the Arctic Circle and therefore the sky was dark."

Rutkowski reminds that space junk falls have been quite frequent worldwide so far in 2007.


Local police authorities indicated that a 377 grams meteorite fell on a house of Freeholdd Township, New Jersey. The object perforated the roof and embedded itself in a wall, without hurting anybody.

The meteorite is of oblong shape and of metallic nature, and it is under examination by a team of geologists of the local university and an independent metals expert. They determined that it is very rich in ferrous metals and might come from the inside of an asteroid.


Source: CNN.Com - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Transcript of the program "American Morning" for January 3, 2007:

Host: "Some United Airlines workers insist they saw a close encounter in the skies over Chicago, a UFO at O'Hare. The FAA is out with an explanation. We get more from Juan Carlos Fanjul of CNN affiliate WGN."

(Beginning of videotape)

Juan Carlos Fanjul, CNN Correspondent: "It supposedly happened in early November, just before sunset. About a dozen United Airlines ramp workers telling the Chicago Tribune they saw weird-looking, frisbee shaped aircraft hovering motionless over Terminal One, Concord C."

Katherine Huggins, Flight Attendant: I've been flying for a while and, yes, they're reputable. And if they say they saw it, I think they saw it. And I wish I saw it too."

Juan Carlos Fanjul: "These United flight attendants just heard about the mysterious account."

Mathew Walker, Flight Attendant: "I think it's great. I don't know. Something different, you know. It's about time they finally found one."

Juan Carlos Fanjul: "So you think it's real then."

Mathew Walker: "Maybe. It could be."

Juan Carlos Fanjul: "Workers say the flying object was real. They say it was silent, had no lights. A pilot saw it around 1,500 feet up, then it suddenly burst upwards, punching a hole in the clouds. The FAA tells WGN News, they've got nothing on radar. United said they've heard about the stories but have no evidence. Witnesses have been told it could be a weather phenomenon."

Jon Hilkevitch, of the Chicago Tribune newspaper: "And they're concerned that whatever it was, even if it was some kind of military craft or something else, that it be identified because it could pose a safety hazard."

Juan Carlos Fanjul: "A possible UFO sighting has sparked some deep discussions at O'Hare."

Unidentified female: "I think it's probable. I don't think we're the only life forms in the galaxy."

Unidentified Male: "Me personally, a UFO has to actually come knocking at my door and say hi to me or something, but -- and just by talking about it, I really don't believe in it."

(End of videotape)

Roberts: "It was a "weather phenomenon" just like that one is Roswell, New Mexico, 60 years ago. And that was Juan Carlos Fanjul of our affiliate WGN reporting."

"Do you believe that?"

O'Brien: "You know, at first I don't, and then you see the flight attendants who all look like very rational, calm people to me. In fact, I know that blonde woman. [Inaudible] I fly a lot."

Roberts: "I swear I've met her, yes."

O'Brien: "She's not making it up. I believe it."


Source: CNN Headline News - Atlanta, Georgia,

Aired January 3, 2007 - 19:00:00 ET on "The Glenn Beck Program".

Glenn Beck: OK, illegal aliens may be a serious problem on our southern border and on the northern border, but what about the aliens who may be crossing another border? Oh, yes, the border above. That's right.

We're talking about outer space, aliens, extraterrestrials, Latoya Jackson, you know, you know, they're here, they're among us. More and more people believe that space aliens may be coming.

Now listen to this story, because this is an actual news story. This isn't like out of the Weekly World News. Chicago O'Hare's airport recently - the United Airlines employees claim they observed a flying saucer-like object hovering low over the terminal for several minutes before bolting through the thick clouds with such ferocity that it actually left like a creepy hole in the cloudy skies overhead.

So what was it? A hoax? An alien attack? Were they observing us? Is this a military operation? What was it?

Joining us now is UFO historian Richard Dolan and the guy who actually broke the story. His name is John Hilkevitch. He is from Chicago and the "Chicago Tribune."

John, let me start with you. The UFO witnesses in Chicago, they're not nuts, are they? They are like really fine, upstanding people?

Jon Hilkevitch, Chicago Tribune: And they're very serious about this. They're all United Airlines employees, ranging from pilots to supervisors, who heard chatter about this on the radio and raced out and saw it in the sky, aircraft mechanics, veterans of O'Hare who have been there for a long time, know how lights can play tricks in the sky, and they say this wasn't that. This was a real, metallic, gray object, low in the sky, and they want answers.

Glenn Beck: OK, do you believe them? Do you believe that they believe it or - do you believe that they really saw what they think they saw?

Jon Hilkevitch: I believe that what they're reporting - and it is real, and they were concerned about safety. They're not necessarily saying that this is a craft from another galaxy...

Glenn Beck: Sure.

Jon Hilkevitch: ... but they're saying this is an unidentified flying object, low in the sky over the world's second-busiest airport. It could pose a collision risk, who knows, a security risk, in this era of post- 9/11. And they...

Glenn Beck: Now, let me go to Richard here. I'm sorry to interrupt. But let me go to Richard for just a second and ask you, because isn't this the same kind of thing that, when we had the new stealth fighters out, everybody was saying, "It's an alien spacecraft." No, it's just a secret military aircraft that we hadn't announced for years in advance.

Is there a possibility that you think that this is just some sort of military aircraft that we haven't released that we have?

Richard Dolan, UFO historian: Sure, anything is possible, Glenn. But if you want to go that route, then I think what you need to do, to be honest about it, is go back through the decades and, indeed, generations of reports that we've collected of these types of objects that people have been seeing.

And let me just add that this is a phenomenon that not simply civilian people have been dealing with, but U.S. military personnel had been encountering what appear to be UFOs - I don't know what else you would call them - objects that military pilots have frequently said are disc- shaped, that look exotic, that behave in unusual ways, and that have violated sensitive airspace time and again for many, many years.

So if this is a secret, covert project, as many people have speculated, it seems to be going on in a rather confrontational, provocative way, and that really doesn't have any explanation.

Glenn Beck: All right. So, John, you think that this is - there was some sort of a cover-up. At least the FAA was not real honest with you when you first asked, right?

Jon Hilkevitch: Well, yes. I went to the FAA, and they said they have no reports of this at all. I put in a Freedom of Information Act request, and then they got back to me several days later, saying that, in reviewing the communication tapes at O'Hare, they did come across chatter involving this object, and that a United supervisor contacted the FAA manager in the tower and asked that they, the controllers, had seen anything unusual.

Also, United Airlines told me that they had no reports of this, even though the fact is that they were interviewing up to a dozen employees who reported observing this, asking them to write reports, draw pictures.

After my story broke on Monday, United said, "Well, yes, we have been talking to these employees."

Glenn Beck: OK, so, Richard, why would United, why would the FAA - give me an explanation why these guys would be hiding this stuff?

Richard Dolan: Well, I mean, one reason just might be that they're embarrassed to come out and say that, "Oh, yes, you know, we've got this UFO hanging out over O'Hare and we don't know what to do about it."

Let's face it. If you're running a large corporation or a bureaucracy, the last thing you want to do is stick your neck out on an issue like this. And so it doesn't surprise me at all. And, in fact, this is, again, part of a long history.

FAA, as well, has not always been forthcoming over many, many alleged cases. I mean, witnesses have seen these very bizarre things for years and years. And it's very tough to get a straight answer out of a lot of government agencies or other corporate bodies. Beck: All right. And then, John, let me go back to you and ask - - I mean, jeez, I saw Saddam Hussein hung with a cell phone camera. How come there's no pictures? Are there pictures? Is there video? Is there anything? Here it is, over Chicago and O'Hare Airport, how come we don't see any visuals?

Jon Hilkevitch: Well, pictures haven't emerged yet, but I'm told that the flight crew that was being pushed back, one of the pilots did open the wind screen, look out, did identify this object, and he had a digital camera. He may have taken some pictures.

We're also hearing other reports that there may have been photographs from camera phones and such that United Airlines may be aware of this. And I'm working - believe me - to find these witnesses...

Glenn Beck: OK, if anybody has information on those witnesses, how do they get a hold of you?

Jon Hilkevitch: Gosh,

Glenn Beck: Yes, I mean, if you've got pictures, man, send them in, because I'd like to see them, too. Thank you so much, guys. Appreciate it.


An Associated Press newsbrief and an article of the Chicago Tribune for January 1, 2007, say that a group of employees of the United Airline company swear to have seen a UFO flying over O'Hare airport in Chicago last autumn, while "spokesmen of the American government", unnamned, ensure that it "is undoubtedly a freak weather phenomenon."

These employees, including pilots, ensure that it was an unidentified apparatus, non-luminous, which hovered above one of the air terminals before being lost in the clouds.

The Civil Aviation Administration admits that a supervisor of the United Airlines company had called the control tower of the airport to ask whether a controller was seeing an flying object in the shape of a disc rotating on itself, but the controllers did not see anything like that and noted nothing extraordinary on the radarscopes, says Elizabeth Isham Cory, a spokeswoman of the Civil Aviation Administration.


Canadian ufologist Chris Rutkowski received three sighting reports in mid-January 2007 including this one:

On January 2, 2007, in New Bothwell, Manitoba, Canada, at 06:30 p.m. local time, a "huge, bright thing falling from the sky" was seen towards the East of New Bothwell by a lone witness in a car going towards the town. It appeared like "a piece of a plane," with chunks breaking off as it fell. The white fireball was watched "all the way to the ground" and the witness thought that an expedition on snowmobiles would locate the debris on the ground "a few miles away"."

Rutkowski reminds that meteor fireballs and space junk has been quite frequent worldwide so far in 2007.


GEIPAN, the French official group for the study of UFO sighting reports, within the CNES French space agency, announce that their file about UFO sightings since 1937, will be available online on their web site starting from the end of January 2007.

Information on this good news was disseminated by Agence France Presse, then widely diffused in the press, on the general information portals of the French Internet, then by Reuters, it now also circulates in other countries.

Examples: vent-un-coin-du.html

The current GEIPAN web pages on the CNES website:

Information on French archives here.

Previous related news.
Previous related news.
Previous related news.


Canadian ufologist Chris Rutkowski received three sighting reports in mid-January 2007 including this one:

On January 1, 2007, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, at 04:30 p.m., "Two witnesses observed a bright, orange UFO in the SE sky while en route South from Grand Beach to Winnipeg. One used a camera to take several photos and had enough time to set his camera on different settings while the object was in flight."

"Unfortunately, none of the photos are of sufficient quality to make any judgement about what the object might have been. The duration of the sighting was about 30 minutes, during which time the object appeared to become smaller and dimmer, suggesting it was moving away from the observers."


The witness wrote to MUFON CMS: "On January 1, 2007, around 6 PM, I was traveling on highway 84 east toward Newtown High when I noticed a vertical light streak to the left of the bright moon. Nothing can travel like that? Near Exit 10 to the right of the moon I saw a hovering light blue blinking light in the sky with a smaller either light blue or red light to the right of it. The blinking light blue light reminded me of a camera flash; it was blinking every 2-3 seconds. Closer to Exit 11, I was about to travel under the lights and started freaking out. As I merged onto Exit 11 and got to the red traffic light, I leaned forward and saw the bottom of the object that looked like a car grill with yellow lights between the four grills. The object was now much bigger and closer. Once I parked at school I looked and couldn't find the vertical jet streak or the object."

Source: Filer's Files #6, 2007,


"Welwyn Garden City. -- Four red lights were seen over Hertfordshire England on January 1, 2007, at 7:45 PM. The four lights were red in color with no flashing so they were not aircraft and they were flying slowly and silently flying from west to east slowly. One on its own, then two a few minutes later, then another, then another few minutes after that. Two ovals flew very close together, far too close for normal aircraft to be allowed to do. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director"

Source: Filer's Files #6, 2007,

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