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Observation reports September 2002:

Some of the UFO observations in September 2002 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.


On September 30, 2002, on Monday, at 1 PM a large circular object, grey/white in color was seen by the witness in Adelaide shooting straight up. It went out of view as it shot up past the third floor of the office building as the witness walked past. While facing north the object shot directly past the office window. The object moved so fast, no specific details were observed apart from its general colour/shape/size. The object seemed about 75 meters from the building and was about 10-40 meters in diameter. The more I thought about this, the stranger the sighting seemed.

Thanks to Maj. George Filer, ret., www.filersfiles.com and NUFORC.


The Netherlands newspaper De Telegraaf for October 1, 2002, under the headline "More sightings of the mysterious UFO," reports that on Monday, September 30, 2002, at 10:30 p.m., Edmond Kruk reported, "I was alone in my garden" in Hoorn, a town in Noord-Holland province. "That night the sky was very bright here. I saw something that could be a UFO. At this time, I was just smoking a cigarette in my garden when I saw a strange, red flying thing passing by at an unusually fast speed. It only lasted for ten seconds, and then it was gone. The thing was flying faster than a normal jet plane and was also much bigger. It also was higher in the sky, flew very stable, and, in a very strange way, it looked like 'slow motion' because it was that big.'"

Describing the UFO, Edmond added, "I thought it looked like a 'game pad' with five points of red light on either side. The UFO came from the east, passed Hoorn, and then went to the west, towards Alkmaar."

"Some 20 seconds after that, a white flying ball went the same way at the UFO, as if it was following the red UFO."

Many thanks to Peter Hoeke of UFO Werkgroep - Nederland for the newspaper articles.


On Saturday September 28, 2002, in Utrecht, 40-year-old Linda Schajik reported she was also followed by a UFO.

"I saw a flat, luminous white spot slantingly above me," Linda reported, "It had a gray luminous tail, and the tail went up and down like a windscreen wiper. I was not surprised when I saw it. But the light kept on following me. When I turned to the right, the light did the same. And when I stopped, the light stayed above me, while it was turning around in small circles. I was not afraid. On the contrary, I found it fascinating. I stopped a few times, sometimes as long as 15 minutes. The light stayed above me, gently hovering like some kind of guardian angel who would escort me safely to my house."

"I thought: What do you want from me? As I took two steps to the left, it also made a fast movement. Can you imagine this? After an hour, I walked up my street. It was spinning for a short while above my little apartment. A man on the balcony asked me what I was looking at. When I told him about the light, he immediately closed the door. Perhaps he thought I was mad."

Thanks to Joe Trainor, www.ufoinfo.com


The Netherlands newspaper De Telegraaf for September 30, 2002, has reported the story under the headline "UFO frightened Dutch couple."

A UFO like a ball of light frightened of September 28, 2002, a Dutch couple, Pieter Vosters and Judith van Heerwaarden, who live in Bladel, eastern part of Noord-Brabant province, not too far from Eindhoven in the southeast of the Netherlands.

The couple told the police the strange ball pursued them during a period of three quarters of an hour (45 minutes) while they were driving their car on the road from Valkenswaard to Bladel.

"I am a very hard-headed man in these things," said real estate agent Pieter Vosters, 40, "And I know people will think we are mad. But what we saw was real. The light followed us all the time. It reacted immediately to our movements. And I really didn't drink too much."

According to Vosters, the white ball radiated a bright light and flew at a high altitude. "First I thought it was a kind of laser show for a discotechque. We even started to make jokes about it. But when it kept on following us, I thought to myself: Something is wrong here.'"

"We stopped the car on the side of the road. The light stopped as well and stayed above us while it was turning around in circles. This happened about six times more. When we stopped, the thing stopped as well. When we turned left in the direction of Bladel, the light did the same. It was a very bright light. I told my wife to step on the gas. But it kept on pursuing us at a very high speed. The speed was so high, the object now looked like a streak of light. By this time, we were convinced it couldn't be a laser. My wife became frightened. I was afraid to go home."

Vosters said the UFO disappeared when his wife stopped their BMW not far from their house. The Dutch investigations group, UFO Werkgroep- Nederland (UWN), has started an extensive investigation of this strange light phenomena.

Thanks to Joe Trainor, www.ufoinfo.com


"We were having party at my back yard on September 28, 2002, and three of us saw a "green fireball" fall down from the sky very fast at 9:27 PM. It was very bright and clear. The fireball seemed to have a round/circle shape."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC, www.ufocenter.com


On September 28, 2002, at exactly 8 PM the witness reports, "Myself and my landlord witnessed a strange bright white light moving northeast. We live directly in the flight path of JFK and LGA and we can easily distinguish types of aircraft. I served at Otis Air Force Base in Massachusetts and based on my experience, what we saw last night was no aircraft. Firstly, its altitude could not have been more than a 3000 feet, and it was traveling quite slowly. We reside in Emerson Hill and have a great view. This object was emitting a singular bright white light, and had no port, starboard, or tail blinking lights. It made no sound as we watched it fly right over the house and then up the coast. This is the second sighting in the last month. The other was a satellite moving faster than anything we've ever seen, all moving in exactly the same trajectory at the same distance away from each other again moving in a northeasterly direction. The object we saw last evening was no aircraft, we don't know what it was and have been unable to receive help from the FAA, Coast Guard or local media."

Thanks to Maj. George Filer, ret., www.filersfiles.com and NUFORC.


GERMANTOWN - While photographing cloud formations on September 28, 2002, the witness noted a shining object in western sky and obtained a photograph at 4:40 PM. The object was near faint clouds at about six thousand feet. The witness states:

There was a metallic flash of light, and I computer magnified the image to 20x and it consists of at least two silver spheres connected together by possibly a third sphere or other object." It is a small image which is viewed from one end of the object with the opposite end offset to the right and therefore visible in the picture. The area between the end spheres is obscured by the near end."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC, www.ufocenter.com


The UFO flap in Canada's Quebec province continued last week with a sighting over the Champlain Bridge in Montreal.

On Friday, September 27, 2002, at 7:40 p.m., the male witness "was driving on the Champlain Bridge, going south. It was raining. I was in the middle lane and almost on the high point of the bridge when I saw from the corner of my eye what looked like a plane flying extremely low, coming from my right." "As I was getting to the highest point of the bridge, the lights flew over the bridge in a horizontal flight pattern. It slowed down when crossing over the bridge. I then had a good look at this light formation. It then increased speed, when it broke its flight line at a right angle, going up into the sky over St.-Lambert," Quebec, Canada.

"As I was driving under the (metal) structure, I realized that what I was looking at was not a plane. The light formation was not a plane or anything I had ever seen before. It seemed that cars slowed down. I was stunned."

"The basic shape of the craft looked like a small square which is wider at the top, almost like a truncated triangle or a geometric U that widens halfway up."

"The whole thing was the size of a small truck. I have a feeling I was looking at the end of the craft because I saw a light formation with lights that were circular, flat and red, and the diameter of the lights was the size of a dinner plate. Four lights on each side and three lights at the bottom of the geometric U."

Many thanks to Canadian ufologist Brian Vike, HBCC, for these reports.


Jamie B. a 21 year old gas station attendant saw a bright white light at about 30 degrees up on September 26, 2002, that was about half the size of a pencil eraser at arm's length:

"It would alternate between bright white and dim in a few seconds. I watched it move south for two minutes. I also asked a man who was filling up his truck if he was seeing what I was seeing. his response was " Hmm that is a weird looking plane isn't it?" Around 7:43 PM, looked again and the light seemed to have gotten smaller and was flashing from white to red and then blue extremely fast. I called my Mother who lives close by. After five minutes, it started to move north in the same degree and path that the white light moved except in the opposite direction. My Mom arrived and she thought it was a slow moving plane."

Thanks to Jamie B and to Maj. George Filer, USAF ret., www.filersfiles.com


While NASA is struggling to keep their unmanned robotic Mars program on track, news is coming out of Russia that efforts are underway to land cosmonauts on Mars well before their previously announced goal of a manned landing in the year 2020.

In a press conference last week, the Chief Designer of RSC Energia, Leonid Gorshkov, stated that the entire mission to send Humans to Mars for the first time has been mapped out by the company. The mission has an estimated price tag of US$10-$12 billion total over next decade, far less than the US$150 billion estimate for NASA's Design Reference Mission, and even less than the US$20-$30 billion range of Robert Zubrin's Mars Direct plan.


Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke said "We're lucky to get to Mars in 2020," speaking by telephone from his Sri Lankan home, as participant in an event commemorating the 40th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's speech at Rice University, where he set forth his goal of landing on the moon.

He explained: "The end of the Cold War removed one of the main motivations for the space race," he said. "We've reached the stage where not one nation, not even the United States can do it alone. It should be a global enterprise."


The witness reports from Decatur:

"On September 24, 2002, at about 12:36 AM, my good friend and I went out in our small town and saw what we thought was an airplane. My friend said, "Man that thing is not a plane look at how big it is!" So, I looked at it again and this time it was a lot closer and lower. It was a flying triangular shaped thing with big red lights on the three corners that had a haze like glow to them. It was moving very slowly to the southeast. I looked a little to the south and I saw what appeared to be another one following. It looked exactly the same but was moving a little faster and in the same direction. The second triangle then sped up to pass the first and went over the tree's and we could no longer see it. About ten seconds later the first one sped up and was out of sight. We hurried to the car and tried to chase but nothing was to be seen. They seemed massive and made very small "sonar" sounding noises every so often. We've never seen anything fly so low and be this big. It scared us both."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC.


Wylatowa Tomasz Wierszaowicz reports he has been told about the observation of a UFO in Mogilnie five kilometers from Wylatowa. "It was September 24; 2002, about 19.00 hours when a very brightly shining disc in light inclination moved slowly surrounded by a reddish faint light . The UFO was so amazing, that cars stopped on the road! We also have pictures of a crop circle from the same village at: http://strony.wp.pl/wp/tttt-ttttt/ufo

Thanks to Tomasz Wierszaowicz http://www.uforaport.prv.pl and to Major George Filer, ret. www.filersfiles.com


At last week's meeting of the NASA Advisory Council, held at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, it was announced that the two U.S. rovers intended for launch in 2003 are facing technical problems that may possibly delay the arrival of one or both of them at Mars by as much as four years. All the other Mars program for the next decade run into financial problems and likely program cancellations, including the Mars projects of three different European nations. The massive cost of a Mars sample return mission are cited by the U.S. as cause of a radical revision of its post-2009 Mars program, including the form of the first sample-return mission.


X, aeronautical consultant at the Cannes-Mandelieu Airport, France, communicates the report of the observation below which will be submitted officially to the authorities, tomorrow September 23 2002.

The observation took place on September 22, 2002, between 05:15 P.M. and 05:39 P.M. French standard time, at the beach of Cannes Bocca at 2 minutes of the Cannes-Mandelieu airport.

Weather: Clear, scattered clouds, cloud base at 05:15 P.M.: 4900 ft, temperature 25°C, wind from 132°, 7 knots.

Observers: X, aeronautical consultant, flight instructor (more than 12 000 hours), very experimented amateur astronomer and about ten other witnesses.

The account:

"At 05:15 P.M., an object with the shape of the lunar crescent, black color with metalic reflections, appeared at the vertical of the beach of Bocca, on the level of the Cabanon #31 "l’entrecôte," at 2 minutes of Cannes (06), France. Completely silent, it moved slowly, without any oscillation, with a rectilinear trajectory, towards 270°, full West. Altitude of "object" was aproximately 4.500 feet and it moved at a constant speed estimated at approximately 100 kts. Ten witnesses saw this "object" at the same time, crossing the sky for an overall observation duration of 24 minutes, from 05:15 P.M. to 05:39 P.M. Then, it disappeared completely from our sight, passing away after this period of sighting at the limit of our ocular vision."


The witness writes to the site "Triangle" ():

"Faithful reader of your site which I find highly interesting, I contact you in order to announce an observation that took place in the evening of Friday September 20 at the vertical of the borough of Saint-Gobain, in Aisne where I reside. It was approximately 08:45 P.M. - 50:50 P.M., my wife had left from my brother who lives at approximately 200 of my residence. I was in the living room with our two boys, 5 and 3; we watched television. My wife arrived and at once told us to look at by the window, whose shutters were not closed at that moment. We then saw a flying object which moved away in a south-westernly direction. It should be specified that we are in an area where many planes furrow the sky; however that this one was too low to be an airliner; moreover whereas the sky was dark we could see the object as it comprised a line of white lights at the back as well as a red twinkling light which moved from the left to the right. After we cut off the sound of the television set, I opened the window: there was no noise outside; I am specific that no noise of any engine was perceptible; whereas we generally distinguish the noise from large transport aircrafts which go down to Paris even if they fly at a rather high altitude. The observation that connunicate to you roughly lasted a score of seconds before it disapeared of our sight. This is my testimony; I do not draw any quick conclusion but I nevertheless wanted to share it. Greetings!"

"Supplement: Following my testimony of yesterday I would like to add some dteila which was provided to me by my wife. The lights at the back of the object, according to her, had some reflections of blue and orange color. I insist that when my wife saw this object, she was outside between the house of my brother and ours, distant of about 200 meters; unfortunately she could see only the back of this object just like I did and could distinguish neither the shape nor contours because of the darkness. She nevertheless assures me that the object flew low and was silent."

Ph. Huleux asks:

"If you would have also been witness of a singular phenomenon around the same place, please join the witness at this address:" [retained, contact the author of this site at ufologie@ufologie.net, and I will forward it.

Many thanks to this witness and to Merci à ce témoin et à Ph. Huleux.


A witness reports:

"We saw five objects, three in a row going downward in the sky and one on each side on September 19, 2002. The objects had flashing lights of different colors at 2:30 AM. We were able to see them better with binoculars in the Eastern San Fernando Valley, and tried to capture them with a digital camera, but the battery died. I am an employee of a public utility and my husband is a welder. We are not usually awake at this hour, but we were preparing to go on vacation."

Note by George Filer: the same day but at 07:30 P.M. Vandenberg AFB fired some missiles for test purposes. Many people reported the display of lights, some people reported it as UFOs.

Thanks to Maj. George Filer, USAF ret., www.filersfiles.com


The witness reports from Banks: "It was hovering about two miles away at a pretty high altitude on September 19, 2002. I thought it was a B-2, or one of those old Flying Wings hovering for about one minute." At 11 PM, it looked like a blackish dark gray B-2 bomber, but then it shot sharply forward only to slow down and stop. It then hovered for about another minute and then it shot up at an angle into the sky and disappeared. I saw a UFO when I was 10 years old, but I haven't been looking for them since. I have a major knowledge of aviation so, I can tell the differences between aircraft made in this world, and I know that wasn't something I've ever heard of or seen before. I don't know if it was making any noise due to a Cessna flying circles over head. I called the local Hillsboro Airport and they were not tracking anything in that direction, but they said that it was probably a military jet from the Portland Airbase. The base only has F-15s fighters, and they can't do what this did around here. This was a UFO."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC, National UFO Reporting Center, www.ufocenter.com


A first witness reports from Harrisburg:

"A yellow/white light in the northeast sky over Interstate 81, north of Harrisburg on September 18, 2002, at 8:20 PM. It was golf ball size at arm's length. The light turned off like an over head light and then reappeared farther north, became stationary and went out again. The light appeared again to the east and hovering. Twice two other lights appeared as though they were dropping to the left and right diagonally forming a triangle. The second and third objects disappeared into the night. My wife and I thought it bizarre because no other marker lights were on the objects and there was no sound. Being prior military I was amazed by the angles at which these objects moved. The activity lasted for 15 minutes, when the light turn off."

A second witness also on September 18th, reports:

"I live on a fairly high floor of an apartment building, facing the city of Harrisburg. I was eating dinner and looking out my window and a bright yellow light appeared, and then just as suddenly disappeared at 9:00 PM. My sister and I both saw a similar light appear a few inches away from the one I saw initially. There were three other lights that did essentially the same thing - blink on, stay in plain sight for 5 to 10 seconds and then disappeared. About 15 minutes later, a red light appeared to the lower right of the yellow ones. It then proceeded to split into a triangle of three identical red lights, and then all simultaneously disappear. The red formation occurred a few times so I called a friend who lives two miles closer and he was also able to see the show. While the red and yellow lights were blinking in and out, there was a white light, that streaked from right to diagonal lower left (2 inches in length). The streak occurred in a split second. While all of these fairly steady, planet-looking lights were appearing, and then disappearing, there were much smaller star-like lights which were zigzagging across the sky. Initially, they looked like very distant airplanes, until they started erratically bouncing up and down, back and forth."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC.


On Sunday, September 15, 2002, Megan and Kevin Mcneilly and their two children were driving from Huntington, Quebec, Canada (population 2,746) to their home in Montreal when they saw something very unusual in the sky.

"My husband, myself and our two children were on our way home from our country home near Huntington, Que. to our home in Montreal," Megan reported, "As we were driving along the road just outside of Mercier, we saw what appeared to be really bright stars in the distance. After a few minutes, I asked my husband, 'Are those airplanes up ahead, or really bright stars?'"

"Considering that the sky was overcast and no other stars were visible in the sky, he suggested that they were probably helicopters looking for pot (marijuana) fields."

"After about five minutes, the two lights ahead in the sky changed position. The one that was higher up, and on the right, remained in the same place. But the lower one to the left began to move westward at a fast pace. Now we were very curious as it was moving far too quickly to be a helicopter."

"Our eight-year-old son, who was in the back seat, pointed out another one to the right of our vehicle visible from the passenger side. While we were stopped at a (traffic) light, at around 8 p.m., the one on the passenger side slowly flew overhead. I unrolled my window and stuck my head out for a better view. What I saw gave me the shivers. This was no plane or helicopter. The object was triangular with lights on all three corners."

"I have seen thousands of airplanes and helicopters at night, and never have I seen a light formation such as these, nor have I ever seen an aircraft first be stationary in the sky (and) then move quickly such as these. We saw them for about ten to fifteen minutes, and there were about five different craft in the sky at this time. All of them the same (triangular) type, though we saw only two of them fly directly overhead. The object appeared to be larger than a (Boeing) 747 and flying quite low for us to see its shape so clearly."

"After we crossed the Mercier Bridge and passed the Dorval Airport, we saw many other airplanes...some flying directly overhead...and I did not see anything that looked like the triangular objects." (Email Form Report)

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFO Roundup, ufoinfo.com


On Sunday, September 15, 2002, in the early evening, Mark Mainwaring was outdoors at his home in Berlin, Germany's largest city, when he spotted an unusual light high in the clear, cloudless sky.

"I first noticed what appeared to be an early evening star," Mark reported, "I watched as it appeared to be moving, coming from the northwest. I observed it for about one minute when I noticed an identical object/light following in its path. I observed these objects through a 10X telescopic sight. I would estimate an altitude in excess of 50,000 feet (15,000 meters)."

"The first object stopped as the second object maintained its course until it was approximately alongside (I estimate 3 miles or 5 kilometers--M.M.) the other object."

"Both objects then proceeded at the same speed, altitude and direction as previously."

"I am an aerospace engineer consultant and the former chief pilot of an African cargo airline, with many hours and over 17 years in the business. Therefore, I am not easily fooled when it comes to aircraft. I have never observed a satellite or weather balloon stop in mid-flight and then proceed onward again."

Mark described the UFOs as "silver, conical shaped, with three protrusions or legs. The objects seemed to pass over at about one-third the speed of any satellites that I have previously observed." (Email Form Report)

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFO Roundup, ufoinfo.com


Bill Putney reports from Chicago:

"I saw a fireball of some type in the western sky at 6:20 PM on October 14, 2002. It was bright orange with a tail. I live in Chicago two miles north of downtown and three miles west of Lake Michigan."

Thanks to Bill Putney and Majpr George Filer, ret., www.filersfiles,com


On Saturday, Sep 14, 2002, around 7 p.m., P.K. and her two children spotted a UFO outside their home in San Gabriel, California (population 39,804).

"Now I must say that I never believed in UFOs...not really," P.K. wrote, "Like a lot of people, since I myself hadn't seen one with my own eyes, then it was obvious that those who have probably missed their medications."

"...I was in my front room on my computer when my daughter came rushing into the room. She said, 'Mom, come quick! There is a plane about to crash.'"

"I ran into her room and looked out her bedroom window, which gave a very clear view of the beautiful night sky. There, in front of us, were two balls of light. One of them just stayed in one place, while the other was descending in a slanted slope downward. Then it suddenly popped up back in line with the other one." "When I saw this, I yelled, 'Camcorder! Get the camcorder!'"

"My 8-year-old didn't know where it was, so I had to stop watching the show and go find it. By the time I came back to the window, the light had disappeared. I was furious! I couldn't possibly deny what I was seeing. I had to get it on tape to prove what me and my two kids saw."

Playing a hunch, P.K. decided to stake out the bedroom, camcorder in hand, the very next night. Her hunch proved to be accurate.

On Sunday, Sept 15, 2002, she added, "I was ready. I wanted proof to show people because pictures are good but moving pictures are better."

Just after 7 p.m., "I looked to my right out the (bedroom) window" and "I saw a white ball of light slowly moving up, straight up in the sky. It was a crystal- clear sky with just this ball and nothing else. At first I wasn't going to film it, but I just went on and filmed it anyway."

"Then the most amazing thing happened. As I was filming this thing in the clear sky, it came to a slight stop and just... very slowly disappeared."

"I got a very good clear shot of this. I want someone who knows about UFOs to look at it, but I have my family on the tape, too, and don't want to send it somewhere where I will never see it again."

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFORoundup.


On Tuesday, September 10, 2002, at 7:40 p.m., B.H. was on the deck outside her home in Prescott Valley, Arizona (population 23,535), about 100 miles (160 kilometers) north of Phoenix, when she saw something unusual in the sky. "I usually sit on my deck at night to stargaze," she reported, "This object, very large, cigar-shaped, was approaching rapidly out of the northwest. When I observe something like this, I fix my binoculars on a nearby star to get an idea of the speed of the object. I tried this four times but the craft was moving too fast." "It had deep red and bright white lights pulsing back and forth down the length of the craft that seemed to be moving about as fast as the object itself was. There was no sound as it flew low, as I have seen twin engines (airplanes) do just taking off from our airport nearby. I watched it disappear from sight to the southeast."

"Approximately five to six minutes later, I heard a roar in the sky behind me (the east--B.H.) and turned to see the strobing flash of two jet fighters dropping down out of the sky to about the same altitude as the UFO. They made a turn in the same direction (southeast) and followed the same flight path out of sight." The UFO's "exact speed unknown, but as fast as I have seen jet fighters fly. It flew right over our (Prescott Valley) airport, which is probably what triggered the jet fighters being sent out."

Many thanks to Joe Trainor, UFOroundup, for this Email form report.


On Monday, September 9, 2002, at 2 a.m., James G. reported, "Approaching from the north" in Cape Coral, Florida (population 102,286) "were five objects, three on the right and two on the left. Then these five elongated capsules just flew by. No noise. No deviation (in their flight path - J.T.); just straight south. The light cloud cover had a shadowy effect on their luminous glow."

The UFOs, he added, "had a glow like a shooting star" and "had a cylinder shape like an Ibuprofen (capsule). They flew above the cloud cover, which was light. I saw what I saw, and it is really freaking me out."

Cape Coral is on Florida's Gulf coast, just southwest of Fort Myers and approximately 155 miles (248 kilometers) west of Miami.

Many thanks to Joseph Trainor, UFO Roundup.


On Monday, Sep 9, 2002, at around 5 p.m., R.C. Rodriguez, 42, "was sitting outside in my backyard, enjoying a nice summer day," he reported, when he "noticed something black in color in the sky."

Looking closer, he added, "I saw a silver-grayish object floating in the air about 200 yards (180 meters) from me and about three stories (30 feet or 9 meters) high in the air."

"It began to move forward towards me at a very slow pace. I would say maybe 25 to 30 miles per hour (40 to 48 kilometers per hour). I just sat there and looked at this aircraft that I have never seen before. I noticed it had no windows and it made no sound. It was a triangular shape with the point facing back and the larger part in the front, I guess."

"It then floated towards me but kept the height and went right over my head and home. I looked up at it, and I could see the bottom. I did not see any nuts, bolts or plates to it. It was solid."

"All I heard when it passed over was a 'whoooosh' sound like air hitting the front of the aircraft. I immediately looked at the ground and trees, and there was no movement, sound or pulsion or force hitting the dirt. Or the movement of trees from the aircraft flying so low. I must have sat there for quite some time and realized what I had seen."

"I was shaken up for a good while since I was in the military for 20 years and am familiar with aircraft and the force it takes to lift an aircraft and stay aloft. This object floated and had no sound whatsoever. I am convinced they are out there, and I have talked to friends within this small town (Mesquite, N.M.), and they told me that they see them all the time."

Mesquite, N.M. is off Interstate Highway I-25 just south of Las Cruces and is about 20 miles (32 kilometers) north of El Paso, Texas.

Many thanks to Joseph Trainor, UFO Roundup.


On Monday, September 9, 2002, at 10:25 p.m., James B. "saw three objects at a very high altitude" over his home in Blue River, Wis., located on County Road M in Crawford County, Wisconsin, 50 miles West of Madison, the state capital. "They looked like satellites or stars as far as brightness goes," James reported, "They were in a V formation. I do not believe they were aircraft because there were no flashing (navigation) lights, and their altitude was too high. My wife also saw them. Speed was constant until they were lost from sight."

Many thanks to John Hoppe of UFO Wisconsin for this report.


The witness reported by eMail:

"Department of the Somme, in the territory of the Pays du trait Vert Monday September 9 2002 at about 09:15 P.M., passage of a circular flying object of a diameter approximately 3 meters and a thickness of approximately 1 meter, this object moved at a speed of approximately 70 to 80 km/h from West to East in the direction Roye / Ailly on Noye."

"This object was moving without any noise and without rotating in a perfect and rectilinear trajectory and at only one dozen meters above the ground, only the higher cap was luminous but not dazzling, the public lighting of my allotment allowed my wife and myself to distinguish the ventral face of this object which seemed to be out of gray metal on which a circular form delimited by what could ressemble bolts was visible."


On Sunday, September 8, 2002, at 11:30 a.m., Scott McIntosh "was sitting on my stoop" in Bellmore, Long Island, N.Y. "and saw something come over the house. Living between John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports, that's not uncommon. But this wasn't an airplane." "When it got above the house behind ours, it seemed to stop for a matter of two or three minutes. Long enough for me to have my girl friend and her mom come out."

"We watched this for a long time as it turned west and was gone out of sight. I was even watching it through glasses, so I got a good look at it. But it wasn't like anything I've ever seen. This was triangular-shaped and made no noise whatsoever." "The object was white with some black on it. Was hard to tell. It was pretty high up. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. When it came over our house, it was moving fast but seemed to stop. I first thought it was a military aircraft."

Many thanks to Joe Trainor, UFOroundup, for this Email form report.


The witness reported to me by eMail:

"Dear Sir,

"I regularly visit your web site and I want to congratulate you for your work."

"I am of French origin and a commercial pilot in Canada. During a leisure flight in company of a friend, who also is a commercial pilot, we observed an unidentified aircraft:"

"On September 8, 2002, our flight departed from [city] in direction of [city] on board of a single-engined aircraft PA-28-200. At [precise time, fully daytime], local time, our position was roughly 50NM in the North-East [of a certain place]; our speed 120 Knots; altitude 6500 feet."

I saw on the right side an aircraft of gray shiny metalic color, sufficiently shining to draw my attention. It wen in the opposite direction than us, it was at an estimated altitude of 3000 feet and was approximately 5 nautic miles away of us. It had a rectilinear trajectory and was flying fast. I at once informed my friend who checked and looked at it. He had hardly time to notice it because the object was hidden by our right wing. I failed to sse it again then but my friend confirms to have seen it continuing his trajectory. We estimated his size as that of a car. The duration of our observation did not last more than 5 seconds but my friend and me agreed on the fact that that did not resemble a conventional aircraft; (perhaps a secret military plane?)."

"We were under radar control with the center of Ottawa at this time and they did not inform us of a traffic evolving in our sector, as they usually do. I did not dare to ask them to confirm the presence of another aircraft and I regret it."

"My friend does not have any interest in UFOs and acknowledges that this aircraft left him perplexed, just like it did to me."

Best regards,

The above account was communicated by eMail on September 13, 2002. The sender gives his name and electronic adress, not reproduced here for obvious reasons. In the same way, the recipient took care to retain the departure and the arrival of the flight, two big cities in Canada cities, as well as the position, and the exact hour, which is in full daytime. This correpond to the bracketed entries in the account. These data however were precisely communicated by the sender to the recipient and are scrupulously filed.


On Saturday, Sep 7, 2002, a couple in Rodney, Ontario, Canada (population 1,087) spotted three UFOs while outdoors. The female witness reported, "Last night my boyfriend and I went outside to see if we could determine if there was a group of satellites which flew by the previous night," Friday, Sep 6, 2002. "Again we saw three objects moving across the sky from a northerly to a southeasterly direction, but this time they passed by at 10:08 p.m. instead of 10:50 p.m. Would this rule out satellites?"

"They appeared to be flying above airplane altitude and following a similar path as some satellites. The objects were flying in a triangular formation. It was like three stars just coming out of nowhere and then just fading out after three or four minutes. They just appear, move and then disappear. Both incidents we were facing east and tracked them from a 10 o'clock position to a 2 o'clock position before they faded. Their image would be the same as viewing the stars in the sky, or the size of a pinhead, due to the altitude at which they were flying. Colour would be a steady, non-blinking white light."

Rodney, Ont. is on Highway 19, just north of Lake Erie, located about 40 miles (64 kilometers) southwest of London in southern Ontario.

Many thanks to Canadian ufologist Brian Vike of HBCC for this report.


On Friday, September 6, 2002, at 8:30 p.m., Doug L. reported, "a witness friend of mine" was driving south on Route 33 between Holt, Missouri and Kearney, Missouri (population 5,472) when he saw "a green round glowing object crashed in a (farm) field. It was a green glowing object flying from west to east over the car, and it crashed in a field close to (Interstate) Highway I-35. The grass caught fire. He turned around to look for the object. He said (by then) the fire was gone, and he couldn't find anything. He said it was 200 to 400 feet (60 to 120 meters) above his car and moving very fast." Kearney, Mo. is on Interstate Highway I-35 about 15 miles (25 kilometers) northeast of Kansas City.

Many thanks to Joseph Trainor, UFO Roundup.


The Servicio Informativo Ovnilogico de Argentina, a private ufology group, communicates:

"Various police officers based in villages south of Rio Cuarto," in Argentina's Cordoba province, "declared that they have witnessed numerous circular and luminous objects performing wobbly maneuvers or forming a horizontal line in the night sky for several minutes. The objects were seen at a great distance from the observing police officers."

"Reports have been received from the police outpost in Conechingones, with the object appearing and hovering over tall hills such as El Morro Suco, Cerro Divisadero, Cerro Sampacho and others in the southern part of Cordoba province."

"Police on patrol in the region last saw the phenomenon last Friday," Sep 6, 2002, "at around 10 p.m. Two of the officers were in the town of Sampacho when they received an alert on their car radio. Arriving at the scene, they spotted the red glow of a strange circular object. There were seven or eight UFOs over the Cerro Sampacho (hill), and they appeared to be hovering at an altitude of 5,000 feet. There was no audible sound coming from any of the objects. They remained in view for several minutes."

Muchas gracias a Mario Luis Bracamonte del Servicio Informativo Ovnilogico de Argentina.


Albert J. Watkins writes from Lorain, "I live 20 miles west of Cleveland and after reading Filer's Files #10, I wanted you to know I was standing on the Lake Eire shore on the evening of February 13th when the strange lights were seen in the sky as reported. I was with multiple witnesses and we saw what was no meteor shower, nor was it a helicopter. We observed orange and dim red lights that would appear just above the horizon, then becoming amazingly bright, so much so that it would reflect off of the lake. These lights would then disappear, only to reappear hundreds of yards away. After watching this dazzling display for at least an hour, we contacted the Coast Guard and the dispatcher told us what we were seeing was "Light refraction's off of a frozen lake." This was unusual as the lake was not frozen that night, nor had it really froze at all this winter. My friend, Daniel told me he has seen unexplainable objects" over the lake since April of 1999. He claims to have seen a craft up close. However, I have seen lights moving about very quickly, so fast that if you were to blink, you would not mark their movement, or VERY bright lights that hover without noise, and then disappear suddenly about 15 times since. I believe that there is quite a lot of strange activity going on out there.

Thanks to Albert J. Watkins and to Maj. George Filer, USAF ret., www.filersfiles.com


On Thursday, September 5, 2002, at 10:55 p.m., Gary E. reported, "It was a very clear night, and I went out to my backyard patio" in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin (population 16,136) "to let the dog out. I noticed how clear the night sky was and, after a few minutes, I saw what I thought was a triangular group of about three stars in the north. They were fairly bright compared to the others around them."

Pleasant Prairie, Wis. is on the east bank of the Des Plaines River about three miles west of Kenosha, Wis. and 40 miles (64 kilometers) north of Chicago, Illinois.

Gary continued, "To my surprise, I noticed that all three stars were moving--together! At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me and looked away. I looked again and realized that they were in fact moving. The three 'stars' or lights maintained their exact distance and relationship to each other as they moved."

"The shape was a thin pointed triangle. As far as its size, holding my arm straight out, the object looked like it measured about an inch (2.5 centimeters) long and a half-inch (1.25 centimeters) wide. It moved slowly through the sky in a southeast direction, with a single light in front and two lights" at the rear.

"All three lights were white and looked like bright stars. There was nothing visible between them, or it (the UFO) may just have been black. I ran into the house and told my wife to come outside. She did. By this time, about five minutes after I first saw it, the triangle shape had turned toward the southeast (toward the Lake Michigan shoreline and Chicago! - Joe Trainor) and was nearly straight up in the sky. My wife also saw it and, within 30 seconds or so, we lost sight of the triangle as it faded, and the lights went out. We were stunned!"

Many thanks to John Hoppe of UFO Wisconsin for this report.


AAP reports that a bright flash and sonic booms in the skies over South Australia's Fleurieu Peninsula on September 4, 2002, were thought to be from a meteor breaking up.

Residents at Goolwa and Victor Harbor, south of Adelaide, reported the bright blue flash across the sky about 6 pm (CST). Witnesses said the flash of light was followed by a smoke trail and two sonic booms which shook the ground.

Experts said it was unusual for meteor this large, possibly as big as a boulder, to be seen over populated areas with most breaking up in the outer atmosphere. But they said it also was possible the incident was the result of space junk re-entering the atmosphere.

The director of the space telescope at Coonabarabran in NSW, Bryan Boyle, told the ABC that eyewitness accounts suggested a meteor which probably came within 30km of the ground. Astronomers were expected to begin a more detailed investigation today including a possible search for anything that might have hit the ground.

But Colin Norris, director of Australian International UFO Research, said it was more likely to be space debris because of its colour and trajectory.


BBC radio Kent mentions without any precise sources that a UFO was filmed over Brighton by a police helicopter. The UFO was spotted travelling across the coast and was followed for about 10 miles. None of the crew members on board the helicopter had seen anything like it before or since, according to the radio.

The Real video version of an extract of the police video is of course not sufficient for analysis, being to blurry and altered by compresssion effect.


The crop circle that showed up last week in Illinois may have been placed there to advertise the new Mel Gibson movie "Signs." Witnesses saw some men come to the field with weedwhackers and cut down an area to make it appear like a crop circle. The circle was placed near an apartment building so it could be easily spotted from higher floors.

Thanks to Maj. George Filer, USAF (ret.), www.filersfiles.com


There was a sharp upsurge in the number of cattle mutilations in Argentina last week, raising speculation that a new cycle of slayings is underway.

"Four mutilated cows were found again some 12 kilometers (8 miles) southwest of Bartolome de las Casas, having the same characteristics as earlier cases. Two were found on Wednesday (July 24, 2002) and two more on Thursday (July 25, 2002) in a field owned by Ariel 'Papin' Suarez."

"The fifth animal was found yesterday (Saturday, July 27, 2002) in Estanislao del Campo. The victim was a cow belonging to Victor Andres Roldan in the Ranero Cuia pasture field, some 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Estanislao del Campo, having all the characteristics such as 'mutilation,' 'cauterization' and 'millimetric incisions.'"

"Fourteen 'unverified' reports were received in the Fontana and Bartolome de las Casas region. Reports included a young horse, a (water) buffalo and 12 bovines."

(Editor's Note: This is the fourth horse mutilation in Argentina in 2002.)

In Buenos Aires province, "a few farmers informed (the newspaper) El Tiempo last night (Friday, July 26, 2002) that while surveying the El Yunque ranch in the locality of Parish, they found a bovine presenting signs of mutilation. The case, according to the rural worker's description, was similar to others detected in the area and in other parts of the country (Argentina). In this particular case, the animal showed mutilations in the rectal area, tongue, eyes and jaw."

In the southern part of the province, near Balcarce, "the discovery of a mutilated cow in a field of the Buena Vista area is surprising in itself, but the discovery of waterless tanks and a lemon tree that lost all of its leaves in a single night, and cows suddenly found in another pen, have made the event an unexplainable one."

Field owner Gustavo Dimuro "remarked that last Sunday afternoon (July 21, 2002) he was touring the fields and distributing rolls (bales in the USA-J.T.) of hay for the cattle to eat, and did not detect any anomalous activity. Since there was no rain on Monday morning (July 22, 2002), he made the same tour with Jorge Latorre, and it was then that they found the dead bovine."

"Approaching it, they were able to attest that it had been mutilated in the same manner as in the cases which have appeared in the national media." "'We have found that the entire palate bone was skinned, its tongue was missing, and its anus and genitals had been torn off. It was a three-to-four year old cow, pregnant, and in excellent health,' Dimuro remarked, adding that when they found the (calf) fetus it was intact."

"Although they gave little importance to it at the time, after the discovery, they remembered that only a few days ago the two water tanks in the field had been found completely dry. Both tanks have cement floors. They refilled them and (later) found that both tanks were still full, showing no signs of leaks anywhere." "Another notable event occurred between last Sunday (July 21, 2002) and Monday (July 22, 2002). A lemon tree close to the site where the animal was found was completely leafless."

"The strange events didn't end there, as to everyone's surprise, there were animals who had changed pasture fields without any explanation. 'In a single pasture field of 200 animals, I found three cows in one pasture and two in another, where the heifers are kept. We looked to see if the barbed wire had been broken, and we found nothing,'" Dimuro said, "'We can't explain how this happened.'"

In addition, "several birds appeared mysteriously mutilated in the vicinity of El Fuerte, department of Santa Barbara. Police sources informed (the newspaper) Pregon that for the time being the studies have failed to yield any results regarding the reason why the animals died: emptied out through their anal sphincters without any signs of injury or aggression."

According to the Sheriff's Office in Palma Sola, "to whose jurisdiction El Fuerte belongs...the mutilated birds belong to Fortunato Morales, a resident of El Fuerte, who claims that eight chickens died under these strange circumstances during the past three months."

"The animals have had their entrails extracted through the anal sphincter. The bodies are dry, bloodless and odorless. The means of killing does not correspond to any predator in the area. It was also known that the police officers in charge of the investigation requested the collaboration of the SENASA veterinarian at Palma Sola, Dr. Mario Portal."

(Editor's Note: SENASA is a Spanish acronym that stands for National Health and Agroalimentary Quality Service. This El Fuerte case bears a close resemblance to classic Chupacabra attacks in recent years in Chile and Brazil.) In Chaco province, "a mutilation took place in La Tigra, in a field 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the urban center. The pasture field, located in Lot 12, belongs to Horacio Salivar, 35, and held a bovine that met the same fate as other similar animals who made the national news."

Salivar said "that a neighbor had told him last Tuesday (July 30, 2002) that there was 'a flutter of crows' over his field. Upon reaching the field, he found that an 11-month-old calf had died but revealed strange injuries, among them the absence of eyes, tongue, maxillary (jaw) muscles and anus."

"The cattleman, confronted by the scene, alerted the local police unit, which in turn informed the Livestock Agency, contacting Pedro Tomas Bosch and the provincial capital's Rural and Ecological Police."

"There was a considerable number of crows flying over the area but, contrary to what is usually the case when an animal dies, none of the birds approached the dead calf. Nor did the other bovines, who usually surround their dead companion, come close."

"'It was evident that it had been dead for a few days,'" Salivar said, "'But it (the calf) was neither stiff nor smelly. One of my cows died a while back, and in that case, the crows ate it up in a matter of hours. This is very odd, and it's the first time I've ever seen it.'"

"Finally, Salivar highlighted that both he and his friend refused to touch the animal 'because it's something weird. I don't believe, as it is said, that the (red-muzzled) mouse is involved, because in looking at the animal's position, it is very strange for it to die like that, and that its eyes, tongue and everything else should be extracted so cleanly. Several days have gone by, and there's still no odor. This is very weird,' he insisted."

See the Argentinian newspapers El Comercial for July 28, 2002, "Five cows mutilated;" El Tiempo for July 27, 2002, "Another bovine mutilated, this time in Parish;" El Diaro de Balcarce for July 28, 2002, "Waterless tanks and cows out of place?" Pregon for August 1, 2002, "Mutilated birds in El Fuerte;" and Norte of Chaco province for August 2, 2002, "Another mutilated cow, this time in La Tigra." Par of these articles and other related articles are available in their intirety from the "news" section and the "Documents - Daily press" section of my site.

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