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Observation reports February 2002:

Some of the UFO observations in February 2002 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.


UFORM, a group which discusses the mysteries of outer space, said there had been three incidents of orange balls of light during February 2002.

Several people rang Perth radio stations about unusual lights in the Fremantle and Coolbellup area on Friday night, February 15, 2002

"Seventy-nine-year-old Pauline Cumming of Coolbellup, W.A. said she watched two balls of light for 15 minutes from about 10 p.m." that night. 'They had blinking lights,' she said, 'as if they were sending messages.'".

"UFORM researcher Brian Richards said there had been similar sightings at Trigg and Marylands, W.A. this month. But the (Australian) Bureau of Meteorology said it was not aware of unusual lights." On Saturday, February 2, 2002, in Ocean Reef, W.A., two groups of people spotted "a star-like sparkle four times the size of Jupiter, coloured orange, traveling northwest at the speed of a jet fighter."

Thanks to Diane Harrison of Australian UFO Research Network (AUFORN) for this report.


On February 24, 2002, Chris Augustin age 21, who is a Rutgers University student experienced a period of missing time. I spoke with Chris who told me he was stopped at the red light traveling home from his girlfriends house at 10:08 PM. He had not been drinking and noticed a Chevy suburban pickup truck behind him with bright headlights. In the two seconds it took to start to move his car away from the light, there was a period of missing time. A familiar song that he had recorded early in the day just started playing on his CD music player, when he suddenly blacked out. He awoke as the song ended 3 minutes and 40 seconds later, and he was parked on the side of the road. He noticed the truck had passed and was several blocks ahead of him. He believes it was the same pickup truck due to the large rear view mirrors that he had previously noticed. When he awoke he felt fear, helplessness, phobia, headache, nausea, shock, and his motor skills were adversely affected. Assuming the music played the entire 3 minutes and 40 seconds, the pickup must have slowed or stopped before moving on. He is trying to find the pickup truck since he noticed the truck turn into a development in Gloucester County. He feels disoriented confused and paranoid and hopes to find some answers. Investigation continues.

Thanks to Chris Augustin and Major George Filer, ret.


"A powerful earthquake toppled scores of buildings in central Turkey on Sunday," February 3, 2002, "killing at least 42 people, injuring more than 150 and sending terrified residents running from their houses." The quake came one week after five mysterious lights appeared in the night sky over Adiyaman, a city 300 kilometers (180 miles) southeast of Ankara. The hovering lights were videotaped for nearly six hours by the Turkish Security Directorate. Their presence a week before the big earthquake in Afyun has triggered a sharp debate in Turkey's UFO community.

According to Erol Erkmen of the Turkey UFO and Paranormal Events Research Group (the Turkish acronym is TUVPO), "The lights, which are supposed to be alien/UFOs by some New Age groups, were also recorded on video cameras. Scientific studies indicated that some very similar events have been experienced in the region and all of them had the same characteristics."

"All of the places where the lights were observed were located along the active fault line," Erkmen pointed out, "It is proved that the lights, which were first thought to be (the planet) Jupiter, were earthquake lights, or anomalous light phenomena (ALP)."

However, Turkey's Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center stands by its assertion that the mysterious lights were unidentified flying objects. The group stated, "We repeat that the lights observed in Adiyaman skies could not have been earthquake lights or any other kind of plasma formation created by ionized electrically-charged particles. There is not a single sample of this kind of event in world chronicles, in which earthquake lights were recorded for so long." (About six hours.)

The center argued that, if the Adiyaman lights seen on the night of January 26 and 27, 2002 were indeed earthquake lights, "this dreadful event (the earthquake) would have occurred in Adiyaman and not in Afyun which is located 700 kilometers (420 miles) away."

Many thanks to Erol Erkmen of TUVPO for the news clips.


The former Chilean Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jorge Martinez declared that "UFOs are real". The ex-CNO made the shocking statement during an interview with a Chilean television network. The interview was conducted by journalist Rodrigo Ugarte from Teletrece, in Chile. The retired admiral admitted that he personally witnessed the sighting of two UFOs at sea.

According to Admiral Martinez, when he was a young lieutenant, he personally saw a very luminous white object in front of his patrol boat. When he took command of his first destroyer, then Captain Martinez saw another similar object emerging from the water, creating a strong interference with the navigation system and the ship's radar.

Guillermo Jimenez, another former Chilean officer claimed that the sonar system onboard his ship detected two submarine-like objects that caused similar malfunctions with shipboard electronics. "They displayed the same size and metallic resonant characteristics that ordinary subs typically show; however, these objects were too fast to be submarines", said Jimenez.

Both Jimenez and Martinez described how the gyrocompass systems were out of control. "The radar displays went completely blank and the gyro was spinning very rapidly, as if a strong magnetic force was present", said Admiral Martinez.

Some UFO investigators call this phenomenon "UUO" or unidentified underwater objects. Rodrigo Ugarte, the Teletrece interviewer told off line that there were many other officers that described similar events but did not want to go on the air with their accounts. Nevertheless, this is the first time a former Chief of Naval Operations reveals that these phenomena are real.

Thanks for the spanish translation to Mario Andrade © 2001


The newspaper "El Tribuno de Salta" published on 02.19.2002 that residents of the city of Tartagal's Villa Guemes sector claim having witnessed unidentified flying objects this past Saturday. Area residents point out that strange lights appeared in the sky, executed maneuvers and later vanished into infinity.

UFO sightings in Salta have become ubiquitous and have attracted the attention of "some of the world's foremost experts." Local researcher Mercedes Casas, who belongs to a network devoted to the study of the subject (CEUFO-Centro de Estudios Ufologicos) pointed out that sightings had also been reported in the desert region over Calama, Chile. Calama is in the Antofagasta region and borders with Salta to the west. El Tribuno has disclosed a number of accounts provided by residents of this area - particularly in the Chalchaquí valleys - and recently published the testimony of a student who filmed the maneuvers of one of these strange lights for more than three minutes. The images, shown in this newspaper, are clear and startling.

A scan of the newspaper page is available here.

Translation Spanish to English ©: 2002 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Mercedes Casas.


A witness reported a blinking aerial light between Fulton, Mississippi, and Tupelo, Mississippi, February, 2002, at approximately 04:30am:

"It was one morning about a week ago, sometime in the first two weeks of February 2002, I'm not sure of the exact date. I was approximately half-way between Fulton, MS and Tupelo, MS, traveling along US Hwy 78W going to work in Tupelo. The sky was heavily overcast at about 4:30am, and very dark with no stars out. I was doing 65mph when I spotted a very bright light in the sky as I looked up through the windshield of my pickup truck. I had just past the Dorsey exit, and was mid-way between there and Mantachie, MS, which is 8 miles east of Tupelo.

"There is a radio tower in a field just off of the highway that is situated between these two communities. As I continued to watch this bright light in the sky, I noticed that it slowly moved toward this tower with a blinking red light on top. When it was nearly on top of it, the thing stopped and hovered over it for a few minutes,then just winked out. I was probably at least a half a mile from this radio tower as I past it on the highway. After it blinked out, I continued to try to look for it, but, I never seen it again. As I said, the sky was heavily overcast that morning, and there were no other lights in the sky. Then, suddenly this one appears for a few minutes, then disappears. I would say that I observed this light for about 3 minutes, minimum."

Thanks to Brian Vike (Yogi), independent UFO field investigator and researcher.


The web site by Jeff Rense announced that "stunnin" material has been obtained by ufologist Christoffer Walther who said he obtained it from a contact who wishes to remain anonymous. Several video tapes are showing in mid air and in a bright sky what appears to be a very unusual craft of orange color and triangular shape, escorted or surveyed by military helicopters.

The site insists that all the material is copyrighted and should not be reproduced without prior consent.

Several vido files in QuickTime format showing the craft(s) and the helicopters are available on the web site:


Some sort of UFO outbreak apparently occurred on February 18, 2002, as per Newsradio 700 WLW in Cincinnati according to Louise A. Lowry. Callers to the station reported something near Blanchester, and other callers said that something was seen over Zanesville, Ohio. I took an excited phone call from Bill Jones of Ohio MUFON informing me of the action tonight, he said that at some place in Ohio that Interstate 75 was "closed" due to traffic stopping to observe a UFO. Jones informed that 2 people with OHIO MUFON had also observed something that they couldn't explain. Sightings also were reported from Atlanta. It could have been some sort of mass-sighting of a fireball meteor. But the reports and times seem varied and from what I've heard this is describing a hovering object with multicolored lights.

Bill Boshear of the SCI-ZONE, took calls from a witness near Fairfield, Ohio (Butler County) who reported seeing a UFO to the east of his location at around 10:30 p.m. He said the object was visible for 30-minutes before it moved due east towards Dayton. The caller speculated Wright Patterson AFB involvement as per the object heading toward Dayton. Motorist heading east on 125 near Amelia, Ohio around 10:00 p.m. observed colored lights in a straight line, describing its sequence as blue, red, blue, red, blue, etc. This caller also saw something else around 10:12 p.m. traveling near Eastgate (Clermont County). Bill Boshears and his co-host, from their vantage point in Mt. Adams (near Downtown, Cincinnati), said that they stepped to the window and saw an object with 3-lights rapidly fly through the sky. Both carried on over this object and suggested it was a UFO.

Don Weatherby, database coordinator for MUFON website (WUFOD), called in to the station around 11:20 p.m. to ask the listeners to submit reports to their online database. One caller claimed to have taken 15-pictures and Boshears said he would post them on his website Another caller said that he was on Interstate 70 headed eastbound through Richmond, Indiana when he saw an object close to the ground. The caller said, "The object went straight-up then straight back down and made a 'left turn." He said there was a green and red object toward Dayton, and a third one with red and blue lights. There were two more following 'vertical' to each other. Boshears asked if it hovered? The caller said they were moving fast and made a hard left turn. Tim from Dayton said that he saw something with blue and red heading south, and that it could not have been a helicopter. He said it made a sharp angular turn and made the sound of a 'broken-down aircraft.'

Boshears added that the object he saw over downtown Cincinnati made a sharp, angular turn and the object was 'not a jet aircraft.' Another caller said that at 10:55 p.m. he saw lights coming out of the south from his vantage point near Mason, Ohio, near Interstate 75. This caller said that he saw an object with two white lights and one red light that flashed like a strobe. He also said that there were six objects separately heading north-northwest that seemed to approach Hamilton, Ohio (Butler County). This man claims to be in the army and said he would know a helicopter or plane if that was what this was. He said another object came out of the west and attempted to intercept the first object, which he said was visible for the past 40-minutes. The last object was moving at a high-rate of speed. Mike in Oakley called Boshears and said, he stepped on his porch after hearing the radio program and saw one object head south and then saw a few more seeming to fly around the Oakley area heading east. This caller said the object looked like a standard swept-wing military aircraft. Boshears complained that his 'chatroom' was flooded with people from all over the country reporting UFOs. Boshears has returned after a commercial break, very winded, claiming now to see three objects to the west of Cincinnati that have appeared in perfect alignment, one after another. He is saying this is 'unbelievable' and his co-host also agrees that these are not airplanes. I should inform that from his vantage point in Mt. Adams, air traffic to the Greater Cincinnati Airport will come in from that direction, over Delhi and into northern Kentucky. When Louise stepped outside moments ago she did not see any air traffic, but for a Sunday night that's not out of the ordinary. (Louise notified a contact in Clermont County who advised around 11:15 p.m. of seeing six-planes lined up in that area, routine Airborne Express traffic to Wilmington Airport.

Larry, south of Lexington, Kentucky, called in to report that at the I-75/I-64 split in Lexington he saw an object with a puzzling light pattern that strobed like an ambulance, and two objects heading south. Dave on a cellphone called, said he was headed eastbound on 70 at mile marker 46 says a huge diamond-shaped white light shooting intermittent strobe lights down at the ground. The caller said it was standing still about 300-yards away from him. He said it was stopping traffic on the interstate. Boshears said that truckers across the Midwest are talking about this on CB radios. Boshears had said that WPAFB had told "him" that they had nothing going on. Louise presumes that since he said this, he had called WPAFB or someone in the newsroom had called WPAFB.

Thanks to Louise A. Lowry, World Of The Strange.


The newspaper Halifax Daily News via reports on February 18, 2002 that since mid-January, Fredericton UFO expert Stanton Friedman has received more than 15 accounts of strange sightings over the village of Inkerman, a community about 20 kilometres southwest of Shippagan.

Friedman said: "These certainly seem to be real. Definitely an unidentifiable flying object." He added that most of the sightings were of an event in Inkerman at about 09:30pm on January 12 and that the sightings were all within about 20 kilometres of each other.

Chris Rutkowski, a well known UFO researcher in Manitoba, passed on a report from the original witness of the January 12 event to Friedman.

Friedman said a man witnessing the event got out of his car and watched the silent object, described as less than 30-metres long and shaped like a diamond without a tip. The witness said the object descended above a utility pole alongside a country road and took about five seconds to hover across to the other side.

It continued over to a house and then, right over it, the object made a rapid 90-degree turn before speeding out of sight.

In 2000, there were no reported sightings of UFOs in New Brunswick, but in the annual CIRVIS report Rutkowski is compiling for 2001, there were five sightings.


On Sunday, February 17, 2002, at precisely 1 a.m., Debra Rauch was out walking in her hometown of Magstadt in Germany when she "saw a strange light approaching from the southwest", says her eMail form report.

Looking up, Fraulein Rauch saw that "there was an orange trapezoidal shape looking like it was on fire. It started out huge and was going northeast and looked as if it was being controlled. It was not falling to Earth. I have to say it was an awesome sight. It got very small and then it disappeared."

Debra estimated that the object "was 3 centimeters long" just before "it vanished over the horizon."

Many thanks to Joseph Trainor.


On Saturday, February 16, 2002, Raimundo Souza and several friends were outdoors at 9:40 p.m. in the Plaza Rivera in Mercedes, a mid-sized city in the department (state) of Soriano in Uruguay. Suddenly, they noticed a bright light approaching from the northeast.

"We watched it and then saw that it was a large flattened disc. It had no doors and no windows. There was a bright green aura around the object," Raimundo reported, "At first it was over the Calle de Braceras and moving south. When the object reached the Calle 19 de Abril, it stopped and hovered. There was no sound except the breeze rustling the palm trees. After three minutes, a bright white light came down from the disc and swept over several houses" along the Calle 19 de Abril (street)." The light beam "went out suddenly, and the disc flew away rapidly to the northeast," towards Fray Bentos. Mercedes is located 150 kilometers (90 miles) northwest of Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.

The above is an Email Form Report sent to Joseph Trainor, UFOroundup.


On February 16, 2002, at about 9:00 PM, Jerry was standing outside his place of work to take a break. Jerry reports, "I looked to the south and noticed a very bright light in the sky that I thought was Venus or another planet because it was so bright." At that point another worker came outside, and I asked him what he thought it might be? He thought it was an airplane. Another worker came out and thought it was a helicopter, because it started to move straight up, but there was no noise. The light looked circular, and it had two lights that flashed red on either side of it. When it moved closer, the object changed from a circle to a triangle shape. The flashing red lights were on either side of the points at the base of the triangle, and they were flashing in unison. Then the triangle started to rotate right, and it seemed to divide in half and become two separate pieces. At about a 45 degree angle it came back together, and reformed into a wedge shape that resembled an F-16 shape with swept wing. The red lights were at the tips of the wing. At this point I realized that this was not the whole object. A darker black object surrounded the bright light. It was ringed by faint flashing white lights that gave it it's shape which was very large, maybe two times as big as a commercial airliner. The object approached, stopped, rotated clockwise ninety degrees and headed southwest. This craft did not display normal flying characteristics in the five minutes we observed it.

Thanks to John Hoppe, Wisconsin's UFO Reporting Center


Ufologist Raul Guajardo Lepold, a retired Chilean high-ranking customs officer, provided the following information to the newspaper Diario Austral Temuco about a supposed UFO wave in Chile:

"From the first weeks of September and October of last year, we received reports of at least two UFOs sightings, from 20:30 hours (10:30 PM) on, heading south, right over Angol City (422 miles south of Santiago). Some of them were in formation patterns of 8 or more UFOs."

"Last December 15, at 23:51 hour (11:51 PM), 3 friends of mine and I observed a strange-looking green sphere of about 4 meters in diameter, flying at slow speeds right over our heads. It was heading west. The sighting lasted about 8 seconds before the sphere took off. We were astonished because the UFO was at an altitude of 100 meters from the ground."

"Nevertheless, the one sighting that shocked us was the passing of 8 UFOs in formation, which were video taped for a few seconds. The bigger one was shaped like a barrel. It circled around the smaller ones, as if it was guarding them."

"On December 27, at 13:25 hours (1:25 PM) two customs officers observed a slow flying white UFO right under the clouds. It was oval in shape and had no wings. It was flying on a straight line heading north."

"The latest documented sightings were registered on the 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 of this month (January). These sightings over Angol always happened close to midnight."

According to Guajardo, the sightings have increased from 4 to 13 per night.

On January 15, 2002, in Temuco (419 miles west of Santiago) ufologist Fernando Venegas Romero, 45 years of age, with a high power light, signaled a passing UFO formation over the Rucapillan hills. The UFO formation stopped in midair, and almost immediately turned off their lights, said Venegas.


The Argentinean newspaper "El Tribuno" reports on Friday, February 15, 2002, that a student managed to capture a startling footage of a UFO on his family camcorder. in the northeast of Salta. The video is clear and has a duration of three minutes.

Writer Juan Antonio Abarzúa indicates that Adriana Acosta, a 24 year old woman from Salta who studies in the second year of the Architecture program at the University of Tucuman, managed to film for three consecutive minutes the impressive maneuvers of an unidentified flying object which appeared and disappeared over the mountains located to the northeast of Salta. The event occured on February 2 of this year.

"It was a truly amazing event and all of the members of my family and some residents of the Tres Cerritos neighborhood were witnesses to it," said Adriana, who lives at 700 Las Acacias street. "We kept quiet about the subject to avoid being the target of pranks or practical jokes, but we decided to come forward and present our filmed document, after having read in "El Tribuno" that there was a delegation of specialists in Salta who were getting ready to head out to Cachi, were these events take place on a daily basis, according to the press."

"What we wanted was to have the images I captured with my Samsung X14 analyzed by experts," she stated. Adriana added that her sighting of the craft was the result of a number of coincidences:

"The time was about 21.15 hours on Saturday. I was looking for my cat to feed it. We had moved to our new house only two weeks earlier and we'd lost our pet. However, he returned that day, thin and apparently ill. He was on the roof and refused to get down. My father, an electronics technician had brought home a Rottweiler dog and that was the reason he wouldn't come down. Therefore, I decided to climb up to the roof. Suddenly I raised my eyes and saw - directly above the three hills that give the town its name - that strange light. It was above the line that marks the top and gave off alternating flashes of silver and red light. I thought that it might be a car or a helicopter, but it couldn't be. I remained motionless, looking at it, when suddenly it moved from one side to another and another object, exactly alike, emerged from its side, although its colors were opposite. When one flashed silver, the other flashed red and so forth. I called my dad immediately, since he was working in his laboratory. When he saw what I was seeing he told me to find my camera, which I did immediately, and we went to the second story of my house, which has broad windows facing the place where the UFO could be seen. My mom, Gloria, and my three sisters - Marianela, 21; Marisel, 19 and Liz, 10 - followed us and were stunned by the sight. Especially my mom, who's always been skeptical about UFOs. When I started filming, the thing remained right there and moved one one side to anbother. Sometimes they were two objects melding into one. I was trying to capture the images but everything seemed to be going wrong. The camera had no batteries. Some three minutes went by until I was able to make it work. Fortunately the light or lights remained there. They moved. They went from north to south and viceversa. At some times they went away, at others they came closer. We had the impression that they were spinning permanently on their own axes. The spectacle was strange and overpowering, because it wasn't just unusual: it was something no one had seen before. I have no doubts that the objects was foreign to this world. All of my relatives and neighbors who saw it say the same," Adriana pointed out, excited at the recollection of her experience.

"All I want is for these images to be analyzed and digitized by experts who have the necessary technology with which to decipher this mysterious UFO which after the three minutes of filming and the total of six, seven or ten minutes it was there, vanished at an unreal speed toward the north."

© 1995-2002. El Tribuno, Translation from spanish © and thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Mercedes Casas, Proyecto Condor, CEUFO.


Ellersli -- Carolyn Linn/Cab reports: "my family drove home on February 12, 2002, when they noticed a beam of light through the trees. He states, "I pulled my truck down the road and was amazed when the beam disappeared." Still watching, it came back, but this time with flashing lights of blue, white, and red. I turned the truck lights off and stopped. It was moving...toward us so, we drove south onto Highway 85 to follow it, then onto County Line Road and a back road. Driving north we came to the power lines and saw a large white light just above the treetops. The white light transformed into blinking lights of red, blue, white around this MASSIVE piece of equipment. This object made absolutely no sound and slowly moved right in front of us. I quickly turned the truck to keep up with it and suddenly it was gone. We notified the sheriff and local TV station but there were no other reports. It was truly amazing, there is no reasonable explanation for this sighting. It was much too large, too low, and no sound. We saw this thing up close, very close."

Thanks to Carolyn Linn/Cab and George Filer.


In the supplement "Somos" ("We are") of the Peruvian daily newspaper "El País" ("The Country "), on the February 2nd, we are informed that the Peruvian Air Forces has officially announced that they are organizing a UFO investigation project. Their report has been made public since December 2001, and indicates that the office for the investigation of the anomalous aerial phenomena will be created under the responsibility of Commander Jose Luis Chamorro. He stated that the objective is the aerial security, and that all the unknown airships that penetrate the Peruvian airspace, even if they are of extraterrestrial origin, would be intercepted immediately.

The members of this committee are, according to another source: Abraham Ramirez Lituma (Dean of the Peruvian Air Force Academy and an expert in Aeronautical Legislation), Fernando Fuenzalida (anthropologist), Mario Zegarra (physician) and Anthony Choy (hypnotist).

Some commentators has proposed that since Peru had a long frontier dispute with Ecuador and even went to war because of it, and because on their Southern border Chile just purchased sixteen F-16 for $660 million, a military unbalance creating was created in the area, and that the creation of a UFO Group inside the Peruvian Air Force will give it another option to receive reports of unidentified aircraft activities in neighbouring territories. However the whole idea nay appear a bit complicated if one takes notice that this Group has an hypnosist, an MD and an anthropologist as members.


The West Australian newspaper in Perth, Australia, has an article by Carmelo Amalfi with the original headline "satellite theory in lights mystery."

It explains how a dying satellite launched by China in 1994 could have created a sky show over Perth early yesterday, consisting in four orange lights that were seen heading to the sea in the north-west sky soon after midnight on February 10, 2002.

The amateur astronomer John Sollich said he was driving south from Ocean Reef when he saw the loose formation. Sollich stopped to use binoculars and said the display lasted several minutes, which ruled out meteorites.

He said the lights seemed to be travelling at the same speed, then one of the three lights fell out of the sky while the others kept going North.

Perth Observatory astronomer Peter Birch said five satellites were due to re-enter Earth's atmosphere, but only a Chinese test unit was due over the Indian Ocean. He then added the strange comment that "the lights could have been Chinese New Year fireworks."


The Fédération Française d'Ufologie (French Ufology Federation - non official association) informs that their magazine OVNI-FRANCE has been released. The table of centents includes the folowing articles, in French: Valensole 1989, un cas méconnu; le projet Hessdalen; mon expérience de "temps manquant.",un récit véridique de Georges Andrews ayant certainement un rapport avec le phénomène d'abduction; Les dernières observations en France; les dernières observations dans le monde; une jeune femme rencontre un "E.T", récit ayant peut être un rapport avec le phénomène des abductions; une nouvelle vague d'OVNI touche la Belgique.

Fédération Française d'Ufologie has its web site at


The witness who is an amateur stargazer saw a relatively fast moving object (relative to a plane or jet) on February 8, 2002, and thought it was a satellite. At 12:23 AM, the witness reports:

"Much to my amazement the light stopped, and at this point couldn't take my eyes off of it. Others were in bed and I was hesitant to wake them up just in case I was seeing things, but continued to watch. It was white lighted mostly, but would get very dim and brighten up again. It seemed to just be hovering with only slight X and Y movements. It was very still outside with little wind. After watching it for a bit, I decided to get a second opinion for another member of the household. I'm not sure what that persons thoughts are at this time but I know what I saw. I went into warm up for about two hours. I returned to sit down on the same step and used the same reference points and there was not a bright star anywhere close, and I knew that I had seen something. At this point I scanned the sky and 45 degrees to the north of the position that I saw the same type light. Again sat to be in a stable position, got a nonmoving point of reference and watched. The same type bright and then almost dim to nothing type light and slow movements in different directions."

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the National UFO Reporting Center,


The US newspaper Boston Globe reported on its web site that the authorities found no evidence of a plane crash after receiving calls from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont from people who heard a sonic boom or saw a fireball Saturday afternoon.

Police, firefighters, and airports received the calls at about 2:30pm. "One said it looked like a long metal item, and another said it looked like a piece of metal with a fireball," said a police dispatcher at Troop B, who refused to give her name.

David Paine, a state police spokesman in Massachusetts said officials believe it could have been a meteor: "There were a number of calls for sighting of fireballs and sounds of sonic booms in Russell, Montgomery, Pittsfield and into New York state," said Lt. Paul C. Maloney, another spokesman for the Massachusetts state police. "We did send an aircraft in the areas (where the sightings were reported) and they saw nothing at that time."

The Federal Aviation Administration, which received calls from southern Vermont and western and central Massachusetts, said it had no reports of missing aircraft and had been told by the North American Aerospace Defense Command there were no military activities taking place.


The newspaper La Estrella de Calama reports that a "spectacular UFO sighting" was made by the Calama UFO Center's director, Jaime Ferrer, who managed to capture the object with a digital camera. The specialist pointed out that the object in question was a small green sphere, similar in apparent size to a tennis ball.


The newspaper "La Dépêche of 02.08.2002 announced that Raymond Gibelin, inhabitant of Quins in Aveyron, saw yesterday morning, a "red or dark orange ball, with a small trail behind it" buzzing above his residence when he went tout to check that there is no glaze on the way before his grand-daughter goes to school and when he looked at the sky between a shack and his house.

The newspaper reports that he was still bewildered when he reported Thursday around 02:00pm what he saw this same morning at 07:55am. The witness, aged almost 80, specified that he has been used to gather meteorological data for the last 39 years at this time of the day there, as he is a member of the Aveyron circle of Météo-France, a national weather service. He also explained that his sighting was lucky because usually he takes a different path when he goes out of his residence to the weather station.

The witness is categorical that he truly saw something in the sky at this time when the sun starts to show, but he cannot determine with certainty the nature of what it saw.

He said that he does not dare to call the phenomenon a flying saucer but that the idea slipped through his mind, and he adds that the entire sighting lasted less than a second, the ball moving from the South-West to the South-East parallel to the ground. He says he is absolutely sure that it was nor a comet neither a shooting star.

He alerted the gendarmes of the territorial brigade of Naucelle, where he learned that another man has seen the same thing, at about the same time, when leaving Rodez. But for this other witness, it could have been a meteorite. An explanation that suits Mr. Gibelin, although he wants to wait for the official interpretation.

Indeed, the gendarmes, an army corps, have instructions to follow in this type of sightings, they have precise procedures to carry out a first investigation and eventually transmit the results to the SEPRA, the department of the CNES (French NASA counterpart) in charged of the study of any aerial phenomenon including satellite re-entries and UFO sightings.


A triangular shaped aircraft with three lights and a red haze-like glow seen in southern Racine County, Wisconsin, USA. The witness reports:

"At approx. 8:00 pm (Central Time), on Thursday February 7, 2002, a triangular shaped object flew fairly low (only a few thousand feet up) over the south-eastern sky. It was flying south-east to north-west and was going at least twice the speed of normal aircraft I have seen in the area. As it traveled, it emitted no sound at all. It had three lights, one at each "tip", that were flashing in an odd pattern. It also had a red "haze" along one side, so I could clearly see it was triangular in shape."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center.


Dr. Bruce Cornet reports that on February 2, 2002, several people witnessed a strange set of lights over Pine Bush after a UFO meeting, which I attended. Then on 6 February there was another multiple witness sighting near Pine Bush involving other club members. And now your account of a diamond-shaped craft. The locals take it in stride, and there is a group of people living in the area who are very interested in this phenomenon. They typically attend the UFOs meetings every first Wednesday of the month at the local town hall in Pine Bush. These old timers (skywatchers, that is) are interested in finding new safe places to skywatch, since most of the old ones are now off limits due to residential development and local ordinances (for Montgomery, NY) against skywatching.

One witness reported to Dr. Cornet: "last week I went to New York and again decided to stop in Pine Bush on the way back at about 8:00 PM on Saturday, February 23rd. There was a lot more traffic and even a school function taking place. As I approached the corner "Stock Market Lane" and Route 52 facing North I noticed colorful lights in the distance I would say about a mile away heading west at which point I turned right (west) and the craft moved evenly parallel to the road, still about a mile off. It then turned towards us and fearing I would miss it again I stopped at the side of the road. It passed right over us and I could clearly make out a dark diamond shape even though it emitted a "jetliner" sound similar to what you describe. It was very low (about 1000 feet) and passed over Route 52 in a south east direction. We were about a mile west of the Pine Bush sign in a pretty deserted stretch of road and I decided not to push it, remembering your account of how a craft "charged" at you as you headed back a few years ago, so I left. I would like to go back with more people to make an extended observation.

Contact Sue and John Mann. Thanks to Bruce Cornet, Ph.D., Geologist, Paleobotanist, and Major George Filer, ret.


The witness reported: "We saw a triangular object with a bright white glow around it darting about in the eastern sky on February 6, 2002. At 9:45 PM, I first noticed a very bright light darting about in the eastern sky but at a closer look we could see it seemed to be a triangular shaped object which had a bright white glow around it, at one point it got very bright but faded again and almost disappeared. It was moving around very quickly and in very strange shapes, sometimes it would move up, then to the left, to the right and back again, other times it would fly in a big circle. We left after an hour of watching the object."

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the National UFO Reporting Center,


Lucy Guzmán, of reports that on Wednesday, February 6, 2002, at 10:30pm Mr. Luis Marrero, a retired UFO researcher, was returning home along Route 52 (Las Americas Expressway) from the city of Caguas to Ponce. As he reached the vicinity of the Las Catalinas Mall, he realized that at approximately 35 degrees altitude, and very close to the giant television transmitters on Cerro La Santa, he could see a static ball of light.

Luis told Lucy that it was so large that at such a distance (several miles) it resembled the size of a halogen bulb, similar to the ones employed along the expressway. He therefore estimated a 600-foot diameter for the light.

Upon reaching the toll barrier, he noticed that the white ball of light increased in intensity. When this occured, and after approximately 3 minutes had transpired, two smaller balls of light emerged from the white light. One of them was yellow in color and the other blue. Both headed vertically downward toward the forest below, where they vanished from sight. He was unable to see them again.

Just when the small lights - which Luis described as having a size similar to auto headlights - vanished from sight, the larger light vanished, evaporated or "shut off". He did not see it go off in any direction, and did not see it again.

Luis was surprised that the towers' lights were off, something highly uncommon, since those lights are always on. He thinks the white ball of light may have caused a blackout in the area. On the following day (Thursday) there was a blackout in Cayey's Barrio Beatriz, not far from where he had seen the light. Luis will investigate any further reports in the area and pass the information along.

Special Thanks to Lucy Guzmán


"Strange booming noises were heard over Corguinho," a small town in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul (M.G.S.) in southwestern Brazil, "and a UFO flap has been going on in (this) Pantanal region for the past 15 days," since February 5, 2002.

Corguinho is 60 kilometers (36 miles) north of Campo Grande, the state capital of Mato Grosso do Sul. "An investigator from Campo Grande obtained testimony from several witnesses who saw 'a strange creature that was not local.'" The witnesses described the creature as "having two legs, with a low stature of approximately 1.3 meters (four feet tall), a physique like a human but who moved with a strange fluctuating motion."

"This creature was seen five times" during the past two weeks "by twenty people in the rural zone" around Corguinho.

"The newspaper O Estadio reported that a UFO was seen over a fazenda (farm) belonging to Bena Bernardino. A daylight disc was seen, and loud booms were heard. Insects and plants were found, slightly altered, on that property, showing a strange yellow pigmentation. Biologists cannot explain the change."

In Rochedo, 10 kilometers (6 miles) south of Corguinho, five Cebu cattle were found dead with a single incision on the side of the throat. The bodies had been drained of blood.

Also, the newspaper O Estadio of Ferbruary 17 reports that on Monday, February 5, 2002, children in Camapua, 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of Campo Grande, saw "a low-flying black helicopter flying west" towards the Serra de Maracaju.

Muito obrigado a Jair S. Barros por esos casos and thanks to Joesph Trainor UFOroundup.


In the morning of the 5th of February, Mr Pedro Hernandez observed a dozen of shining spherical objects above the city of Metepec, in the state of Mexico, and was able to videotape at least seven of them. Hernandez indicated that the UFOs moved in different directions at a great speed, and that he could catch two of them in the shot. Some of the UFOs went in to Popocatépetl volcano, whereas others flew towards the city of mexico. Finally a last object was seen shortly before dawn, when darkness prevented that further UFOs might have been seen.


The mysterious skull and metal fragment found buried in the Rhodopes mountain range in southern Bulgaria on May 21, 2001 are generating a lot of excitement and controversy in that southeastern European nation.

According to Iassen Kobarelov, UFO Roundup correspondent in Bulgaria, the news magazine BTA published a photo of the skull in the edition that appeared on newstands in Sofia on Thursday, January 31, 2002. "The mysterious skull of unidentified origin has confused Bulgarian scientists and stirred the emotions of the fans of extraterrestrial civilizations," Iassen reported.

"The strange skull is as large as a baby's. There are six cavities (orifices) in it, but none of them resembles a mouth. The skull weighs 250 grams and its bones are light, " and thinner than the skull bones of the average Homo sapiens.

The skull "was found by a 38-year-old resident of Plovdiv," a mid-sized city about 150 kilometers (90 miles) southeast of Sofia, "who requested anonymity. He is said to have shown his find only to a narrow circle of scientists and people with a pronounced interest in the paranormal." However, Bulgarian archaeologist Katya Malamet has disputed the article which originally appeared in the Turkish newspaper Milliyet. "Archaeologist Katya Malamet, a member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, said she had never seen such a thing."

"The director of the Paleontology Museum in Asenovgrad, Dimiter Kovachev, is positive that the find is no fossil and has no analogy" or resemblance to any hominid skull known to science.

"Anthropologist Prof. Yordan Yordanov believes that the skull doesn't look like any human cranium known to science for the past 30 million years."

"In the view of reknowned (Bulgarian) psychic Koubrat Tomov, the creature could be a product of the Atlanteans, which was created to serve man. He believes that it was a scientific experiment which, in all likelihood, had been unsuccessful but which can 'overturn the notions of our existence on Earth,' Tomov claims."

"Scientists are not in a hurry to draw categorical conclusions before DNA tests and carbon-14 analysis to determine the age of the skull" have been made. "In addition to the structure of the skull, the metal found nearby will be examined, too."

"However, interest from abroad has already become evident. The find's owner admitted to the scientists that he had been offered handsome sums of money to sell his discovery." "'We risk the disappearance of a discovery which might change the notions of our origins and existence,' said Marin Maidenov, president of the Bulgarian Association for Astral and Paleontological Contacts."

The mysterious skull was discovered last year after the Plovdiv man had a strange dream in which five aliens, dressed in one-piece yellow uniforms, directed him to go to a certain spot on Mount Rodop, on the border between Bulgaria and Greece, and to dig there.

Many thanks to Iassen Kobarelov for this news story and to Joseph Trainor for the publication of the updated information.


A huge flying triangle with glowing orbs on the corners has been reported on Februray 4, 2002 to NUFORC. It was an absolutely clear night when the witness stargazing at 7:00 PM and looking at Orion's Belt line of stars. Just to the right of the belt he saw three glowing orbs then noticed complete blackness in between the lights and saw that it was a craft. The witness states, "It wasn't moving real fast but it was very big and moving west, I screamed for my wife to come and see and she also saw it."

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the National UFO Reporting Center,


The witness reports: "On February 4, 2002, I was going home, eastbound on K10 at 6:35 PM, and I noticed lots of aircraft. Lights to north were moving in unison, but they were not separate aircraft. It was triangular in shape, with a light at each apex - these three lights flashed/blinked red and white at the exact same time. And in the middle of this "thing" was a row or bank of five lights, which pulsated from right to left. They went from orange, yellowish, red, and then white, all down the row. I'm sure many others saw this, the damn thing was HUGE. I estimate it at around 800 meters long, and 500 meters wide at the base. It was fairly low, flying at about 1000 meters for 6 to 8 minutes."

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the National UFO Reporting Center,


The witness whose name I keep confidential emailed me on February 5, 2002:

"Did other people witness what I saw on February 4 at approximalely 01:30pm in Villeneuve Loubet (dep. 06) in the surroundings of the cornice of Maurettes, the apparition of an object of dark color (maybe be red) with the shape of two elongated half circles with three appendices, vertical and positionned below and at the ends of the object. I also observed in a fugitive manner (it was all very fast) the two circular shapes of a little milky white "glasslike bulb" on the side of the object."

"It" appeared suddenly not facing me but on side, then remained stationary for a very short time, before going away vertically and disappearing as quickly as it had appeared.

Many thanks to this witness. Any additionnal information welcome at


The former head of security for a major corporation reports seeing on February 2, 2002, glowing amber lights in the northern sky that were stationary. The objects hovered for several minutes then one sped off to the west. The remaining object then dimmed and disappeared. After several minutes both objects returned at tree top level but several miles distant. Once again they disappeared and returned one by one. Finally, six distant objects appeared just above tree top level equally spaced apart over a one mile area. The objects regrouped just to the west of their original position dimmed out and disappeared.

NUFORC Note: There were numerous reports across the U. S. on February 2, 2002. We also know that there is a military bombing range in the vicinity of Avon Park, FL, where yellow flares are observed at night. Avon Park is to the north-northeast of Moore Haven, which sits on the western shoreline of Lake Okeechobee.

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the National UFO Reporting Center,


The witness reports there were 2 sets of 4 all in a straight line on Feb 2, 2002. Slowly one by one the bright light started to disappear (as if the light was being turned off by a dimmer switch) in the first set of 4 at 9:00 PM. The second set of 4 - the second light from the left slowly went downward toward the earth and then slowly disappeared. Then the first light, fourth light and third light (in that order) slowly disappeared.

NdT: Was this the classical "candles under a plastic bag" hoax?

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the National UFO Reporting Center,


The witness reports: "On Saturday, February 2, 2002, at approximately 9:15 PM, my husband and I were leaving my mothers house, when he observed a reddish orange light. All of a sudden a second but smaller light appeared above and to the right of the first light that suddenly disappeared and then reappeared. I called my mother out who had her binoculars. When looking through the binoculars you could observe the lights pulsating. The light would take turns appearing and disappearing and changing shapes. This continued for about 45 minutes, when one by one seven lights appeared in a perfectly straight horizontal line. Above and left four more lights appeared. The next thing we heard was what appeared to be two military jets and a helicopter."

NdT: There is lack of indication of anything more unusual than flares.

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the National UFO Reporting Center,


The 26 year old college graduate was traveling down Lake Louisa Road towards Lake Shore Drive on February 2, 2002, when he noticed a bright light down by the lake at 2:53 AM. The bright light was like a truck's high beams or a spotlight shining directly at him. The object was just above water level down in the valley.

The witness states: "When I started to pass from its view, the light started to approach up the hill and made a slow move across the road above my car. It flew directly over my car, just in front of my hood at 15 to 20 feet in the air. At this point my '99 Ford Mustang completely died on me! The battery and all. I couldn't get the engine to turn or anything. I was sitting right below this thing and it was dead silent. I had the window about a 1/4 of the way down and I could hear nothing. It was probably the eeriest silence I can ever remember. The bright light sat there for about 30 seconds and finally started moving off to my right. It took some time for my eyes to adjust and stop seeing spots. It rose out of view and darted off as though it was shot off like a slingshot at a 45 degree angle. I was able to start my car after a minute. I believe in rational explanations to events like these, but this really scared me. My car is working perfectly and I have never had any problems with it before of since. It couldn't have been a helicopter because the light was at a low level and there was dead silence."


A circular object with very bright lights has been seen on February 2, in Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, USA. The witness reports:

"I was driving home this morning I noticed some lights ahead. I slowed down and the image appeared circular and metallic. There were lights that seemed to rotate and the craft had a kinda mirror effect to it. I was about 50 feet away from it. It shot straight up very fast and then was gone. There seemed to be a kind of electric charge in the air. I am not sure what it was but it was nothing I have ever seen before. I am a 31 year old female and I have little to no information on UFO's so I could be wrong with what I thought it was.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center.


According to the newspaper Diario Austral de Temuco, researchers of the OVNIVISION Chile group were able to witness the transit of a UFO over the Butaco sector of the city of Angol. Researchers were able to capture images of a strange luminous body with a video camera and a still camera. For a few months now, the capital of the Mallecas region has recorded a significant number of UFO sightings. This is the reason why a team of OVNIVISION Chile was invited to the area by Raul Gajardo, a local researcher and retired police officer. After visiting the sector known as Las Piñas, where a close encounter of the third kind allegedly took place on February 16, 2001, researchers arrived at the Butaco sector, some 10 km away from Angol. After taking some photographs and making routine observations, the ufology team visited the Corazon de Maria Church, where they were were lucky to observe a UFO. While photos were being taken, something strange drew the researchers attention. They were able to witness the transit of a strange luminous body over the clear skies over Angol. It was later established that the object had appeared from a northeasterly direction over the city at around 20:10 and vanished five minutes later.

Many thanks to Jaime Ferrer of the Calama UFO Center.


The private ufology association TUVPO (Turkey UFO & Paranormal Events Research Organization) has published its "Report No 127" on Februray 1st, and it says:

"The lights which are described as UFOs by many people, had caused a panic around Adiyaman. The lights, which are supposed by some new age groups to be aliens/UFOs, have also been recorded by police cameras."

"Scientific studies indicated that similar events had been experienced in this region and all of these had the same characteristics. Also, The National Observatory has participated in these studies. Adiyaman is located in the first-degree earthquake zone of Turkey. All the regions where the lights are observed, originated from an active fault line."

The full report is on Thanks to TUVPO for their investigation and results.


On Friday, February 1, 2002, the Mexican news show Hechos de la Tarde, a production of the Televisora Azteca network, "was filming an eruption of Mount Popocatepetl. The camera zeroed in on a spectacular fire fountain and a backdrop of thick black volcanic smoke. Then the camera picked up a sphere of a metallic aspect flying over (Mount) Popocatepetl."

"This was a live broadcast about volcanic activity in Mexico. The sighting was broadcast at 3:20 p.m. The object was seen flying away to the south."

Mount Popocatepetl is about 100 kilometers (60 miles) southeast of Mexico City and is one of nine Mexican volcanoes that are currently active.

Muchas gracias a Daniel Munoz para esas noticias.


According to the newspaper "Le Bien Public," an inhabitant of Louhans has observed a UFO in the sky from the city, precisely between the public school and the water tower of Sornay, Saturday, February 1st, around 09:00pm. The object is described as a sphere of a very sharp orange color with a black point in its middle. The witness states that after a few long seconds, the light has narrowed as if it had been sucked by the black point. The Association ALEPI (Tel.. or seeks confirming or disproving additional witnesses.

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