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Observation reports August 2002:

Some of the UFO observations in August 2002 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.


Despite the fact that the news media have become silent, which could be interpreted as the mutilations has ceased, ranchers are still reporting new cases. The police no longer appear interested in accepting new reports, and animal owners have therefore stopped informing the authorities. A Magazine TV show on hunting called "El Escape del Caburé," roamed through a hunting preserve in the province of La Pampa, and found a mutilated wild boar with its brain extracted.

Knowledgeable sources claim despite the best efforts made in the School of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine of the National University of Rio Cuarto, they have been unable to solve the case of a mutilated bull. The animal had subcutaneous lesions and its internal organs were absorbed through the rectum and cut, apparently in a single motion using the same tool. There was no blood in the heart. The animal did not die from a heart attack or from electric shock. The fact that the situation has not been resolved should not be construed as impugning the capabilities of local scientists. They simply found themselves in an apparent dead end--a similar experience to that of hundreds of their colleagues affected by these manifestations.

Thanks to Scott Corrales, IHU. Translation © 2002 and Christian Quintero.


For almost half a year an important judge who lives high on a mountain overlooking the city reports seeing and photographing strange lights. Jeff Sainio, photo analyst for MUFON reports, preliminary analysis of these photos show flight patterns and lighting changes not usually present with traditional or known aircraft. The judge states, "I can tell you that in forty some years of watching the night skies, I have never before seen what I have been observing since February. I do not presume to know what these lights and craft are and they may very well be of terrestrial origin, but then again, they may not. There are a number of very talented and helpful individuals who have offered me assistance, but we don't know what it is but I can tell you it appears our Government is aware of the phenomena."

"I observed several dramatic interactions between what appeared to be military aircraft, and the lighted objects. The aircraft would fly toward the lights, and the lights would move away in response. I didn't get the sense that the aircraft were attempting to engage the lights in a military action, as much as attempting to 'harass' the lights into leaving. Much as you would try to 'shoo' a dog off your property. Photos were taken using a small telescope and a 35 mm camera. The photos generally show a radio tower on nearby Tower Mountain. The lights/craft almost always come in from the West or the South, and then disappear on or at the base of Tower Mountain. I am getting the distinct impression that these craft are using Tower Mountain as a landing zone, and perhaps even as an underground parking garage. On rare occasion, I also see lights rise up from the Tower Mountain area and fly away to the South. Recent photos show an interesting triangle shape created during the 1/2 to 1/4 second exposure, and a lighted disc flying out over the valley."

Thanks to this witness and to Maj. George Filer (ret), www.filersfiles.com


Mike K. a chemical engineer phoned from Plainfield to tell me that he had spotted a spheroid or fat football with rounded ends flying over on the evening of August 28, 2002. "The object was twenty-five feet in diameter and moving very slow at about twice the height of the trees. The UFO flew with the longer part flying vertically. The object was 35 to 45 feet tall and appeared illuminated from the inside. It had a red strobe on the bottom. It was flying far below jets approaching Newark Airport and was moving from east to west at an estimated ten miles an hour above Plainfield Avenue. There were no appendages visible like would be on a dirigible or balloon. The midpoint of craft seemed to a rotate and numerous green and red lights could be seen. The witness was very sincere and sure that it was not a standard craft of any type and felt this was nothing from Earth. A similar object was seen in Quebec the same evening."

Thanks to Mike K. and to Maj. George Filer, USAF ret., www.filersfiles.com


The witness reports from Kelso: "I woke up about 1:30 A.M. on August 28, 2002, and observed what I thought was an aircraft moving to the north. I opened the window and saw the object had a bright orange light in back and 3 or 4 small orange lights where the wings would be. It was either very large or low flying. I observed the object for 10-12 seconds and there was no sound. There were no flashing anti collision lights that you would normally see and I have never seen an airplane at night with all orange lights."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC director, www.nuforc.org


A large blue and green sparkling sphere about the size of a small car was seen by observers on August 28, 2002. The witness states, "I was walking on the river promenade going east at 6:45 PM when I heard a sound like a baseball going thru the air very close to my ear." I looked up and saw a large blue and green sparkling sphere straight above my head at about 20 feet in the air and going about 20 mph. When it passed me it started to go up in a very steep manner then vanished as it was gaining altitude."

Thanks to Maj. George Filer, USAF ret., www.filersfiles.com


The observer saw a large fireball with gold like flames coming straight down at 2:30 AM; on August 28, 2002. The fireball had a short tail. With arm extended, it was the size of a 'female' thumbnail. The gold fireball continued downward towards the Hanford Nuclear Site and broke up into six or seven pieces, not exploding, and the pieces stayed close together and continued downward. I lost sight of them behind the trees. Perhaps it was space debris, but it concerned me because it was heading straight for Hanford Nuclear Site."

The Hanford nuclear plant had many confirmed UFO visits since 1945.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC director, www.nuforc.org


The witness reports from Boca Raton seeing a bright light south of the Sawgrass Expressway hovering for a minute then disappearing. He states, "On August 27, 2002, while traveling on Lons Road just south of the Sawgrass Expressway, I witnessed a large bright light probably about four hundred feet up at 6:55 AM." It remained stationary as I focused on it. When it came time to head west on the Sawgrass, I turned my head to view the light again and it was gone. I guess they have the ability to become invisible when they want and visible when they want people to see them. This was not my first sighting in Florida and probably won't be the last. I guess the sky was perfect for a good cruise this morning."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC director, www.nuforc.org


Ed Brooks writes from Orange County, "I saw a huge flying triangle with a box shape attached in the sky on August 27th at about 10:30 PM. What caught my eye was how low these stars looked. I have a tremendous curiosity regarding UFOs and whenever I get the chance I will search the sky. But, until last night have not seen anything when I noticed the perfect shape and really started looking. This group of three white lights in a triangle with two white lights forming a square behind with a total of five lights that wobbled in unison. The UFO appeared to be extremely large and moving slowly. Within 1 to 2 minutes I was startled to see white lights darting into and then out of this shape. This was exciting as I realized these lights disappeared as they met this shape and then reappeared as they left. I viewed this for five minutes and then I went and got my roommate to take a look. We both viewed the triangle as it began to move away at a faster pace and going higher at the same time as the lights became less bright. All this time it was bright white with an occasional red or blue light darting in and out in all directions. In 15 minutes a totally clear night became completely full of clouds and the show was over. This shape was moving in a northeast direction."

Thanks to Ed Brooks and to to Maj. George Filer, USAF ret., www.filersfiles.com


Brian Vike interviewed a witness August 27th who saw objects coming out of one of the large mountains in his area: "I also talked with a couple of other witnesses tonight claiming the same, and seeing all kinds of strange objects in the area around the same mountain. So I am off to investigate these reports on the weekend. Looks like another 3 hour drive one way. At least all this keeps me a busy boy. Will fill you in after I get back."

Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC.


On August 25, 2002, the next day after the Colony sighting a solid white disk was seen in the Richardson area traveling extremely fast going due south. "The disk raced across the sky very fast at 10:00 PM with the entire event happening in thirty seconds. It was very defined in its path. I have seen meteor showers and this was a totally different experience."

Thanks to Maj. George Filer, USAF ret., www.filersfiles.com


The witness was driving home on August 25, 2002, to Chualar when he saw an egg shaped object that glowed baby blue in the dark sky at 8:01 PM. He states, "I was driving the back roads, and the object looked a 1/4 of a mile high with a beautiful light. I don't even remember how I stopped on the side of the road. I got really scared because I didn't know what had happened. Somehow while I was looking at the object, I received some type of input from the craft. I swear to God I'm not joking around and it's time to let every body to know they're here."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC director, www.nuforc.org


The witness contacted me via email:

"I would like to report an observation to you, that I made yesterday. I left home yesterday evening towards 11:00 P.M. My attention was immediately attracted by the shining moon. As I usually do, I glanced towards the evening stars. There, I saw what I believed to be a star, but it appeared well too luminous to me. I finally saw the evening star, and I again I looked at where I had believed I saw it first. I could then see that it was a flying object, whose light declined progressively. The object was too far to determine its size, but the color was blue-neon. It initially appreciably accelerated, then returned at its preceding speed. I still could observe it a few moments, but the color continued to decline until not being visible more.

"It is very possible that other people have observed the same phenomenon. It should be noted that I saw this phenomenon 'towards the end'. The declining light makes me think that the object could possibly have been observed by other people with this light quite stronger. It is not the first time that phenomena of this kind occur in the area of Abbeville (Somme - 80), and I am conviced that other people could have seen this phenomenon."

If you have observed anything similar around this time and place, feel free to contact me at ufologie@ufologie.net


The witness reports from Colony: "my daughter and I observed a bright disk shaped object flying over on August 24, 2002. I was talking to my 16 year old daughter in the dining room when she pointed to something in the sky at 4:00 PM. We watched a very bright, white disk-shaped object traversing the sky about 500-700 feet up going north at a fairly fast pace. It had a definite disk shape to it. We grabbed the binoculars and watched it fly south and noticed it seemed to rotate and began to change from a disk to another shape and this is when I knew it was not a plane for sure. It was descending to the ground at a 25 degree angle. My daughter also saw it maneuver in the sky and no sound was detected. The winds were out the south at 5-10 mph on a sunny day. I have a Masters of Education in counseling psychology and research UFOs."

Thanks to Maj. George Filer, USAF ret., www.filersfiles.com


Although the object appeared to be round, it may have been a little oval according to the witness from Tinley Park on August 24, 2002. "I saw this object at 6:36 PM, which I believe to be an advertising balloon climbing, and flying almost due south. My wife believed this to be a UFO too. I just hoped if it is an advertising balloon, that the wire that keeps it on the ground snapped off at the right end, otherwise it is a danger to any aircraft."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC director, www.nuforc.org


On Saturday, August 24, 2002, 11:59 PM the witness reports from Vancouver, BC:

"My wife received a phone call at 11:45 from my brother who told us a meteor was visible in the west and was viewing it 18 kilometers away. I said that was impossible, so I hauled out my telescope and spotted the object at 50 power and perceived it was no airplane. At 200 power, I had a clear picture of a flying saucer shape. It glowed very intensely and had a weird rotating sensor beam on the top part of the saucer. It flashed aqua color first and then orange-red much like a rotating spot beam at a 0.5 second rotation. One beam could scan orange-red and then aqua. I then took relative size calculations from both my brothers and used my GPS to get the bearing. My calculation indicates the object was 30 meters in diameter at a distance of 200 KM that puts it over Vancouver Island. The object must have been under power. My brother watched it for an hour while I watched 45 minutes before it went behind some trees. I can't say this was an alien space ship, but if it was not, the Earth has developed a new type of ship that is quite impressive."

Thanks to Maj. George Filer, USAF ret., www.filersfiles.com


On August 23, 2002, the witness from Arlington Heights was smoking outside the front of his office at 12:30 PM, and he looked up and to see a beige balloon flying very fast about 2500 feet in the air. "A plane was passing by and this "thing" went around the plane and took off south west at a very high speed. I watched for about 20 seconds and it was gone. I'm a little amazed because I'm the type of person that has to see something to believe it and I'm kind of freaked out on what I think I saw."

Thanks to Chad C. and George Filer, www.filersfiles.com


Servicio Informativo Ovnilógico reports:

"While the Circulo Ovnilogico Riocuartense´s (COR) research commission is waiting for the weekend to commence its activities in Chaján and environs, the researchers involved in archival work have managed to detect the existence of several incidents which approximate the Chaján case geographically, chronologically and as far as its characteristics are concerned. Some of these incidents - according to the information examined by the researchers - are focused upon an area near Chaján and ocurred at the same time as Sergeant Arias´s experience and that of other police officers from the Achiras, Cuatro Vientos, Las Albahacas and Alpa Corral area respectively, not counting the additional information which has become known after having recieved statements from police officers at Achiras and Las Albahacas. Thus, the investigative outlook for C.O.R. becomes diversified day after day and therefore, more complex."

Thanks to the Institute of Hispanic Ufology for the Spanish-English translation © 2002. Special thanks to Mario Luis Bracamonte.


Servicio Informativo Ovnilogico (Rio Cuarto) reports:

"While no names were mentioned, it was learned from researchers in Rio Cuarto itself that the eyewitness account of Sergeant Guillermo Arias, involving his strange encounter with a 200-meter long triangular device before midnight on Sunday, July 21, 2002 near Chaján, some 60 km SE of Rio Cuarto, is gaining credibility by the moment. Researchers of the C.O.R (Centro Ovnilogico Riocuartense) told this service that in spite of certain delays in research due to health reasons among some of the researchers, it has been possible to collect evidence consisting of other eyewitness accounts, visual evidence, "in situ" measurements and an "in visu" survey of the sectors related to the events in question. This evidence is being analyzed in detail in order not to overlook any aspect."

"Within the new evidence provided by the researchers there stands out an episode which, according to the researchers, "surpasses even the Arias experience", given that a policeman and a fireman were "beseiged by a luminous, unidentified flying object with a powerful violet beam." The same source declined identifying the parties involved, arguing "professional secrecy." They did add that the event occured moments before Arias´s episode and almost in a straight line in a North-South direction. They noted that personal contact had already been made with the protagonists of this event, from whom reports had been received, and progress is being made toward the first investigative phase of this event in particular. Meanwhile, a comission shall work in an area near [the towns] of Chaján and Suco respectively in gathering evidence."

Thanks to the Institute of Hispanic Ufology for the Spanish-English translation © 2002. Special thanks to Mario Luis Bracamonte.


According to AFP and iafrica.com, an unidentified spherical object has fallen from the sky and landed near the Angolan village of Manzawu, in northern Uije province, Roman Catholic Radio Ecclesia reported on Thursday.

Villagers told Ecclesia the object had crashed to the ground near Manzawu following a loud explosion, similar to a clap of thunder. "We heard noise like thunder in the sky, and then a ball landed on the earth," one of the witnesses to the object´s sudden appearance said. "Now, we are afraid it could explode," said another villager.

Many of Manzawu´s inhabitants had fled their homes, after hearing the explosion. According to Ecclesia, the object weighs around 10kg and measures some 50 centimetres in diameter. Experts from the Angolan Armed Forces have travelled to the object's landing site to examine it, the radio said.

Webmaster's note: generally those objects reveals to be rocket fuel tanks.


The witness reported from Fort Sumner seeing triangular shaped objects with red and gold lights as well as the trail behind it. "We saw at least 50 lights in the sky behind a blinking object on August 22, 2002, at 9:00 PM. This was not a usual aircraft. It was red and gold and it maneuvered very fast and shone as bright as a light bulb. They were lined up right after the other and forming an unknown shape. They flew at least ten seconds apart. It was triangular shaped and also had lights on the bottom." NUFORC spoke with the witnesses to this event, and they sounded to be credible.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC director, www.nuforc.org


The witness reports from Breckenridge:

"My girlfriend and I sat on the edge of a stream, just watching the water and listening to the trees. At the same time, we both looked up... in the middle of the afternoon, and were totally mesmerized by the sight of a HUGE disk floating silently above... in the midst of some light cloud cover in the rocky mountains. The disk was gray/sand in color and had no lights whatsoever. It was approximately 100 yards in diameter and floated slowly over us at an altitude of approximately 1500 feet. My girlfriend and I did not discuss the event for two weeks."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC.


Tom Sheets MUFONGA reports from Lagrange that a lady who grew up attending air shows with her father a 33 year veteran Captain for a major airline. She has been observing a white star-like lights flying all around the Troup County sky, performing aerial acrobatics at high speeds beyond the capability of any aircraft she's ever seen. The witness says she can quickly identify normal aircraft lights, and these are very different. The lights will grow larger and larger and move until it's almost overhead, then it will hover, and change to a different color, then shrink in size in about one-second, becoming a pinpoint of white light again as it flies off. They change to orange, green and red, and they seem to be very close during those times, but there is no sound. It is obvious the witness knows aviation and aircraft thoroughly, and some parts of what she has described just does not fit the category of 'misidentified aircraft.

Thanks to Tom Sheets MUFONGA, and to Major George Filer, USAF (ret), www.filersfiles.com


The witness says: "I am not really into this type of thing. I am a preacher's wife. But, I keep seeing things and my husband sees them, too. It's freaky, I don't know if it's meteors, or our imagination working overtime. On August 21, 2002, at 1:21 AM. we saw a whole bunch of fiery balls darting to and fro in the western sky for 20 minutes. Some came, some went away, and some stayed, and kept moving. Some were going straight, and some made sharps turns. Some got brighter, and some faded. We thoughts some planes were about to crash. Tonight was like my umpteenth sighting of something strange. I woke and was looking at the stars, when a big flash of light came out of nowhere. I thought maybe it was an angel. But, as it got closer, it's flying southeast, I noticed it had a line of lights at it's middle flashing different colors. It was pretty close to the ground north of town. I saw a small, dark in the middle, glowing object, mostly red in color, that flew right over my house."

Thanks to Maj. George Filer, USAF ret., www.filersfiles.com


Two witnesses report from White Plains seeing a small disk, "My twelve-year old daughter and I were heading home from a visit on August 21, 2002, and I turned left out of the Westchester County Airport entrance at 2:30 PM onto 120A South, and I saw something on my left, quickly approaching my car. My daughter saw it too. It looked like a small disk, no more than 12 inches or so in diameter, and it was rapidly spinning vertically and moving towards us. It was dark brown with a metallic quality, and as it passed the car it made a strange sound. Not a buzz, or a motor-like sound. More of an electronic sound that changed pitch as it approached my car, then hovered for a second just at the left side of my windshield, very close to the driver's side window, and then quickly disappeared. We both saw and heard the exact same thing. It lasted only a few short seconds, but it remains very clear in both of our minds. We didn't actually see it "disappear"; it just flew quickly away and wasn't in sight anymore."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC director, www.nuforc.org


The witness reports from Boston to have observed a silver cigar shaped object moving across the sky on August 21, 2002, at 2:30 PM. He states, "This object was flying very high in the sky close to Logan Airport and. moving very fast from left to right. This movement went on for about one minute then the object vanished."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC director, www.nuforc.org


On August 21 2002, a person and her firnd have observed a phenomenon they thought to be a UFO over Strasbourg, in Alsace, France, in the evening. I do not wish to give too much details for now since an investigation is started.

If you have seen anything strange at that time and location, please fill the form under "Report" on the Fédération Française d'Ufologie sie on http://f.f.u.free.fr. Tnaks in advance.


Associated Press communicates on August 19, 2002 that military officials launched a Minuteman Three missile tonight in an exercise at Vandenburg Air Force Base, California, USA. It was expected to reach targets 4,200 miles away at the Kwajalein Missile Range in the western Marshall Islands within a half hour of launch.

Air Force officials say they routinely test the reliability and accuracy of the missiles and there's no reason for alarm.

People from San Francisco to at least as far east as Phoenix reported seeing the launch or the colored skies that result afterward. Jennifer Drummond, a dispatcher for the Central Yavapai Fire District in Prescott, said she was getting calls from as far south as Black Canyon City.

Associated Press does not indicate when this occurred, or whether people reported the lights as extraterrestrial spacecraft or just as lights.


It was about 2 AM and the witness couldn't sleep, so he went outside on the clear August 19, 2002, night to lie down and watch for shooting stars from a small village called Foyers which is beside Loch Ness. He reports, "As I was looking up I noticed a moving blue light, that split into two blue lights which I thought was strange; they started to get bigger and they weren't going in a straight line they were moving from side to side like a zigzag. I watched them for ten minutes and then they headed south towards England at quite a speed!"

Thanks to Rory S. and Stojanovic Vladan Serbia.


I have received this account by email on August 19, 2002:


"I am getting in touche with you because I am convinced that I saw a UFO the day before yesterday (August 17 in the evening)"

"Place: in Montpellier above a stadium"

"Time: 09:00 P.M."

"Weather: heavy fog all evening and all night long"

"Circumstances: I was with my cousin in the car and we saw an "oval" object, very luminous, and very close to the ground. We initially believed that it was perhaps an airship because the craft was stable. We tried to see whether strings maintained it to the gournd but there weren't any (we estimate the distance between 70 meters and 100 metes above the ground). After 2 or 3 minutes, the craft moved at a very slow speed above the stadium, then "plunged" on the ground at an incredible speed and disappeared. It is obvious that this object resembled in nothing like a plane, a rocket, or anything... we can describe it very precisely, it was really very close to us. The object was oval, of a very luminous white, there were black inscriptions (like small squares) on the circumference of the apparatus and a kind of cabin above with coloured lights. We did not want to invent stories during all the time of the observation, we sought a rational explanation to this phenomenon but when the machine started suddenly at such a fast speed, at this time we said to ourselves "that cannot be anything else than a UFO."

"Another phenomenon: this same evening, we had much difficulties to sleep. Around 5 in the morning, we stood up and we looked at the sky at the place where we had seen the craft, and there, a large very luminous white point came out of nowhere (it resembled a very large star, but always a hundred meters above the ground). This ball made 3 triangles in the sky then disappeared. It returned 10 minutes after and traced a circle at the same place. Then, again 10 minutes afterwards, it reappeared, traced 2 circles then sprang at a very hight speed in the sky and disappeared."

"If such phenomena as those already occurred, thanks for letting me know what this white ball was? I am positive, it is neither a star, nor a satellite."

"I hope that you will take my testimony seriously, because I can think only of that now, and I am very upset since this event. Do you really think that it was a UFO?"


"[XX]. (I wish to remain anonymous)"


The witness, a medical professional, reports from Sharon that he was leaving his office in the Medical Center on August 13, 2002, when he saw a strange craft at 9:06 PM. The witness said, "I went blank and two hours later I awakened and was still standing and there were two incisions in my abdomen."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC director, www.nuforc.org


The witness reports from Albuquerque:

"My boyfriend and I where on the way to my house on August 13, 2002, and saw a giant object which at first seemed to be a plane. As it got closer around 8:00 PM, we realized it was too big to be a plane. It was metallic silver and sort of a triangular shape mixed with the shape of a diamond. At the point of the diamond were two giant red lights, a white one on top, and on the back were two giant white lights. It had three windows which would take turns flashing in a sequence. It flew around at about 100 feet high for about five minutes and disappeared into thin air. Later, it would reappear in the same spot. Then it seemed to follow us and just disappeared. With our windows rolled down not a single sound was heard."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC director, www.nuforc.org


The husband is an emergency response officer with a state law enforcement agency and his wife is a law student. They had gone out at 11 PM on August 12, 2002, to watch the Perseid meteor shower and noticed a flickering light moving at amazing speed. There was no burn out like a normal meteor, this light stopped moving and hovered for about 30 seconds. It then began moving to the south, and she pointed it out to her husband. The light then made several starts and stops in different directions. He got his binoculars from the house and they could see a glowing silvery cylindrical object, about the size of an aspirin at arm's length. This object was pulsating/flickering different colors; yellow tinged with light green, dark lavender, then reddish-pink, then repeated again. The wife reports watching for 35-40 minutes as the object continued it's erratic stops and starts. The witness called her mother who lives ten miles to the north and she also saw moving light. They both then watched together while on the phone, both seeing the same movements. Shortly thereafter, they experienced static on the phone and rung off. This witness returned outside for progress checks until long after midnight, easily relocating the object, which had moved to the south. All law enforcement 911 centers in this three county area were contacted by this writer, with negative results. Former Chief of police Sheets contacted the witnesses and at 10:45 PM, the next night the witnesses phoned to report seeing glowing chasing lights in brilliant colors moving at incredible speeds, with flashes of the above described colors.

Thanks to Tom Sheets, MUFONGA investigator.


On August 12, 2002, the witness reports from Jackson seeing a fast moving UFO, zigzagging with bright colors and a small glow tint around it. It moved fast and made different movements and made shapes like triangles dipping up and down. It had different colors flashing red green blue and yellow at 10:46 PM. It also looked like a kind of shield was covering it with a small glow. Then two appeared moving with distinctive movements. It showed up twice in two days for two hours and was very fast.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC director, www.nuforc.org


From Nottingham, a business owner 52, a female university graduate, and 14 year old boy were watching the meteor storm on August 12, 2002. About 11:30 PM, they saw two sphere shaped objects appear and dart across the sky as if they were chasing each other. The spheres seemed to wave up and down and cross over each other as if dancing and disappeared behind the trees after twenty seconds. They were yellow-orange in color.

Thanks to Maj. George Filer (ret), www.filersfiles.com


The night was clear on August 12, 2002, close to midnight while laying out on our deck watching for meteors the witness reports, "I saw high, high up a very bright white-light cylinder like shape traveling from north to south." When I first spotted it I thought it was probably a satellite or the space station?" I watched it for about a minute or so (it wasn't moving very fast) then it slowly changed into a fairly nice dot of light, then the dot started getting smaller and smaller and smaller till it finally vanished. I don't think that was a satellite or aircraft, nor even a meteor. It made me think as it vanished though, that it was flying away from earth."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC director, www.nuforc.org


NUFORC reports that on August 12, 2002, the witness saw a triangle shaped object hovering between apple trees on a hill that overlooks his backyard at 7:30 AM. The object then rose from the ground level to 300 feet up over the tree line in less that a second. The witness woke his son and pointed to the object. He ran downstairs and grabbed his digital Olympus camera running into his back yard. The witness states, "The object had moved 200 yards east and I snapped six pictures of a triangular object that I cannot explain. There was no wind, there was no sound and it moved faster than any object I have seen. It seemed to spin like a top. After examining the pictures at 800X, we noticed a white field around the object that looked very interesting.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC.


The witness reports from Belleville that they went outside to watch a meteor shower on August 11, 2002, at 5:00 AM. The witness reports, "I was watching the meteors when I noticed a strange object in the sky off to my right that was just hovering there and was dark in color. After sitting outside for a while, I noticed it was still hovering unlike the meteors and stars that were moving. I got up from my seat and started staring at it and I realized it was metallic in color. It was kind of low to the ground and just hovering with a dome on top of it. Then I decided to walk closer to get a better look and when I got closer, it just took off and disappeared into the night sky. This kind of gave me the chills and scared me so I went in the house. This object made a humming noise of some sort."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC director, www.nuforc.org


A couple from Weldon were watching the sky at 10:44 PM, for falling stars on August 11, 2002, when they both observed an object coming from the north on a straight trajectory. It was a soft green glowing object with a wingspan similar to a stealth almost like a triangle. The object was flying 40 miles west of Edwards Air Force Base and was moving slower than a falling star, but much faster than any plane crossing the sky in three seconds. Right after the object passed they saw three falling stars.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC director, www.nuforc.org

Crossing the sky in straight line three seconds and greenish, a description that fits a meteor.


The witness reports from Roxbury on August 11, 2002:

"I was in the back yard at dusk when I looked up to observe a private plane flying over head, I then noticed a second higher flying dark gray to black craft that was the shape of a squashed sphere. There was a lump on the bottom center of the metallic craft that was traveling north smoothly and without a sound. This object did not appear to be a balloon as it traveled much faster, but there was no sound. I ran to the house for binoculars and sure enough it was indeed round (spherical) in shape. My wife and I watched until it disappeared to the north.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC.


The newspaper "Provence" published an article on August 10, 2002 headlined "The eight UFOs of the Pertuis peasant" (Pertuis is in the South-east of France). A man aged 56 told the day before to the Gendarmerie of Vaucluse that he has seen eight UFOs between the village of Cucuron and Pertuis on July 5. The farmer of La Mottes d'Aigues was quietly on his terrace, with his wife and his 16 year old son, when he realized at about 10:30 P.M, that "eight white, round lights, very sharp and quite clear" were overhead.

Aligned at the start of Pertuis, the lights moved slowly and silently until they reached Cucuron. There, they divided into two triangles an then faded. The reappeared a short time afterwards and took the same path back. These maneuvers lasted half an hour. The man, considered as credible by the Gendarmerie explained "not to be someone impassioned by this kind of phenomena," and specified "I do not drink, I smoke only tobacco and I do not take drugs." He could'nt take pictures. His wife and her son will be also heard by the Gendarmes.

An investigation was opened and the Gendarmes intend to question the inhabitants of the village to check if other people saw the phenomenon.

Thanks to ataraxie.free.fr


Peter Davenport spoke to this quite convincing observer who stated, "I was having lunch on my terrace that over looks the Empire State Building on August 10, 2002, around 1:45 in the afternoon when I saw a disk shape flying object to the left of the building. I grabbed my camera and began recording. The object then flew up along the building and then zoomed away to the right at a speed of light. Following that I saw another object even higher in the sky zooming away at a speed of light. Incredibly I have all of it on tape.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC.


The witness from Denver reports:

"After 45 years of being interested in UFOs, I finally saw one, or rather, three. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science organized an astronomy camp-out August 9-10, to view the Perseid meteor shower from the mountains. We were camped out in tents on a perfect viewing night. I was looking straight up to the zenith around 3:00 AM, when I saw three orange point-lights. They traveled east to about 45 degrees elevation where they were lost in the light from Denver. The objects were not stars or planets. Autokinesis can make such objects move around a lot within a small area, but not traverse 45 degrees of arc. They were not meteors, which last only seconds since I watched for at least a minute. They were self-luminous, because it was 3 AM. The objects could have been high altitude aircraft but I suspect they were not due to their formation. Two objects were forward, one a little behind the other, and the third was way back from the other two. Aircraft flying in formation normally maintain equal distances from one another. The objects were in a triangular formation in which no side of the triangle was the same length as any other side."

Thanks to Dr. Richard DeTar Pangurcat and Major George Filer, USAF (ret), www.filersfiles.com


On Thursday, August 8, 2002, a UFO was photographed over the city of Douai in the department of Nord. The photo was published in the newspaper Nord Matin the very next day, August 9, 2002.


On August 7, 2002, the witness from Barrington was sitting on his deck on a clear evening at 10:34 PM, when he noticed a bright yellow satellite light at the lower left of the Big Dipper. "This light was brighter than the star Lyra. I used a 10x70 pair of binoculars and did not see the usual red and green lights of an aircraft. The brightness began to fade quickly after it traveled about 20 degrees towards the North star and faded out. At 10:37 PM, a similar bright star-like object moved south from the Dipper bowl and traversed about 15 degrees before it too, faded. Both objects were yellow, and disappeared after moving toward the zenith 15-20 degrees. I've seen many satellites blink and flash as they roll, but they are always white in color and never this bright or yellow in color."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC.


On the evening of August 7, 2002, disk shaped objects with colors of blue, green, orange, yellow and white were spotted near Palm Coast. Blues and reds were more easily visible. One was in the northeast and the other in the southeast sky. Not that high on the horizon. They looked round at first, but upon high magnification, they were more flat and the lights were in a straight line.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC.


LURAY BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS - "On August 7, 2002, at around 10:30 PM, I looked into the night sky and noticed two flashing objects in the sky over Skyline Drive here in Luray. Two objects were flashing red and white lights, possibly blue or green as well. And they were moving in ways that I've never seen anything move before. They would suddenly jerk to the left or right, constantly varying speed and direction. The objects moved in and out of a patch of clouds. For over two hours. These were soon joined by 5 or 6 more objects that included smaller triangle orange-white lights that didn't blink or strobe like the others. The strobing objects flashed in an irregular pattern. When they would go into the cloud, you could see flashes like heat lightning."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC.


The witness is a long time personal friend of mine, who settled in Tahiti a little more than a year ago. Married, with child, serious occupation, he is fond of the X-Files but quite skeptic about the UFO phenomenon as anything else than a fiction. The questions and answers were exchanged by Internet instant messaging. The "Tahiti" nickname is not the actual IM nickname.
Tahiti: I saw a UFO yesterday...
Tahiti: a very luminous point, stationnary in the sky.
Tahiti: Above the ocean (it was 09:00AM... I had not drunk anything).
Question: Venus?
Tahiti: No, it flickered from time to time.
Question: Satellite?
Tahiti: And I see Venus in the evening!
Question: Ok, tells?
Tahiti: It was simply a luminous spot surrounded by a very small cloud.
Question: If you extend the arm, and looks at the thumbnail, what size compared to the nail of your thumb?
Tahiti: It was very far... Half my thumb.
Question: 2 - 3 millimetres, is that correct?
Tahiti: Yes.
Tahiti: But it was not a plane... it stayed at the same place too long.
Question: Height angle?
Tahiti: 30° compared to the horizon.
Question: No movement?
Tahiti: None.
Question: Color?
Tahiti: White.
Question: Sky? Clouds? Clear, Foggy, Misty?
Tahiti: Clear and no clouds.
Question: ok. Full Daylight?
Tahiti: Yes, 09:00 AM!
Question: Ok. How long did the observation last?
Tahiti: 1/4 of an hour.
Question: Ok. Was it there when you looked at it, or did you see it appearing?
Tahiti: It was there.
Question: How did it leave?
Tahiti: I initially believed in the headlights of a plane... but it did not move.
Tahiti: Disapeared suddenly.
Question: suddenly, you mean, not fading? Like a lamplight switched off?
Tahiti: It flieckered sometimes... and then, suddenly, nothing.
Question: Ok. The flickering? regular? irregular?
Tahiti: Irregular.
Question: Some shape? round? oval?
Tahiti: It seemed oval but it was very small...
Question: Ok. Changes in the sky afterwards? Clearer? Sorry for the silly question but I don't figure out 09:00AM in Tahiti.
Tahiti: No changes in sky condition before midday.
Question: Ok. Direction? South, North? Unknown?
Tahiti: It was in the North-East.
Question: When you first saw it, what were you doing? (no indiscretion lol).
Tahiti: I was on a boat.
Tahiti: Before diving.
Tahiti: It stopped 10 minutes before we dove.
Question: so there were other people with you. How many saw it?
Tahiti: There were other people... 3. But they did not know what it was and that did not care too much.
Question: Ok. What is your opinion about it?
Tahiti: 4 with me.
Tahiti: Frankly I do not know...
Question: Ok. The exact date?
Tahiti: An helicopter hovering a very long time and very far...
Tahiti: Just an hypothesis ...
Question: Ok.
Tahiti: Tuesday August, 6 , at 09:00 AM.
Tahiti: In large bay of Papette.
Question: Were there rays, reflections?
Tahiti: No.
Question: Trails?
Tahiti: No... a sort of small cloud around.
Question: Size of the cloud compared to the thumb at arm's length?
Tahiti: 1/2 of my thumb.
Question: Was there wind?
Tahiti: A little... 30 km/h.
Tahiti: As usual.
Question: Direction of the wind?
Tahiti: I'd say coming from West.
Question: Ok. Any sounds? Noise?
Tahiti: No.
Question: You were in relative silence I imagine? You would have heard a passing plane?
Tahiti: Yes... because a plane did pass a little before.
Question: Ok. no more questions for now.


A 50 year old journalist, photographer, private pilot, radio control airplane builder and flyer, and amateur astronomer was sitting outside preparing for an evening of star gazing with his 10 inch telescope on August 5, 2002. The witness states, "I first observed the object directly overhead at 10:29 PM, shaped like the sole of a shoe that was illuminated in red from below." There were no blinking lights as it crossed the clear night sky streaking east without a trail. The object flew rapidly, no more than 2 or 3 seconds and disappeared in the bright haze of the ESE horizon. The trajectory seemed mostly straight although halfway through, the object seemed to adjust its course slightly. This object was much lower and made no noise which I could hear. As an astronomer I have observed many objects and this was like nothing I have ever seen."

Thanks to this witness and to Maj. George Filer (ret), www.filersfiles.com


On Sunday, August 4, 2002, at Mont St. Michel de Braspart, in Bretagne-Finisterre" on France's Atlantic Ocean shoreline, "five egg-shaped objects passed over the trees at a very great speed, going in the direction of the nuclear plant at Bronnilis, which is currently being dismantled" by the French government.


The witness reports from Toronto:

"My uncle was looking up at a helicopter on August 4, 2002, when he saw a small circle being followed by a larger circle flying in formation. At 5:00 PM, they were stationary for about ten minutes and the smaller one disappeared and a minute later the bigger one split into two and vanished. After a short period of time many more objects started flying across the sky and then vanished. They circled back and continued flying for 35 minutes. They were stationary in different spots in the sky. Looking at them with binoculars they were two crafts close together. My theory is if they were UFOs, they were watching a large gathering of nearly a million people. They moved much faster than the planes approaching or leaving the airport."

Thanks to Major George Filer, USAF (ret), www.filersfiles.com


UFOmek, UK, reports:

"On Thursday, 13 June 2002 Mr Bob Fetch and his son observed from their property in Tonbridge, Kent, England, an object that they at first though was a childs helium filled balloon. But the object was moving sideways and not upwards, which aroused their suspicions, and it appeared to be disc shaped. Mr. Fetch ran into the house to grab his camera, and with his son ran after the object."

"They found themselves in a field behind the Langley Hotel, in London Road, Tonbridge, where they got a good view of the object, and there were several other people out walking their dogs who also saw the object, which was completely silent."

"Mr. Fetch managed to take one clear photograph of the object in colour, before it silently flew off. They observed it for about ten minutes."

"He forwarded the photograph to his local newspaper, the Kent & East Sussex Chronicle, who published in their July 12 edition. So far UFO Monitors East Kent, and UFO Magazine have only seen the picture as it appeared in the newspaper article, but hope to see the hard copy very soon."

"It shows a disc like object with what looks like an aerial or tower on top, just like the McMinnville photographs taken by Paul Trent on 11 May, 1950, in the State of Oregon, USA, and again photographed in Rouen, France in 1954 by a French Airforce pilot. Another witness also from Tonbridge, has come forward to claim that he saw exactly the same object as Mr.Fetch and his son. This other witness says he saw it in the Ashdown Forest area in East Sussex (approx 15 miles SW of Tonbridge). UFOMEK, hope to speak to this witness very shortly."

"The photograph taken by Mr. Fetch, shows a tree, and building in the foreground, and according to the newspaper reporter who UFOMEK investigators spoke to, it also shows in the original print the field they were in, as well as a dog. Until we receive the original print we cannot pass judgement on it's total authenticity, but initial work done on the photograph as shown in the newspaper article by Russell Callaghan of UFO Magazine, and independent UFO researcher Jerry Anderson, shows promising results."

"If the photograph proves to be genuine, then it could be one of the most important ones ever to be taken in the past 50 years. It will mean that the same or similar object has not only been seen, but also photographed in three different Countries, in a space of 50 years. It could mean that someone on Earth has disc technology that works, or dare it be said, someone from elsewhere."

Thanks to Chris Rolfe UFO Monitors East Kent.


The witness, of Edmonton, had just gotten out of work on August 3, 2002, and was waiting at a bus stop at midnight. He states, "I heard an odd buzzing noise, and looked up to see a small silver disk floating several feet above me. I could not define the size of the craft, as it appeared to be both near and far away. The object jutted back and forth and moved extremely fast in different directions. After doing so it sort of blinked a blinding blue light and shot straight into the sky.

Thanks to Major George Filer, USAF (ret), www.filersfiles.com


The witness from Henderson saw a light illuminating his backyard, which then turned into two square intersecting boxes at 11:30 PM on August 2, 2002. He says, "I looked out my sliding glass door and saw a large bright light shining through the trees in my backyard. Then the light turned into an object in the sky that resembled two square boxes, intersecting each other, with lights surrounding the boxes. The object began to move to the east and turned back into a bright light, and made a loud rumbling noise, similar to that of an airplane. It drifted off toward the east until I could see it no longer.

Thanks to Major George Filer, USAF (ret), www.filersfiles.com


The witness reports from Seattle:

"While on top of an eight story building on August 2, 2002, I was watching the Navy Blue Angels flying team practice when a white egg shaped UFO flew by moving from south to north at 12:30 PM. Commercial planes fly through this space quite a bit, but this was at least three times higher moving at about the same speed as a 777 jet aircraft."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC.


On August 2, 2002, a couple of Hazel Green were on the back porch to watch an electrical storm was moving in. They report, "It was only lighting but we thought it was like having our own free fire works display." We could still see the stars above us but the lightning storm was all around our city with just this clear spot in the middle. After watching the storm for a while we both noticed what looked like a car with its high beams in the sky off to the northeast. It moved our way slowly and made no noise until it was right above us. We could clearly see, it was a flying triangle with two bright lights on the front with three white lights in a circle underneath with a red light in the center. It was about fifty feet off the ground and traveling southwest very slowly (too slow for an airplane). I used to be in the army and I know the sounds of both airplanes and helicopters and the hum from this craft was not the same. As soon as it went back into the storm clouds, the wind started blowing at a high rate and within a minute after it disappeared the storm just stopped."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC.


Cattle mutilations of the past three months have know spread to seventeen of Argentina's provinces and had reached a total of 394 reported mysterious deaths as of July 26, 2002.

According to Proyecto Condor, the breakdown of mutilation deaths by province includes 149 in Buenos Aires province, 2 in Catamarca, 14 in Chaco, 2 in Chubut, 27 in Cordoba, 4 in Corrientes, 23 in Entre Rios, 8 in Formosa, 77 in La Pampa, 11 in La Rioja, 1 in Mendoza, 15 in Neuquen, 7 in Salta, 4 in San Luis, 20 in Santa Fe, 14 in Santiago del Estero and 15 in Tucuman.


A reported published on August 29, 2002, by Jane's Defense Weekly says Boeing has acknowledged it is conducting a variety of anti-gravity experiments that could rewrite the economics of conventional aviation technologies. According to Jane's Defense Weekly (JDW) the research is being done at Boeing's famous Phantom Works facility in Seattle where Boeing is working to gain the services of the Russian scientist Dr Evgeny Podkletnov who claims he has developed anti-gravity devices in Russia and Finland.

The same magazine has alleged that the B-2 US stealth bomber "uses antigravitation" systems 10 years ago, which prompted many UFO skeptics to claim that UFOs, in particular those of the Belgium flap or 1989-90 are "B-2 bombers using antigravity."

However, Boeing prepared the following statement:

"We are aware of Podkletnov's work on 'anti-gravity' devices and would be interested in seeing further development work being done. However, Boeing is not funding any activities in this area at this time."

"The recent report that we are is based on a misinterpretation of information. For instance, GRASP is not a codename for a current project but rather an acronym for a presentation entitled "Gravity Research for Advanced Space Propulsion," in which a Boeing engineer explains Podkletnov's theory and proposes that we should continue to monitor this work and perhaps even conduct some low-cost experiments to further assess its plausibility. No steps have been taken beyond this point by Boeing."


Stan Gordon communicates:

"On August 1, 2002, I received an interesting report of an encounter with an unusual object, that had taken place on July 24, 2002. I had the opportunity to interview the reporting witness later that day. The sighting occurred in a shopping complex in North Huntingdon Township, in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. The incident involved three witnesses, a man, his wife, and a friend. Since these people hadn't seen each other for sometime, they stood in the parking lot and got involved in a long conversation."

"It was about 10 P.M., and the local businesses had all been closed for a while. In the middle of the conversation, the friend suddenly said "look behind you." They turned around to look, and observed a small odd object which looked like a bubble, but was "absolutely round and shiny." The sphere was estimated to be the size of a tennis ball. While it gave the appearance of looking something like a bubble, the witness said "it was solid, in a way not like a bubble. You could see thickness in the wall of the object.""

"As they watched, the object floated past them at a distance of no more than 10 feet. The man indicated that if he had moved forward a few feet, he could have reached out and grabbed the object. The object continued to move slowly in a straight line down the middle of the road "moving straight as an arrow." The object which was only about 6 feet off the ground, kept the same height. The witness commented" It was a perfectly calm night, with no wind at all, yet this bubble zoomed on past us as if being driven by something unseen." (The Pittsburgh National Weather Service Office verifies that the winds were calm at the time.)"

"As the object continued to move straight down the road, at one point it zig-zagged left then right, and was halfway down the complex when they lost sight of it. At one point as the object was moving, it passed under an awning, and it was apparent that there was no strings attached to it. The object did reflect light from the overhead lighting. There was no sound detected during the approximately 20 second observation. There was no one else in sight around the location of observation. The man stated that the object "appeared to have thickness to it, not like a child's bubble that was blown from soap bubble." The witness who has a military background, stated that whatever it was he saw, it gave him the impression that it was "a probe of some kind.""

"Note: While reports of small spherical objects are not that common, since the 1960's I have on record a number of such instances which have occurred in Pennsylvania. These small objects, all of which were reported at very close distance from the observers, range from several inches to about a foot in diameter."

Researcher: Stan Gordon
PA UFO/Fortean Hotline: (24 hours) 724-838-7768
Stan Gordon's UFO Anomalies Zone: http://www.westol.com/~paufo

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