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Air France flight Strasbourg-Alger 1990:

No comment. Just a translation from French to English below the scan of the original document.

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Air France Flight xxx of 09/xx/1990.

Strasbourg Alger Boeing 727 ADV

Take off Strasbourg 05:33pm UTC
Landing Algiers 07:23pm UTC


CDB 10.000 hours of flight.
OPL 6.000 hours of flight.
OMN 700 hours of flight.

Position BALEN 06:40 pm - level of flight 330 - Co-pilot tries to locate MENORCA on radar (*). He sees at this time blip at about 50NM. (Radar tilt between -1 and -2 degrees). This blip flies very rapidly in the same direction and the same route that us. We follow it using all the radar scales. Sighting over when blips disappears at scale 300NM. At this time it is located South of Algiers.

Estimate of object speed is about 70NM per minute (about 7.800 kilometers per hour). The radar blips indicates the object is about 10 to 175M wide (about 18 to 27 kilometers wide). Marseilles Control is immediately informed about the phenomenon and transmits all these information to the French military authority. At "OTHARO," we ask "ALGIERS Control" if they have observed some phenomenon. As they have no radar , they ask "ALGIERS Approach." This organization has noted a "radar jamming" at about 06:45 UTC, estimated time, from our observation, of the flyover of Algiers by the object.

Weather condition during observation:

-Sky covered by layer of high altitude clouds.
-Westward Wind at 50KT,
-No "CUNIMB" (Cumulonimbus) nearby.

(*) Radar used:

Cloud detection radar RCA - PRIMUS 90 - COLORADAR

excellent image quality - no malfunction found at any steps of checking.

Nota Bene: This observation was only made by radar. At no time did we have direct visual contact.

Raport written at Magny, on September xx, 1990

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