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Official, France:

In France, there is still no equivalent of the Freedom of Information Acts (FOIA) as it is now applied to some official UFO information in the majority of other countries, USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy etc. In France, and only in theory, information is supposedly possibly accessible 60 years after its date. (Thus 2014 for UFO cases of 1954 etc). It is only if you are "Somebody of Importance" such as TV journalist Jean-Claude Bourret in the 70's, or if you have "Friends Inside", or if you beg enough, that you can maybe pick up some documents.

UFO above car, France, 1974:

This document was reproduced in the ufological literature long ago.

The document:

The translated transcription:

Today, Four March One thousand nine hundred seventy four

The undersigned:

Gl MOL. Chief, Commander of the Gendarmerie Squad of VI

Let us report the following operations which we carried out, acting in uniform and in accordance with the orders of our Chiefs.

The Second of March 1974, at 6 p.m., in the office of the Brigade, Mr T1, Site foreman, resident with V2, comes forwards and reports to us the following facts:

This same day at three o'clock, whereas he was returning from V3 and that he circulated on board his vehicle of Toyota band registered [-] on the National Road, territory of the community of V4, he noticed coming from the South-eastern direction V7, a blue light in the sky approaching fast in his direction.

Almost immediately he noted that this blue light was emitted by an unidentified flying machine which became motionless above his car at a height of four or five meters.

The apparatus remained at this height above the vehicle which it followed on a distance from four to five kilometers before disappearing suddenly and very fast in North-western direction V8.

The witness specifies that he did not see the apparatus taking off or landing machine: it is said to show the following characteristics:

Shape of a cigar measuring three meters in length and two meters of width approximately, surmounted of a one height meter cupola on one meter fifty of diameter approximately. The apparatus of gray steel color was enlightened at the front, did not emit any noise nor smoke, did not comprise protrusions or antenna and did not cause air volume displacement nor other phenomenon.

Mr. T1 went to the Gendarmerie Squad of V2 where the Commander of the Squad where after having reported with the Commander of Compagny of VS recommended to him to introduce himself at the Gendarmerie Squad of V1.

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