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In France, there is still no equivalent of the Freedom of Information Acts (FOIA) as it is now applied to some official UFO information in the majority of other countries, USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy etc. In France, and only in theory, information is supposedly possibly accessible 60 years after its date. (Thus 2014 for UFO cases of 1954 etc). It is only if you are "Somebody of Importance" such as TV journalist Jean-Claude Bourret in the 70's, or if you have "Friends Inside", or if you beg enough, that you can maybe pick up some documents.

Report in Echevis, the Drôme, France, March 21, 1976:

This document was reproduced in the ufological literature long ago.

Group: Drôme.
Company: Romans.

Year 1976, March 21.

Preamble: On March 21, 1976, at 10:00 p.m., Mr. R., remaining with Beaume-in Hostun (Drôme), introduces himself in the office of our brigade. This person, obviously disturbed, specifies for us that he saw an object which he could not identify on the departmental way n° 718, in Echevis (the Drôme).

Description of the reported facts.

Mr. R[-], aged 29, factory worker, remaining in La Baume d'Hostun (the Drôme), on March 21, 1976, at 09:10 p.m., was driving his Ford Escort vehicle, number [plaque number] on the C.D. 718, between Saint-Martin-in-Vercors (the Drôme) and his home. Whereas he was on the community of Echevis (the Drôme), within 15 meters of the turn overhanging the residence of Mr. B[-], mayor of Echevis, at the kilometric mark 8 400, he saw on the left of the roadway an object that he could not identify.

According to the witness, this object was of cylindrical form, a diameter from 60 to 80 centimetres, and an approximate height of 1.20 meter. It was equipped with two port-holes of red color, spaced of forty centimetres and placed one below the other. This object emitted a very dazzling white light, more intense than the light produced by electric welding.

Because of the unbearable intensity of this light, R[-] was obliged to stop his vehicle and to protect his eyes using his hands. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes again and realized that the object had disappeared. Mr. R. could not provide any explanation about the manner this object disappeared.

He then resumed his trip in direction of Sainte-Eulalie-en-Royans (the Drôme) and stopped at "La ferme [farm] du Vercors", a restaurant in the locality "Pont d'Echevis", distant of five kilometers from the point where "the object" had been seen. Being very upset, he calmed himself down while telling what he had seen to the owner. The latter went with him on the premises of the appearance of the object. They did not discover any suspicious trace at this place and then went to Mr. B[-], mayor of Echevis (the Drôme), whose farm is very near to the point where the object had been seen. Mr. [-] had not noticed anything abnormal.

Observations and conservatory actions.

a) Location of the place:

Community of Echevis (the Drôme), in the south-east of the agglomeration, district "la Maison du Diable" [the house of the Devil]. The point where "the object" was seen is located at the level of the kilometric landmark 8 400, in the east of the departmental way 718, on the grassy verge elevated of 40 centimetres.

b) Observations:

No traces nor object left by a phenomenon was discovered.

c) Actions:

By radio message #270/2 of March 22, 1976, we reported the facts to our commander of company in Romans.


On March 21, 1976, at 10:10 p.m., at the office of the brigade, we hear:

R. J[-].-L[], aged 29, factory workman, resident of La Baume-d'Hostun (26), who states:

"Tonight, one hour ago approximately, at approximately 09:10 p.m., I was driving on the C.D. 718. I had started from Saint-Martin-en-Vercors and directed me on Holy-Eulalie-in-Royans. On the commune of Echevis, I saw, in the turn above the house of the mayor of this locality, an object emitting an intense light, object which I could not identify. It was on the left of the roadway in my direction of travel. This object was of lengthened form, it resembled a cigar in upright position. It measured approximately 1.20 meter in height and, I think, had a width from 60 to 80 centimeters. This object emitted a very dazzling white light. I had to stop my vehicle because considering the dazzling, I did not see the road anymore."

"Cet objet n'émettait pas de lumière vers le haut, mais celle-ci était rabattue vers le bas sur une surface de cinq à six mètres carrés. De plus, cet objet possédait en son milieu deux hublots de couleur rouge vif, mais moins éblouissante que la lumière blanche. Ces deux hublots étaient placés l'un au-dessus de l'autre et étaient séparés d'une quarantaine de centimètres environ."

S.I. ["Sur Intervention", indicates that the officers asked a question to the witness]: Considering the intensity of the light emitted by this object, I was obliged to put the hands on my face to protect my eyes, for this light blinded me.

S. I: I immediately stopped my vehicle as soon as I saw this object.

S. I: As soon as I removed my hands from my face, this object had disappeared. I opened my window to see whether there were still something abnormal. Not seeing anything anymore, I drive again my Ford Escort vehicle #[plaque number]

I was so much afraid that I stopped a few kilometers further, at the restaurant "La Ferme du Vercors". I entered the kitchen of the restaurant and the owner asked me what had happened to me. I explained, and we both went up to the site where I had seen this object. We found nothing abnormal there.

S. I: Then, we went to inform the mayor of Echevis who told us that the gendarmerie should be alerted.

March 21, 1976, at 10:45 p.m..

"I have read the above, I persist and do not have anything to change there, nor to add, nor to remove."

Following the hearing of Mr. R[-], we went to the spot of his observation in order to carry out the observations there. Those did not reveal traces or evidence letting suppose the recent presence of an unspecified object.

Continuing the investigation, on March 22, 1976, at 04:25 p.m., at his home, we hear:

M. V[-]. P[-], aged 50, restaurant owner, of [place] in Echevis (26), who states:

"Yesterday evening, at approximately 09:25 p.m., a person entered the kitchen of the restaurant I own in Echevis. This person appeared frightened, very frightened. This man hid his eyes with the hands and he said to us: "I saw a monster." Immediately, I believed that it was a customer who made a joke, but considering the state of this person, I noticed that he was not joking. He explained to me that he had seen an object having the shape of a cigar and emitting very sharp gleams, insupportable to the sight."

"At the end of a few moments, after having comforted him, we went back with him to the place where he had seen this object. Arrived over there, we did not notice anything abnormal. Moreover, it was night and we could not see anything. We alerted the mayor of Echevis and then I told him to inform the gendarmerie."

On March 22, 1976, at 04:35 p.m..

In order to seek possible witnesses, we went to Mr. B[-], mayor of the community of Echevis (26). The latter specified to us that his home is located at 80 meters approximately from the spot where R[-] had seen "the object". At the tome of the observation, Mr. B[-] was in his barn where he was looking after his animals. He saw nor heard anything abnormal.

Heard verbally, the residents of Echevis who could have been able to see the object because of the position of their homes could not provide us any positive information. Just as Mr. B[-], they have noticed no suspicious occurrence.

To date, although the facts are known by a part of the population, no other witness came forward.

Let us specify that the point where the observation was made is very isolated and that the population of Echevis is very far. In addition, the traffic on the C.D. 718 is practically null at this advanced hour of the evening.

Closure of the official report.

Official report established in accordance with the regulations of the ministerial memorandum #32600 MA/GEND. T. of August 2, 1968.

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