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In France, there is still no equivalent of the Freedom of Information Acts (FOIA) as it is now applied to some official UFO information in the majority of other countries, USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy etc. In France, and only in theory, information is supposedly possibly accessible 60 years after its date. (Thus 2014 for UFO cases of 1954 etc). It is only if you are "Somebody of Importance" such as TV journalist Jean-Claude Bourret in the 70's, or if you have "Friends Inside", or if you beg enough, that you can maybe pick up some documents.

UFO takes off in the Sarthe, 1977:

This document was reproduced in the ufological literature long ago.

The document:

Group: Sarthe.
Company: Mamers.

December 14, 1977 to 14 hours, we go to the local of company L[-] in Fye (72) to meet two workmen likely to have seen, according to the public rumour, an unidentified flying object (UFO). They are Misters R. R., 22 yearsold , and F. A., 27 years old, residents respectively the first in the community of Saint-Ouen-de-Mimbre (72) and the second in Oisseau-le-Petit (72).

These two people confirm to us to have been witness of a strange phenomenon to which no explanation could be given. This occurrence goes back already to December 4, 1977 and occurred on the territory of the community of Adze-the-Boisne (72),

Inventory of locations and observations.

In the company of Misters R. R. and F. A., we go on the spot in order to proceed to the standard observations.

The two eyewitnesses of this appearance lead us to the entry of a field located at 500 meters approximately of the north-eastern exit of the village of Adze-the-Boisne (72), at the edge of the secondary road connecting this locality to the village of Saint-Victeur (72). This place is near the locality "Lévrigné".

The field is delimited by hedges and trees. The ground is very wet, which makes it not easily practicable for vehicles of tourism class. There is very little pasture, nevertheless thatch still remains. We notice that the ground is to a large extent marked of many footprints of bovines or other livestock.

The surface of the field is flat, with a gentle slope on its right part.

The two witnesses having remained at the entry of the field at the time when they saw the object, they cannot give us the precise site where the latter was. However, we cross the surface of the ground in its almost totality and we examine the ground thoroughly. We do not notice any clue or suspicious traces, nothing which allows the supposition that an object or flying craft could have been posed at this place.

We mention however that a ten days deadline run out between the appearance of the object and the collection of information. It is perhaps possible that bad weather or bad atmospheric conditions could have erased possible traces.


On December 14, 1977 at 02:30 p.m., after having proceeded to the standard observations of the state of the locations, we go to the locality "Lévrigné" in order to know if the inhabitants saw, or even heard, anything unusual in the night from the December 3 to 4, 1977, close to their premises, or if by chance, they were in the presence of a strange phenomenon. Those answer us by the negative.

Not having collected any positive information on the spot, we return to the office of our unit, where we carry out separately the hearing of the two eyewitnesses of this appearance.

At 03:40 p.m., we hear Mr. R. R. This one declares us that on December 4, 1977 towards 00:30 a.m., whereas he was returning from a ball in Sougé-le-Ganelon (72) on board his personal vehicle and in company of a comrade of work (F.A.) he noticed a gleam of a strong intensity close to the locality of Adze-the-Boisne (72). Thinking that it was a fire of died stocks, he decides, with his comrade, to make sure of that. Arrived on the spot, he is in the presence of a strange object, posed in a field located close to the above mentioned locality (approximately 500 meters), of an orange red color, having the shape of a circle with a flat top, measuring between 1 meter and 1,30 meter height and length. Nevertheless, as he approaches the craft (at about fifty meters), the gleam decreases by intensity, not causing any dazzling. No heat came from this object, nor any noise, nor whirr. After having observed this strange object throughout three to four minutes, Mr. R and his comrade F. go away by taking the road of Saint-Victeur (72). Hardly hade the driver of the car traveled 150 meters, that the object exceeds him while rising gradually in the air. The latter goes along the vehicle all along a course of 10 kilometers approximately. R. and his comrade finally see the object flying behind the buildings of our unit, moving at a weak pace in the sky. The atmospheric circumstances at the time of this appearance were very good. It did not rain and there was no fog. The witness state to us not to have felt any trouble with the approach of this object. He concludes his statement by affirming to be of good faith and specifying that if he had been the only witness of this scene, he would have hesitated to talk about it.

At 15. 50, Mr. F, separately heard, confirms the circumstances in which he saw the flying object in company of his comrade. He describes the object in a slightly different manner than his comrade R. R. According to him, the object resembled a reversed plate and was equipped with panes. It did not emit noise and its color was orange. He states that the atmospheric conditions were very good and that there was even a faint moonlight. He maintains that it is not a hoax and that he was in a normal state. He adds not to have come to report the occurence to our unit, not having been able to give valid explanations on what he had just seen and not wanting to appear ridiculous. (cf part #3.)

On December 15, 1977, at the office of our unit, Mr. R. M., residing [address] introduces himself. He comes to report to us facts of which it was the only eyewitness. Indeed, he verbally states to us to have seen on December 19, 1977 at 06:45 p.m. a luminous flying machine moving in the sky. He claims to us that it was not a plane.

This same day, Mr. D. R., remaining X r. D. B. with Arnage (72) informs us by telephone that on Friday December 9, 1977 around 9 p.m., he noticed a luminous apparatus moving in the sky in the North-South direction (From Le Mans towards Tours). This strange object was circular, was made of a green crown, a central yellow core and equipped with a kind of tail in isoceles triangle. The vision of this apparatus was very clear and its speed did not match with that of an airliner or other aircrat.

On December 16, 1977, we are advised by a person residing near the place where the object was landed, more precisely in the locality "Lévrigné" on the commune of Adze-the-Boisne (72), that his neighbor Mrs. B, an old person, noticed a strange phenomenon on December 4, 1977 around 2 o'clock.

At 03:15 p.m., during a service, we go to the residence of this person in order to collect possible information useful for the investigation in progress. The latter states to us that on December 4, 1977, towards 01:30, she was awaked by the barkings of her dog which was outside the house. At this point in time, from her bed, she saw an orange gleam. She hurried to open the door to make the animal come inside. The latter was very nervous. She specifies us that she did not see an object, but only one orange gleam, similar to that provided by the lighting of the motorways. Moreover, she states to us that, not being able to sleep again, she wanted to listen to the radio. In spite of her efforts, she could not discover transmitting stations, those being scrambled by important parasites. The indications given by Mrs. B concerning the position of this orange gleam seem to correspond with the direction of direction of the object seen by R. and F.

To date, no other person came to testify on similar facts.


The present procedure is sent to the various recipients of which details are on the dispatch note.

Done and closed in Oisseau-le-Petit, December 19, 1977.

This day, December 14, 1977, we hear:

R. R., 22 years old, factory worker, resident of Saint-Ouen-de-Mimbre (72), who declares us at 15:40:

Sunday morning, towards 00:30, I returned from the ball of Sougé-le-Ganelon in company of my comrade F. A., factory worker, Oisseau-le-Petit resident (72). We moved on board my Citroen 2 CV vehicle.

At the exit of the village of Sougé-le-Ganelon (72), my comrade and I saw a gleam of a red-orange color. We thought at once that it was a fire of dead stocks. We thus wanted to make sure of that and we approached the place from which this gleam came.

We stopped near the entry of a field located at 500 meters approximately of the exit of the village of Adze-the-Boisne (72).

From the place where we were stopped, we noted a strange phenomenon.

Indeed, I saw a shining object posed on the ground. It was of an orange color. It measured approximately between 1 meter and 1,30 meter height, and 1 meter and 1,30 meter also in length.

I did not notice if the machine which was in front of us at about fifty meters had feet or a landing gear.

With regard to the luminosity of this object, I make a point of mentioning that the first time that we saw it, it seemed very wide to us. But as we approached the place, this light was reduced to the point not to dazzle.

This object did not emit any noise, nor whirr. With regard to the shape of the craft, it was circular, with a flat top, the whole illuminated by an orange gleam.

We stayed to observe this strange object approximately three to four minutes. Then, we left in direction to Saint-Victeur (72), taking the same road as the outward journey.

We had made 150 meters approximately when this object passed in front of us at a height higher than that of a church's bell-tower. It rose at a speed similar to that of a helicopter. However, we still did not hear any noise, nor whirr.

The object flew over the wood of Adze-le-Boisne (72.), then moved towards Saint-Victeur and Oisseau-le-Petit. Several time, we neared this craft. Then we lost sight of it to find it for the last time behind the building of the gendarmerie squad of Oisseau-le-Petit (72).

The object was in the air, therefore I cannot say if it was motionless or if it continued its travel.

At not time we saw beings near or inside the craft.

S.I. ["Sur Intervention", ie, anwering a question]: No, the object did not release any heat.

My comrade and myself were strongly impressed by what we saw. It is the first time that we observe such phenomena. And I cannot give you any real explanation of what I saw that evening.

I do not think that there were other witnesses of this vision.

That evening, it did not rain, the sky was spangled with stars and the atmospheric conditions were good.

I make a point nevertheless to specify that these events of which I was the witness with my comrade occurred on December 4, 1977, i.e. approximately fifteen days ago. This, there are perhaps certain details which have escaped me.

This is all that I have to say on this case, except that I am of good faith and that I really saw this strange object. If my comrade F. had not been with me at the time of this appearance, I would certainly have hesitated to report the facts as I have seen them.

December 14, 1977, at 04:25 p.m..

This day, December 14, 1977, we hear:

F. A., factory worker, resident in Oisseau-le-Petit (72), who declares to us at 03:50 p.m.:

In the night from December 3 to 4, 1977, at approximately 1 hour, whereas I returned from the ball of Sougé-le-Ganelon in company of my comrade R., and whereas we were between Adze-the-Boisne and Saint-Victeur, I saw in the distance a strong and attracting orange gleam. We immediately thought that it could be a matter of a heap of roots which could burn. We thus decided to go to see what it was.

As soon as we arrived at the edge of the field, we stopped and we then noted that it was not a fire. We noted that it was a sort of aircraft. The gleam had not changed and with regard to this machine, I must say that it seemed to to me to be a matter of something having the form of a reversed plate and a diameter of about 2 meters. It was posed on the ground, or so it seemed to us. It had in my opinion a height of 1,20 to 1,30 meter. In fact, it had like a cupola and at the bottom, there were panes. I remember perfectly that there were. We were to be approximately within 15 meters of this craft. We did not approach, but my comrade has just stopped his motor to listen for a possible noise. He did not make any noise. We thus decided not to approach, and we went up in the car and left.

It left almost at once in the direction to Oisseau. It passed above the wood of Adze while going up in skew. The color had remained the same. It made no noise, neither while taking off nor while going up. We followed it to see where it went and we then noted that it made a stop above the field, behind the brigade. In fact, it was not stopped, but advanced very slowly. We did not stay and returned on our premises.

In what relates to me, I did not feel any disorder due to this observation. We did not hear any animal during our stop near this machine.

The weather was perfectly nice that morning. There was no fog. There was a little moonlight and it was black. I do not think that it can be a phenomenon of optics caused by the Moon. It is absolutely not a hoax, my comrade and I were in a perfectly normal state and we do nothing more than report to you what we saw.

We did not think of coming to talk to you about it, for we said to ourselves that it was a craft that we had never seen in our lifes and that nobody would take us seriously.

December 14, 1977, at 04:20 p.m..

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