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In France, there is still no equivalent of the Freedom of Information Acts (FOIA) as it is now applied to some official UFO information in the majority of other countries, USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy etc. In France, and only in theory, information is supposedly possibly accessible 60 years after its date. (Thus 2014 for UFO cases of 1954 etc). It is only if you are "Somebody of Importance" such as TV journalist Jean-Claude Bourret in the 70's, or if you have "Friends Inside", or if you beg enough, that you can maybe pick up some documents.

UFOs near Vergaville, January 7, 1978:

This document was reproduced in the ufological literature long ago.

Group: The Moselle.
Company: Château-Salins.

On January 7, 1978, at 1 p.m., Mr. R., mayor of G[... ] (the Moselle) reports to us that unidentified flying objects were seen that same morning, by one of his citizens, Mr. M[... ] A[... ].

The facts occurred on January 7, 1978 at approximately 4:50 a.m., within five kilometers in the north of Dieuze, on the communal way connecting the communities of Vergaville to that of Guebling. Mr. M[... ], our informant, was riding his motorcycle, saw within two kilometers of the exit of Vergaville, on his right, three objects emitting a sharp white light, appearing posed on the ground. One of them moved above Mr. M[...], dazzling him of a broad ray of light. The craft disappeared at the entry of Guebling. The taken direction could not be indicated.


On January 7, 1978, at 1:15 p.m., aboard our equipment vehicle, we reach the place indicated by our informant. We do not notice any trace or clue at the supposed place.


On January 7, 1978, at 1 p.m. 40, we hear:

Mr. A[... ], aged 30, workman, resident of Guebling (the Moselle), married, of French nationality, who states to us:

"This morning, at approximately 4:30 a.m., I circulated by motorcycle, on the communal way connecting Vergaville to Guebling. Within two kilometers of Guebling, on my right, at a distance which I cannot specify, but at ground-level, I was surprised by three very sharp gleams, forming like brilliant balls. It is difficult to me to evaluate their size, not knowing the distance. They appeared to me smaller than a car. One of these balls was detached from the other, approached me, like a shooting star, lit me as if it was a huge projector and followed me to the entry of the village. I cannot say in which direction this object disappeared, because I was afraid and I did not turn back. I specify that I did not hear any engine noise. I wore a helmet which wrapped my head and ears. When I rode, all the ground around me, in a radius of approximately ten meters, was enlightened, of a white uniform light, so much so that I barely distinguished the verge of the road. I cannot really give any information on the disappearance of the machines. At the time when this object seized me in its projector, it was placed behind me. I cannot say at which height nor which distance."

January 7, 1978, 01:10 p.m.

By message n° 16/2 on January 7, 1978, we accounted for the facts to our company's commander at Château-Salin (the Moselle).

In order to check if possible manouvres of combat helicopters took place in the area of Vergaville, on January 7, 1978 in the morning, we transmit the present proceedings at the gendarmerie squad of [... ] (the Moselle).

Done and closed at D[...], January 15, 1978.

Group: The Moselle.
Company: Sarrebourg.

Analyze: To carry out checks at units stationed on district relating to flights or operations carried out by aircraft on January 7, 1978 in Vergaville sector, following UFO sighting by motorcycle rider.

Reference: Report #14 of the brigade of D[... ], on January 7, 1978.

On January 30, 1978, at 08:30 p.m., on duty at the camp of L[...] in P[...] (the Moselle), in accordance with the proceedings referred to, we presented ourselves at the operational service bureau (flights) of the 1st regiment of combat helicopters.

The officer on duty, after checking the flight plans, let us know that no flight had been accomplished by aircraft of the unit, on January 7, 1978.

This same day, we also contacted the commander of the GEALAT.

This officer let us know that the personnel of his unit never perform night flights, and that consequently, at the date of January 7, 1978, no aircraft of his unit had taken off.

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