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In France, there is still no equivalent of the Freedom of Information Acts (FOIA) as it is now applied to some official UFO information in the majority of other countries, USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy etc. In France, and only in theory, information is supposedly possibly accessible 60 years after its date. (Thus 2014 for UFO cases of 1954 etc). It is only if you are "Somebody of Importance" such as TV journalist Jean-Claude Bourret in the 70's, or if you have "Friends Inside", or if you beg enough, that you can maybe pick up some documents.

French Air Force - December 2, 1954, radar echo:

These documents were reproduced in the ufological literature long ago.

Name : [-].
Rank: [Rank]., air force base 151.

- When and where did you observe the object?

- On December 2, 1954 at 02:11 p.m..

Place of observation: ADC, operation room.

Observation features:

direction of arrival: east-west above the Center;
direction of departure: south;
duration of appearance: 58 minutes;
appearance of object: object detected on radar.

Name: [Y]
Rank: [Rank], air force base 151.

- When and where did you observe the object?
- On december 2, 1954 ar 08:36.

Place of observation: ADC, operation room.

Object features:

direction of arrival: sensiblement sud;
direction of departure: north;
duration of sighting: H.R. 14 minutes;
observed on the radar scope and reported to the general location room.

Radar site number II.

Object detected on radar by the station number 5 of Mechna Bel Gziri at the following altitudes, speeds and times of detection.

First: initial location of detection in the vicinity of Zoco El Zouar, Spanish Morocco, i.e. about 15 nautic miles in the Te Touo sector, direction rather to the south, crosses the border at 5 nautic miles in the east of Aid Cob at 09:43 (at 15 nautic miles in the 040 of Ouezzane).

A patrol of to American F 86 takes off on that strip.

Mission not succesful, the jets saw nothing. Take off at 09:26. Blip tracck disappeared in the vicinity of Ouezzane at 09:50.

The altitudes at which the craft had been seen vary between 70.000 feet et 4.000 feet according to radar measurements.

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