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URECAT is a formal catalog of UFO related entities sightings reports with the goal of providing quality information for accurate studies of the topic. Additional information, corrections and reviews are welcome at patrick.gross@inbox.com, please state if you wish to be credited for your contribution or not. The main page of the URECAT catalog is here.


Brief summary of the event and follow-up:

On June 6, 1989 at approximately 02:30 p.m. Moscow time, children coming from the river were walking in the street of Boiarskoe when one of them, Sasha Krasavin, 8, noticed a kite hovering in the sky above the countryside, in the vicinity of Kharovsk between the villages of Konantsevo and Boiarskoe.

For better seeing the kite, the children went in its direction, but Sasha Krasavin then noticed close to it a tiny luminous circular dot. He drew the attention of his comrades towards this point and they the other children, Sergey Beliaevskiy, 12, Olga Krylova, 11, Luda Ribakova, 10, Sveta Karetina, 10, and Marina Shiriaeve, 11, also saw it.

The yellow-orange, luminescent dot, grew in size in a few seconds and started to go down. It moved towards the bushes, stopped and split vertically in two hemispheres, which started to give a pulsating light. The object had split so much opened that it was possible to see the bushes between the halves.

3 to 5 seconds after the landing, a figure of human appearance but headless appeared between the hemispheres walked the field in the direction of the countryside. In three steps, the figure turned back. The children noted that this humanoid figure was much taller than a man, the height of an average bus, but as thin as a board. Its arms were very long and went down lower than the knees. It wore a grey suit, with sort of black boots. In the middle of its chest, there was a luminous yellow disc whose glare pulsated. The character moved like a robot, without folding the knees.

A few seconds after the entity had started to move, the UFO disappeared, and at the same time, another point of light appeared, still near the hovering kite, and started to grow like the first one.

In the same time, the robot-like character continued, turning to the left and the right several times, and "disappearing" when it reached "the sub-station."

In the direction of the village of Konantsevo, right behind the "robot", at approximately 40 to 50 meters on its side, from behind the bushes, the children saw a red-dressed woman appear, which who along the road in the direction of the sub-station skirted by the road she was on. When the children saw this, they started to alert her, saying, "Do not go there! There is extraterrestrial over there!" But it was in vain as the distance was very important and she did not hear them. When she went up towards the bushes and to the sub-station, she disappeared. They saw her again after a few seconds, but 150 or 200 meters further towards the left, at the place where they had seen the location of the UFO. It she was running away in an extravagant manner toward the riverbank, at the left of the witnesses.

During this time, the second UFO repeated the manoeuver of the first one, landing, splitting in two, and another entity came out and walked from there to the direction of the bushes where it disappeared. This repeated a third and a fourth time. The entity of the third UFO went in the direction of bank and then disappeared behind the bushes. The fourth UFO opened, but nobody left from this one, and the palpitating hemispheres disappeared as if somebody had switched off the light.

A little later the children returned home.

A month and half later, a group of ufologists of Moscow directed by Mr. Melkhiker arrived at Kharovsk. Melkhiker made arrangements with the parents of the children to hypnotize them, these sessions being recorded in video, and revealed the same account, is it said.

Under hypnosis, one of the kids indicated that the beings had a head with three antennas on top, with tiny silver balls on the ends of these antennas, that they were dressed in gray with sorts of black boots without heels, that they had three fingers and that the mouth resembled a triangle with the point upwards, and that there were two small black motionless points, which one says were the eyes.

Questioned on "the spaceship", the same kid specified under hypnosis that it had three port-holes, that he saw three extraterrestrials insides, very tall, but very abnormally thin, 5 centimeters broad.

The child described the interior of the spaceship, and the drawings were made to showing "the control panel, with all the symbols and buttons."

Melkhiker managed to locate the address of the woman in red thanks to the kids and had immediately used a car to find her, but she did not remember anything, and when he tried to hypnotize her it proved impossible, as when it came to the moment when he wanted to know the continuation, she felt a terrible pain in the back of the head, which Melkhiker interpreted as a "prohibition set in her brain" to prevent her from remembering what had occurred.

Late in the night, "they" saw a UFO hovering above the the woman's house, it was in the shape of a reddish cone pointed at the top, and with a ball which turned around its lower part. It hovered during a few seconds and then flew away.

The investigators specified that the UFOS seen by children had landed in the hollow between the villages, close to a brook, and that there are also trees, bushes, sources of sulphur and hydrogen and high voltage cables. The inhabitants of this locality use the area to grow hay. There is a dirt track and some path for walking. They added that UFOs very often visit this place, and that there was no visible trace of physical or thermal influences on the of landing site.

Later, another ufologist explained how the newspapers abundantly publicized the incident, which was the first reported by the official Press agency TASS in that period of beginning of liberalization of the media, and that several ufologists who went to the site returned either enthusiastic or filled with doubts, and that the doubtful case "was definitively lost" in ufologists' and journalists' sensationalism.

Basic information table:

Case number: URECAT-000204
Date of event: June 6, 1989
Earliest report of event: June 20, 1989
Delay of report: 2 weeks
Witness reported via: Not known.
First alleged record by: TASS agency.
First certain record by: National newspapers.
First alleged record type: State news agency.
First certain record type: National newspapers.
This file created on: June 13, 2007
This file last updated on: June 13, 2007
Country of event: Russia
State/Department: Vologda
Type of location: Country, bushes
Lighting conditions: Day
UFO observed: Yes
UFO arrival observed: Yes
UFO departure observed: Yes
UFO/Entity Relation: Certain
Witnesses numbers: 4 to 6
Witnesses ages: 8, 10, 10, 11, 11, 12
Witnesses types: School children.
Photograph(s): No.
Witnesses drawing: Yes.
Witnesses-approved drawing: Yes.
Number of entities: 3
Type of entities: Humanoid or robot
Entities height: Giant
Entities outfit type: Not reported
Entities outfit color: Grey.
Entities skin color: Not reported.
Entities body: Extreme thin, 5 cm.
Entities head: In torso.
Entities eyes: Uncertain, two, black, fixed.
Entities mouth: Uncertain, triangle with point up.
Entities nose: Not reported.
Entities feet: Two, black, boot-like, no heels.
Entities arms: Go down lower than knee level.
Entities fingers: Yes.
Entities fingers number: 3
Entities hair: Not reported.
Entities voice: None heard.
Entities actions: Came out of UFO, walked, disappeared. Repeated three times with three UFOs.
Entities/witness interactions: None.
Witness(es) reactions: Observed, went.
Witness(es) feelings: Curious, concerned.
Witness(es) interpretation: Not reported.
Explanation category: Extraterrestrial visitors or inventions.
Explanation certainty: None.


[Ref. vs1:] VSD MAGAZINE:

The magazine indicates that in the USSR, in Volgoda, on June 6, 1989, the night was falling, when suddenly, an enormous luminous ball seemed "to fall from the sky" and came to gently land in a park surrounded of buildings.

Tens of people returning of their work observe the scene. Panic seizes them when, from the sphere, a humanoid emerged, of a stature more important than a normal man, joined by three others.

These "almost giant" "walked conscientiously around their machine, then went up in their capsule and disappeared also quickly, leaving the population of the surroundings psychologically marked for life. "

[Ref. gf1:] GIANNI FAVERO:

This ufologist, in an article about the case in Voronej, points out that one of the curious facts is that the description of the UFO and its occupant in Voronej is in a surprising manner identical to those of another encounter of the third which occurred in the first days of June in the village of Konantsevo, district of Kharovsk, in the area of Vologda, which had been largely reported by both the Soviet press and the Western press.


The author explains that there is a cosmic war between Rigel and Procyon and reported a number of landing of extraterrestrial spacecraft, among those that of Voronej which he dates from October the 23 - 30, 1989.

He indicates that the beings and their spaceship there were similar to those observed in June in the village of Konantseva, district of Kharovsk, region of Vologda.

[Ref. tg1:] TIMOTHY GOOD:

The author indicates that on June 6, 1989, in Konantsevo, Vologda, USSR, a group of children was outside of the village when they observed a fast-increasing luminous dot in the sky, which soon turned into a shining sphere. TASS reported that the mysterious object reportedly landed in a meadow and rolled to a nearby river as the children looked from no more than half a kilometer away.

They claim that they saw the sphere somehow split and something resembling a headless person in dark garb appeared in the meadow, and that they were struck that the alien's hands hung lower than his knees. At that moment, however, the "flying craft" melted into the air, while the creature from it proceeded to the village.

TASS quoted eyewitness accounts as saying that three more spheres later touched down in the same meadow, and just like the very first one, the rest of the spheres and their "passengers" quickly became "invisible."

Tim Good specifies that it was reported by the official news agency TASS, and the UPI, in Moscow, on June 24, 1989.

[Ref. sr1:] SABRINA RAMET:

Note: I do not have this paper by Sabrina Ramet, did not buy it or read it. However a preview i saw via an Internet search engine preview that the paper mentions this case, probably as folklore or mythology:


Russian ufologist Boris Shurinov is by no means a denier of a real non-conventional nature as explanation of come UFO sighting reports. He is in the first places to report on the media and ufological sensationalism too widespread in his country, what some Westerner ufologists such as Jacques VallÚe or Jimmy Guieu did not realize when they believed without really checking in stories cooked by som dubious characters of the Russian ufology.

He describes the situation of 1989, when Glasnost, the new policy of transparency opened the doors to this sensationalism, and quotes as first example of the first ufologic sensational news which passed by the channels of the TASS agency on June 23, 1989, headlined: "A whole flotilla of UFOS landed close to the village of KonantsÚvo (area of Vologda)." It said that four children, from 11 to 14 years old, claimed to have been the witnesses of the consecutive landing of four balls which each time split in two hemispheres.

From the first three balls, each time, a dark being came out, who had an oval bulge in the place of the head; nobody came out of the fourth, if the story is to be believed.

The newspapers abundantly talked about it and several ufologists went on the spot, coming back either full with enthusiasm or full of doubts. Boris Shurinov indicates his personal opinion, which is that this doubtful case appeared very doubtful after a few days, and definitively "lost" because of careless ufologists and sensationalist journalists.

He explains that the journalists of the country learned at least one lesson from this affair: anything about UFOs brought money.

He indicates examples of newspapers having publicized this case: Komsomolskaia Pravda for June 20, 1989, Troud for June 24, 1989, Moskovska´a Pravda for June 24, 1989, Leninskoie Znamia for June 24, 1989, Komsomolskaia Pravda for June 25, 1989, Komsomolskaia Pravda for June 30, 1989, Krasna´a Zveszda for June 30, 1989, Vologodsky Komsomolets for July 2, 1989, Sovietska´a Kultura for July 8, 1989, Sotsialistitcheska´a Industria for July 9, 1989.

He adds that video recordings of the statements of the children are archived by A. Sviatkine of AT-BCc.

[Ref. nc1:] NICO CONTI:

This ufologist indicates that on June 6, 1989, humanoids were said to have emerged from a UFO, near the river of Kharovsk, in the area of Vologda in Central Russia, and would have caused amongst other things the teletransportation of a woman in front of witnesses.

He notes that this was the first sensational news on UFOs published and passed through the channels of the TASS agency (on June 23, 1989), which headlined: "A whole flotilla of UFOS landed near the village of Konantsevo."

He indicates the book by Boris Shurinov "Ovnis en Russie - Les Deux Faces de l'Ufologie Russe", Guy Tredaniel publisher, page 192, 1995, as source.


Albert Rosales notes in his catalogue that in Konantsevo, Vologda, Russia, on June 6, 1989 in the afternoon, a group of children playing outside the village observed an approaching luminous sphere in the sky.

The sphere landed on a meadow and rolled next to a nearby river. The sphere then seemed to split open and a tall headless figure with long arms and wearing dark clothing emerged.

At that moment the sphere vanished and the being began walking towards the village, but he also seemed to fade away.

Moments later three more similar spheres landed and similar beings emerged and they also became invisible.

Albert Rosales indicates that the source is Timothy Good, in UFO Report, 1991.


Donald Johnson notes that on June 6, 1989, several school children near the river in Konantsevo, Vologda, Russia watched a bright sphere descend and land. It rolled a short distance and then split in half.

A headless humanoid in a dark uniform, with long arms emerged.

Three more objects repeated the descent and landing.

The children experience an episode of missing time.

The author indicates as sources: Richard Haines, Project Delta: A Study of Multiple UFO, p. 127; Jacques Vallee, UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union: A Cosmic Samizdat, p. 11; Michael Hall, UFOs: A Century of Sightings, p. 330.


This web site indicates that in Vologda, in Central Russia, June 6, 1989, school children close to Konantsevo received a visit, a luminous point in the sky. The point grew and changed into a large and brilliant sphere. The children observed it while moving and going towards a river running close to the place where they were. The sphere seemed to split and something similar to a person without head and with a black suit appeared, and its hands exceeded its knees. Suddenly, all disappeared.

[Ref. ib1:] IGOR BATURIN:


by Igor Baturin, Investigator

Principal Witnesses:

Sergey Beliaevskiy 12 years old
Luda Ribakova 10 years old
Sveta Karetina 10 years old
Marina Shiriaeve 11 years old
Additional Witnesses:

Sasha Krasavin 8 years old
Olga Krylova 11 years old
Location: Kharovsk Vologotskiy Region

It happened on June 6, 1989, at approximately 2:30 pm (Moscow time). The children were coming from the river when one of them (Sasha Krasavin) noticed a kite hovering in the sky over the country. They had been walking on a street of "Boiarskoe" when the kite attracted their attention.

To get a better view of the kite, all of them went in that direction when Sasha Krasavin noticed near the kite a tiny luminous circular point. He directed their attention to this point and everybody noticed it also. In a few seconds the point grew in size and began to move down to the left of the witness, increasing in size. The color of the object was a yellow-orange and was luminescent.

The UFO came down and moved to the bushes then stopped and opened. The two hemispheres separated vertically and began to pulsate with light. They opened wide so that it was possible to see the bushes between them.

In 3 - 5 seconds after the landing, a humanlike figure, without a head, appeared between the hemispheres and went up the field in the direction of the countryside. In three steps the alien turned back and everybody noticed that the humanlike figure was very tall, higher than a man, like the height of a middle size bus, but very thin, as a board. It's arms were very long, lower than the knees. The coverall was gray, with black boot-like attire. In the middle of the alien chest was a bright yellow luminous disk. The brightness of the disk was pulsating (bright/dim). The alien's walk was unnatural. It moved like a robot. The knees didn't bend.

The light of the spaceship was pulsating, changing it's brightness. The object disappeared in some seconds after the alien began to move. At this very moment, the next point of light appeared near the hovering kite. It began to grow in size, and was as bright as the first one. The alien kept on moving, walking unnaturally. A few times the alien turned to the left and the right, when it reached the substation it disappeared.

In the direction of the village, Konantsevo, right behind the alien, some 40-50 meters aside, from behind the bushes appeared a woman dressed in red. She was walking along the road in the direction of the substation, which the road passed near by. When the children saw her they began to warn her, saying, "Don't go! There is an alien over there!" It was in vain, as the distance was very far and she did not hear them. When she came up to the bushes and the substation, she disappeared. In some seconds they saw her again, but 150 - 200 meters away and to the left, on the spot where they had seen the UFO standing. She was running away, wildly, to the riverside, to the left of the witnesses.

While the children were watching this scene, the second spaceship repeated the evolution of the first one. The alien came out and went in the direction to the bushes and disappeared. The third and fourth spaceships repeated the same movements as the first and second. The alien of the third spaceship came out and went in the direction of the riverside and then disappeared behind the bushes. The fourth spaceship opened, no one came out, the pulsating hemispheres disappeared as if someone switched it off.

A bit later the children went home.

Investigator's Notes:

One and a half months later, a group of UFO investigators from Moscow under the hand of Mr. Melkhiker arrived in Kharovsk. Mr. Melkhiker made arrangements from the parents of the children to hypnotize them. They, of course, recorded everything on video, tape recorder and took notes. Here are the most important facts of this story.

The story was repeated just as told before by Sergey Beliavskiy, the principle witness, and was described in present time frame.

"We are walking from the river, Sasha Krasavin pointed to the kite. We went to have a look at the kite. Suddenly, Sasha Krasavin noticed a small yellow-orange luminous point of light. It is growing very fast and moves down..."

And so on... he described everything but he kept saying, "I'm afraid!". Mr. Melkhiker told him, "Don't be afraid of them, Sergey! They will not harm you. You are a very courageous guy, come on, let's try to go nearer and have a better look at them." He went on to describe:

"They are very high. They have a head with three antennas on top of the head with tiny silver balls on the end of the antennas. The coverall is gray, bootlike attire is black, but without a heel! They have three fingers. The mouth looks like a triangle with the point on the top. There are two small black immobile points (eyes)."

Then Mr. Melkhiker said, "OK! Now, let's go to the spaceship."

S: The spaceship has three portholes.

M: OK! look inside.

S: I see three aliens in the spaceship. They are very high, but very unnaturally thin (about 5 cm).

He then went on to describe everything inside. The sketches included the steering console, with all symbols and knobs.

Mr. Melkhiker said, "OK, now please go to the country and try to find that woman in red."

He went and told him where she lives. Mr. Melkhiker immediately took a car and went to the appointed place. They found the woman, but she didn't remember anything. He was trying to hypnotize her but it was impossible. The nearer he came to the time he wanted to know about, she felt a terrible pain in the cerebellum (back part of the head). It was impossible to get any information. Later Mr. Melkhiker said, "There is a prohibition installed in her brain, that's why she felt the pain and couldn't remember anything."

Late at night they have seen a UFO hovering over her home. It was a reddish cone shaped UFO, sharp at the top, and a ball that was rotating around the lower part of the object. It was hovering for some seconds and then flew away.


UFOs were seen in the neighborhood of the Kharovsk between Konantsevo and Boiarskoe villages. They had landed in the hollow between the villages. Here, there is a brook, sulphur-hydrogen springs and high tension wires in the hollow. Inhabitants of this locality use this area for making hay. There is a ground road and some pathways for walking. UFOs visit this place very often. On the landing site there was no visible traces of physical or thermal influences.

Vegetation: Trees and bushes.

Footnote: The evolution of each object was watched by the witnesses in those very moments of the movement of the alien from the already landed spaceship. In other words, the second object was landing while the alien from the first one was moving, and so on for the third and fourth.

Points to consider:

Drawing by Sevta Katerina, aged 12.

It is regrettable that the whole of the statements of each children and the whole of their drawing are not available; they would constitute major elements of appreciation of the coherence of the story. An investigation into this case cannot be of only two or three notes, it is all the more regrettable that a complete file is not available, regrettable that there seems to have been several ufologists going to the site independently to make their observations, and yet they cannot be compared because they are not available.

Later that year, the very mediatized case of Voronej occurred in Russia, again with children as witnesses and the ufologists had that time clearly let show their desire to make believe rather than their methodological honesty. For this other case, the drawings of three of the children at least are available, and they do show that each of them "saw" something different.

An ill-considered use of hypnosis on children is apparent, probably used outside all standards of ethics or professional assurance. From the meager extracts of the session dialogue during the hypnosis of one of the children, it clearly appears that directed questions are asked; it is not surprising that information which seem not to exist in the consciously remembered story is "revealed", such as a a description of the interior of the UFO, with a control panel and other details, whereas at no time the children mentioned to have been really near or inside the UFO. The children do not seem to have mentioned episodes of loss of conscience either, which indicates that the use of hypnosis was intended as a technique comparable to some "truth serum" in order to check if they told the same thing under hypnosis as they told consciously. But serious ufologists know since then, and sometimes knew a long time before, that hypnosis is no truth drug and is on the contrary and at best an altered state of consciousness in which the chances for confabulations are maximized, especially with children and especially with directed questioning.

List of issues:

Id: Topic: Severity: Date noted: Raised by: Noted by: Description: Proposal: Status:
1 Data Severe June 13, 2007 Patrick Gross Patrick Gross Field investigation reports not available. Help needed. Opened.
2 Data Severe June 13, 2007 Patrick Gross Patrick Gross Only one drawing by only one of the witnesses published. Help needed. Opened.
3 Ufology Severe June 13, 2007 Patrick Gross Patrick Gross Very young witnesses. - -
4 Ufology Severe June 13, 2007 Patrick Gross Patrick Gross Questionable use of hypnosis. - -


Extraterrestrial visitors or inventions.

Sources references:

* = Source I checked.
? = Source I am told about but could not check yet. Help appreciated.

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