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URECAT is a formal catalog of UFO related entities sightings reports with the goal of providing quality information for accurate studies of the topic. Additional information, corrections and reviews are welcome at patrick.gross@inbox.com, please state if you wish to be credited for your contribution or not. The main page of the URECAT catalog is here.


Brief summary of the event and follow-up:

A man named Joao Valerio da Silva, nicknamed "Jango" claimed a certain number of contacts with extraterrestrial beings. One of these contact entered lists of close encounters of the 3rd kind while the whole of his stories appeared in a UFO book he coauthored.

In 1982, Joao Valerio was living in a flat in Botucatu, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in the night from the 29th to 30th of November, at 02:00 a.m., he was awaked by a noise in the backyard, he opened the door and was confronted by two small strange men and a woman, each approximately a meter tall, with brilliant blue suit. They approached him, presenting their open palms as if they wanted to show that they did not carry any weapon. He fainted, and his family found him outside, naked and unconscious beside his piled up clothes. They quickly took him to a hospital where he recovered two hours later, remembering that he had been in a room like that of a hospital, with the same small beings which had confronted him at the door appearing again. They carried clothing which seemed to be made of a rubbery material, spoke to him and led him to a wall comprising a contour of a human form. The beings would look at this contour and then at him, like comparing both, then they left.

Other sources indicate that at this date, or another date of November 1982, he was cooking at his home, when he noticed a brilliant white light outside through a window. He entered the living room to see more closely, and while he did that, an intense beam of light sucked him up towards the ceiling, and he found himself on his knees on what seemed to be like a hot spongy floor, in a circular room approximately 10 meters in diameter, well-lit although he could not see any lamps or integrated lighting.

There were some six meager hooded aliens in that room, one had a scaly hand with three fingers, and another, withdrawing a cape and a hood, proved to be a beautiful naked woman, described as having "a thin oval face with a thin aquiline nose, soft cheeks, fine eyebrows, brilliant chocolate brown eyes. Her voluptuous lips were pink red, exposing shiny white teeth... He chestnut hair, with gilded reflections, cascaded on her shoulders. She had large golden earrings balancing at each ear. She carried a black cape down to the floor with red satin at the collar."

Joao Valerio reported to have been sexually excited by this "princess from space," who looked straight ahead, "her dark sensual eyes free from any reaction or emotion. The alien hand again came out and undid the silk node at the base of her throat. With a whoosh, the satin cape slipped of her shoulders and fell on the ground around her feet."

"Jango's stunned gaze descended the length of her nubile body, past her bodacious bosom, nipped-in waist, dimpled navel and rounded hips hinting at a voluptuous rear. Her skin was a dark shade of sunny gold, and she reacted not at all to his open-mouthed stare, just looking ahead as if her mind was several light-years away."

He consequently was found by his family on the floor of their home, naked and without consciousness, his clothes piled up near him, his skin covered of red marks, and his watch stopped.

Many other adventures are part of the story, including an encounter with an alien named Rama, space flights on board their saucers, and the aliens providing Jango "scientific secrets" and a drug to treat the son of a friend who had a brain hemorrhage, with instructions to rub his feet with the medicine. It is also said that Joao Valerio and his son are aliens, as a photograph of his son lets guess pointed ears under his buckled hair.

Several authors talk about physical evidence, in the form of a report of chemical analysis of this drug, observation of marks and traces on his body and intimate parts.

Basic information table:

Case number: URECAT-000087
Date of event: November 29, 1982
Earliest report of event: 1983
Delay of report: Months
Witness reported via: Not known.
First alleged record by: Ufologist Gray Barker
First certain record by: Ufologist John Spencer.
First alleged record type: Ufology bulletin.
First certain record type: Ufology encyclopedia.
This file created on: January 17, 2007
This file last updated on: January 17, 2007
Country of event: Brazil
State/Department: Sao Paulo
Type of location: Inside house
Lighting conditions: Night
UFO observed: No
UFO arrival observed: No
UFO departure observed: No
UFO/Entity Relation: Certain
Witnesses numbers: 1
Witnesses ages: Not reported
Witnesses types: Not known.
Photograph(s): No.
Witnesses drawing: No.
Witnesses-approved drawing: No.
Number of entities: 1
Type of entities: Humanoid and human
Entities height: Normal and one meter
Entities outfit type: Various, capes, hood, toga, naked.
Entities outfit color: Black with red satin and blue.
Entities skin color: Not reported and dark.
Entities body: Normal.
Entities head: Abnormal and normal.
Entities eyes: Not seen and normal.
Entities mouth: No lips and normal.
Entities nose: Not seen and normal.
Entities feet: Not reported.
Entities arms: Non human and human.
Entities fingers: Non human and human.
Entities fingers number: Three fingers and normal.
Entities hair: Non human and human.
Entities voice: Not reported.
Entities actions: Abduct witness, sex with witness, interplanetary travel with witness, provide medicine.
Entities/witness interactions: Sexual relations, repeated contacts.
Witness(es) reactions: Observed, wanted sex.
Witness(es) feelings: Frightened, sexually excited.
Witness(es) interpretation: Extraterrestrial beings.
Explanation category: "Contactee"-type tall tale.
Explanation certainty: High.


[Ref. js1:] JOHN SPENCER:

John Spencer indicates that in November 1982, Joao Valerio da Silva was apparently abducted by a beam of light and taken aboard a UFO from his home in Botucatu, Brazil.

On board the UFO, he was approached by several entities, including a naked woman. He passed out.

He was found by his family on the floor of his house, naked and unconscious, with his clothes piled next to him. His skin was covered in red marks, penis also had strange lesions on it, and his watch had stopped.

There were reports of poltergeist activity around the home.

John Spencer notes that there were some obvious similarities with the Antonio Villas Boas case, "but no similar level of investigation is yet reported."


Joseph Trainor indicates that the 1982 case of Joao Valerio da Silva, nicknamed Jango, in Brazil, is the exception amidst alien encounters cases with sexual implications where there was no evidence.

"Jango" lived in an apartment in Botucatu, a mid-sized city in Sao Paulo state located 250 kilometers west of the city of Sao Paulo, the largest city in South America.

One evening, Jango was in the kitchen cooking some roupa velha, a Brazilian dish featuring beans and rice, for supper. As the pot began to simmer, he spied a brilliant white light just outside the front window.

He entered the living room for a closer look, and as he did, an intense multi-megawatt beam of dazzling light came streaming through the window.

He started to cry out and lifted his arm to shield his eyes, while a weird humming sound invaded his ears.

He felt himself being drawn upward, pulled towards the ceiling, but instead of hitting whitewashed plaster, he found himself moving slowly into what felt like a warm fog.

Behind his closed eyes, he saw a kind of dazzle field, twinkling multicolored lights moving around in random patterns.

He suddenly found himself on his knees on what felt like a warm spongy floor. Looking up, he saw that he was in a circular room about 10 meters in diameter, well illuminated, although he could not see any lamps or recessed lighting.

He saw that he was not alone in that room, as a half dozen gaunt hooded figures stood nearby. Their hood's shadow covered most of their faces, leaving only a glimpse of a narrow chin and a lipless mouth.

These entities began to close in, then stopped, and a smaller hooded figure came to the fore. A scaly three-fingered hand reached out and pulled back the hood, exposing the face of a beautiful woman.

Jango thought "She's gorgeous". She had a slender oval face with a slim aquiline nose, muted cheekbones, fine eyebrows, gleaming chocolate brown eyes. Her lush lips were rose red, exposing gleaming white teeth which had a slight overbite. Her glossy chestnut hair, with its golden highlights, cascaded down to her shoulders and collarbone. She had large golden hoop earrings dangling from each ear. She was wearing a floor-length black cape with red sating showing at the collar:

"He gaped in amazement. A space princess..."

She stared straight ahead, "her dark sensuous eyes devoid of any reaction or emotion. The alien hand reached out again and undid the silken knot at the base of her throat. With a whisper, the satin-lined cape slid from her shoulders and landed in a soft pile around her feet."

Jango blurted "Aiiiii! Santa Madre!", with "his eyes bulging wide open."

The story continues:

"Jango's stunned gaze descended the length of her nubile body, past her bodacious bosom, nipped-in waist, dimpled navel and rounded hips hinting at a voluptuous rear. Her skin was a dark shade of sunny gold, and she reacted not at all to his open-mouthed stare, just looking ahead as if her mind was several light-years away."

Jango was instantly sexually excited, he took "an instinctive step forward, reaching out to embrace her, and the princess and her alien entourage moved forward, as well."

All at once, he felt a weird prickling sensation on the back of his neck, he heard a rapid noise, a sudden beep-beep-beep-beep-beep, and suddenly he found himself lying flat on his back on a hard wooden floor.

He heard the voices of his family from the kitchen: "Jango? Where are you?"

"'In here,' he croaked, barely able to speak."

Joe Trainor then points out that John Spencer pointed out in The UFO Encyclopedia, page 89, that Joao Valerio da Silva "was found by his family on the floor of his house, naked and unconscious, his clothes piled next to him. His skin was covered in red marks, and his watch had stopped."

Trainor adds that the Brazilian physicians who treated him also found other evidence of his strange experience. As the medical report noted, "The penile epidermis of the patient was covered with a number of unusual lesions about 0.5 centimeters in diameter. At first they appeared to be an advanced case of keratosis", which Trainor explains to be a skin disorder that sometimes leads to skin cancer. However, the lesions proved to be a form of severe dermatitis, "the stimulus for which is unknown."


Albert Rosales indicates that in Botucatu, Sao Paolo, Brazil, on November 30, 1982, at 02:00 a.m., Joao Valeiro da Silva was awakened by a noise in his backyard, he opened the door to confront two strange little men and a woman, each about three feet tall, and wearing brilliant blue coveralls. They approached him, holding their palms upward as if proving they carried no weapons. Despite that friendly gesture the witness fainted.

Nobody missed him until early morning when a brother, Simeon awakening early at 0500A, tiptoed into his room to borrow some antacid medicine. Noticing Joao missing and signs of a struggle, he awakened the household. His family found Joao lying outside, nude and unconscious, alongside his clothing in a rumpled pile. They rushed him to a hospital where he recovered two hours later.

Joao did not remember being taken onboard a craft, but he found himself in a hospital-like operating room, the same small beings that had confronted him at the door appeared again. They wore clothing, which looked as if were made of rubber material, talked to him and led him to a wall bearing an outline of a human form. The beings would look at the drawing and then at him, as if comparing the two. Then they left.

A naked girl then entered the room. She had long hair, was tanned or dark, and carried an instrument about a foot long. As she grasped his head he lost consciousness. An interview with his family disclosed a "sickly smelling oily substance" had covered his nude body. Da Silva also complained that his genitals "were burning".

Rosales indicates that the source was Gray Barker's UFO Annual, 1983.


In a web article called "Aliens, EBEs, Grays, Iarga", Patricia Weissleader indicates that in Wendelle Stevens' book "UFO Abduction at Botucatu", the author indicates that Joao Valerio da Silva "was given some medicine by the aliens to treat the son of a friend who had a skull hemorrhage. It was to be rubbed into the soles of the feet! Some of the material was analyzed by a lab. The 22-page computer report of the tests is included in the book, for any chemists who may want to follow it up. A second medicine given to him was not analyzed at the time, due to lack of available resources."

She specified that Joao Valerio was abducted and returned some distance from his home in his pajamas, and that the name of his alien contact was "Rama."

She specified that Joao Valerio "had relations with an alien woman" who was taller than he was, but did not get her name. He was told that he and his son in Brazil from his marriage are related to the aliens. A photo of the son shows what appear to be pointed ears, hiding in curly hair.

[Ref. ge1:] GEPUC WEBSITE:

This ufology website indicated that on December 29, 1982, Valério João Da Silva was abducted in the city of Botucatu, São Paulo. When he was found, the next day, he had strange marks on the body, including injuries on his penis.


The web page at http://www.ufotv.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=U814&Category_Code=ufo-photos&Product_Count=17 indicates:

UFO Abduction At BOTUCATU: A Preliminary Report - Downloadable ebook

This e-book is a report on the Alien abduction of Joao Valerio. He was put aboard an Alien UFO space craft and taken to another planet where he was kept for 24 hours, against his will.

Fortunately Joao Valerio was able to take pictures as evidence of his first Alien UFO encounter and kept a diary to keep a detailed record of his experiences which continued with further contacts by the visitors.

This shocking story and the trail of scientific discovery that followed are presented here for the first time in an amazing investigation of contact with Aliens from another world.

Includes details about the visitors, their home world, their technology and where they come from.

Authors: Rodolfo R. Casellato, Joao Valerio da Silva and Wendelle C. Stevens.

224 Pages. Out-of-Print. Available only as an e-book!

Points to consider:

The resolutely erotica-science-fictionesque tone of a more original report cited by one of the sources leaves me skeptic as for the reality of this alleged alien abduction. The most primary source appearing to be Gray Barker hardly reassures since this author is largely known among serious ufologists for his drifts towards the imaginary. Obvious contradictions seem to appear between the sources I found. The electronic book could however perhaps give more solid or serious information, and provide the version by the witness who is indicated as co-author, or on the contrary show a definite "Adamski-type" tale with an inspiration from the famous Antonio Villas-Boas case.

List of issues:

Id: Topic: Severity: Date noted: Raised by: Noted by: Description: Proposal: Status:
1 Data Medium January 17, 2007 Patrick Gross Patrick Gross Book by Stevens, Casellato and the witness, not read. Help needed. Opened.


"Contactee"-type tall tale.

Sources references:

* = Source I checked.
? = Source I am told about but could not check yet. Help appreciated.

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