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URECAT - UFO Related Entities Catalog

URECAT is a formal catalog of UFO related entities sightings reports with the goal of providing quality information for accurate studies of the topic. Additional information, corrections and reviews are welcome at patrick.gross@inbox.com, please state if you wish to be credited for your contribution or not. The main page of the URECAT catalog is here.


Brief summary of the event and follow-up:

In a skeptical ufologists' book, and at least two ufological catalogues, the story is that on October 12, 1975, in the evening in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, Mr. and Mrs. David Hamel were watching TV, when statics appeared on the screen and two beings emerged in "a silver dust."

The entities were one male and one female, resembled humans and wore one-piece suits. They came to where David Hamel was sitting, touched his arm and telepathically explained that they intended to elevate him to a spaceship above his home, and then did so.

Actually, there is much more to the story. David also says that he visited King George in Buckingham palace, received a medal he unfortunately misplaced from the Soviets during WWII for his war exploits, escaped a German prisoners camp to see pyramid shaped UFOs. He takes great care of his wife Nora, who was unfortunately born crippled and was also visited by aliens who covered her hospital room with flowers. David says he learned a lot from the aliens. Sumerians were actually a people who came from outer space, and NASA scientists poison mankind with their nuclear rockets; which he regrets since the aliens showed him how to produce free energy based on magnets that are far less dangerous.

David spent the recent years building flying saucers at his home, from blueprints that the aliens "A", "On" and "Alean", from planet Kladen, implanted under the skin of his palm and gave him by telepathy, and he is also the inventor of a new rocket engine made of oil barrels; which unfortunately, closed-minded scientists and NASA guys whom he says visited him did not find worthy of official development. David lives on his modest military pension, and regrets that the Canadian patent office misplaced his magnet-related patent applications that would have made him a rich man, had they registered it properly. He went to their offices to protest, only to be handled by the police as the office people apparently did not appreciate his fuss-making. The Hamel's neighbors are apparently also annoyed as his flying saucer tests would cause power outage in the area.


Above: David Hamel at work on a self-made
free-energy magnetic flying saucer.

David's extraordinary life was the subject of at least two books and a number of TV documentaries, and his blue prints for free energy saucers are a treat in free-energy buffs conventions. David even has a website and an Internet discussion forum with up to 600 members it seems.

Basic information table:

Case number: URECAT-000281
Date of event: October 12, 1975
Earliest report of event: 1977?
Delay of report: Day, years?
Witness reported via: Not known.
First alleged record by: Newspaper.
First certain record by: Ufology book.
First alleged record type: Newspaper.
First certain record type: Ufology book.
This file created on: August 14, 2007
This file last updated on: August 14, 2007
Country of event: Canada
State/Department: British Columbia
Type of location: In armchair watching TV.
Lighting conditions: Evening, watching TV
UFO observed: Yes
UFO arrival observed: No
UFO departure observed: No
UFO/Entity Relation: Certain
Witnesses numbers: 1 or 2 or 3
Witnesses ages: Not reported, adult.
Witnesses types: Retired military man, his wife, a friend.
Photograph(s): No.
Witnesses drawing: Maybe.
Witnesses-approved drawing: Maybe.
Number of entities: 3
Type of entities: Humans
Entities height: Not reported.
Entities outfit type: One piece
Entities outfit color: Not reported.
Entities skin color: Not reported.
Entities body: One man, one woman, one bearded man.
Entities head: Large.
Entities eyes: Two, large, black.
Entities mouth: Not reported.
Entities nose: Not reported.
Entities feet: Not reported.
Entities arms: Not reported.
Entities fingers: Not reported.
Entities fingers number: Not reported.
Entities hair: One bearded.
Entities voice: Telepathy.
Entities actions: Came out of TV set, took witness for a ride in flying saucer, brought him back through TV set.
Entities/witness interactions: Discussed by telepathy, ride in saucer, gave blueprints of spaceship.
Witness(es) reactions: Observed, tries to build flying saucer based on alleged alien plans.
Witness(es) feelings: Not reported.
Witness(es) interpretation: Visitors from planet Kladen.
Explanation category: Fantasies.
Explanation certainty: High.



The skeptics authors indicate that on October 12, 1975, in the evening in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, Mr. and Mrs. David Hamel were watching TV, when it went "snowy" and two beings emerged in "a silver dust."

The entities were one male and one female, resembled humans and wore one-piece suits.

They came to where David sat, touched his arm and telepathically explained that they intended to elevate him to a spaceship above his home, and then did so.

The authors indicate that this was told in a personal letter they received from John B. Musgrave, employee of the Mobile Planetarium Project at the Provincial Museum of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, citing Canadian UFO Report, no. 34 (Spring 1979): 8-10.


Albert Rosales indicates in his catalogue that in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, on October 12, 1975 at 08:00 p.m. David Hamel, his wife and a friend were watching television when the set "went snowy" and two figures, clad in metallic suits, materialized out of the screen.

The entities telepathically told him not to be afraid and to follow them. Hamel was levitated from his chair and passed through the roof of the house into a spaceship three stories high.

Inside he was given a physical examination. On board were 3 crewmembers, a woman named "A" and a man named "On", as well as a bearded man named "Alean." He was shown how the ship operated and told that, Canada should stop selling its Candu reactors and that nuclear deposits should be deposited into the sun.

They said they were from the planet Kladen, more than 3 billion miles away and that theirs wasn't the first visit made to earth. They told him they left the pyramids in Egypt.

Albert Rosales indicates that the source is Glen Kask of the Maple Ridge Gazette.


The magazine indicates that in 1975, David Hamel was watching The Waltons on his home television in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, when two grey static pixels emerged from the screen and enlarged into alien beings on either side of him.

They appeared as a humanoid male-female couple, although Hamel admits this is an arbitrary visualization his brain concocted when engaged telepathically by beings from another dimension.

The couple told they were "A" and Arkan from the planet Kladen, and brought him aboard their flying saucer by sending him through the roof. There he met "On", who told him that they traveled "from their distant galaxy to Earth" by floating their ship in "an anti-gravity bubble powered by electrically charged vortical airflow between magnetic rings", the same method they had used when they visited the ancient Egyptians prior to the construction of the great pyramids at Giza, and when they turned up as three wise men in Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus, and when they appeared to Third Reich scientists before World War II "in an attempt to avert global military conquest."

"On" said the ship did not need fuel "except the inherent magnetic forces that attracted and repelled its components. By varying the relative position of the magnetic rings, a vortex of charged air could be created intense enough to suck the ship through a surrounding electromagnetic disturbance, escaping gravity, radar" - and common sense.

Hamel then traveled with them 15 minutes at hypersonic speed over the Canadian landscape, pausing only to hover over a man carrying a yoke laden with two buckets, who fainted when he saw the spaceship.

He was then instructed to do two things: develop the aliens' technology on earth to save the human race from "the Grid". i.e. "the world's asphalt-electrical network", and use the alien technology to build a survival ship like Noah did.

Then "A," "Arkan" and "On" dropped him " back home into his body," and he emerged there through the TV.

Hamel claimed they nevertheless stayed "in my body, my mind, I can't get away from them,", and had another direct encounter with them three months later: they came in a black car with red diplomatic licence plates. He said he was a little hurt by that visit because they ignored him and instead communicated for three hours with his wife Nora, whom they had in fact visited once before, six years earlier, in 1969, as he was training baton-twirling girls at the local Legion hall in Maple Ridge, while his wife Nora, unable to walk and having limited motor skills due to the cerebral palsy with which she was born in 1944, sat watching in her wheelchair.

While Hamel has suffered "horrific World War II trauma", Nora herself had suffered fourteen surgical operations at her legs, and after one such surgery, she was visited and comforted by the aliens who left flowers on her hospital bed, in her hair and on the floor.

Hamel had only an elementary-school education during the 30's in Montreal, and apparently operated radios along the DEW Line (Distant Early Warning) in the Arctic, worked as a rock-cutter for a marble company that designed bank lobbies.

David and Nora now live together in rural Gilmour, Ontario, "a God-fearing, Twin Peaksesque hamlet in the Precambrian Shield forests south of Algonquin Park", in a modest two-storey home at the end of a dirt road, where he builds and tests flying saucers, apparently causing power outages in the vicinity. The couple lives on a meager military disability pension.

Hamel explained that "the scientists" and NASA come to visit him since they heard of his 6.45 gallon oil drums rocket motor prototype. He says he would love to work for NASA, but hey won't listen to him: "they can't accept the magnetic. They'd rather play around with nuclear rods, but they're poison! ...people are dying, the end is coming!"

But, the magazine says, he has plans of a spaceship ready, plans to launch the craft from a giant slab of granite rock near James Bay.

"Also hanging on the wall is a framed black-and-white airbrush illustration of a domed saucer hovering within a glowing aura, taken from a 1970s pulp sci-fi illustration. Hamel claims the illustration, in the form of undeveloped microfilm, was subcutaneously embedded in his palm following his original abduction. A stigma remains on his hand from the emergency surgery required to remove it."

Hamel knows he would now be rich if his magnet-related patent applications hadn't been misfiled years ago, he can't remember when, but apparently his angry visit at the Canadian Patent Office in Gatineau, Quebec is remember by the police who was called because of the scene he made.

The Hamels attract all kinds of devotees, and were the topic of a number of film documentaries, such as in the "Eyewitness series" available on VHS from www.world-famous.com, that shows him ranting and line drawings to explain the aliens' technology.

There was also a book about him by Jeanne Manning and Pierre Sinclaire, "The Granite Man and the Butterfly," and "The Granite Starship", by Paul Coulbeck, of which Hamel says: "He's the bastard who copied my book." The book seems to actually be his abductee's life story—with all the relevant characters renamed and no credit given to him. But "Bob Thomas of Arlington, Texas, hopes to set the record straight later this year in The Word Made Manifest Through Sacred Geometry: The Work of David Hamel", co-authored with Hamel himself "(Hamel ranted, Thomas wrote)", as the magazine put it.

Hamel has an Internet Yahoo group, Hameltech, since 2000, with up to 600 members. His message is also spread in events such as "the Tesla Conference" in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and at the "Exotic Research Conference in Phoenix", Arizona, attracting hundreds of participants each year to talk of "free energy".

Among the other features of the magazine's article, we learn that Hamel claims to have met King George at Buckingham, to have received a military medal from the Russians in WWII for his exploits in Ukraine - which he unfortunately lost, that the Sumerians were aliens, to have seen pyramid-shaped UFOs when he escaped from a German war Prison in 1944, and so on.

Points to consider:


Above:One of David Hamel's
self-built energy-free magnetic
flying saucer.

As the reader might understand, it is not possible to present in this file all the texts written about David Hamel's life. Those who want to know more may want to read some of the numerous Internet articles available, such as:


In French:


And of course, the Hamel Technology website:


His discussion group:


If you want to believe, fine. If you don't, that's just fine with me, I don't either.


Another HamelTech flying saucer.

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