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URECAT is a formal catalog of UFO related entities sightings reports with the goal of providing quality information for accurate studies of the topic. Additional information, corrections and reviews are welcome at patrick.gross@inbox.com, please state if you wish to be credited for your contribution or not. The main page of the URECAT catalog is here.


Brief summary of the event and follow-up:

Grupo Gaúcho de Investigaçao de Objetos Aéreos Nao Identificados (GGIOANI) of porto Alegre investigated and reported the experience of Ignacio de Souza, then aged 41, ranch employee, father of 5, working at the Estancia de Santa Maria, State of Goias, between Crixas and Pilar de Goias, which took place on August 13, 1967, at 4 p.m..

De Souza was returning home when along with his wife he saw an object in the form of an upside-down basin of some 35 meters in diameter posed at the landing strip of the ranch, that they initially thought was some flying machine tested by the ranch owner, Ibiracy de Moraes, a wealthy man, former president of the Bank of Brazil, who owned his own planes and is said to have tested aircraft on behalf of armed.

Between the object and the couple, there were three humanoid beings of children size, that the witnesses initially thought were naked children, before realizing that they were unknown beings, without hair, in a tight suit of yellow color. The beings seemed to be playing around silently.

De Souza noted that the beings had started to move quickly towards them, and ordered his wife to lock herself up in their house. Good shooter, armed of a rifle, frightened by these beings, he used the rifle without hesitating and shot the closest of the beings. At the same time, a ray of green light was emitted by the object and hit him, throwing him to the ground, unconscious.

Seeing her husband fall from the kitchen window, she run on the scene shouting, interposed between the beings and the body of her husband, and picked up the rifle.

But during this time the beings had picked up the one of them which had fallen to ground and quickly fled to enter their craft, and in little time it slowly rose vertically towards the sky while emitting a buzz similar to that of a swarm of bees.

Taken along to the hospital of Goiania, the state capital, De Souza suffered from nauseas and a general numbness of his entire body. Burns were noted, initially allotted to a toxic plant, but when de Souza and de Moraes heard the erroneous diagnosis and told what had occurred, a blood analysis was performed and an advanced leukemia with an expected fatal issue in two months was pronounced.

De Souza quickly decayed, suffered, presented yellowish spots and died 59 days later. In agreement with his instructions, his wife burned the bed, the mattress and the clothing that he had used.

GGIOANI ufologists, Dr. Machado Carrión and Mr. Jader U. Pereira called for public attention to the gravity of the affair but the authority did not react and the case was lost in general amnesia.

Basic information table:

Case number: URECAT-000002
Date of event: August 13, 1967
Earliest report of event: < March 1969
Delay of report: Less than 2 years
Witness reported via: Local ufologists.
First alleged record by: GGIOANI ufology group
First certain record by: FSR
First alleged record type: Nor known.
First certain record type: Ufology magazine.
This file created on: August 16, 2006
This file last updated on: February 2, 2007
Country of event: Brazil
State/Department: Goia
Type of location: Open country
Lighting conditions: Day
UFO observed: Yes
UFO arrival observed: No
UFO departure observed: Yes
UFO/Entity Relation: Certain
Witnesses numbers: 2
Witnesses ages: 41, ?
Witnesses types: Farm worker, woman.
Photograph(s): No.
Witnesses drawing: Not known.
Witnesses-approved drawing: Not known.
Number of entities: 1
Type of entities: Humanoid
Entities height: Small
Entities outfit type: One piece tight fitting
Entities outfit color: Yellow.
Entities skin color: Not reported.
Entities body: Normal.
Entities head: Not indicated.
Entities eyes: Not indicated.
Entities mouth: Not indicated.
Entities nose: Not indicated.
Entities feet: Not indicated.
Entities arms: Normal.
Entities fingers: Not known.
Entities fingers number: Not known.
Entities hair: None.
Entities voice: None.
Entities actions: Were out of UFO, saw witness, were attached, went back in, departure.
Entities/witness interactions: Went to the witnesses.
Witness(es) reactions: Observed, went.
Witness(es) feelings: Frightened, attacked, defense.
Witness(es) interpretation: Not known.
Explanation category: Extraterrestrial beings.
Explanation certainty: Medium.


[Ref. nr1:] NIGEL RIMES:

Brazilian ufologist Nigel Rimes reported in an article for the Flying Saucer Review that on Sunday, August 13, 1967, in Pilar de Goias, Brazil, during the afternoon, Inacio de Souza, aged 41, stumbled onto a landed UFO surrounded by three extraterrestrial beings. De Souza fired his gun at the beings, and was then hit by a beam of green light fired from the UFO. He has as a consequence burn marks that formed a perfect circle of 15 centimeters in diameter on his chest. After being diagnosed as having a severe leukemia and suffering eight weeks of excruciating pain, he died.

[Ref. 2m1:] "2001" MAGAZINE:

The magazine indicates that the ufology group "Grupo Gaúcho de Investigaçao de Objetos Aéreos Nao Identificados" (GGIOANI) of Porto Alegre, carried out a serious investigation of one of a most striking case which occurred in Brazil, and its president, Doctor Felipe Machado Carrión, gave the details of the event which, as one could expect it, in spite of his gravity, did not cause any official reaction.

Ignacio de Souza, then 41, married, father of five sons, administrator of the Estancia de Santa Maria, localized in the State of Goias, between Crixas and Pilier of Goias, was killed in an unequal and incredible duel.

On August 13, 1967, at 4 p.m., Ignacio de Souza and his Maria wife returned to the estancia. While approaching their housing, a country cottage located close to the landing strip of the ranch, they observed, posed on the strip, an unknown object in the shape of a "basin" turned upside down, some 35 meters in diameter. But that was not all: between the object and the surprised couple, there were three anthropomorphic characters, three "men", who, according to the statements of the witnesses thereafter, were dressed in a sort of tight-fitting diving stuck of yellow color.

"A that distance", Maria stated, "it was as if they did not have hair and appeared to move and play like children, but in complete silence."

After the first moment of amazement, de Souza noted that the unknown beings had started to move quickly towards them, and shouted to Maria that she must seek shelter in the house, while himself, prisoner of a state of great nervousness, used his rifle and aimed automatically and without hesitating at the extraterrestrial being that was the closest.

De Souza did not have the time to observe the result of his shooting, because at this same moment, a ray of green light was projected from the craft and impacted his chest, and he was thrown at the ground. While seeing her husband falling, Maria ran towards him shouting in grief. The "strangers" quickly fled towards their craft and in little time it took off vertically towards the sky, while emitting a buzz similar to that of a swarm of bees.

Transported in Goiania, as of the first days, De Souza suffered from nauseas and a general numbness of all his body. The doctors noted burns on his chest, and after various consultations they agreed in saying that he had perhaps accidentally ingested a certain toxic plant. Considering the confusion and the erroneous diagnosis, De Souza and his boss decided to tell what had really occurred. Between astonishment and skepticism, the doctors decided to especially carry out various examinations and analyzes of his blood. This having been done, the new diagnosis was that of leukemia with malignant deteriorations in his blood, of unknown origin. Maria was informed that her husband could hardly survive more than two months approximately.

De Souza start to decay quickly and his body became skeletal with nothing more but the skin and the bones. His thinned down body presented yellowish spots, and he suffered from intense pains. Before the expected term, de Souza died. In agreement with his instructions, his wife Maria burned the bed, the mattress and the clothing that her husband had used.

Doctor Machado Carrión and Mr. Jader U. Pereira, president and secretary of the GGIOANI, publicly denounced the murder of Ignacio de Souza, but the affair was quickly lost in oblivion.


In an article for Fate Magazine in September 1971, Coral Lorenzen wrote about the case, indicating that in August 1967 at a farm in Brazil, Inacio de Souza and his wife saw a strange basin-shaped object of approximately 115 feet in diameter, and three hairless child-like creatures near this object. Moments after, Iñacio pointed a rifle at these beings, but he was hit with a jet of green light erupting from the craft. He immediately became ill, and died within two months. He had been diagnosed with leukemia, and Coral Lorenzen suspects it was a result of radiation poisoning.

[Ref. hd1:] HENRI DURRANT:

Henri Durrant indicates that in Brazil, in Santa Maria, on August 13, 1967, farm worker Iñaço de Souza shot on "humanoids of normal size" with his Winchester 44 rifle, and was immediately paralyzed by a green ray that came out of a UFO posed nearby. He fell on the ground and remained sick and died shortly afterwards of leukemia.

[Ref. jp1:] JACK PERRIN:

This author provides a summary of the event indicating that in "Goias, Santa Maria", Brazil, on "August 13, 1961", while coming home "late one night" after a long walk, a couple observed a strange object sitting near their house. "Three or four" humanoids were around the craft, and when these beings acted in what the man felt was a threatening manner, "he ran inside his house to get his gun", came out, and opened fire. The craft returned fire with a green beam of light hitting the man, knocking him unconscious. He died "a month later."


The authors indicate that on August 13, 1967 in Crixas, in Brazil, whereas he was going home, to an isolated house, Mr. de Souza saw an unknown object which resembled a large basin and which was posed on the ground at some distance from the house.

Beings of human appearance were in the vicinity. When they saw the witness and his wife, they ran in their direction. Believing to be threatened, perhaps incorrectly, de Sousa which had a rifle opened fire on the closest of the beings and he had the impression to have hit it.

Then a ray of light spout out of the object and struck the witness at the chest, he fell on the ground while the beings entered their machine which took off emitting a strong buzzing sound.

De Souza had multiple disorders and died two months later of leukemia, after terrible sufferings.


This Brazilian ufologist gives a summary of the case of Crixás, State of Goias, on August 13, 1967, that implied chief Inácio de Souza and his wife, indicating that this is a classic case well known to Brazilian ufologists.

De Souza was returning to his residence at the ranch "Santa Maria" in Crixás towards 04:00 p.m.. On his arrival, he is greeted by his wife who is outside the house, none of both noticed anything abnormal before they directed their glances towards the meadow near the house, which is crossed by a landing strip: at the end of the strip, a strange object was which was described by Souza as being in the shape of a basin turned upside down. But, at the start, de Souza and his wife did not really pay much attention to it. They thought that the owner of the ranch, Mr. Ibiracy de Moraes, a very rich farmer who had even occupied the function of director of the Bank of Brazil, might be trying out some new aircraft for the Brazilian Army, as he had already done before.

But little time afterward, the De Souzas saw something unknown coming: it seemed that there were "three apparently naked children" close to the object, which initially caused the anger of De Souza who had regarded such nudity as an affront to his wife. He thus started to walk straight in the direction of these "children" to lecture them, but he quickly grew anxious when approaching as he realized that they were not naked, but equipped with a tight clothing of yellow color. Moreover, all were bald people and had a very weird appearance.

It is only at this time that these creatures also noticed the couple, and one of them pointed a right finger towards de Souza and his wife. Immediately, the three beings started to run in their direction, as if they wanted to meet them.

As in a reflex caused by terror, de Souza took its rifle, which he usually had with him, put himself in shooting posture, aiming directly at the head of one of the creatures. He then asked his wife to run to the house and to lock herself inside. De Souza shot and hit the head of one of the beings whom, according to his estimate, were at a little more than sixty meters of distance from him. De Souza was known in the area as being a good shooter who hit his targets all the time with extreme precision at distances up to a hundred meters. The ranch owner, Ibiracy de Moraes, commented on that de Souza usually succeeded in shooting down a dove in full flight at a distance of several tens of meters. When de Souza fired, the being fell on the ground. And at this same time, the UFO shot a ray of green light that hit the farm worker at the left shoulder. De Souza immediately fell to the ground, unconscious.

Despaired when seeing her husband fallen on the ground, his wife, who had seen all the scene from the kitchen's window, left the house and run to her unconscious husband. She picked up the rifle and took position in front of her husband to protect him, immediately aiming the rifle in the direction of the beings. But those had stopped, had picked up the hit being, and were already entering the UFO while carrying their casualty. Immediately, the UFO started to emit a strong buzz and to take height slowly and vertically.

De Souza was immediately taken along to the hospital. He started to feel nauseas, rashes and a numbness in all his body. His hands were permanently trembling. At the left shoulder where he had been hit, was a kind of spot which evolved and ended up extending on all his left arm and his neck. In the death certificate, the doctor indicated leukemia as the cause of death. According to the recommendation of de Souza himself, his wife burned all his stuff after his death, including the mattress where they slept. On October 11, 1967, nearly 59 days after the incident, de Souza, aged 41 and father of five, died.


This Brazilian ufologist provides the following shorter information:

On August 13, 1967, in the town of Crixás, State of Goias, farm worker Inácio de Souza returned to the ranch where he worked jointly with his wife, when he saw an enormous discoid object posed on the landing strip, close to the house. Close to the object were three "children", who seemed dressed in a yellow tight-fitting suit, or were naked. De Souza went in the direction of the children and soon realized that they were not normal human beings. One of the beings saw the couple, pointed a finger in their direction and all the three started to run towards the witnesses. Frightened, de Souza ordered his wife to run in house while he took the 44 Winchester he carried to the shoulder, and shot right in the head of the closest being, at an estimated distance of 60 meters. The creature fell to the ground at the time when it was hit. At the same time of this shooting, the UFO emitted a beam of green light that reached of Souza at the left shoulder. De Souza lost his forces and fell to the ground. His wife came back running in the intention to protect her unconscious husband. She picked up the rifle, but when she pointed it towards the beings, those stopped, picked up the one that had been hit by Souza and entered the disc carrying the casualty. The disc went up vertically while emitting a buzzing sound. No blood marks were found on the spot. De Souza died 59 days after the incident, with obvious symptoms of acute leukemia. The Case of Crixás is a classic of Brazilian ufology and it is possible to speculate that the hostile behavior of the humanoids was justified by the shooting of De Souza.


The Brazilian ufologist gives in an article for a Brazilian ufology website his summary of the case of August 13, 1967 in the town of Crixás, State of Goias, exactly in conformity with [rs1]. Additionally, he indicates that the case was investigated by the ufology group GGIOANI (Grupo Gaúcho de Investigação de Objetos Aéreos Não Identificados) [Gaucho Group of Investigation of Unidentified Aerial Objects] and perhaps also by the FAB (the Brazilian Air Force).

[Ref. lp1:] LYNN PICKETT:

The author indicates that on August 13, 1967, Inacio de Souza, 48 year old, and his wife Luiza were returning from the local village Pilar de Goaias to the ranch where they lived and worked. As they were approaching the ranch, they saw three child-like beings that seemed to be playing or dancing on the landing strip of the ranch. These beings noticed that they were observed by the de Souzas couple, and began to approach them. At that moment, "an unknown craft appeared on the scene"; which looked like an "up-turned basin" that was hovering above the end of the landing strip. De Souza reached for his .44 rifle and fired at one of the being, and the craft emitted a beam of green light which knocked him to the ground. As Louiza went to her husband's help, the beings entered the hovering UFO that immediately took off at high speed.

In the next few days and weeks, Inacio de Souza fell sick and was diagnosed with burns in 6 inches circles on the head and upper body. It was finally diagnosed that he was in the last stages of leukemia, and he died on October 11, 1967, about 3 months after the encounter.

[Ref. gl1:] GERARD LEBAT:

French ufologist Gerard Lebat indicates that in Crixas in Brazil, "a tragedy was to occur on August 13, 1967. While returning at his place, Mr. De Souza saw, posed close to his dwelling, a gigantic "basin". Beings of human size were close to the object. They started to run towards Mr. de Souza. Seized of fear and feeling threatened by these beings, he shot in their direction with his rifle. A beam of light came out of the craft and then struck him at the chest. He fell to the ground under the shock of this beam of light. The beings regained the craft which took off at a tremendous speed. Mr. de Souza, after this sighting, suffered of various disorders and died on the following October 11. This is an exceptional case with the death of man in the presence of humanoids. But it should be reminded that the reception of the human beings was not welcoming!"

[Ref. jb1:] JEROME BEAU:

In a chronology for year 1967, the webmaster indicates that on August 13, 1967, at 04:00 p.m. or 08:00 p.m. the encounter of Inacio De Souza occurred, near Brasilia.

[Ref. jb2:] JEROME BEAU:

The webmaster provides an unsourced text indicating that the employer of Inacio De Souza described the latter as a Brazilian ranch employee of 41 years, illiterate, simple, honest, worthy of faith and reserved.

It is indicated that on August 13, 1967 at 04:00 p.m., De Souza and his wife Luiza, parents of 5, returned by foot to the ranch close to Pilar de Goias, 240 km of Brasilia, after purchases at the nearest village. When they almost reached the first building they see three "people" who seemed to play on the landing strip of the ranch, the owner of the ranch, a well-known and very rich man owning several planes.

De Souza thinks that the intruders are naked, while his wife said that they wore a tight suit of yellow color. The beings seem to see the couple and approach them, and at this time De Souza sees a strange aerial vehicle at the end of the strip, posed on the ground or floating slightly above the ground and resembling a turned over basin. De Souza is suddenly frightened, takes his 44 rifle, aims, and opens fire at the closest being. Almost immediately, the UFO emits a ray of green light which reaches De Souza at the head and the shoulder and makes him fall. His wife runs towards him and sees during this time the three beings enter the UFO which takes off at once at high speed and vertically, while making a noise similar to a buzz of bees.

The following days, De Souza complains of numbness, swarming, headaches and strong nausea. At the end of three days, his hands and head are continuously trembling. The ranch owner, when informed of the accident, had him transported by plane towards Goiania, at more than 300 km, where he is examined by a doctor.

It is then discovered that he has burns in the form of "perfect circles 15 cm in diameter" on the head and the trunk, of which the doctor thinks that they are a rash caused by a poisonous plant. The ranch owner informs the doctor of the events, and the surprised doctor orders an analysis of the saddles, urines and blood of de Souza and prescribed an ointment for his burns. The doctor put forth the idea that De Souza had been victim of an hallucination and was already sick before his adventure.

De Souza and his employer stay 5 days in Goiania during the analyses and the treatment, leukemia is diagnosed and the given forecast is death at the end of two months. De Souza indeed decays quickly, covered of white and yellowish buttons, and dies on October 11, 1967.

[Ref. jb3:] JEROME BEAU:

The webmaster includes in a chronology of the year 1968 this case which he dates here of August 13, 4 p.m.. He indicates that Inacio de Souza and his wife Louisa returned to Pilar de Goias at 240 km of Brasilia, Brazil, to the ranch where Ignacio, illiterate, aged 41, is a farm worker. He indicates that the place is important to have a landing strip, where de Souza sees three "people", "dressed in in tight-fitting clothes of yellow color, according to the statements of the woman"; which seem to play. When the three beings notice de Souza and start to approach, the latter noticed "a strange apparatus like a wash-hand basin turned upside-down on the landing strip." He is frightened, seizes the 44 rifle that he carries with him and shoots at the nearest creature, the counter-attack being a ray of green light emanating from the craft, that reaches of Souza at the head and the shoulders. The three beings then run to the craft and rush inside, the craft takes off vertically while humming. De Souza develops symptoms among which "nausea up to tremors," he is taken along to see a doctor in Goiâna, 290 km farther. Leukemia is diagnosed and the examining doctor "estimates that his UFO and extraterrestrials story is an hallucination." De Souza had the reputation to be very robust. He died on October 11.


Albert Rosales indicates that on August 13, 1967, at 04:00 p.m. near Crixas Pilar de Goias, Brazil, as Inacio De Souza, 41, and his wife Maria were approaching their home at Santa Maria, they saw three figures "playing about" on the landing strip of the owner of the Fazenda. These beings were as tall as young children, had no hair, and were wearing skin-tight clothing of pale yellow. They saw an object having the shape of an inverted washbasin at the end of the landing strip. De Souza who carried a .44 caliber rifle, fired a shot at the nearest being, and just then a beam of green light was emitted from the UFO and struck him on the head and shoulders. He fell unconscious. The three entities entered the object, which then took off vertically at high speed with a sound like the humming of bees. De Souza had a circular burned patch of 6 inches in diameter and upon examination by a physician, was found to have leukemia, of which he died in less than two months.

Rosales indicates as source the Brazilian ufologists Dr. Olavo Fontes, Jader Pereira, and F. Carrion.


The webmaster of this website indicates that on August 13, 1967, in Crixas, State of Goias, in Brazil, Inacio de Souza, farm servant and totally illiterate, and his Maria wife, whom never heard about flying saucers, regained the farm where they were employed, a hacienda of several thousands of hectares having its own landing strip for the private plane of the owner, Mr. A.S.M.

When they arrive close to the buildings, they see what is described as a "weird plane" posed on the strip. The webmaster quotes an unspecified source:

"You would have said a reversed basin of approximately 25 meters of diameter."

The couple was even more anxious when they saw three silhouettes between the object and the house; the webmaster quotes:

"They appeared bald. They seemed to play like children, but in silence. When they saw us, they finger-pointed me and started to run in our direction. I thought that they wanted to attack us. I became frightened, and, as I had my rifle, I shot at the nearest. At the same time, a green ray, very luminous, left the apparatus and touched me at the left shoulder. I fell on the ground. Maria rushed towards me, picked up the rifle. But the beings had returned in their apparatus which rose vertically, and at high speed, with a gentle noise, similar to a buzz of bees".

The webmaster indicates that as soon as the next day, de Souza was caught in nauseas, felt swarming and a general numbness, and his hands trembled. His wife, Maria, worried, brought him conduit to Goias to make him undergo a complete medical examination. The examining doctor discovered a circular burn of 15 cm diameter "at the height of the left shoulder" "on his chest." The doctor kept him in observation, and sent him back home four days later. De Souza's employer was surprised and requested explanations from the doctor who answered:

"There is no hope for you servant. He has a fatal leukemia. He only has two months to live, at best."

De Souza's state degraded very quickly, yellowish pale spots of one square centimeter appeared on his skin, he becomes meager, feels terrible pains and dies on October 11.

The webmaster indicates that according to the symptoms observed, de Souza would have been exposed to a lethal amount of ionizing radiations whose nauseas are one of the first effects. These symptoms last only two or three days, as it was the case for Souza. The webmaster note that swarmings, general numbness accompanied by tremors are also typical symptoms of irradiation.

[Ref. cc1:] CLAUDEIR COVO:

This Brazilian ufologist indicates that on August 13, 1967, in the Santa Maria ranch, town of Crixás, State of Goias, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon while coming back from the city in daylight, chief Inácio de Souza and his Maria wife saw a strange object, in the shape of a basin turned upside-down, posed on the private landing strip for the small planes of the ranch. De Souza initially thought that it was some new aircraft of the Army being tested by the owner of the farm, Ibiracy de Morais, a rich farmer who had been the president of the Bank of Brazil. From the distance they saw what seemed to be three "children" beside the strange object. While approaching, de Souza thought that the "children" were naked, which was a impudic attitude with regard to his wife. When the beings saw the couple, they started to run in their direction. De Souza, having realized how strange the beings were, took its rifle and aimed towards the head of one of them. Covo notes that Ibiracy - his owner - had stated that de Souza succeeded in shooting a pigeon in flight within more 50 away meters, i.e., that it was a highly skilled gunner. At a distance of 60 meters, from Souza shot and the being fell. In the same moment, a green light of laser type spouted out of the object and hit de Douza's left shoulder, and he immediately lost consciousness. His wife stated that the two other beings picked up the third on the ground and took it along inside the flying disc, which took off at high speed.

De Souza was examined in a hospital of Goiania, capital of the State of Goias. At the place where the green ray had hit de Souza's shoulder, an "erythemis" remained, which was to spread on his arm and neck. De Souza died 59 days later of leukemia, and it is not known whether the green ray caused leukemia, or if the doctor who signed the death certificate indicated leukemia in lack of knowing which type of "disease" killed his patient.

Points to consider:

A peculiarity of this case is that witness is reported to have short at the entities, who seemed to have fought back, and this is reported in very likely resulting in the death of the witness.

List of issues:

Id: Topic: Severity: Date noted: Raised by: Noted by: Description: Proposal: Status:
1 Data Severe August 16, 2006 Patrick Gross Patrick Gross No trace of a published ufology investigation report. Help needed. Opened.


If true, no commonplace explanation seems reasonable and the least weird explanation for the case is a visit by extraterrestrial beings with dramatic result.

Sources references:

* = Source I checked.
? = Source I am told about but could not check yet. Help appreciated.

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