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URECAT - UFO Related Entities Catalog

URECAT is a formal catalog of UFO related entities sightings reports with the goal of providing quality information for accurate studies of the topic. Additional information, corrections and reviews are welcome at patrick.gross@inbox.com, please state if you wish to be credited for your contribution or not. The main page of the URECAT catalog is here.


Brief summary of the event and follow-up:

On August 20, 1965, in the evening, Eduardo Yacobi, 25-year-old broker, his wife Teresa Ernestina Acuña de Yacobi, and their small daughter aged 2 or 9 depending on the sources, dined at Eduardo Yacobi's brother, in the center of Mar del Plata, Argentina.

During the dinner, the guests heard a noise, and the Yacobi's brother said it was helicopters, but Yacobi answered that it wasn't, the sound being more a hum than an helicopter noise. The brother then started to talk about flying saucers, frequently reported in the area at the time, ensuring that there is a flying saucers base in the harbor of Mar del Plata. Eduardo Yacobi expressed skepticism about the matter.

After diner, Eduardo Yacobi and his family left the brother's home, deciding to take the 11:30 p.m. bus, knowing that there was a bus every half-hour, to reach their home at the 206 or 2060 of the San Luis street.

Walking a distance of two house blocks, in the corner of a large chicken farm, Yacobi noticed that all the lights were out. They continued to the road, arrived at the crossing of the July 9 street with street 216, in the very center of the city, close to a field towards Road 2 in an area that was not built then.

At this place, where they were to await the bus, Yacobi noticed a noise, and looked at the height of the tops of the eucalyptus trees, some of them being about 50 meters high almost. He did not see anything where the noise came, a noise similar to the one they heard during dinner.

But, amazed, he saw on the field, hovering some two meters above ground-level, within approximately 200 meters from the road, a luminous thing which he estimated 50 times brighter than the public lighting brightness, though not blinding. The thing was a generally white light, throwing light sometimes, yellow, red, emitting sparks.

The thing was circular, huge, about 60 meters in circumference. The press had then indicated that he had seen occupants, some versions claiming these occupants were close to the machine, apparently making repairs; but Yacobi specified later that what he had actually seen as occupants were only silhouettes onto the thing, as when somebody walks in front of a light, and that he had not seen details of these silhouettes.

Yacobi wanted to get closer to better look at the craft, but her wife was frightened and begged him not to, arguing that if the saucer took him, nobody would believe her if she told that. They stayed there 10 minutes, at about 11:45 p.m., whereas the bus was not coming, nobody passed by and all was silent.

Eventually the UFO took off and was lost from sight.

Then the extinct public lighting, usually on at that hour, started to function, and people from the newspaper La Capital of Balcarce passed by, asked him where he was going, and discussed about the public lighting that having been off. after some 10 minutes, the bus, usually always on schedule, arrived, and Yacobi mentioned his lateness to the driver, who then explained that they were on the road within 2 kilometers from there and could not start the bus.

The next day, Yacobi went to tell what occurred to the journalists of La Capital, who then published an article on the event. The journalists talked to him about something which they had seen themselves, that they had wanted to photograph but the camera did not function. Their article mentioned that other people thereafter said to have seen a reddish object flying over the city around 8 p..m., and that others heard a humming sound.

According to Yacobi, interviewed decades later, the journalists had told him about a triangular mark they found in the field where he said the UFO had been, whereas the newspaper article says they found no trace there.

Yacobi also stated to have received, a few days after the sighting, an letter in English with a UFO sighting report form, bearing a NASA logo. Yacobi did not fill the form.

In the following years, he developed a personal interest for the topic of UFOs, but did not see anything unusual anymore.

Basic information table:

Case number: URECAT-000777
Date of event: August 20, 1965
Earliest report of event: August 21, 1965
Delay of report: Hours.
Witness reported via: Told local newspapermen.
First alleged record by: N/A.
First certain record by: Local newspaper.
First alleged record type: Newspaper.
First certain record type: Ufology book.
This file created on: August 24, 2008
This file last updated on: August 24, 2008
Country of event: Argentina
State/Department: Buenos Aires
Type of location: field in city.
Lighting conditions: Night
UFO observed: Yes
UFO arrival observed: Yes
UFO departure observed: Yes
UFO/Entity Relation: Certain
Witnesses numbers: 1 to 2
Witnesses ages: 25
Witnesses types: Not reported. Broker, his wife.
Photograph(s): No.
Witnesses drawing: Yes.
Witnesses-approved drawing: No.
Number of entities: 1 or more
Type of entities: Not visible
Entities height: Not reported.
Entities outfit type: Not visible.
Entities outfit color: Not visible.
Entities skin color: Not visible.
Entities body: Not visible. Silhouettes only.
Entities head: Not reported.
Entities eyes: Not reported.
Entities mouth: Not reported.
Entities nose: Not reported.
Entities feet: Not reported.
Entities arms: Not reported.
Entities fingers: Not reported.
Entities fingers number: Not reported.
Entities hair: Not reported.
Entities voice: None heard.
Entities actions: Came out of UFO, saw witness, went back in, departure.
Entities/witness interactions: None.
Witness(es) reactions: Observed, went.
Witness(es) feelings: Frightened.
Witness(es) interpretation: Not reported.
Explanation category: Extraterrestrial visitors or invention.
Explanation certainty: High.




Extraño Relato de un Hecho más Extraõ aún

Nuevamente, Mar del Plata visitada por un OVNI. Renacerá hoy la discusión entre crédulos e incrédulos. Se intensificará la creación de las más insólitas explicaciones y teorías.

Enfrentamos el riesgo de contribuir con psicosis colectiva y con "lances" de la reconocida viveza criolla, haciéndonos eco, una vez más, de la versión no confirmada, tampoco comprobada, pero sí reiterada de varios vecinos de la zona comprendida entre El Pino y El Monolito, quienes a partir de las 20 de ayer, nos hicieron llegar el informe telefónico: vieron cruzar por el cielo marplatense un cuerpo luminoso con todas las características de los ya muy comentados OVNI.

La información corrió por la ciudad y muchos fueron los que pasaron largos ratos recorriendo con ojos curiosos todo el estrellado cielo de la fría noche. Pero en La Capital recogimos la versión más completa. Nos visitó un joven matrimonio, llevando una pequeña hijita que mañana cumplirá el primer año de vida. Eduardo Angel Yacobi[2], originario de Luján y radicado hace un mes y medio en Mar del Plata, 25 años y productor de una compañía de capitalización y préstamos con domicilio en un hotel de la calle San Luis 2060, acompañado por su esposa, Teresa Ernestina Acuña de Yacobi, de 18 años lle-garon a nuestra redacción a las 23, para informamos sobre lo que aseguraron fue "una extraordinaria experiencia".

Salían de la casa de un familiar, donde habían cenado. Caminaban por la calle 216 en dirección a Luro, cuando al cruzar 9 de Julio notaron un rui-do que sólo podían calificar como "fuerte zumbido" y súbitamente, a 50 metros de altura sobre sus cabezas, casi rozando las copas de los árboles, un objeto luminoso, giratorio y ovalado. Siguieron caminando y observando. El objeto se apoyó sobre la tierra a 200 metros de donde estaban ellos y parecían caminar delante de él algunas figuras no distinguidas por los fuertes destellos de la luz que tomaba tintes rojizos a violáceos.

Eduardo Angel Yacobi, dice que quiso acercarse, pero ella - cuidadosa - se lo prohibió. Entonces, asegura el testigo que pensó en hacer partícipes de la experiencia a otros, ocurriéndosele así trasladarse de inmediato a nuestra redacción para hacer el relato.

Transcribimos, aquí la versión. Nuestros cronistas concurrieron de inmediato al lugar señalado por Yacobi sin lograr seña o rastro del OVNI que impresionó a nuestro azorado visitante. El juicio definitivo de la versión queda a criterio del lector, no-sotros nos limitamos a cumplir nuestra labor objetivamente informativa.

Strange story of an even Stranger Fact

Recently, Mar del Plata was visited by a UFO. Will reappear today the discussion between believers and skeptics. Will appear the most unusual explanations and theories.

We face the risk to contribute to the collective psychosis and to "start again" the imagination allotted to the credulous, by echoing, once more, an unconfirmed version, not checked, but well reiterated by several neighbors of the area ranging between El Pino and El Monolito, who as of 8 p.m., contacted us yesterday by telephone: they saw the sky of Mar del Plata crossed by a luminous body with all the characteristics we already know to very commonly accompany the UFOs.

The information circulated in the city and many were those who spent long moments to scan with curious eyes the entire cold night sky. But LA CAPITAL we included the most complete version. We were visited by a young married couple, accompanied by a young girl who will enter her ninth year tomorrow. Eduardo Angel Yacobi, originating in Luján and who settled here in Mar del Plataone month and half ago, 25-year-old and producer in a company of capitalization and loans domiciled in a hotel at 2060 San Luis street, accompanied by his wife, Teresa Ernestina Acuña de Yacobi, aged 18, they arrived at our pressroom at 11 p.m., to inform us on what they claim to have been "an extraordinary experience".

They came out of the house of a relative, where they had dined. They went by street 216 in direction of Luro, when, while crossing July 9 they noticed a noise which could be only described as "strong buzz" and suddenly, 50 meters in height above the heads, almost shaving the treetops, a luminous, gyratory and oval object. They continued to walk while observing. The object landed on the ground within 200 meters from where they were, and in front of it, were some indistinct figures, because of the strong glares of the light which took reddish to purplish colors.

Eduardo Angel Yacobi said that he wanted to approach, but she - carefully - forbad him to. Then, the witness claims, he thought of sharing the experiment with others, and thus transported himself immediately to our pressroom to tell about it.

We give the account here. Our chroniclers immediately went to the place indicated by Yacobi without finding sign or trace of the UFO which had brought our visitor to us. The final judgment of the story remains with the good care of the reader, we limit ourselves to do our duty of information objectively.


British ufologist Gordon Creighton indicates that in Mar del Plata, Argentina, at 11 p.m. on August 20, 1965, Eduardo Lajan Yacobi, 25, and his wife, Teresa Ernestina Acuna de Yacobi, were returning, to their home at 206 calle San Luis when, at the spot where the calle 9 de Julio crosses 216th street, right inside the city, they heard a loud humming and saw a luminous oval revolving object, emitting flashes, pass overhead at a height of no more than 40 meters or so, brushing the tops of the trees.

The machine landed at a distance of some 200 meters from them, and they saw figures moving around it as though attending to some defect. These were shining violet-colored or reddish-colored figures.

Yacobi wanted to go nearer, but his frightened wife dissuaded him. They remained and watched until the figures re-entered the machine, which took off and was out of sight in a few seconds.

It was later established that there were other witnesses who saw either the reddish object fly over or heard the hum.

Gordon Creighton indicates that the source is La Razon, Buenos Aires, August 21, 1965.


The authors indicate that at Mar del Plata:, Argentina, at 11 P.M. on August 20, 1965, several humanoid figures were seen moving about a UFO which landed within 700 feet of the home of Eduardo Lujan Yacobi. The object was heard, by a humming sound, and seen, as a luminous oval in the sky overhead, before it landed. The sighting was corroborated later by witnesses who either saw the object go over or heard the humming sound.


In his catalogue of UFO landings, Jacques Vallée indicates that on August 20, 1965, at 11:00 p.m., in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Mr. and Mrs. Yacobi heard a loud humming sound and saw a glowing, oval, flashing object land 200 meters away. Figures moved around it, as if examining the craft, which took off again.

Vallée indicates that his source is "Humanoids 42."


The ufologist indicates that on Friday, August 20, 1965, in Mar del Plata on the Atlantic, a known observation occurred, and even if the most known version were perhaps the one offered in the newspaper La Razon (1) and reproduced in several foreign books (2), the original information comes from the newspaper the Capital (3).

Roberto Banchs reproduces the newspaper article from La Capital (see [lc1]).

It indicates to have tried to locate in that city the possible witnesses, but much years had gone by and the chances were thin. The hotel where they lived did not function any more as a hotel and nobody could give him indications. He went on the spot, in a suburb with large uncultivated lands and few wooden areas surrounding sparse buildings, where little changed since, some small residences were set up, and the street 216 is called Canada today. They asked in the vicinity if one knew something about the supposed UFO or if one knew Yacobi, and the answer was in the negative in all the cases.

He consulted the phonebooks of Mar del Plata and Lugán to find the presumably witnesses, but while there are many Yacobi and Acunãs, they were not the ones, and none of them resided in the sighting area. He explored then the localities of Pilar and Lugán (30.000 inhabitants) for resembling names, supposing a misspelling in the newspaper, but in vain, and visited a guitar manufacturer of Buenos Aires, J. Yacopi, who did not know this name Yacobi and added that it was the first time that it heard it.

Banchs indicates that this is all he could do and invites other ufologists to try to find the witness, commenting on that in the absence of the latter wild imagining are useless and that the case will continue to fill UFO books.

It indicates in footnotes that the night described as cold but with a nice weather is correct, since it was not to make more than 10°C in this season.

He indicates that the newspaper La Razon for Saturday 21 named the witness "Eduardo Luján Yacobi", and indicated that the UFO had been less than 40 meters in altitude, and that at its sides appeared characters that seemed to be solving a certain mechanical breakdown. The figures then went up in the UFO and they moved away in seconds.

Dr Banchs indicates as bibliographical references for (1) La Razón, Buenos Aires, August 21, 1965, for (2) Ribera, Antonio, in Platillos Volantes en Iberoamérica y España, Pomaire, Barcelona, 1968, p. 175; Ribera, Antonio in Las máquinas del cosmos, Planeta, Barcelona 1983, p. 82; Bowen, Charles Ed. The Humanoids, Neville Spearman, London, 1969, p. 118; Lorenzen, Coral and Jim. Encounters whith UFO occupants, Berkley Medallion Books, New York, 1976, p. 156; Lorenzen, Coral and Jim. Flying Saucer occupants, The New American Library, New York, 1967, p. 113; et for (3) La Capital, morning issue, Mar del Plata, August 21, 1965, p. 12.

In a note, Dr. Banch indicates that the Moon was in decreasing phase, with an illuminated fraction of 39,86%, at 10 p.m., its height was of 22' 19 and its azimuth 40.05°.



LIEU: in the peripheries of MAR DEL PLATA, Buenos Aires. ARGENTINA.

DATE: August 20, 1965

WITNESSES: Eduardo Angel Yacobi and Teresa Ernestina Acuña

AGES: He 23 or 25 and she 18 (at the time of the events)

The investigation

We learn of this case through the catalogue of researcher Luis Pacheco who quoted a fragment of the article published in La Razon for August 21, 1965. Studying the most current material we have at this date which was centered in "Humanoids", we refer to "Los Identificados" by Dr. Robert Enrique Banchs and find in there that our colleague had not been able to find anybody with this surname in his counter-investigation. Without more material, we use the new CD-Rom telephone guide and thanks to this technology which really simplified this difficult task to us we found the daughter of the witness, who nicely informed us that her parents had separated a long time ago, that his father traveled much and resided at Mar del Plata and that her mother did not want to speak about the matter. A little frustrated since we could not travel to this city, we let two or three months pass by and decide to insist with regard to the possible testimony of the witness who resided at Lugán. Then one of these moments of coincidence which the ufologists know well occurred and it proves to coincide very much with our wishes. The witness's daughter told us that his father was by chance in Lugán these days and that we could invite him to talk with us since he was interested by the matter and would be happy to discuss it with us. Thus we went to this city and Mr. Eduardo Angel Yacobi reported his experience to us.

Transcription of the interview

Interview carried out by the researchers Mariela Verónica Tomaso and Miguel Angel Gómez Pombo, members of Project CATENT, March 24, 2002.

What was the date?

I calculated that it was about into 66, close to door 12 of River more or less at that time.

What month?

In... September ot October 66.

We date the case as of 65.

No, no, 66. I did not blieve in anything, I was, how should I put it, an atheist by religion, also about ufos.

You resided in Mar del Plata?

Clearly, because I worked for an insurance company. One night, my brother's house , to give an idea of it, he lived in the center of Mar del Plata at 10 km or 12 km by the road 226, the road to Balcarce. In that time there was, towards road 2, an entire field, there was nothing, now you go there and there are 3 or 4 hands (he refers to lanes for vehicles), it is all populated, it is huge. Where my brother lives, there is less than five houses, houses, in this time it was only a field, there was nothing. We ate, we dined, it was late and my brother told me... because one of his friends had said to him once "did you know that in the harbor, they have a base of flying saucers", "no, what do you mean, there are flying saucers, where?!" And I - we finished the dinner - I said to my brother "I'm going now because it's late and we'll take the public transportation of eleven hour and half, there is one of them each half hour".

How far did you have to go?

In the center of Mar del Plata, I lived between San Luis and Belgrano, around the cathedral. So I say well... And whereas we were there, there was a noise, my brother says "these are helicopters" and I say to Julio (friend of his brother), "no, these are not helicopters, it is a buzzing sound, it is not a noise" and we stayed there, we started to talk about the affair of the flying saucers. My daughter was two years old and I say well, we are leaving, and as we left to some two halls, to the road, there are five fields, or four fields, very large, without inhabitants nor anybody. It was pretty and in the corner of the large chicken shack the light was off, all was off and well, we go on to the road and I there I felt a noise and I looked like that at the level of the eucalyptus trees, some were very high, some 50 meters height, and I looked at it and looked at it and I did not see anything where the noise I felt during dinner was and it amazed us and it was on a field of some 15 hectares. You must see this to believe it, I say to my wife "you see what I see?", and my wife says "Oh no, let's go, because they will not believe us!" she answered. I want to see them more closely to believe it." And I was going to cross the field to see it closely because to me, it was hovering within 2 meters above the ground, or 1 meter, but I tell you, at this time the light was off, nobody passed by, no car passed by on the road, nobody passed by!

Was it near the road?

It was more or less within 200 meters of the road but nothing, silence! My wife tells me "no"!" and I told her "But who will believe us?", "We saw it", she said. Then, let me tell you, I saw it well, I saw how it was, the light was 50 times more powerful than the mercury vapor streetlights but not blinding.

What color was it?

Between white and it sometimes cast yellow, red, sunflower color, with sparks coming out. I stayed there and ten minutes passed.

And the UFO stayed there?

Yes, I say to my wife "I'll go there" and she told me don't, she said that if they take me, who was going it to believe her when she says that "they took him in a flying saucer". Good, we then start to go towards the road and when we arrived [at the bus stop] we stopped ten other minutes. The bus did not come.

And the UFO was towards the street?

No, towards a side, towards my right, but nobody passed by, no noises, nothing. Good, I saw that, it was a flying saucer, something not identified. And we wait on the road and when I looked I saw that it was going away, it rose it was like it had stretched and there, it disappeared.

In the newspaper article they say that you saw silhouettes...

No, it would be in... as if you had left the lit on and walked in front of them, it was seen like silhouettes of people.

Did you see this or was it your wife?

We saw it both. Then the light came back and the boys of the newspaper La Capital of Balcarce appeared, they passed by and they asked me where I was going to and we spoke about the blackout of the light, they followed me to Mar del Plata, I did not say anything to them. As at the end of 10 minutes the bus appeared I said "How late!" and he told me they had been on the road and could not start the bus and then I say... and he says to me "I also saw a light". And they were at some 2 km from there more or less. And this bus always passed by at the same hour and the light was never cut at that time. And the next day I spoke with journalists of La Capital. They told me that they wanted to get photographs of what they had seen and the camera did not function. Another day we went back there and there was a triangular mark in the field. The journalists were also there. The object was in the air, not on the ground.

What was the shape of the ship?

Circular, huge, it was about 60 meters in circumference.

How far was it?

At 100 meters, my wife did not let me approach closer. I was then interested in all that, these things.

At that time in Mar del Plata, were there many cases?

Yes, much were commented on but I did not believe in it.

Was the object luminous or solid?

It is luminous but the shape could be made out, two plates.

Could the shades have been the vegetation?

No no no, there was no vegetation.

When did you see them?

When I looked at it well. The shades were something... as when you would walk in front of light, as if people were moving. My wife told me "what if they take you?"

Did you feel fright?

No, no.

Did you often made this trip?

Yes, we were walking quite quietly.

And the little girl?

I had her and I gave her to my wife to approach. When it took off it was at some 70 or 80 meters high.

So you see it high up and...

And il lands, descending to the field and then it left.

Now, these shades which passed before the light, if the object floated with two meters height, how high were they?

No, they are inside the craft, that gave me this feeling, it was as if they were showing at the window and blocked the light coming from the inside.

(The conversation drifts towards the famous Roswell case and what relates to the diffusion of the UFO topic).

And your spouse, what did she say then?

And, she was afraid. I did not believe that they could do me wrong, there are so many who visit the Earth, according to articles I read.

Did you see other things in other occasions?

No, since that time I devoted myself to observing and I never saw anything else, I like all that relates to UFOs and I traveled much and know all but...

(Getting back to the case he tells us:)

11:45 p.m., it was before midnight, there were no helicopters or anything, because the journalists inquired.

How was the state of your sight?

I was 23 years old and it was very well, I now use glasses.

did she see the same thing?

Yes, the same thing.

Was there any noise?

It was not a noise, it was a buzzing sound, not loud like turbines but soft.

Was there wind?

No, no wind.

How was the night?

Nice, fine.

What date do you recall it occurred?

I calculated that it was in October 66.

(We converse with the sister and the brother-in-law of the witness, proponents of Romaniuk.)

I received a letter of NASA but I threw it away, I received it after three or four days, (he said it was intermediary of a photo shop and they left him the letter with stamping since he worked in the company. They wrote to him in English, somebody translated it for him, they asked him to draw and to fill an investigation) It was NASA with the initials UFO.

Would you do a sketch for us?

Yes. (While he draws) It appeared to me that it is only the top which rotated, they was light at the bottom which appeared sunflower colored, they were like windows and lights. They had light downwards, there was something there. The next day, the field was scorched, I did not approach, but the journalists were indeed there.

Sketch drawn by witness Eduardo Angel Yacobi.

Did this experience change something in your life?

Yes, yes, that changed, yes, I believe now, I believe, I am a believer. Before I wasn't. But there is what there is, we cannot think that we are alone.

End of the interview.


The witness could not specify the date of the case but the journalistic sources helped give him an unquestionable date, all occurred on Friday, August 20, 1965.

It is obvious that he does not remember well a number of details, which is logical thing since we speak about an event that occurred no less than 37 years ago.

There are changed data which do not coincide with the journalistic sources which are neither highly reliable but ultimately the witness tells facts that in the essential are concordant.

The most reliable source which is adapted we had was the newspaper La Capital of Mar del Plata, La Razon published their article on the topic at the same date but added things about the beings being repairing the craft and then going on board the ship and left...

We underline the fact that the witness, all along his story, does not mention at all to have seen people, beings or entities, he refers to that only after we explicitly asked him about that. In all manners when he answered on this matter he did not give details since in fact only shadows appeared to be interposed in front of the light of the UFO and he was more applied and more interested by the unidentified object, forgetting the matter of the supposed figures.

In the sketch of the UFO it does not even refer to the shades, he comments only that they were at the level of the openings, since they were inside, following our question.

It is interesting to stress that during the observation a cut of the lighting occurred and that all was strangely quiet, no vehicle passed by, there was not other noise than the buzzing sound of the UFO.

We found in Eduardo Angel Yacobi a witness who wanted to see more closely although his ex-wife did not leave him do that, a witness who after so much time is still fascinated by the subject of UFOs.

[Ref. in1:] ON THE INTERNET:


Eduardo Lugán Yacobi, 25 years old, and his spouse Teresa Ernestina Acuña de Yacobi, returned to their house of the 206 street San Luis at 11:00 p.m. in the night of August 20, 1965, when, at the crossing of the street of July 9 with the street 216, in the very center of the city, they heard a strong buzzing sound and saw passing above them at some 40 meters height, almost touching the top of the trees, a luminous object, oval and in rotation, emitting sparks. The craft landed at some 200 meters from them and they saw figures moving around, who appeared to inspect a certain damage. These figures were of a brilliant violet or reddish color.

Yacobi wanted to approach, but his wife, frightened, asked him not to. They stayed there, observing the figures, until they reinstated the craft, which was lost from sight in a few seconds.

There were other people, as it proved thereafter, who saw the reddish object fly or heard the buzzing sound.


Albert Rosales indicates in his catalogue that in Mar Del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on August 20, 1965, at 2300 Eduardo Lujan Yacobi and his wife, Teresa Ernestina Acuna, were returning to their home when, inside the city itself, they heard a loud hum and saw an oval reddish object, luminous and rotating, pass overhead and land 200 yards away. The object brushed the tops of nearby trees in its passage overhead and, after landing, the Yacobis could see luminous red or violet figures moving about it as if in some repair operation; after a short while these figures re-entered the machine, which took off and disappeared within a few seconds. Others in the neighborhood had seen the object's passage overhead, and still others had heard the humming noise.

Albert Rosales indicates as source The Humanoids citing newspaper source.


Scott Corrales indicates that in Mar del Plata, on August 20, 1965, Eduardo Jacobi, 23, was having supper when his brother told him that word on the street was that the port harbored a "flying saucer base". Yacobi laughed at this.

He and his wife Teresa Acuña, 18, left the house to take a midnight bus to downtown Mar del Plata. Walking a distance of "five or six rural blocks" to the bus stop, according to Yacobi, the few lights on the road suddenly went out but it did not trouble him.

At that point, he heard a sound coming high above the eucalyptus trees. It came from an object that descended over an 15 hectares empty field, hovering above the ground and never landing. It was about 100 meters from the couple, circular in shape and "immense", with a 60 meters circumference.

He and his wife realized that they were seeing the same thing, but disagreed when Yacobi wanted to approach for a closer look while Teresa did not. She convinced him, asking: "If you get taken by a flying saucer, who's going to believe me?"

The street lights came back on, and fellows from the La Capital de Balcarce newspaper stopped by and asked where the couple was going, and mentioned the blackout, but Yacobi said nothing of the sighting.

Ten minutes later, the bus came, and Yacobi told the driver "you're so late!"; he replied that they were on the road and could not get the bus started, and added: "I saw a light, too" whereas they were some 2 kilometers away. Yacobi said the microbus always ran on time and the lights never used to go out back then.

The next morning he spoke with reporters from La Capital, and they told him they tried to take photos of what they had seen but their cameras would not work. Another day, he and his wife went back and found a triangular mark on the field, with the reporters being present according to him.

Yacobi is presented as an avowed atheist and unbeliever in anything as outlandish as flying saucers, he developed a passion for the subject, but never had another sighting or encounter.

When interviewed by Miguel Angel G. Pombo, he stated that he "received a letter from NASA some three or four days later, but threw it out." It was apparently a form and a request for a drawing of the object he had seen.

Scott Corrales indicates that Yacobi disagrees on the sighting date, claiming it occurred in September 1966.

The event was first mentioned in the La Razón newspaper on August 21, 1965, then by author and researcher Roberto Banchs and then re-opened by Miguel Angel Gomez Pombo, who interview Eduardo Jacobi in year 2002.

[Ref. ud1:] "UFODNA" WEBSITE:

The website indicates that on August 20, 1965, at 23:00, in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Mr. and Mrs. Yacobi heard a loud humming sound and saw a glowing, oval, flashing object land 200 meters away. Figures moved around it, as if examining the craft, which took off again.

It was a close encounter with a an unidentified craft and its occupants. One oval object was observed by two witnesses in a city for 30 minutes. A noise was heard.

Eduardo Lujan Yacobi and his wife, Teresa Ernestina Acuna, were returning to their home when, inside the city itself, they heard a loud hum and saw an oval reddish object, luminous and rotating, pass overhead and land 200 yards away. The object brushed the tops of nearby trees in its passage overhead and, after landing, the Yacobis could see luminous red or violet figures moving about it as if in some repair operation; after a short while these figures re-entered the machine, which took off and disappeared within a few seconds. Others in the neighborhood had seen the object's passage overhead, and still others had heard the humming noise.

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Points to consider:

It is not possible to be certain that all occurred as Eduardo Yacobi reported, and it is unfortunate that his ex-wife was not interviewed. A contradiction perhaps due to the passing of the years exists, as the newspaper indicated that there were no traces while Yacobi says he remembers about journalists finding a triangular trace. In the late interview, however, he seems surprised himself about these traces as he recalls next that the object had been hovering without touching the ground.

The sighting report form Yacobi says he received was probably not from NASA, since this organization always ensured not investigate UFO matters and would thus not have posted such a form. On the other hand, quite possibly, this form could have been sent from one of large the large private UFO groups in the US, NICAP or APRO. Sometimes, pseudo-witnesses hype up their story by evoking "official interest" about their alleged observation, but here it does seems did not engage in real desires to obtain a constant media attention, like "contactees" do. It does not seem either to have embroidered on the matter of the occupants, like it was apparently done at the time in second hand newspaper articles.

The bottom line is that the case is not quite assured and it is difficult to form one's opinion. A nice opportunity for investigation was neglected, since it would have been possible at the time to interview his wife for example, or the driver of the late bus who reported an engine failure according to Yacobi, or to check what was going on with the extinguished public lighting.

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Extraterrestrial visitors or invention.

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