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URECAT is a formal catalog of UFO related entities sightings reports with the goal of providing quality information for accurate studies of the topic. Additional information, corrections and reviews are welcome at patrick.gross@inbox.com, please state if you wish to be credited for your contribution or not. The main page of the URECAT catalog is here.


Brief summary of the event and follow-up:

Venezuelan Horacio Gonzalez Ganteaume, journalist, flying saucers enthusiast and APRO correspondent, told about some story that supposedly took place on the morning of August 7, 1965, at the Jockey Club of San Pedro de Los Altos, Miranda, Venezuela.

The story tells that three men were in this race horses breeding farm: a doctor of Caracas of high social rank, an industrialist of high social rank and another industrialist of high social rank, whose names, "due to this fact", were not given.

The three men were taking care of their horses, when they saw a kind of flash in the sky, which resembled a lightning bolt, but took the shape of a sphere, of 30 meters in diameter, which approached within 30 meters of the men to hover just above the ground, under the aspect of a "disc" emitting an intense yellow luminosity, and a buzzing sound like that of a swarm of bees.

The sphere projected a tube of light from its underside, by which came down two humanoids with shoulder-length blonde hair, in silver space suits of the blouse kind, 2.10 meters tall, with "large and very penetrating" eyes. They walked towards the three men.

Within a few meters of the alleged witnesses, they undertook a telepathic conversation with them, starting by reassuring them. The doctor allegedly then asked a long series of precise questions, which the blonde aliens answered with the following revelations:

They came from Orion, on a Peace mission, to study the psyche of Men for "adaptation to their species." There are, in addition to Earth, seven inhabited planets: two are Saturn satellites named Epsilon and Kristofix, the others are Kelpis, Orion and a planet of Ursa Minor.

Flying Saucers are not Flying Saucers, but Gravitelides. They function by means of "a core of concentrated solar energy, producing a powerful magnetic force." Some are piloted by Spacitomeles, others by Mecanisoteles, terms explained as follows: Spacitomeles are beings of outer space and Mecanisoteles are mechanical automats.

The space people are classified in two groups, Morphics and Amorphics. The visitors, like humans, are of the Morphic kind, while Amorphics, from the constellation of Ursa Major, who roughly measure 1 meter, are life forms which we would not understand. Space people originate from mankind, whereas Amorphics originate from Morphic space people. Amorphics live by means of "Ascending Neural Crisostelic Evolution."

The visitors all use spacecrafts as large as half of the Moon, which they hide behind Mars, this is why we would more often observe them when Mars is closer to the Earth.

Space people also live among us, incognito apparently, they are 2.417.805 (two million four hundred and seventeen thousand eight hundred and five).

Space people never took any human in their flying saucers, only animals, and on their planet Kristofix, they have a "Phyto-Zoo-Planetological" garden, which is richest of the Galaxy, where they have animals species completely unknown to us.

Space people find our space exploration achievements primitive. They have a waves compressor powerful enough to disintegrate the Moon with only one discharge, but their mission is peaceful and they took along only smaller weapons able to cancel the explosions of our atomic bombs.

In apparently later versions, we learn that these peaceful space people warn us against the "Grey" who, they say, are not that friendly to us.

Basic information table:

Case number: URECAT-000772
Date of event: August 7, 1965
Earliest report of event: 1969
Delay of report: 4 years?
Witness reported via: Not known.
First alleged record by: Ufology magazine FSR.
First certain record by: Skeptical ufology book.
First alleged record type: Ufology magazine.
First certain record type: Skeptical ufology book.
This file created on: July 23, 2008
This file last updated on: July 23, 2008
Country of event: Venezuela
State/Department: Miranda
Type of location: Jockey Club.
Lighting conditions: Night
UFO observed: Yes
UFO arrival observed: Yes
UFO departure observed: Not reported.
UFO/Entity Relation: Certain
Witnesses numbers: 3
Witnesses ages: Not reported. Adults.
Witnesses types: Not reported. A well-known doctor, two well-known industrialists.
Photograph(s): No.
Witnesses drawing: No.
Witnesses-approved drawing: No.
Number of entities: 2
Type of entities: Humanoid or human
Entities height: 2.10 meters
Entities outfit type: Space suit like tight-fitted blouse.
Entities outfit color: Silver.
Entities skin color: Not reported.
Entities body: Not reported.
Entities head: Not reported.
Entities eyes: Large and penetrating.
Entities mouth: Yes.
Entities nose: Not reported.
Entities feet: Not reported.
Entities arms: Not reported.
Entities fingers: Not reported.
Entities fingers number: Not reported.
Entities hair: Blonde hair, shoulder-length.
Entities voice: None heard. Telepathy.
Entities actions: Came out of UFO, conversation by telepathy with witnesses.
Entities/witness interactions: Conversation by telepathy with witnesses.
Witness(es) reactions: Observed, went.
Witness(es) feelings: Not reported.
Witness(es) interpretation: Not reported.
Explanation category: "Contactee" type tall tale.
Explanation certainty: None.



The authors indicate that on August 7, 1965, in Venezuela, a UFO landed and two occupants seven to eight feet tall with long hair and big eyes conversed with three humans. They were wearing coverall-like clothes and communicated telepathically. When asked if any aliens live among us, they replied yes: "Two million, four hundred and seventeen thousand, eight hundred and five."

The authors indicate that the source is John A. Keel, Our Haunted Planet (Conn.: Fawcett Gold Medal, 1971), p.123.


The ufologist lists that on August 7, 1965, in San Pedro de Los Altos, Venezuela, three professional men at horse stables saw a blinding flash of light and then saw a glowing sphere coming down. A beam of light flashed from it and two beings appeared. They could hear a soft humming sound in their heads. The beings communicated with them via a voice in their heads. The men were petrified with fear and couldn't move.

The source is indicated as Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 15, No. 2.


August 7th 1965.

Location: San Pedro de los Altos, Venezuela.

Witness: A top gynaecologist and two businessmen.

Event: An oval object appeared and two blonde figures appeared hovering in a beam of light. They explained that they were friendly and exploring the possibilities of human and aliens interbreeding to form a better species. They also warned that there was a race of smaller, more aggressive beings visiting the earth who were less interested in human welfare and regarded humans as mere laboratory experiments.


The case of San Pedro de Los Altos

The case that we will tell here was well-known of the ufological circles as "The Case of San Pedro de Los Altos". We include this case about which we would say that it was much known in ufology circles as: The Case of San Pedro de Los Altos. We include this case on our Home Page, because these extraterrestrials quotes some names which are very well known to us, such as: Gravitelides, Mecanisoteles, Ascending Neural Evolution, Crisostelic, Spacitomeles, Morfic and Amorphics Beings, etc.

This very interesting case was revealed by one of the most renowned in the world of the magazines specialized in the topics relating to UFOs, the Flying Saucer Review (FSR), which guarantees its authenticity. This magazine is also very respected in the scientific circles of the Earth, being even signed, at the time, by the Academy of Science of the former USSR.

The event occurred in the morning of August 7, 1965, in a race horse breeding farm (Jockey Club of Venezuela), at 60 km from Caracas.

Three people were at this farm and were the witnesses of the event: a doctor of Caracas of high social rank, an industrialist of high social rank and another industrialist of high social rank. So their names were maintained secret (at their request).

They were all the three looking after their animals, they when they saw an intense luminosity in the sky, which resembled a lightning bolt.

After the flash, the three men noticed that the luminosity quickly took the shape of a sphere. As the object approached, it took a discoid form, while emitting an intense yellow luminosity and letting a round and dark spot at the lower part be quite visible.

The object emitted a buzz which was compared with that of a swarm of bees. While making a slow movement of comings and goings, it came down to a distance of more or less 30 meters from the observers, while staying one meter and half above ground-level, without touching the ground.

Its diameter was also calculated as being 30 meters. Below the spaceship, a kind of tube of light was projected.

At once, when this pipe of light, projected by the lower part of the ship, reached the ground, two humanoids used it to come down, who were dressed in space suits which were a kind of brilliant silver plated blouse. They walked in the direction of the three men.

The description made later by the three observers was as follows:

Approximate height: 2,10 m.

Hair: Blonde, to the shoulders.

Eyes: Large and very penetrating.

Clothes: Tight-fitted, blouse type, and of metallic luminosity.

The two extraterrestrial crewmembers approached to a few meters of the witnesses and started to speak with the latter. The three Venezuelans heard inside their mind, in Castillan, these initial words:

Do not be afraid, stay calm, we will speak with you semi-directly!

(Note: By semi-directly, they meant to emit words from an external space, towards an inner space, directly to the internal senses. If these senses exist in the human beings, one can say that they are spirit-energy-matter.)

These words were heard by all the three, while the mouths of the visitors did not move at all.

From this moment on, an exchange of questions and answers was initiated, during which only the doctor spoke, however in a simultaneous manner, the three heard the answers in their brain-psyche.

(Note: The extraterrestrials, to have this contact, used a direct frequency for spoken communication, i.e. the doctor asked the questions, one of the friends heard a language which he found strange, unknown; the other, inside his brain, could feel and hear the words which were translated in the language that all three spoke. One heard inside his brain an unintelligible extraterrestrial language; another calculated, exactly and internally, the transformations of this alien language into his language; the third spoke with the extraterrestrials, understanding that they spoke his language. In this case, a whole internal process of transformations already checked, so that this can occur, then, outside. Naturally, the extraterrestrials used several processes, mainly by the care of their friends of the Earth. In such way, they become able to use extraterrestrial science, more advanced than Earth science.)

1. Who? From where? Why?

We are from Orion, we came on a Peace mission, we study human psyche for adaptation to our species.

(Note: It is understood that this adaptation is about our Terrestrial System, but also to other planets of this universe. However, they did not comment on the scientific studies, types of experiments and the forms of what they practiced, so that Man can live in different atmospheres, on other planets of the other suns. It is necessary to take into account that they are different: spiritually, energetically, and physically. But for this doctor and their two friends, it was clear that this is possible and can happen.)

There are seven inhabited planets in addition to the Earth (this, inside its evolutionary line): two Saturn satellites (Epsilon and Kristofix), Kelpis, Orion and a planet of the Small Dipper.

2. Operation of the Flying saucers?

They are not Flying Saucers, but of Gravitelides. They function by means of a core of concentrated solar energy, by producing a powerful magnetic force.

3. Do they master gravitation?

Of course.

4. Who pilots the ships?

Some are controlled by Spacitomeles, others by Mecanisoteles.

5. Significance of these terms?

Being of the outer space and mechanical automats.

6. Do the inhabitants of all seven planets resemble each other?

No. There are of Morphics and Amorphics, we are more similar between us, with exception of those of the constellation of the Big Dipper, who roughly measure 1 meter of your terrestrial system of measurement.

7. Do you have bases on the Earth?

Each planet which sends an expedition to investigate into the Earth has spacecrafts of the dimension of half of the Moon, which are left behind Mars. For this reason, we are more often observed when Mars is closer to the Earth.

8. Are there beings like you who live among us?

Yes, 2.417.805 (two million four hundred and seventeen thousand eight hundred and five).

9. Did you try to cross-breed with us?

No, but we study this possibility, by thus creating a new species.

10. Do you cross breed between yourselves?


11. Did you already take the human out of the Earth with you?

No, only animals.

(Note: the extraterrestrial ones refer only to those of their origins - Orion - and not necessarily to those other extraterrestrials of other worlds. [The author of this "contactee" web site had to explain why many contactees claim to have traveled to other planets in flying saucers.])

On Kristofix, there is a Phyto-Zoo-Planetological garden, which is the richest of the Galaxy. There are species of animals completely ignored of you.

12. What do you use as food?

Artificially prepared elements.

13. What does the mentioned expression Amorphics beings mean?

You would not understand this form of life.

Note: On insistence of the doctor, what follows was added: Amorphics are beings who live by means of an Crisostelic Ascendant Neural Evolution. (the witnesses nevertheless did not understand and thus they did not insist for more explanations. We are used to calling them the Crisostellars).

14. What do you think of our spatial achievements?

These are primitive experimentations.

15. Do you have weapons?

Yes. A waves compressor, able to disintegrate the Moon with only one discharge.

16. Did you bring this desintegrator?

No. We repeat that our mission is peaceful. But we brought portable miniature versions with the capacity to stop a Plutonium explosion of your hydrogen bombs.

In addition to these 16 topics of conversation, the witnesses remember the following topics:

a) That we here of the Earth are at their origin, and that they, in their turn, are at the origin of the Amorphics.

b) That there are different [forms of] life outside of the galaxy.

c) That they will continue to show their presence in several places of the Earth.


Albert Rosales indicates in his catalogue that in San Pedro de Los Altos, Venezuela, on August 7, 1965, at 1600, three anonymous witnesses, one "a well known gynecologist," saw a yellow luminous disc about 50 ft in diameter descend and hover over the ground 100 ft away. Then a shaft of light was projected downwards from its bottom, and in this shaft two "men" 7-8 ft tall, with shoulder length blond hair, descended to the ground; they wore seamless one-piece coveralls that appeared metallic. These beings approached the witnesses, telling them telepathically not to be afraid. The gynecologist asked them a number of questions to which they replied; they said (for example) that they came from Orion and that robots piloted some of their ships.

Albert Rosales indicates as source Horacio Gonzalez Ganteaume.


Finally, on August 7th, [1965] the global wave of activity generated a vital case that received no publicity outside the UFO community, but did add a crucial piece to the jigsaw about 'space babies'. At San Pedro de los Altos in Venezuela, a top gynecologist and two businessmen were at a riding stables when an oval object appeared and two tall, blond figures hovered in a beam of light. The aliens explained to the doctor that they were friendly and exploring the possibility of whether humans and aliens could inter­breed to form a better species. But, they warned, there was also a race of small, more aggressive beings visiting the Earth who were less interested in human welfare and regarded humans as mere laboratory experiments.

[Ref. zo1:] ZOE'S BLOG:

Aliens !

We are on August 7, 1965 in San Pedro de los Altos in Venezuela.

Two businessmen and a gynaecologist were in the stables of a center of horsemanship when they were witness of a strange flash of light: they then see a spherical object descend and move towards the ground with a gentle buzzing sound.

Then two humanoid creatures with the gilded fair hair came out of it.

By telepathy, these beings coming from space commanded the three men to stay calm.

They declared to them that they had come 'to study the psyche of humans to adapt them to their species' and also 'to examine the possibility of cross-breeding in order to create a new hybrid species'.

They also reported that they were not the only one doing so and that smaller creatures of another race that the ufologists call the 'Greys' also visit the Earth but were markedly less friendly to the humans.

They thus advised the three men to be wary about them!

Points to consider:

This is one of the kind among the many "contactee" tall tales that circulated in the sixties. The only real mystery id who put this out in the first place.

Kristofix, the so-called planet, is a polish firstname.

The storyteller mixed up constellations in the course of the story: Ursa Major (the Big Dipper) at one point, becoming Ursa Minor at another point.

Most of the folk who made up such stories had no decent notions of astronomy. A constellation is not a group of really close stars, the impression of proximity is only an illusion as stars as seen in a plan from the Earth. Supposedly advanced aliens would not use constellations to tell where they come as it makes no sense; the authors of such stories regularly did this blunder in the Fifties and Sixties and few people realized that it was astronomically silly.

Of course, Orion is not a planet, but such a constellation.

The entire part in which these alleged aliens warns against the "Greys" was probably made up later. In 1965, the notion of these malevolent "Greys" was nonexistent.

List of issues:

Id: Topic: Severity: Date noted: Raised by: Noted by: Description: Proposal: Status:


"Contactee" type tall tale.

Sources references:

* = Source I checked.
? = Source I am told about but could not check yet. Help appreciated.

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