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URECAT is a formal catalog of UFO related entities sightings reports with the goal of providing quality information for accurate studies of the topic. Additional information, corrections and reviews are welcome at patrick.gross@inbox.com, please state if you wish to be credited for your contribution or not. The main page of the URECAT catalog is here.


Brief summary of the event and follow-up:

According to a local weekly newspaper for November 15, 1957, on November 6, 1957, at twilight, John Trasco just came to his house of Everittstown, New Jersey, back from work at a paper mill and went outside to feed their half-blind and ill-tempered dog King who was attached at the side of the house. Mrs. Trasco, at the kitchen window, heard King bark furiously, looked outside and saw a light in front of the barn within 20 meters of the house, hidden by undergrowth.

She thought that "it was a pond or a puddle" reflecting the last gleams of the sky, then she realized that it was a luminous egg-shaped object, of 3 to 4 meters of length, hovering while going up and down at a few feet above ground-level.

Because of the undergrowth she did not see a "small man" that her husband met, who was less than a meter tall, dressed in a green costume with shining buttons, with a sort of hat and gloves with a shining object at the end, a "putty-colored" face, a nose, a chin, large protruding eyes like those of frogs.

With a voice which was "sharp and alarming," the being is said to have said to Mr. Trasco, in some kind of English, of what Mr. Trasco thought that what he said was "we are peaceful people. We do not want any trouble. We just want your dog." Mrs. Trasco, inside the house, could hear the sound of the voice, and she clearly heard her husband, frightened but in anger and shouting "get the hell out of here!" The being went back in the object - no details on this - and Mrs. Trasco said that her husband had not seen any door, porthole, or any other opening. Her husband said there was little noise, as what one would hear "inside a ship."

The object then rose quickly in the sky "like a scrap of flame which escapes from a campfire and goes up", as Mrs. Trasco indicated. The dog was so affected that it dribbled.

When a journalist asked for evidence, Mrs. Trasco said that her husband had tried to grab "one of them," and that he thus had some green powder on his wrist, but he had washed it away. He found some under its nails the following day.

The affair seemingly came to the newspaper by a sister-in-law who had attended a conference of the infamous Howard Menger who claimed to be an extraterrestrial himself. The weekly newspaper that printed their story had a leading article which scoffed at the account.

Mrs. Trasco saw the following night two lights above the house, which "did not move, as the lights of plane do", which stayed "a while", and then "disappeared without trace."

Ufologist and journalist Dick Harpster, member of Civilian Saucer Investigation, questioned Mrs. Trasco but not her husband and recorded the interview, still filed as of 2006 by the American ufologist Wendy Connors, www.fadeddiscs.com.

Basic information table:

Case number:URECAT-000003
Date of event:November 6, 1957
Earliest report of event:November 15, 1957?
Delay of report:6 days?
Witness reported via:Not known.
First alleged record by:Delaware Daily News.
First certain record by:CSI Bulletin.
First alleged record type:Newspaper.
First certain record type:Ufology bulletin.
This file created on:August 17, 2006
This file last updated on:February 17, 2008
Country of event:USA
State/Department:New Jersey
Type of location:Outside house, brushes.
Lighting conditions:Not specified.
UFO observed:Yes
UFO arrival observed:No
UFO departure observed:Yes
UFO/Entity Relation:Certain
Witnesses numbers:2
Witnesses ages:Not known.
Witnesses types:Factory worker and spouse.
Witnesses drawing:No.
Witnesses-approved drawing:No.
Number of entities:1
Type of entities:Humanoid
Entities height:Small
Entities outfit type:With shining buttons, gloves, hat.
Entities outfit color:Green.
Entities skin color:Pale, pasty.
Entities body:Not known.
Entities head:Not known.
Entities eyes:Two, large, protruding.
Entities mouth:Not known.
Entities nose:Yes
Entities feet:Not known.
Entities arms:Not known.
Entities fingers:Not known.
Entities fingers number:Not known.
Entities hair:Not known.
Entities voice:Uncertain English.
Entities actions:Was out of UFO, wanted dog, went back in, departure.
Entities/witness interactions:Dialog.
Witness(es) reactions:Refused to give dog.
Witness(es) feelings:Angry, frightened.
Witness(es) interpretation:Not known.
Explanation category:Extraterrestrial being(s), prank.
Explanation certainty:Low.



What follows is the CSI Bulletin article on this incident.


"Among the many remarkable reports dated November 6, 1957, the following almost escaped our attention. A physician friend told Jules St. Germain about the story, which appeared in the Delaware Valley News (a weekly) on Nov. 15. At Jules' request Dick Harpster, CSI member and a veteran newspaperman who lives in Washington, N.J., and has actively participated in investigating the Menger tales [contactee that made silly claims], talked to the witnesses. He also sent us the story from the News, and intends to get more information to answer further questions from the data-greedy Research Section of CSI."

"About dusk on November 6 John Trasco had just returned to his home in Everittstown, N.J., from his work at a paper mill in New Hope, Pa., and went outdoors to feed King, the 6-year-old, charcoal-colored, half-blind, bad-tempered Belgian police dog who was tied up at the side of the house. Mrs. Trasco, at the kitchen window, heard King barking furiously, and looked out to see a bright light in front of the barn, which is 60-70 feet from the house, with shrubbery between. "I thought at first it was a pond or puddle of water" (reflecting the last light of the sky), Mrs. Trasco said. Then she realized that she was looking at a luminous egg- shaped object, 9 to 12 feet long, hovering - "just going up and down" - a few feet off the ground in front of the barn."

"Because of the shrubbery she did not see the "little man" that her husband confronted. The visitor was 2 1/2 or 3 feet high, "dressed in a green suit with shiny buttons, with a green hat like a tam and gloves with a shiny object at the tip of each glove." He had a putty-colored face, a nose and chin, and large, protuberant, frog- like eyes. In a voice that was "sharp and scary" he spoke to Mr. Trasco, in "broken language, as if he came from the other side." What Mr. Trasco thought he said was, "We are peaceful people. We don't want no trouble. We just want your dog." Mrs. Trasco, inside the house, could hear the sound of the voice, and she clearly heard her husband, frightened but angry, yell, "Get the hell out of here!" At this the creature re-entered the object - by what means, is still uncertain, since Mrs. Trasco said her husband had seen no door, portholes, or other opening. (He also reported that there was not much noise: "It was about like what you'd hear inside a ship.") The object then went fast up into the sky, like a tatter of flame that breaks off an outdoor bonfire and goes up, as Mrs. Trasco put it. King, by this time, was so worked up that he was frothing. "Was there any evidence left behind at all?" Harpster asked Mrs. Trasco (when we talked to Dick, he had spoken only to Mrs. Trasco). "Well, John tried to grab one of them," she said (another detail to be checked, since there was no other specific statement indicating more than one creature), "and he got some kind of green powder on his wrist, but it washed right off. He found some under his fingernails the next day, too." There are no houses on the road opposite the Trascos, and the houses on either side of them were unoccupied."

"The couple told no one of their experience, because "we knew no one would believe us," except a sister-in-law, through whom the story probably reached the newspaper. The sister-in-law had attended a meeting conducted by Howard Menger about a year before; but the Trascos had not been at all impressed by her report on Menger; in fact, they take only the mildest interest in even such things as Sputnik. In the same issue of the News that printed their story appeared an editorial that scoffed at the entire report."

"Says Mrs. Trasco: "If it happens again I'll probably get right in the car and go away from this place." To Mr. Harpster she added, "But I told John, we should have let them take King. He's half-blind and so cross I don't know who else would ever want him." Says Dick Harpster: "I just haven't been able to think of one reason for not believing them." One final detail: the night after the visit, two lights shone over the house. Mrs. Trasco says, "they didn't move, as the lights of an airplane do." They lingered for a while, then disappeared without a trace."


Coral and Jim Lorenzen indicate that on the evening of November 6, if John Trasco, of Everittstown, New Jersey, can be believed, a UFO event with the implication of a dog occurred. Trasco claimed he went outside at dusk to feed his dog and saw a brilliant egg-shaped object hovering in front of his barn. He was confronted by a three feet tell being with a putty-colored face, a nose and chin and large protuberant froglike eyes. The "little man" was dressed in a green suit with shiny buttons, with a green tam-o'-shanter-like cap, and gloves with a shiny object at the tip of each. Trasco said he thought the being said in broken English, "We are peaceful people, we only want your dog," to which he thoroughly frightened, replied: "Get the hell out of here." The creature then fled into the object which took off straight up.

Mrs. Trasco also claimed she saw the object from inside the house, but she did not see the "little man" due to some shrubbery near the house, although she heard the voice, and heard her husband's angry command.

The Lorenzens specifiy that is not known if certain details were ever cleared up, and that the story was only mentioned nebulously in the Delaware Valley News on November 15. It is uncertain if there was only one "entity" because the newspaper quotes Mrs Trasco as saying that her husband tried to grab "one of them," and got some green powder on his wrist which washed off. Green powder under his fingernails the next day was also mentioned.


Jacques Vallée indicates in his listing of UFO landings that on the evening of November 6, 1957, in Everittstown, New Jersey, John Trasco saw a brilliant egg-shaped object hovering in front of a barn and was confronted with a being 1 m tall with a putty-colored face and frog-like eyes. He thought the dwarf said in broken English: "We are peaceful people; we only want your dog." The little man, who was dressed in a green suit with shiny buttons, a green tam-o-shanter-like cap, and gloves with a shiny object at the tip of each finger, fled when the witness denied his request. No correct sources are indicated.


Jacques Vallée indicates that according to Coral Lorenzen, on November 6, 1957 in Everittstown in New Jersey, in the twilight, John Trasco leaves to feed his dog and sees an egg-shaped object in front of his barn. On the way, he meets a three foot tall being, with a putty colored face and large eyes of frog, equipped with a green costume decorated of brilliant buttons, a sort of Scottish bonnet and gloves from where at each end of the fingers, an object shone. The Entity said in bad English: "We are peaceful people, we only want your dog". Trasco refuses in precise terms telling the being "to go back where it came from" and the being flees towards its apparatus which flies away a few moments later. According to Mrs Trasco, While trying to catch the being, her husband got some green powder on the wrist, which he washed away, but he still had some under the nails the next day.

[Ref. bo1:] JANET BORD:

The author of this book on fairies and leprechauns indicates that in Everittstown, New Jersey, on November 6, 1957, John Trasco went to feed his dog and found a green clad creature of 2.5 to 3 feet in height who asked for his dog. He said no and the creature "made a grab for him" leaving greenish powder. The author mentions no UFO in connection with the creature.

[Ref. js1:] JOHN SPENCER:

John Spencer indicates that on 6 November 1957, in the early evening in Everittstown, New Jersey, John Trasco stepped outside his house, to feed his dog and saw just in front of a barn a brightly lit and egg-shaped object hovering off the ground. Between him and this object, he saw a small entity about three feet tall with a pasty coloured face and large bulging eyes, dressed in green with something like a beret with shiny buttons. The entity said "We are peaceful people. We only want your dog", but Trasco refused, and tried to arrest the entity; which left him with some green powder on his hands. The entity went away and the object took off. Trasco's wife was inside the house and did not see the entity but confirmed a sighting of the UFO. There is no record of any scientific analysis of the green substance.


The French author indicates that in Everittstown, New Jersey, USA, on November 6, 1957,in the twilight, John Trasco went touside to feed his dog when he saw something in the sky, an ovoid object which appeared to hover above his barn at just a few meters of altitude.

Intrigued and anxious, he advanced towards the building and was suddenly facing a being, 90 cm in height, with large bulging frog eyes, whose face resembled "papier-mâché." The entity spoke to him at once in an awkward and chopped English, saying "We are peaceful people..., we only want... your dog."

The panicked man answered: "Get the hell out of here!", and the entity made a half-turn at once and fled quickly into the object which rose vertically and disappeared.

The author indicates that his sources are the Delaware Valley News for November 15, 1957, and Charles Bowen, En quête des humanoïdes.

[Ref. jb1:] JEROME BEAU:

The webmaster quotes a number of cases of close encounters to illustrate his point that extraterrestrial visitors are incoherent. He indicates as example that in 1957, in the USA, "a ufonaut of 3 feet height with eyes resembling those of a frog" said to the witness of the scene "We are a peaceful people; we want only your dog..."

Points to consider:

The initial source seems to be nothing more than a newspaper article a few days later. Contradictions were noted in the investigation, however, there is a need to hear the full interview to check the investigation's extent and resolution of contradictions of more contradictions or reasons to doubt the couple's credibility.

List of issues:

Id: Topic: Severity: Date noted: Raised by: Noted by: Description: Proposal: Status:
1 Data Medium August 17, 2006 Patrick Gross Patrick Gross The article in the newspaper Delaware Daily News for November 15, 1957 should be found. Help needed. Opened.
2 Data Severe August 17, 2006 Patrick Gross Patrick Gross The witness interview tapes should be ordered and listened to. To order. Opened.


An evaluation seems premature, an audition of the witnesses interview tape should precede.

Sources references:

* = Source I checked.
? = Source I am told about but could not check yet. Help appreciated.

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