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URECAT is a formal catalog of UFO related entities sightings reports with the goal of providing quality information for accurate studies of the topic. Additional information, corrections and reviews are welcome at patrick.gross@inbox.com, please state if you wish to be credited for your contribution or not. The main page of the URECAT catalog is here.


Brief summary of the event and follow-up:

Initially by "confidences" to the Press then in his book "I was on Mars" published in Mexico in 1958, Narciso Genovese (1908-1982) tells that the disciples of "Guillermo Marconi, the inventor of the radio" - actually Guglielmo Marconi - after the death of their Master in 1938 - actually 1937 - decided to pursue his studies and projects on the use of solar or cosmic energy, but in the secrecy of a hideout in the jungle of the Andes so that the evil ones cannot make use of their discoveries for war. They are 98 Very Wise erudite from six European nations and form an isolated and ignored society, devoted "to domesticate the electric forces of peaceful and universal space", all for the sake of mankind's good and with an aim of sharing their fantastic discoveries with humanity "little by little and at the appropriate time."

In one of the book's chapters, these Scientists realize that spaceships from another planet monitor the Earth; they organize a landing strip and light signals, and soon, on December 6, 1955, at 05:00 p.m., the extraterrestrials from the planet Mars land and meet the Scientists.

They help the Scientists to perfect their own "cosmic ships" using "solar energy", for rockets and the atom are respectively obsolete and dangerous technologies, and soon 9 of the Scientists embark in three Earth's cosmic ships bound for Mars. As an homage to Christopher Columbus, the three ships are baptized with Martian names: "Loga", "Dige" and "Cundi", in English: "Mars", "Earth" and "Alliance", a portrait of Jesus Christ duly decorating the crews' rooms.

The "Columbus Expedition", escorted of six Martian spaceships, makes a stop on the Moon, just to confirm that it is "undoubtedly an already Dead World", then, joined by 10 more Martian spaceships, it reaches the airport of the capital of Mars, Tanio, under the cheers of welcome of the Martian crowd. Narciso Genovese is of course one of the crew, as Grand Physicist, apparently less sworn to secrecy than its 97 colleagues in Advanced Science.

Unlike ours, the Martian society is of course a peaceful and successful one. Their solution to social issue works perfectly fine: they simply have nations, police, armies just like we do, but god fearing and rational, and those Martians who are born with evil thoughts are just treated as deficient ones and isolated in sanatoriums.

You would think that this lane science fiction or "contactee" literature from Mexico, with all its religious and political preach, its pontificating literary style, the contradictions every two paragraphs and innumerable signs of the lack of solid cultural, historical and scientific education of its author would have interested only science-fiction curiosities buffs, but it nevertheless made its entry as a short summary in a ufology catalogue, and thus in mine too.

Basic information table:

Case number: URECAT-000532
Date of event: December 6, 1955
Earliest report of event: 1958?
Delay of report: 2 years?
Witness reported via: His own book.
First alleged record by: N/A.
First certain record by: Witness' book about his contacts.
First alleged record type: N/A.
First certain record type: Witness' book about his contacts.
This file created on: February 28, 2008
This file last updated on: February 28, 2008
Country of event: Peru
State/Department: Not reported.
Type of location: Jungle, secret base, landing strip built for aliens, planet Mars.
Lighting conditions: N/A.
UFO observed: Yes
UFO arrival observed: Yes
UFO departure observed: Yes
UFO/Entity Relation: Certain
Witnesses numbers: 1 to 98
Witnesses ages: 47
Witnesses types: 68 scientists.
Photograph(s): No.
Witnesses drawing: No.
Witnesses-approved drawing: No.
Number of entities: Thousands
Type of entities: Human
Entities height: 1.80 meters.
Entities outfit type: One piece like rubber comprising boots, gloves, hood.
Entities outfit color: Sharp pink.
Entities skin color: Not reported.
Entities body: A bit taller than us, beautiful.
Entities head: Forehead larger and higher than ours.
Entities eyes: Of a heavenly purity.
Entities mouth: Normal.
Entities nose: Normal.
Entities feet: Normal.
Entities arms: Normal.
Entities fingers: Thin like ours.
Entities fingers number: 5
Entities hair: Short blonde hair, no beards.
Entities voice: None heard.
Entities actions: Came in UFO, helped build spaceships, went to their home planet Mars with Earthmen in own spaceship etc.
Entities/witness interactions: Helped build spaceships, went to their home planet Mars with Earthmen in own spaceship etc.
Witness(es) reactions: Observed, talked, went to the Moon and Mars and back, wrote book about it.
Witness(es) feelings: Delighted.
Witness(es) interpretation: Martians.
Explanation category: Lame science-fiction and stupidities.
Explanation certainty: High.



[Extracts from his 1958 book.]

A group of people, very versed in the secrecies of the physical sciences, gathered in a secret place of the South American forest, to form a Community of the Physical Sciences; which devotes only to scientific research. Released from compromise with governments or powers, they have however an unlimited economic support which allowed them to progress without obstacle in the realization of astonishing and practical results that it will share with Humanity little by little in due time.

Ninety-Eight men, coming from six European nations, form this institution of wise men who devote all their efforts and their knowledge for the good of Humanity, having given oath to direct their discoveries exclusively towards the Good.

Three guiding principles unite this Community:

  1. Only one religion: God, infinite and omniscient architect of the Universe.
  2. Only one fatherland: Earth.
  3. Only one goal: To make our allies of the inhabitants of the other planets of the Solar System.

The Master, the Scientific Guide of this Movement, is Guillermo Marconi, whose research, for the most part unknown, marked the path that we followed up to now. Marconi, with his discoveries, linked all the inhabitants of the Earth and preferred to die rather than to reveal the astonishing scientific discoveries which in these historical times are instruments of destruction. But Marconi had intimate friends, who took part in his work, his theories and his projects; and the dreams of the Master crystallized.

Convinced that the inhabitants of other worlds were distant but not separated from us, we devoted to the obsessing task to turn into vehicles the solar energy and to try to communicate with these distant beings. We thus reject as erroneous and dangerous the disintegration of the atom, because it seems moreover absurd to be able to come out of the range of the Earth only with the terrestrial forces.

Since 1950 we already were certain to be visited by craft of another planet and we had deduced from our progress that we come to absolute certainty on their subject. The Earth was subjected to a survey by inhabitants of another world and everything showed that their intentions were friendly, but at the same time they appeared not to dare to make contact and there were serious reasons for them. We thus decided to draw their attention. Their ships were to be very similar to ours; the manner of controlling them showed that. When we noticed their appearances, we launched powerful light signals and sound waves on short wavelength. We did not receive a clear answer but the certainty we were listened and seen, because the strange ships repeated their visits. At the end of 1955 we received unquestionable answer signals. We laid out in our small test area a whole set of signals to invite them to land. On December 16 that same year, at five o'clock in the afternoon, to our huge joy, a formation of five craft made its appearance above us and almost immediately the first of the formation of five apparatuses made contact the first with the ground while the four others rose again, maintaining a little distance and an equal height.

The color of the skin was a sharp pink, the short hair were blonde and the eyes of celestial purity, without a trace of beard in the face, with a suit that gave the impression of a single piece and something similar a rubber coverall, that covered them from head to toe, including the hands with sleeves ending in gloves. They did not need shoes, the same suit finished in form of boots with a stronger layer under the feet. A kind of hood continued to the same suit, of the same material, it covered the heads that were visible as the hood was dropping back. Feet and hands stood out but small and fine, similar in proportion to ours. The forehead was more extensive and higher than ours. Their general aspect was beautiful and imposing.

The obvious object of their visit was a mutual communication and the mutual exchange of scientific, technical and cultural knowledge. Each commission started to work immediately with the greatest zeal, most arduous, in the beginning, the one that I had the honor to preside was dedicated to the language. Ten days later already, our commission a clear idea of the new language and its main meanings. Guidances by a defined program where we confined ourselves essentially to the necessary vocabulary for the mutual understanding in the development of the same program, as described:

Fundamental objectives:

  1. To adapt our craft for the planned trip.
  2. Exchange of the geographic knowledge of both planets.
  3. Exchange of cosmographic knowledge of the Solar System.
  4. Study of the physical constitution of the human body for its adaptation to the average planets.

We soon offered refreshments to them, that they tastefully accepted. They next invited us to inspect their ship whose simplicity and comfort astonished us. The personnel room occupied one fourth of the total volume of the apparatus. It was much similarity to some of ours, except perhaps a greater simplicity in its controls. Instead of turbines for the initial take-off, it was equipped with an equatorial revolving band that allowed to take a vertical impulse smoothly.

Extracted from a small and extremely fine golden roller, of thirty centimeters, white metal brilliance and the thickness of our ordinary paper, the metal sheet was engraved in relief with gold letters, an inscription made in the manner of an engraving, therefore in relief, representing the Solar Planetary System.

[Ref. sw1:] "SAMAEL AUN WEOR":

ONE of the more famous Members of the Mentioned Scientific Society, the Illustrissime Mr Narciso Genovese says that at this precise hour, "COLUMBUS EXOPEDITION" left in direction of the Planet Mars. We are enormously indebted to Mr Narciso Genovese of the mentioned Scientific Society towards the Planet Mars. If this letter arrives to him, let him receives our congratulations.

And it was three ships that arrived with Columbus in America, thus also were the three COSMIC SHIPS built by the TERRESTRIAL SCIENTISTS under the direction of the Martians.

The names of the three COSMIC SHIPS are "LOGA", "DOGE", " CUNDI " (MARS, EARTH, ALLIANCE).

The inside of the Ships was decorated with the IMAGE of CHRIST and the travel was accomplished with a total success. The CONVOY was formed by three TERRESTRIAL COSMIC SHIPS, and six Martian ships who achieved the mission of escort of the terrestrial ships.

Nine people were the crew of the Terrestrial Ships. Three for each of the three TERRESTRIAL SHIPS. The first Step of the cosmic flight was the MOON and it was absolutely checked until satisfaction that the MOON is a world ALREADY DEAD.

The expeditionaries stopped on the Moon and then continued their trip in the direction of MARS. Ten SHIPS of MARTIAN origin joined the expedition at the Moon. All the residents of the principal CITY of Planet Mars, TANIO, went to the AIRPORT to WELCOME the inhabitants of the Earth.

The Expeditionaries remained Five days on Planet MARS devoted to OBSERVATION and STUDY. There they learned enormously about MARS, and after having returned victorious they continued their studies and research in the heart of the South American Forest.

The NINETY-EIGHT European scientist devoted to this class of research and studies under the direction of the Wise Martians, want to share their knowledge with all the inhabitants of the Earth. They want that the entire mankind takes part in INERPLANETARY NAVIGATION; but RUSSIA and the UNITED STATES with their ATOMIC experiments and their nuclear explosions, obstruct, prevent, the Members of the NOBLE SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY, to let them make all the inhabitants of the Earth take part in the Cosmic Travels.

The TWO GREAT WORLD WARS which filled the World with pain and now the Cold war with all the possibilities that the World is again put at fire and Blood and destruction, are the principal factors that prevent the cultural exchange with the Martians and cosmic travels.

One does not need more cosmic rockets; the contact with the Martians is already made. What is now necessary to obtain to share the cosmic travels is the DISSOLUTION OF THE SELF.

As long as the SELF exists, there will be no PEACE; and as long as there is no PEACE, space flights are impossible. At the precise time we live in, we do not need COSMIC ROCKETS, but the study of EGO and its TOTAL DESTRUCTION; thus and only thus, the TRAVEL to MARS will be possible.

It is impossible to take along to MARS of the MURDERS, the ROBBERS, the DRUNKARDS, THE AVID, THE MARXIST MATERIALISTS, the ENEMIES of what is ETERNAL, the PROSTITUTES, etc, etc.

On MARS only PEACE reigns and even over there one needs Governments, nationalities, armies and police officers. On Mars there are no DELINQUANTS and if someone were born so, he would be regarded as a patient and one would put him in an isolated Sanatorium.

Think, Gentlemen, to what this means. Think of such a world; a world where the SELF already does not exist any more. Imagine for one moment that the Army invades MARS. You understand what such a horror, such cruelty mean.

The author of this letter asks you, Gentlemen, in the name of the Truth, to put an end to the atomic explosions, to finish the Cold war and to start an era of Universal Religiosity. VERY especially I ask the SOVIET UNION to suspend the public and private diffusion of DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM, and to intensify the publicity in favor of the RELIGION.

Mister, you must know that all the INHABITANTS of the COSMOS worship the DIVINITY and that the conquest of space is impossible without RELIGIOSITY. PLEASE MESSRS: I ask you the inhabitants Earth, that you do not harm us any more with your wars, hatred of the DIVINITY, Nuclear explosions, etc, etc, etc.


Albert Rosales indicates in his catalogue that in the Andes Mountains, Argentina, on December 6, 1955, at 05:00 p.m., Italian physicist Narcico Genovese said he was part of an international group of 98 scientists working in a secret underground laboratory in the Andean jungles. At 1700 on the above date, 5 objects like flattened spheres visited their camp, and one landed on their landing field. The UFOs were 23 ft in diameter, with a rotating equatorial band 3 ft wide. 4 Martian humanoids, taller than we are, came out and established friendly relations. A month later 5 UFOs returned, this time with a larger lens shaped object, 230 ft in diameter and 50 ft high. 40 beings emerged, 28 of whom "stayed on Earth to help the scientists perfect their own spaceships." On October 12 1956, 2 earth built spacecraft carrying humans and Martians traveled to Mars, which they found to be "physically much like the earth, though it's social and political climate was different."

Albert Rosales indicates that the source is Richard Heiden, quoting newspaper source, and Humcat 1955-31.

[Ref. lo1:] "OSIRIS" BOOKSHOP:

"I Was On Mars"

The book by Narciso Genovese contains descriptions of the moon and Mars, its geography, its history and other enthralling chapters which will fascinate the reader to the last page.

Hardcover, 165 pages

Points to consider:


Left: Narciso Genovese surely did not miss the 1955 conferences of pseudo-contactee Adamski in this country in 1955. He wrote two books, "Yo he estado in Marte" ("I was on Mars"), in 1958, and "La nueva Aurora" ("The New Dawn"), 1970.

Yo He Estado En Marte

Left: cover of the Mexican edition of his 1958 book "I was on Mars". Genovese initially presented the book as a science-fiction book, then prefaced a later issue with a claim that it is entirely factual.

Yo He Estado En Marte

Left: cover of one of the several German versions.

Yo He Estado En Marte

Left: According to Genovese's book, this is the symbol of God of the Martians.

List of issues:

Id: Topic: Severity: Date noted: Raised by: Noted by: Description: Proposal: Status:


Lame science-fiction and stupidities.

Sources references:

* = Source I checked.
? = Source I am told about but could not check yet. Help appreciated.

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