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URECAT is a formal catalog of UFO related entities sightings reports with the goal of providing quality information for accurate studies of the topic. Additional information, corrections and reviews are welcome at patrick.gross@inbox.com, please state if you wish to be credited for your contribution or not. The main page of the URECAT catalog is here.

August 13, 1947, New Mexico, USA, six native Americans:

Brief summary of the event and follow-up:

In the 2000s, Albert Rosales noted in his catalog of "humanoid encounters" that on August 13, 1947 in New Mexico, USA, aix Amerindians "discovered a metal disc-shaped object still burning that had apparently crashed In the desert, they found an alien creature (unspecified) who had been wounded, but still alive.While hearing the approach of the military troops, the men decided to prevent the capture of the being and taking care of them by taking them home, they discovered that the being could communicate with them using a crystal device transmitting images.The Indians called the being ' the eldest of the stars'."

What Albert Rosales dis not tell or did not know is that all this comes from a self-proclaimed Native American "contactee", Robert Morning Sky, who claims that his grandfather was one of those six Native Amerecans.

In fact, what Robert Morning Sky tells is the entire collection of all the ravings of previous contactees, told in the 1990s to 2010 in his self-published books, his website robertmorningsky.com, video tapes, Youtube videos and UFO conferences tours.

Thus, the extraterrestrial that his grandfather would have helped is walking among us now, he has a big head but he has the gift of going unnoticed all the same because he is "very humanoid". Robert Morning Sky assures that he is still in contact with this Star Elder, he needs only to call him to make him appear to him. Robert Morning Sky says he knows "the hidden history of the Earth" and elaborates the theories of the "Ancient Astronauts" type in his own "space opera" version to tell us about intergalactic battles between good and evil aliens, he assures us that we must "free ourselves" to access his truths, that we are "under extraterrestrial control", that extraterrestrials created us to serve as work force, but that a "rebellious group of reptilian beings" chased our creator, etc. etc.

Robert Morning Sky claims to be a Hopi indian, but the Hopi tribe denied it. Hopi people do not have names such as "Morning Sky". His "native american" dances have been denounced as fake dances by American Indians. Robert Morning Star claimed that the alleged "hyeroglyphic" writings on the alleged "Roswell debris" are Hopi writing; but they are not.

Robert Morning Sky claims that Templars, Illuminati, the Holy Grail, "Annunakis" - which all have to do with aliens according to him - are "Hopi traditions"; of course this is totally rdoculous, it all comes from Western lore.

Robert Morning Sky worked with numerous other notorious hoaxters and exploiters such as "Oshinnah Fastwolf", a Scottish woman who poses as Chiricahua Apache; Robert Franzone aka "Ghostwolf", an Italian-American from New Jersey who has at various times posed as Lakota, Iroquois, or Metis, and has a long history of violence against women and several convictions for fraud, and others of the same kind.

Basic information table:

Case number: URECAT-001764
Date of event: August 13, 1947
Earliest report of event: 1996
Delay of report: 5 decades.
Witness reported via: Books, conferences.
First alleged record by: Alleged witness' book.
First certain record by: Alleged witness' book.
First alleged record type: Alleged witness' book.
First certain record type: Alleged witness' book.
This file created on: November 13, 2018
This file last updated on: November 13, 2018
Country of event: USA
State/Department: New Mexico
Type of location: In the desert.
Lighting conditions: Night
UFO observed: Yes
UFO arrival observed: Yes
UFO departure observed: N/A
UFO/Entity Relation: Certain
Witnesses numbers: 6
Witnesses ages: Not reported, young men.
Witnesses types: Aoung Native American men.
Photograph(s): No.
Witnesses drawing: No.
Witnesses-approved drawing: No.
Number of entities: 1
Type of entities: Humanoid
Entities height: Not reported.
Entities outfit type: Not reported.
Entities outfit color: Not reported.
Entities skin color: Not reported.
Entities body: Not reported.
Entities head: Big.
Entities eyes: Not reported.
Entities mouth: Not reported.
Entities nose: Not reported.
Entities feet: Not reported.
Entities arms: Not reported.
Entities fingers: Not reported.
Entities fingers number: Not reported.
Entities hair: Not reported.
Entities voice: Not reported.
Entities actions: Crashed in UFO, was recovered and helped.
Entities/witness interactions: Was helped after crash.
Witness(es) reactions: Observed, helped.
Witness(es) feelings: Not reported.
Witness(es) interpretation: Extraterrestrial visitors.
Explanation category: "Contactee" tall tale.
Explanation certainty: High.



US native American Robert Morning Sky published in the 2000's a video on the web, missing now, telling among other things of a "Facinating story of what happened to the beings from the crashed craft at 'Roswell' and much more!!!". It was also told in his two self-published books "Terra I" and "Terra II".

He said he knows the hidden history of Earth and man, and that Babylonian and Greek mythological legend are connected to extraterrestrial intervention that is still going on. He claims is the hidden history of Earth that American Indian leaders do not want him to speak about. But Robert not only released his books, but also went on the UFO lecture circuit.

He told about a personal experience of his grandfather beginning when his Grandfather went on a vision quest with five other men. One night a streak of light crossed the horizon hitting the ground and releasing a large flash. Baffled by this, the men decided to investigate.

So on August 13, 1947, in the New Mexico Desert, six young men including Robert's grandfather who had witnessed the streak of light come from the sky and a large flash at its impact. The men discovered the wreckage of twisted metal and charred desert brush. Within the wreckage, they found a silvery unconscious alien being, injured but alive. The youths decided to take the being back to there their camp before the military would inevitably arrive. They spent a long time nursing their visitor back to health, and named him "Star Elder". Using soups and fruits, they eventually revived the being. The being came to trust the men, and using a small crystal, he began to communicate. The being let the men know that what he was about to tell them would hurt their pride.

The being pointed out that their involvement with Earth was not always benevolent. And that man has been guided and misled, and they have been our gods and our devils. The being said there was a war in the skies above and enemy forces had downed his ship. The being claimed that a galactic war of conquest rages over our heads wherein Earth and man is the prize.

He said they call our galaxy Eridanus and claimed that kingdoms have risen and fallen here. Series of wars have engulfed the galaxy civilizations have prospered and fallen, no single empire has endured for long. There is a group of intergalactic conquerors who took over a crucial star lane. This passageway being a main thoroughfare for intergalactic travelers. As this regime concord new star systems, their power grew and heavy tolls and embargoes were charged to all who passed. The weapons used were described as light beams and sound waves powerful enough to disintegrate solid objects. This sound wave technology is also used to transport objects from one place to another. Part of their fleet included giant space crafts, these are planet size globes with full armaments much like the Death Star from star wars. Coincidentally this giant craft brought death and destruction everywhere it went.

Robert Morning Sky says that within Eridanus new solar system was being formed and the potential for untapped precious ores started a colonization effort. Independent settlements on many moons began thriving. Facilities to extract ores were constructed. The task of transforming the atmosphere to a more suitable environment was a tedious one. The production of heavy metals and the abundance of gold made the new solar system indispensable.

There was a short war and the original settlers were wiped out. Robert refers this battle to an ancient legend written on Babylonian clay tablet which describes a battle in the skies. It describes a battle in which a prince defeats a king and before the battle is over the prince bites the kings genitals. This I hope is symbolic for the kings sake.

The conquering regime began developing and building on new planets in this solar system. A genesis scientific center was built on one of the planets and terraforming efforts began with atmospheric conditioning to help reduce the poisonous levels of nitrogen in the air. And the release of carefully engineered plants and animals in to the environment. The most significant project undertaken by the regime at the center was the creation of hybrid creatures. The hybrids created here would forever change the things to come.

According to the story the hybrids were created in secrete at the center but the word got out that something significance had been created. These hybrids were created and bred for use in the labor fields. These creatures were strong and intelligence. The regime decided to breed these beasts to use. Careful planning and precise breeding schedules permitted certain beasts to mate, but only under the strictest supervision. It was part of the charter of how they would allow the creation and usage of these new animals. The creator of these beasts had his own ideas. And he secretly began his own alternative training program. Part of this program was to let them experience the pleasure of unsupervised sex, letting the beasts react from basic instincts and engage in the pleasure of intimacy. Soon the beasts behavior began to change, a disregard of established commands became clear. Any and all renegade creatures were severally punished and instantly thrown out into the wild. A new rule was imposed that every beast must attend an obedience lesson every seventh period. Strangely enough that sounds like our concept of Sabbath.

This goes on with an "underground rebel group of reptilian beings" who overthrew the regime forcing them out of the solar system. The genesis scientist left taking many of his followers and some of the beasts with him to the Pleaides star system. Once the takeover was complete the reptoids using mind altering techniques ordered the systematic alteration of the remaining beasts minds reprogramming them to hide to recollection of the takeover. The reptoids constructed huge towers which transmitted a cloud of electronic signals designed to keep the beasts in a fogged and docile state. Sounds much like the proven results that (ELF) extremely low frequency exhibit. The beasts (us, actually) continued every seventh day visits for obedience lessons. Doctrines which would support the new empire became dogma.

[Ref. bb1:] BETTY BLAND:

Robert Morning Sky is keeping his promise

Robert Morning Sky lives in Phoenix, Arizona. A professional fancy dancer and storyteller, he often gives demonstrations of traditional Native American dances in full costume at the beginning of his lectures. He will be speaking in the Northwest January 24-28. For information, call Light*House Promotions at (206) 764-1813 or (206) 228-3898 or your local Ticketmaster outlet.

Betty Bland, executive director of Light*House Promotions, lives and works in Seattle. She is also involved with producing the Ocean Shores Convergence, an annual Memorial weekend fair held in Ocean Shores, Washington. She may be reached at (206) 764-1813.

Robert Morning Sky’s Grandfather helped rescue an extraterrestrial from a crashed UFO in 1947 (shortly after the famous Roswell incident).

After the six young Native Americans found and pulled Star Elder from the crash, they hid him for several months in their desert camp while they nursed him back to health. Star Elder later told them about alien visitations to the earth over countless centuries.

Star Elder told them about the different races of star beings and the wars they had fought with one another. He told them of genetic scientists who created human life on earth by using their own DNA.

He related to them the ongoing power struggle between the descendants of these star beings who have ruled earth since before humans became civilized.

"I heard these stories as I grew up, never once disbelieving," he says. "In college, however, I found myself questioning the possibility that perhaps these stories might not be true. I thus enrolled in Religious Studies, an independent study program that would allow me an opportunity to research ancient records to try to prove or disprove the many stories of the Star Elder.

"In the late 1960’s, I submitted a thesis to my Religious Studies professor that summed up the three years of research on my part. I entitled it Terra: A Hidden History of Planet Earth. Within days, he had labeled it ’a work of blasphemy and outrage!’

"Having had no success in the academic field, I decided to contact UFO organizations and researchers. Their general response was to label the work ’the stuff of myth and legend of Native Americans, not suitable to the serious study of a scientific phenomena.’

"Circumstances have changed. My grandfather is gone, but not before he had elicited a promise from me to try once more to tell the story,"

Morning Sky says. His promise was to try for one year, and one year only.

Since February of 1995, Morning Sky has traveled almost constantly, mesmerizing audiences large and small from coast to coast with the information he painstakingly uncovered from ancient records. He speaks in living rooms, theaters, and in school auditoriums; on radio and TV shows, and in personal interviews: anywhere people will listen to him. He has quickly become a favorite speaker at expos and UFO conferences. His words resonate with truth, and people receive answers to far more questions than they could ever think to ask.

In light of his rapidly increasing acceptance and popularity, will he continue? Even he does not know.

"Do I want to continue? No. Will I keep on? I can honestly say that I do not know. But people are finally listening, and they may not allow me to quit. I just do not know.

"This one year has cost me my past life, it has cost me people that I care about. It ripped my heart out. Except for my wife and my daughter, the rest of my family has been ripped away from me. There is not a whole lot more they can do to me. I have lost everybody. I have lost my granddad. And that is why the people who are stepping forwarded to give me a hand are a blessing to me.

"What I am to show with all the information included in Terra Papers I and II, the Terra Documents, and in lectures and workshops is just what really is happening. I am saying, ’Look guys, here is the truth without our prejudice, without our experiences, without our beliefs. If you don’t know the truth, you can’t deal with your own destiny, your own free will. We need to know that we are being programmed and controlled.

I will be very honest. What I am talking about in the open is not even the tip of the iceberg. People say, ’ What are we going to do, what if there are extraterrestrials out there, and what do they want?’

My suggestion is always essentially,

’If you really want to do something, then you are going to have to assume responsibility for your life in toto—completely.’

That is scary. To grab hold of every single facet of your life is one of the scariest things there is.

"My grandfather found himself in the same situation that I do. He tried to tell people what is going on, but he couldn’t get them to listen. I tried, right after college, but I couldn’t get anyone to listen, either. I guess the time is now.

"Since 1947 we have been trying to talk about this and here is it almost 50 years later and I am now finally getting some measure of success. My granddad was very proud of that. He was in tears, and said, ’You know, somebody’s listening and you can’t turn away.’ And I said, ’Screw you! I’m the one who has to go out there and paint the target on his forehead!’ But I understand what he was saying.

"My Apache grandfather’s nickname was Dare-any [pronounced Dare-ah’-nee]. It means ’He is not afraid of anybody or anything.’ He is the one who helped rescue Star Elder. He had the passion; he had the guile; he had the endurance, the stamina, the ability, and he was afraid of no man and no thing. I was so proud of him. He was nuts. He was crazy. He was insane. I loved the guy. He had a ranch where any Indian could come and stay, anybody who needed a haven, a sanctuary, a time out.

To this day I believe my philosophy, my way of life is Hopi, and the spiritual is Hopi. But the living, the drama, the intensity, and the passion is very, very, Apache.

"Neither my grandfather nor I have ever wanted to stay ’in contact’ with the Star Elder. If we know where the Star Elder is, that obviously puts him in jeopardy. When it is necessary, he lets us know and he will appear at the right time and place. If I need to talk to him, I simply leave a sign and he contacts me. But the originator of the contact is always the Star Elder.

"If you were walking in the mall and Star Elder walked by you, you would not know he is an extraterrestrial. It is the Indian trick of you are out there, you are in the open, but they don’t see you. Yes, he’s made appearances. Yes, he has walked in the Canyonlands. He has walked in some of the big cities here. He has gotten around. He is out in the open, though, and he is very skillful at not being seen. Very skillful.

"His head is very large; out of proportion. You would probably look at him and think, ’What a queer little man,’ or ’Gee, he’s odd.’ But he is very, very humanoid.

"He probably thinks we are real beasts. We’ve got no class, we have no style. We’re monkeys with potential. Sometimes we are very cute; sometimes we are belligerent. We are as difficult for him to understand as he is for us. We have a lot of questions about him. He has the same curiosity, but his questions are obviously on a more galactic scale.

’Do you ever go to Mars?’ ’Does anyone do any dimensional shifting?’ ’Do you guys know how to shapeshift?’

"He interacts minimally with human beings because we are our own worst enemy. We are programmed to self-destruct. We are really not programmed to be open, to be aware; we are not taught to think. That is why I am doing all these things. I am trying to wake us up, trying to give us a chance. Star Elder’s primary mission is to undo the enemy system. And if in so doing he also creates or provides an opportunity for the beast to become wiser, to become aware, to become evolved, to become enhanced, that is icing on the cake; that is a secondary benefit.

I grew up with the stories, I have done the research, and I have paid my price. I am very proud of what I have done and, in his own way, Star Elder has said he is very proud of what I have done. I have exceeded expectations.

"However, one of the things that is most impressive to him is that I can go out there and say things that are sacrilegious, blasphemous, completely against the grain, and we have people stand up and say, ’I want to help.’

You guys don’t have contact with the Elder, you haven’t had the experience, but somehow, some way, you recognize the truth in what I am saying or you see the merit in what we are trying to do. To the Star Elder, that is impressive.

"This is not about me, it is about the fact that you guys - the rest of the planet - are doing things to help ourselves. That is the most impressive aspect of all this to the Star Elder and why he is encouraging me to continue.

"I am so proud of the overwhelming support I am receiving because it has nothing to do with me. It has to do with the fact that what I am saying others have thought. I think maybe the most common compliment I hear is, ’You know, I’ve been thinking that, I just didn’t know how to say it.’ It has to do with the fact that to people it’s making sense.

"We are getting phone calls from Germany, Japan, Australia, all over. We have been contacted by the TV programs Sightings and Unsolved Mysteries. We have been asked to do a tour in Europe. I am astounded at the response, that it is finally happening.

"I am sure the Star Elder is doing his own part, his own way, helping to make things happen. At the same time, whatever happens has to come from us. It can’t just be my effort, it has to be all of us.

"I am very fortunate that I have people helping me. But more than anything, having Dare-any for my Grandfather, having my wife and my daughter, being in contact with the Elder... I am very thankful. I am the luckiest man that ever lived.

The rewards are incredible and the lows are [laughs] on the other end of the scale."



Location. New Mexico Desert

Date: August 13 1947

Time: unknown

Six Native Americans discovered a still smoldering metallic disc shaped object that had apparently crashed in the desert. Inside they found an alien creature (not described) that was injured, but still alive. Hearing the approach of military troops, the men decided to keep the being from capture and care of him themselves. Taking him to their home, they found the being could communicate with them through a crystal device that conveyed images. The Indians called the being the "Star Elder".

HC addition # 2955

Source: Jim Marrs, Alien Agenda

Type: H?

Points to consider:

"Alien Agenda" by Jim Marrs, "Kennedy assassination expert", deals with UFOs and "government secrecy" based on the history of UFO reports. Marrs says the belief in UFOs is "a matter of mindsets", talks of alien contacts, metaphysics and almost occult stuff, and supports as "genuine" some proven hoaxes such as the Billy Meiers "UFO photographs."

Robert Morning Star's book "Terra I", sould you want to read his entirely silly claims, can be found at https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/esp_vida_alien_63.htm

I want to provide the statement the Hopi people published about crooks misrpresenting them:

"Over the years many individuals, both Hopi and non-Hopi, have purposely DISTORTED and EXPLOITED Hopi spirituality and the Hopi way of life to suit their OWN ends. The reasons for this misrepresentation vary as much as the people who engage in it. The most common motives, however, are NOTORIETY, PROFIT, or political manipulation. Irrespective of the intent, it all results in an unwanted INTRUSION by outsiders on the Hopi way of life.

Many, and perhaps most, Hopi people believe that religion is a PRIVATE matter and that there is already too much information available to non-Hopis about Hopi spirituality. A great deal of knowledge that may have been shared with guests as a courtesy or as privileged information, even in moments of undeserved trust, has been published. These published accounts, be they accurate or misleading, have been MISUSED to replicate Hopi ceremonies and spirituality for profit. In many cases, information has been ALTERED in a way that ignores any spiritual context and religious significance.

BEWARE of ANY INDIVIDUAL or organization USING THE HOPI NAME to promote spiritual workshops, seminars or other "religious" activities. It is NOT a Hopi value to try and convert non-Hopi people to Hopi religious beliefs or ways. And, sharing religious knowledge for profit is UNACCEPTABLE to most Hopi people.

Hopi religion is so complex that it is IMPOSSIBLE for any one Hopi, traditional group or political faction within Hopi, to know it entirely. Hopi culture and religion as a whole is multifaceted, but there are also variations from village to village, and much of the Hopi ceremonial cycle is secret even among the Hopi. Specific clans and societies are responsible for different aspects of the ceremonial cycle, which in its entirety, make a complimentary whole.

BEWARE, then, of any one person professing to be a traditional spokesperson for the Hopi or even a "traditional" Hopi. No one person can possibly speak for all Hopi people. Some who profess to do so do NOT practice the beliefs of Hopi religion or participate in its priesthoods."

Source: http://www.hopi.nsn.us/Pages/Culture/misrep.html

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"Contactee" tall tale.

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* = Source I checked.
? = Source I am told about but could not check yet. Help appreciated.

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