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URECAT is a formal catalog of UFO related entities sightings reports with the goal of providing quality information for accurate studies of the topic. Additional information, corrections and reviews are welcome at patrick.gross@inbox.com, please state if you wish to be credited for your contribution or not. The main page of the URECAT catalog is here.


Brief summary of the event and follow-up:

The newspaper Dagens Nyheter for January 22, 1934, in Sweden, reportedly told that the vicar of Langtrask claimed to have seen mysterious planes in the area during the two previous years, and that in the summer of 1933, these "ghost flyers" flew over the area a dozen time.

On one occasion one of these planes, a monoplan of greyish color, flying very low, let see that there were two people in its cockpit.

Much later, some ufologists called the alleged incident a close encounter of the third kind.

Basic information table:

Case number: URECAT-000929
Date of event: Summer 1933
Earliest report of event: January 22, 1934
Delay of report: Months
Witness reported via: Not known.
First alleged record by: Newspaper.
First certain record by: Ufology magazine FSR.
First alleged record type: Newspaper.
First certain record type: Ufology magazine.
This file created on: July 19, 2009
This file last updated on: July 19, 2009
Country of event: Sweden
State/Department: Norrbotten
Type of location: Not reported. Outside.
Lighting conditions: Not reported.
UFO observed: Airplane
UFO arrival observed: Yes
UFO departure observed: Not reported.
UFO/Entity Relation: Certain
Witnesses numbers: 1
Witnesses ages: Adult or aged.
Witnesses types: Vicar.
Photograph(s): No.
Witnesses drawing: No.
Witnesses-approved drawing: No.
Number of entities: 2
Type of entities: Human
Entities height: Not reported.
Entities outfit type: Not reported.
Entities outfit color: Not reported.
Entities skin color: Not reported.
Entities body: Not reported.
Entities head: Not reported.
Entities eyes: Not reported.
Entities mouth: Not reported.
Entities nose: Not reported.
Entities feet: Not reported.
Entities arms: Not reported.
Entities fingers: Not reported.
Entities fingers number: Not reported.
Entities hair: Not reported.
Entities voice: None heard.
Entities actions: Were in airplane cockpit.
Entities/witness interactions: None.
Witness(es) reactions: Observed, went.
Witness(es) feelings: Not reported.
Witness(es) interpretation: Not reported.
Explanation category: Ordinary airplane and crew.
Explanation certainty: High.



Albert Rosales indicates in his catalogue that in Langtrask, Sweden, on Summer 1933, at an unknown time, a witness observed a strange object resembling a "monoplane" descend over the area on several occasions. One time the object descended very close to the ground and two men were seen in the cabin.

Albert Rosales indicates that the source is Peter Rogerson, Mufob Vol. 6 # 1.

[Ref. js1:] JEAN SIDER:

The author indicates that in 1933, in the summer, in Pitea, Sweden, there was a close encounter of the third kind amidst a wave of unknown "aeroplanes" which broke on Scandinavia at the beginning of the 1930's, that had the shape of propeller planes, but were never identified, which did not carry any mark, figures, letters, symbols, color of nationality, etc.

Jean Sider indicates that their flight behavior, sometimes under the most terrible weather conditions, strongly indicates that they were UFOs which had taken the shape of the modest monoplanes and biplanes of the time.

He then quotes:

"The vicar of Langtrask claimed to have seen mysterious airplanes in the area during the two last years. Last summer, these ghost planes flew over the area a dozen time. On four occurrences an apparatus appeared at very low altitude, but no sign of identification was observed on its fuselage. Once, the apparatus flew at only a few meters of the ground. During a few seconds two people were seen in the cabin. The machine was a monoplane of greyish color. The vicar did not report his observation earlier because he believed that these incidents had been reported by the coastal population."

Jean Sider indicates that this some from "FSR, vol. 16, #4, July/August, 1970, p. 17, according to the Dagens Nyheter for January 22, 1934, according to a compilation by Mr. Ake Franzen, of Stockholm, who browsed the Press of the time in his country."

The author, not noticing that it is the same case, indicates as a separate case that in 1933, in the summer, in Langtrask, Sweden, there was a close encounter of the third kind reported by a witness who noticed a strange object of the monoplane type going down on the area on several occasions. In one of these flights at very low altitude, two men are seen in the cockpit.

The source is indicated as "Rosales, according to Peter Rogerson, Mufob, vol. 6, n° 1".

[Ref. ud1:] "UFODNA" WEBSITE:

The website indicates that in mid-1933 in Langtrask, Sweden, there were 12 reports of same UFO, and a "Close encounter with an unidentified craft and its occupants. One object was observed."

The sources are listed as "FSR, FSR (formerly Flying Saucer Review), FSR, London, 1966; Schoenherr, Luis, Computerized Catalog (N = 3173); Rogerson, Peter, World-Wide Catalog of Type 1 Reports."

Points to consider:

Ake Franzén (1936-1995) was an early member of Swedish UFO societies who became impassioned with whimsical UFO/contactees/Mothman books US author John Keel. When Franzen wrote to Keel in 1968, the latter replied that Franzén should visit some Stockholm library and scan through the newspapers for the 1930's where he would certainly also find the kinds of fantastic stories Keel found in the US.

Franzen enthusiastically did so, "but forgot to write down the exact details and to note the sources for the ghost flier stories he found and reported to Keel. Reprimanded for this by Keel, Ĺke was asked to return and take more careful notes. 'This is very, very, very important', Keel wrote. 'I do hope you will try to put aside your own conclusions and review those events objectively'. In another letter: 'I know that it is hard work to go through old newspapers and copy down these items but in the end it will prove more fruitful than going out and sitting on hilltops and waiting for the UFOs to land.' (Quoted from AFU at www.afu.info/orgfilesswufol.htm)

Franzen's newspaper articles translations became the raw material for a series of "ghost flier" articles in the Flying Saucer Review. His archive was put in order by Sussie Andersson and Anders Liljegren of the "Archive for UFO Research" (AFU) in Sweden.

The vicar of Langtrask obviously described an ordinary plane and its ordinary human crew.

Left: A Republic Sea Bea monoplan imported in Sweden in the 1930's.

Unmarked planes are not alien spaceship and not psychic materialization from another world. Planes very usually come out of the factories unmarked and are flown to be marked elsewhere.

List of issues:

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1 Data Medium July 19, 2009 Patrick Gross Patrick Gross Primary and secondary source missing. Help needed. Opened.


Ordinary airplane and crew.

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* = Source I checked.
? = Source I am told about but could not check yet. Help appreciated.

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