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URECAT is a formal catalog of UFO related entities sightings reports with the goal of providing quality information for accurate studies of the topic. Additional information, corrections and reviews are welcome at patrick.gross@inbox.com, please state if you wish to be credited for your contribution or not. The main page of the URECAT catalog is here.

Spring 1870, Aalen, Sor-Trondelag, Norway, a woman:

Brief summary of the event and follow-up:

Lars Lillevold is one of the first witnesses of the strange luminous phenomena in the valley of Hessdalen in Norway in the years 1980 and following.

He also informed that his grandmother, in the spring of the year 1870, had seen in Alen (Ålen, Aalen), not far in this country, something which she later described as being a flying object, and she also said that somebody on board this object had beckoned her.

Basic information table:

Case number: URECAT-000429
Date of event: Spring 1870
Earliest report of event: 1984
Delay of report: 114 years
Witness reported via: Not known.
First alleged record by: Ufology document.
First certain record by: Ufology catalogue.
First alleged record type: Ufology document.
First certain record type: Ufology catalogue.
This file created on: January 6, 2008
This file last updated on: January 6, 2008
Country of event: Norway
State/Department: Sor-Trondelag
Type of location: Not reported. Outside.
Lighting conditions: Not reported.
UFO observed: Yes
UFO arrival observed: Not reported.
UFO departure observed: Not reported.
UFO/Entity Relation: Certain
Witnesses numbers: 1
Witnesses ages: Not reported.
Witnesses types: Not reported. Woman.
Photograph(s): No. N/A.
Witnesses drawing: No.
Witnesses-approved drawing: No.
Number of entities: 1 or more
Type of entities: Human or humanoid
Entities height: Not reported.
Entities outfit type: Not reported.
Entities outfit color: Not reported.
Entities skin color: Not reported.
Entities body: Not reported.
Entities head: Not reported.
Entities eyes: Not reported.
Entities mouth: Not reported.
Entities nose: Not reported.
Entities feet: Not reported.
Entities arms: Not reported.
Entities fingers: Not reported.
Entities fingers number: Not reported.
Entities hair: Not reported.
Entities voice: None reported.
Entities actions: Is in UFO, beckons witness.
Entities/witness interactions: Beckons witness.
Witness(es) reactions: Observed, went.
Witness(es) feelings: Not reported.
Witness(es) interpretation: Not reported.
Explanation category: Possible montgolfier.
Explanation certainty: Medium.



The Norwegian ufologist indicates that in the Spring of 1870, in Alen, Lars Lillevold's grandmother saw something she later described as a flying object, and also stated that somebody in this object beckoned to her.

The ufologist comments that this may be the first CE-3 incident in Norway.

He indicates that the sources are Krogh, Hessdalsrapporten, 1984, page 11; Krogh, The Hessdalen Report, 1985, page 7; Krogh, The Hessdalen Report, 1990, page 7.


The Belgian ufologist indicates that in spring 1870 in Alen, Hesdallen, Norway, the grandmother of Lars Lillevold saw something strange that she later described as a flying object. She also observed somebody in this object, who made sign at her with the hand.

She indicates that the sources are HESSDALSRAPPORTEN., 1984, 11., THE HESSDALEN REPORT., 1985, 7. and THE HESSDALEN REPORT., 1971, 7, listing by Ole Jonny Braenne.

[Ref. jb1:] JEROME BEAU:

Jerome Beau indicates that in spring of 1870, in Ålen, Norway, the grandmother of Lars Lillevold saw something that she will describe later as a flying object. She also stated that somebody made signs at her from this object.

Jérôme Beau indicates that his sources are Krogh: Hessdalesrapporten, 1984, 11 The Hessdalen Report, 1985, 7 The Hessdalen Report, 1971.


The author notes that there was a sighting by Lars Lillevold's grandmother in 1870 in Alen, a locality close to the valley of Hessdalen. He specifies that Lars Lillevold was one of the first to report the presence of luminous balls in Hessdalen in 1981, and testified of this phenomenon many times in the years that followed.

[Ref. js1:] JEAN SIDER:

Jean Sider indicates that in the spring of 1870 in Alen in Norway a close encounter of the third kind occurred in which an old woman saw "some unspecified type" of flying machine moving at low altitude. There was a human form on this machine, who made a hand gesture at the witness, and there are no other quoted details.

Jean Sider indicates that the source is Albert Rosales, citing "Pre-1947 UFO-Type Incidents in Norway" by Norwegian ufologist Ole Jonny Braenne, 1992.

Jean Sider comments that ufologist Ole Jonny Braenne is known as a researcher of very good reputation.

Points to consider:

Albert Rosales does not list the case in his catalogue. Nothing tells that the woman was already an old person at the time of the sighting.

The lady speaks of no extraterrestrial beings neither of some weird creatures, she rather evokes a normal person making some probably conventional, human, beckoning.

Although the story is very old and probably not first hand, one can however note that the only human machines which could have flown there in 1870 would have been montgolfiers, from where a person can be indeed beckon someone on the ground.

Below: Balloons on Saint-Pierre square in Paris in September 1870.

Balloons in Paris, 1870

It so happens that for example among the hot air manned balloons used by besieged in Paris in 1870, one of them flew 800 miles to land... in the middle of Norway!

"The balloon flights persisted through October and into November, as the Prussian vise on Paris gradually tightened. Prussian artillery continued to pound the city. French authorities, alarmed by reports of a new enemy antiballoon gun, which was mounted on a swivel, decreed in late November that all subsequent balloon ascensions would take place under cover of night. Two aeronauts, flying in darkness and uncertain of their location, went on a 15-hour, 800-mile voyage across the North Sea; when they finally landed they found themselves, to their astonishment, in the snow-carpeted wilds of central Norway. The men were bearing a vital communiqué informing Gambetta and his commanders of a plan to break through the siege."

Source: "Paris Siege Balloon Information", web page at www.fiddlersgreen.net/AC/aircraft/Paris-Siege-Balloon/info/info.htm

List of issues:

Id: Topic: Severity: Date noted: Raised by: Noted by: Description: Proposal: Status:
1 Data Severe January 6, 2008 Patrick Gross Patrick Gross Sparse report, normal due to old date. Help needed. Opened.
2 Ufology Severe January 6, 2008 Patrick Gross Patrick Gross No known investigation report, possibility of hot air balloon not discussed. Help needed. Opened.


Possible montgolfier.

Sources references:

* = Source I checked.
? = Source I am told about but could not check yet. Help appreciated.

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