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Project Blue Book unexplained cases with witness names:

Copemish, Michigan, July 7, 1961:

Blue Book case number: 7491.

Witness: waitress Nannette Hilley.

One large ball flew slow, split into four after 45 minutes. Four flew close formation, descended and flew away to the west. Total sighting lasted 1 hour.


TIME/PLACE OF SIGHTING: July 7, 1961 at 11:00 p.m. local time/Copemish, Michigan.

DURATION: One hour intermittently.


TYPE OF OBSERVER: Not given, except that observer was a civilian.

NUMBER OF OBJECTS: First one, then four.


SHAPE: Spheroidal.

DIMENSIONS: First appeared large as a basketball, then reduced to baseball-size.

COLOR: Bluish to red.

SOUND: None.

ALTITUDE. Appeared to be very high.

SPEED: Very Slow.

TACTICS: First noticed as a single object, large and round as a basketball! 45 minutes later it split into four objects each round and small as a baseball; the four objects, or colored lights, stayed in close formation as they settled down low behind the treetops and disappeared; their course was varied.

COMMENT: No known aircraft were operating in the area at the time of the sighting and the movement of the UFOs was too slow to be anything conventionally known as aircraft. If the objects were actually the running lights of a helicopter, the 'copter would have had to be hovering with a slow drift over a period of two hours, which is unlikely.



See also here, on of the witness has the same name, it may be the same case with a wrong date.

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