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Project Blue Book unexplained cases:

Ellenton, South Carolina, May 10, 1952:

Blue Book case number: 1198.

Project Blue Book lists this sighting as "unidentified."

May 10, 1952, Ellenton, South Carolina. 10:45 p.m:

Witnesses: 4 duPont employees at the Savannah River nuclear plant.

Up to four yellow, disc-shaped objects were seen on five occasions between 10:45 and shortly after 11:15.


At approximately 10:45 PM, May 10, four employees of Dupont Co., employed on the Savannah River plant near Ellington, S.C., saw 4 disc shaped objects approaching the 400 area from the south, disappearing in a northerly direction. At approximately 11:05 PM, above mentioned employees saw two similar objects approach from south and disappear in northerly direction. At approximately 11:10 PM one similar object approached from the northeast and disappeared in southwesterly direction. One more object sighted about 11:15 PM travelling from south to north. Employees described objects as being about 15 inches in diameter having yellow to gold color. All of these other objects were travelling at high rate of speed at high altitude without any noise. The object which approached the 400 area from the (northeast) was travelling at altitude so low it had to rise to pass over some tall tanks in 400 area. This object was also flying a high rate of speed and noiseless. Witnesses stated observed objects weaving from left to (right) but seemed to hold general course. Also stated due to speed and altitude they were only visible for few seconds.


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