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Project Blue Book unexplained cases:

Meridian, Mississippi, USA, July 10, 1967

One of the very last cases reported to Bluebook that was labeled as unidentified occurred in Meridian, Mississippi, July 10, 1967.

Blue Book case number: 11869.

Project Blue Book lists this sighting as "unknown."

Harold Washington, a former military officer of the US Marine Corps who was a golf professional, was driving near Lizelia, south of the town of Meridian, Mississippi, USA, at 05:50 p.m. on July 10, 1967.

There, unexpectedly, his car motor stopped and his radio faded. Washington got out and started to check the car's engine.

He then saw an object of "excessive size" pass forward of his position "and perhaps two to three hundred feet over" his head.

The object was silent except for a sound like the "rushing of an extreme wind" and it was moving to the east. Washington first thought the object was about to crash.

But just before the object reached a group of nearby trees, it tilted upward, and he could see the top, which was colored "like the bluing of a good weapon." It then turned right and accelerated at great speed straight up into the low layer of clouds.

He described the object as being "like a cymbal on a drum set and was a dirty metallic gray in color on the underside." He saw no portholes or hatches and said that its length, "could be compared with the length of a house."

Washington was not sure who may be interested in a report, but he felt that it should be sent to someone in the US Government, so he forwarded it to a friend in the Naval Intelligence. The Air Force eventually received it and began an investigation.

They were impressed with Washington as a witness as he was a former military officer who had received a great deal of training. After extensive research and interviews the Air Force concluded that what he saw is not identified. This was one of the last reports to receive this conclusion after a Bluebook investigation.

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