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ALSACAT is my comprehensive catalog of UFO sighting reports in Alsace, the region is the North-East of France, whether they are "explained" or "unexplained".

The ALSACAT catalog is made of case files with a case number, summary, quantitative information (date, location, number of witnesses...), classifications, all sources mentioning the case with their references, a discussion of the case in order to evaluate its causes, and a history of the changes made to the file. A general index and thematic sub-catalogs give access to these Alsatian case files.

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Case of Eschbach, on March 30, 2009:

Case number:



The French GEIPAN, a group within the CNES (National Space Studies Center) officially in charge of studying and informing about "Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena", published their documents on an observation reported on 31 March 2009 by the witness, who filled in their official form, with its free narrative part and by answering the questions of the form. The summarized content is as follows:

The witness is a 22-year-old mathematician who teaches this matter in high school. He follows or followed preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles, he obtained or prepares a bachelor's degree in mathematics, and a master's degree in fundamental mathematics.

On March 30, 2009, at 11:40 a.m. more or less 5 minutes, before the meal at his girlfriend's home in Eschbach in the Lower Rhine, a village on a hill, he was walking his dog on the road near houses, and for some minutes had heard sounds of fighter planes. In the clear and blue sky, he was able to see two fighter jets, apparently doing classic drills, moving away and then confronting front-to-front, with their contrails visible.

He suddenly heard a strange sound, metallic and quite indescribable. He first thought of a sound of sheet metal, evokes a noise similar to that of fighter planes, but the noise became lower pitched. He says he had never heard such a noise previously.

He looked at the jet fighters again for a few seconds; as they seemed to be chasing something. At that moment, he saw a sphere of a pale gray, almost gray - white, apparently at the same altitude as the planes, larger than the planes' apparent size, floating motionless. The jets were no longer visible. He stared at the sphere absolutely motionless in the sky. He watched it for about 5 seconds, then it disappeared for 5 seconds, then reappeared exactly at the same place, clearly visible in the sky, then disappeared again after 10 seconds. The sun was behind the witness, who says he does not need to wear glasses.

The sphere had fuzzy outlines, but its "inside" was pretty clear. It was opaque, except at the time of the disappearances, which was done in a fast "fading" fashion. The lower part, facing the ground, was less visible; it was as if lit from above by the sun, with a "dull luminosity", its clarity was of the "moon in full day" type. No structural details were seen.

The sphere was, according to his estimate, at an elevation of 50 to 60°. According to the orientation of the street where he was on a map, the sphere was probably to the northwest of his position, at maybe several kilometers from him.

He thinks that in real size, the object had a diameter of 10 or 15 meters, or maybe more. In apparent size, he estimates that it would be of the order of a tennis ball at a distance of 10 meters.

His first impression when he saw the ball was that of a parachute, because a "slice" of a circle was visible, of the shape of a parachute, but the facts that it remained motionless, that it seemed of metallic color, that it disappeared and reappeared, made him change his mind.

He did not remember exactly when the strange noise stopped. He remembers that after the observation, he heard neither the strange noise nor the sound of fighter planes.

At the second disappearance of the sphere, he became very frightened, panicked, and hurried back to his girlfriend's.

It was only minutes after this observation that the idea that it could be a UFO came to his mind. He did not know at all what it was, and realized later that for long minutes, he had not tried to think about what it could be.

He had his mobile phone on him, with camera and video camera, but he did not have the reflex to use it because he was completely hypnotized by the observation.

He dismissed the hypothesis of the Iridium flash - a reflection of the sun on a satellite - because it was not brilliant and much too big. He dismissed the idea that it was a plane because it was really spherical and bigger than the planes. He still thinks about the possibility of a weather balloon, but he does not know how to decide about this. He expressed the idea that there would be a very high probability that his observation would be that of a weather balloon, or that it would be a strange reflection of one of the fighter planes, but the weird noise prompted him to make his report to GEIPAN.

The GEIPAN finds the correlation between the evoked noise and the observation weak, indicates that the air navigation data are not available, evokes military maneuvers or "aerial movements", notes that the observation was made in the axis from the runway of the nearby air base and it is common for military planes to "check" on flying objects in their airspace.

The GEIPAN concluded that, in the absence of thorough investigation, the case, which is not very consistent and not of high strangeness, is to be put in the "C" category.


Temporal data:

Date: March 30, 2009
Time: ~11:50 a.m.
Duration: ~20 seconds.
First known report date: March 31, 2009
Reporting delay: 1 day.

Geographical data:

Department: Haut-Rhin
City: Eschbach
Place: Walking in a street in Eschbach, UFO in the sky.
Latitude: 48.874
Longitude: 7.737
Uncertainty radius: 1 km

Witnesses data:

Number of alleged witnesses: 1
Number of known witnesses: 1
Number of named witnesses: 1
Witness(es) ages: 22
Witness(es) types: Man, mathematics student and teacher

Ufology data:

Reporting channel: Official report by GEIPAN report form.
Type of location: Walking in a village street, UFO in the sky.
Visibility conditions: Day, blue sky.
UFO observed: Yes
UFO arrival observed: Uncertain.
UFO departure observed: Uncertain.
Entities: No
Photographs: No.
Sketch(s) by witness(es): No.
Sketch(es) approved by witness(es): No.
Witness(es) feelings: Puzzled, frightened.
Witnesses interpretation: Not Iridium, maybe balloon.


Hynek: DD
ALSACAT: Unidentified.



ESCHBACH (67) 03/30/2009
Observed on: 03/30/2009
Region: Alsace
Department: Rhin (Bas)
Class: C
Summary: Observation of an immobile sphere in the sky. Deaf metallic sound heard just before the sighting.

On March 30, 2009, at 11:50 a.m., a witness observed the presence in the sky of fighter planes. Suddenly a dull metallic noise is heard. The witness then sees a metallic gray-white sphere stationary in the sky. The size is bigger than the planes. This sphere disappears to reappear a few seconds later. The frightened witness then returns home.

This observation of 2009 poorly documented was submitted late to analysis of the panel of experts working with GEIPAN.

The correlation between the noise evoked by the witness and the observation is not obvious. The air navigation data are not available (military maneuvers? Air movements? ...) although the observation was made in the runway axis of the nearby air base and it is common that military aircraft go out 'check' flying objects in their airspace.

In the absence of a thorough investigation, this case, which is not very consistent and without strangeness, is classified in category "C".

Report: None.

Details of the testimony
Date of the observation 03/30/2009
Document number
Age Adult (more than 18)
Profession Students
Sex Male
Reaction Passive Curiosity; Fright
Environment Departemental ways,Roads;Country
Weather conditions Clear Sky
Hour of the observation Numbered: 10 - 12 o'clock
Reference frame Sky or clouds
Distance between phenomenon and witness Far distant (more than 1 km)
Start of the observation Start of observation by witness
End of the observation End of observation by witness
Angle of site Numbered; Not-specified
Direction of observation Northwest
Heading None
Trajectory Motionless; Motionless
Nature of the observation Other
Characteristic of the observation Unique
Global shape Round, circular, ball
Color White (light);Other (other colors)
Apparent size Numbered
Apparent speed Null
Noise Deaf sound
Effect on the environment Not-specified
Number 1






Responsible: YVAN BLANC


As part of the expertise activity of unidentified aerospace phenomena at CNES, GEIPAN works to collect, analyze and rigorously study the testimonies gathered during UAP observations (1), all while guaranteeing to witnesses the level of discretion that they wish.

The rigor of the scientific approach requires us to gather the most accurate, complete and detailed information possible, with a minimum of intermediaries. This means that the best information document is one that is freely written by the witness himself, all independently.

This is the purpose of this questionnaire, which begins with a free narrative of the observation and continues with a list of more specific questions. It is important to start by writing freely all the memories preserved during this observation and this, before passing through the questionnaire.

We then ask you to complete this questionnaire as completely as possible (however, you can skip questions that you could not or would not answer). If your writing reminds you of memories or inspires comments, we invite you to fill in the final pages provided for this purpose.

It is essential that the entire questionnaire (27 pages) be returned to us, even if some sections are not completed. It will then be studied with the other documents dealing with the same phenomenon.

The conclusions that we may have drawn from this case of observation, will subsequently be accessible via our website under the heading "Case Search".

We thank you in advance for the contribution you make to our work.

Head of GEIPAN

(1) UAP: Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena




This page and the following ones are intended to be used to write in all independence the narration of your observation.

You are completely free of the form, background and duration of your story (you can add additional pages if necessary).

However, if you feel that you have already made such narration in writing (in previous correspondence, for example), report it and proceed with the questionnaire.

While walking my dog, one heard for a few minutes already fighter planes. The sky was very clear, blue. At one point I was able to see the jet fighters, which apparently were doing classic drill (move away then face-to-face) with apparent trails. Suddenly, a strange noise, metallic and quite indescribable (at first I thought of sheet metal, but the noise became lower-pitched) that I had never heard until now was heard. I looked at the fighter planes again, and they seemed to be pursuing something. It was at this moment that I saw a gray / white sphere, apparently at the same altitude as the planes, which floated fixedly without moving, but no more planes. I stared at it for about twenty seconds, it was absolutely motionless in the sky and was larger than the apparent diameter of the planes. I first saw it for about 5 seconds, then it disappeared for 5 seconds and reappeared again exactly in the same place in the sky. I did not pay attention to the moment when the strange noise stopped (I was really frightened, I hurried back home after this sighting) but I remember that after the observation I did no longer hear either the strange noise or the sound of the fighter planes. My first impression when I saw the ball was that of a parachute (a "slice" of a circle was visible, of the form of a parachute) but the fact that it remains fixed and that it seemed of of metallic color undermined my impression.

To be honest, it was only minutes after the observation that I considered it to be a UFO. I did not know at all what it was, and now I realize that for long minutes I did not try to think about what it could be. I dismissed the hypothesis of the iridium flash, it was not brilliant but really floating, and much too big, like that of the fighter planes: it was really spherical and bigger than the planes. I still have the balloon hypothesis, but I do not know how to decide this question. Note that I had my cell phone on me, with camera and video camera, but I absolutely did not have the reflex to take it out, I was completely hypnotized by the observation.

Narration Continued:


Continuation and end of storytelling:

We ask that you provide us with a certain amount of information on the circumstances and the content of your observation, by answering the questionnaire that follows.

This is for you to report what you have personally done, seen, heard, felt, felt, etc., regardless of what other people (whether or not participating in the same observation) were able to tell you or suggest to you, at that time or thereafter.

If some questions seem inappropriate or embarrass you for one reason or another, you may of course not answer them. In any case, CNES is committed to respecting the level of discretion you desire.



Indicate the precise date and time of the beginning and end of your observation. Indicate if possible, if it is civil, solar, astronomical or other time... Give the precision of the indications provided (for example "to a day close", or "7 o'clock more or less 15 min", etc...

Date of the observation: 30th of March 2009

Start time of observation: 11h50 (More or less 5 minutes)

End of observation time: 11h51 (More or less 5 minutes)

Where were you at the time of observation? Be as specific as possible. If you traveled during the observation, indicate the position at the beginning of the observation, the type of movement (on foot, by plane, car, etc...), the direction and approximate speed of your trip, there were several phases of displacements (stops and repeated departures, ...):



On foot and still, gaze fixed on the phenomenon. In Eschbach (67).

Indicate the meteorological conditions at the time of the observation: presence of clouds (description), wind (force), temperature (with what precision), precipitation (light snow, driving rain, ...), possible storm, etc... If there was change of these weather conditions shortly before, during or shortly after the observation, indicate it:

Blue sky very clear and very clear, rare white clouds, but not near the observed object.

Indicate the mode of relief (mountainous, hilly, for example) where you were and the type of soil (sandy, rocky, or other ...), type of habitat (in town, in a field near a village, near an isolated farm or away from any home, ...):

Hilly terrain, paved ground (road), village of a few hundred inhabitants.

Indicate if necessary, the presence of constructions or installations with technical function: for example production of energy (power plant, thermal, nuclear or other ...) or raw material (mine, quarry, ...), transport of energy (low, medium or high voltage power lines) or materials (SNCF lines, airports, major roads, rivers, canals, ...), or energy consumption (factory of this or that type, ...) or any another element that it would seem useful to point out. Indicate where this facility was located in relation to your observation location and if it was active:

Drachenbronn Air Force Base (67) a few kilometers away, Haguenau Airfield (67) a few kilometers away. Near the Rhine.


Was there good visibility in the area of your observation?
For example, report if you were in a dwelling, or in front of high mountains nearby, far away or surrounded by buildings, or any other reason that could have limited your visibility in the direction or depth:

The village is on a hill, so good visibility, but I was on a road, close to houses, but the UAP was clearly visible from my position.

Was there, at the time of your observation, one or more known phenomena (natural or artificial) in a direction close to that of the unidentified phenomenon? (For example: the sun, the moon, stars, planets, meteorites, planes, helicopters, cars, or other ...). If yes, indicate which ones and the relative position of the unidentified phenomenon in relation to them:

2 fighter planes around the phenomenon. The sun was behind me.

Were there sources of noise known at the time of observation? (For example, conversations, aircraft or car engines, electric motors, ...). These noises were they intense, permanent?:

Intense sounds of fighter aircraft accompanied just before and perhaps during the observation of a similar noise but much more metallic and deaf.

Was information used at the time of the observation? (For example: did you observe visually behind a window, possibly tinged - what color? -, did you wear glasses - what type? - do you usually wear it ?, did you use a


optical instrument? (binocular, telescope, ...) or a camera (camera, video camera, ...) ?:

I do not wear glasses, and I observed with the naked eye, from sight, without glass between the observation and me.

Were measurement and / or recording instruments, to your knowledge, in operation at the time of the observation? (radar, magnetic detector, radio, ...). Did they detect anything abnormal at the time of the observation (some time before, during or some time after) ?:

No idea.


This part of the questionnaire is intended to help us better understand the circumstances in which the observation was made, the state of preparation or unpreparedness, of the witness vis-à-vis his observation.

Age: 22 years old

Occupation (if you have (had) several successive occupations, indicate them): Student / Secondary School Teacher.

What type of training did you have during your studies? (for example: primary, secondary, higher education, literature, language, physics, chemistry, medicine, etc.) ?:

Preparatory classes for grandes écoles, bachelor of mathematics, master of fundamental mathematics.

What was your occupation at the precise moment of the beginning of your observation?
(For example: were you alone? Did you go for a walk after eating? Did you go to work? Alone in your car? Or, accompanied by a colleague, did you chat? On what subject? Or any other possibility ...). Be as specific and detailed as possible:

I was walking my dog before the meal, in the village of my girlfriend.

What was your FIRST idea of what you were observing?
Have you thought of a known phenomenon? If so, which one?
When and why did you give up this interpretation?

My first idea was that of a parachute. But the fact that the object seems bigger than the fighter jets sighted a few seconds earlier, that it appears gray / metallic white, that it


stayed absolutely still, that it disappeared a few seconds then reappeared as well as the noise made me give up this interpretation.

Before your observation, what interest do you have in this kind of (unidentified) phenomena?
Did you have a clear opinion on this? Which? What were your reasons for this opinion?

I am curious about the UFO phenomenon, because of its unreasonable size. I believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life, but not necessarily in the existence of advanced civilizations, let alone in making contact with them. However, I have always thought that this hypothesis was conceivable and possible.

Has this opinion been modified by your observation? If so, how would you formulate it now?

My opinion remains unchanged. I know that there are a lot of natural phenomena still unexplained by science (starting with the storm, which we know how to work, but we still do not know how it can be triggered, whereas theoretically the differences of tension should not be enough, or sprites). I also know that there is a very high probability that my observation is that of a weather balloon, or a strange reflection of a fighter jet, but the noise made me think that maybe I should testify to ceipan [sic]. In any case, I still believe in the possibility of the existence of UFO, but not much more than before. I am not convinced.

Who did you talk to first about your observation? How did your interlocutors react?

I did not tell anyone.

If a person doubted the reality of your observation, what would you answer?

That he is right, but that everything is possible.

What kind of extra professional activity do you like to practice? (For example: DIY, gardening, sports - which -, reading, music or other ...)?

Reading, mathematics, video games, music.

What kind of books do you prefer to read (for example: adventure novels, romance novels, police novels, philosophical essays, popular science books, etc.)?

Scientific works (mathematics), science fiction novels, novels, scientific magazines (for science, etc.)

Have these extra professional activities or readings been modified by your observation?


Do you think that the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations would be incompatible with the commonly accepted ideas about the destiny of man over his role on Earth?

With the commonly accepted ideas, no doubt.

Do you think it is incompatible with the teaching of the churches, with the role of God in the creation of the world?


Obviously, but I am very far from all that. I am baptized but atheist.

Do you think Science will fully understand the Universe? If you do not think so, explain why. Do you think Science can explain your observation? Will it, in your opinion, explain all the unidentified aerospace phenomena?



How did you realize the presence of the phenomenon? (For example: a noise caught your eye, or a light appeared in your field of vision, or you accidentally came across and saw the light, or other circumstance (s):

The thud caught my attention. I looked for fighter planes; which I observed for a few seconds and it was there that the observation described in the narration began.

What was the initial direction in which the phenomenon was located? Indicate if possible this direction in relation to the North on the graph below. If not, indicate this direction in relation to objects (village, house, intersection, ...) fixed in the landscape. If your memories are not very precise on this subject, indicate the vagueness (for example: probably to the North-East):

According to the map of the village and the orientation of the street in which I was, the phenomenon was north west of my position.

Do you remember how high in the sky the phenomenon was initially?
Indicate if possible this height on the graph attached:

Between 50 and 60 ° I would say.

Did the phenomenon manifest itself at one time or another in front of a known object, far from you from a known distance: for example, in front of a house, trees, hills, mountains or other...?

If so, how far was this known object?


At the same level as the fighter planes. Probably a few kilometers in Euclidean distance.

What was the minimum distance separating you from the phenomenon during your observation?
How accurate is your estimate?
(For example: minimum distance between 100 and 200 meters, ...):

A few kilometers.

What was the estimated duration of your observation? What do you think is the precision of this estimate? (For example: 10 minutes to 3 minutes, ...):

5 seconds then 10 seconds (approximately)

What stopped your observation?

And, how did the phenomenon behave when you stopped watching it? Be as specific as possible: for example, "I continued my path while the phenomenon remained motionless in such a direction, at such an approximate distance," or "the phenomenon moved rapidly in such a direction, fading in 'darkness and when it had disappeared, I was going to bed,' or the luminous phenomenon was extinguished at once, 'or any other description of the circumstances:

The second time that the phenomenon disappeared, I was panicked and started to go back to my girlfriend, with quick steps.



Some phenomena are complex and give rise to the observation of several visible forms, either simultaneously or successively. The visible forms can be of the same type or of different types. The questionnaire is designed to describe separately and in detail each type of visible form, to indicate how many visible forms of each type have been observed, and to describe the relative changes in the time and space of these forms.

Each type of visible form must therefore be first described in detail as if it were alone. In particular, if there is a change of appearance, each phase of the change will first be described independently of those which follow or which precede.

1st type of visible form

Description of the trajectory (for example: motionless with sudden departure, or rectilinear, or spiral uphill towards the South, or in a circle, vertically of such village). You can possibly use the graph below to draw the evolution:

Still, from beginning to end.

Type of speed (for example: regular, or with rapid acceleration, or sudden changes, or other ...):

Specify the type of sharpness of the outline (for example: very sharp outline, or vague, vague, or other ...):

Unclear contours, but rather clean interior.

Type of transparency (for example: transparent or translucent shape, or opaque, or other ...):

Opaque, except at the time of disappearances (fast "fading" type).

Type of shape: for example regular shape (compared to a simple geometrical shape) or complex (be detailed but if you are not sure of yourself or if your memories are not precise enough, say it: for example, remember too much imprecise, or I'm not sure).

Possibly, make a sketch:

spherical, but lower part (towards the ground) less visible, moon-like clarity, as illuminated from above (by the sun)


Describe the color (green, blue, red, ocher, white, ...) if there are several colors in the same shape, specify them by indicating their positions and relative intensities. If necessary, use a drawing:

Light gray metallic, almost white / gray

Indicate the brightness (for example: intense brightness, or as bright as the sun, or little contrast on the background of the sky, or other ...) Indicate, if you noticed, if this brightness created a shadow or not:

Upper part: matt luminosity, clearly visible. Not 100% but enough.

Lower part: pale type "moon in daylight"

If you have noticed, indicate if this visible form made noise (for example, silent luminous form or accompanied by a shrill noise, or I do not remember, ...):

deaf metal noise, similar to fighter jets. At first sheet noise, just before the appearance, then noise more dull.

In the phase being described, did the phenomenon resemble a known object? If yes which? Did it look like a little or a lot? (For example, looked a bit like the moon, or a lot like a rugby ball ...):

It sounds stupid, but looks like the star of Star Wars, a lot smaller. Not at the level of the details of the surface, but of the form and the "luminosity" (clear at the top, pale at the bottom)

Have you discerned details around the visible form?

If yes, which ones? (For example: no discernible external details, or there were rays or beams of light to the ground or to the ground, or a trail of light, or other ...)

Possibly, help with a drawing:

None around.

Have you discerned details ON the visible form?

If yes, which ones? (For example, there were no specific details, or there were dark strips parallel to each other, or there were four evenly spaced round or square spots of light yellow color, or other ...)

Possibly, help with a drawing:

No clear details.

Can you estimate the size of this visible shape by designating a known object and indicating how far it would be the same size as the visible shape? (for example, a car at 100m, or, a tennis ball at 10m, or other comparison ...):


1 seule

In actual size, I think the object had a wingspan of 10-15m, maybe more. For the order of magnitude in apparent size, I would say a tennis ball at 10m yes, no doubt.

During the observation, were there several forms of the same type as the one just described? If yes how much?:

Only 1


2nd type of visible form

If applicable, repeat all the questions asked for the first type (pages 14 to 17) and answer them in the same order, in the following box:


3rd type of visible form

If applicable, repeat all the questions asked for the first type (pages 14 to 17) and answer them in the same order, in the following box:

If there were several forms visible during the observation, describe in detail their relative changes: for example, a type 1 form and two type 2 forms appeared side by side and disappeared at the same time, or Well, a type 1 form appeared for 2 minutes and then transformed on the spot into a type 2 form that disappeared after 3 minutes, or any other evolution you would have observed ...:


You will now describe the effects of the phenomenon on the environment, if there were any.

The environment here refers to the soil, vegetation, animals, humans, as well as electrical systems, machines, engines, etc... The effects themselves can be physical strictly speaking, or physiological or d psychological order (effects on behavior).

Have there been any transient effects (i.e. disappearing with the phenomenon)? Which?:

Not that I know.

Have there been lasting effects (i.e. that persist significantly after the disappearance of the phenomenon)? If yes, which ones?:

Are there aspects of the observation that were not mentioned in the questionnaire? If yes, describe them:



Your coordinates:

Name: First name:


Telephone number: Cellphone:

Internet address:


Were there other witnesses to your observation? If yes, indicate their possible links (familiar, professional, or other ...) with you. If possible, give their names, addresses and telephone numbers:

I do not know. I ran into someone to get in, but I do not know if he noticed the phenomenon.

What level of discretion do you want us to keep from your testimony?

(For example: "never speak about the content of your observation", or "quote without specifying the date, place and name of the witness", or "mentioning the date and place but not the name of the witness" , or any other solution that suits you:

I would like my name and my name to be made anonymous.

The questionnaire is now complete. Please return it in full (27 pages in total), even if some sections are not completed.

Please read carefully as a whole (narration and questions), because it is possible that after this reading, you want to complete the free narration written previously or comment on the questionnaire.

You can use the following page to make any comments, or make any clarification that you think is useful.

We thank you for your contribution.

Date: March 31, 2009


- Complementary part (continuation and end) -




- Complementary part (continuation and end) -


30/30/2009 - 11:50 - Bas-rhin (67) - Grey/white sphere


Date: 03/30/2009

Hour: about 11:50

Duration: 5 seconds, then about 10 seconds


Place: In the street, while walking my dog

City: Eschbach (67) - Near Haguenau (67)

Department: Bas-Rhin (67)

Context: While walking my dog, one heard since a few minutes ago already fighter planes. The sky was very clear, blue. At one point I was able to see the fighter planes, which apparently did classic exercises (move away then face-to-face) with apparent streaks. Suddenly, a strange noise, metallic and quite indescribable (at first I thought of sheet metal, but the noise became lower) that I had never heard until now was heard. I looked at the fighter planes again, and they seemed to be pursuing something. It was at this moment that I saw a gray / white sphere, apparently at the same altitude as the planes; which floated fixedly without moving, but not the planes anymore. I stared at it for about twenty seconds, it was absolutely motionless in the sky and was larger than the planes in apparent diameter. I first saw it for about 5 seconds, then it disappeared for 5 seconds and reappeared again exactly in the same place in the sky. I did not pay attention to the moment when the strange noise stopped (I was really frightened, I hurried back home after this sighting) but I remember that after the observation I did no longer heard neither the strange noise nor the sound of the fighter planes. My first impression when I saw the ball was that of a parachute (a "slice" of circle was visible, the shape of a parachute) but the fact that it remains fixed and that it seemed of metallic color cut my impression.

To be honest, it was only minutes after the observation that I considered it to be a UFO. I did not know at all what it was, and now I realize that for long minutes I did not try to think about what it could be. I dismissed the hypothesis of the iridium flash, it was not brilliant but really floating, and much too big, as well as that of the fighter planes: it was really spherical and bigger than the planes. I still have the balloon hypothesis, but I do not know how to decide this question.

Note that I had my cellphone on me, with camera and motion camera, but I absolutely did not have the reflex to take it out, I was completely hypnotized by the observation.


Climate conditions: clear weather, blue sky, rare white clouds.

Temperature: 15°C I think

Barometry: no idea

Direction of the wind: Quite weak wind in altitude, no idea otherwis.


In which direction did you see the phenomenon? Northwest (google maps:

Angular height of the phenomenon? in degrees (°); I would say about 60 degrees

Altitude of the phenomenon? The same altitude as the jet fighters, they could be clearly distinguished with the naked eye, so I do not know, but you should have an idea.

Distance between you and the phenomenon? A few kilometers I think

Point of reference in the landscape at the place of observation? Roofs of houses


Size of the estimated phenomenon: Actual diameter I think 10-15m

Size of the phenomenon from your position (size at arm's length): about 1cm

Size comparison:


Number of witnesses: 1 (While walking back home, I saw a person in his garden, but I did not ask him if she had observed anything)

Color(s) of the phenomenon: metallic gray, white reflections

Bright, matt: Matt

If presence of light, was it fixed, flashing or dimming (single or pulsed)? No light.

Shape of the phenomenon? Spherical

Nature of the phenomenon? Metallic

Fixed or mobile phenomenon? Fixed

If fixed, was it stable, pivoting on itself and / or unstable at the level of the plate (horizontal plane) or on the vertical plane? Stable

If mobile, estimate the speed of the phenomenon.

If mobile, estimate the direction of movement. North to South or Northeast to Southwest.

If mobile, phenomenon on rectilinear trajectory, broken, curved, zig-zag, etc?

If mobile, phenomenon on rising, descending, horizontal trajectory, in "roller coaster"?

If mobile, specify other movements such as U-turns, vertical loops, etc.

Noisy or silent phenomenon? Specify. Noisy, dull metallic noise, lower than that of the fighter planes, and very strange, this noise really scared me, I had never heard it before.

Odorless or odorless phenomenon? Specify. No.

Describe how appeared or how you saw the phenomenon at the beginning of the observation. See my presentation at the beginning.

Describe how disappeared or how did you lose sight of the phenomenon? Disappeared in a kind of fast fading effect.

Specify if you have not been able to follow your observation to completion for different reasons.

How far from your home is the military air base, airport or nearest aerodrome located? Drachenbronn base (20km?), Haguenau aerodrome (10km)


Did you report your observation to the gendarmerie? No.

Have you reported your sighting to other organizations or associations? No.

Have you ever witnessed a similar observation in the past? Or an observation of another aerial phenomenon? No.

Age: 22 years old

Sex: Man

Socio-professional category or profession: Teacher (mathematics)

Do you follow a heavy medical treatment that can influence your sensory perception? Psycho-stimulant: modiodal

Have people in your family witnessed other comparable phenomena? No.

Have people around you witnessed other comparable phenomena? No.


Feel free to draw a sketch of what you have observed, as quickly as possible.
Indeed, the memory is not as reliable as we think.

If you can transmit them with your written testimony, it is an important element that is not negligible.

You can also attach to your testimony a map *, a satellite map * of the observation location, a photograph taken from your vantage point ** or a map of the sky *** at this time (if night observation).

*: indicate your position by a dot, the direction where you saw the phenomenon (beginning, middle, end of observation) and if possible its trajectory and its direction of movement (if mobile).

**: on which you can draw the phenomenon (apparent size respected) and its trajectory (if mobile).

***: indicate by a point where the object was and by a sign its various movement if there were any.

30-Mar-2009 22:53:13



The witness evokes, as an example of phenomena still a little mysterious for science, the "farfadets" - "leprechauns". He does not speak here of the "leprechauns" of folklore, but one of the electrical phenomena of the upper atmosphere is the existence was found, or at least acknowledged, in the early 2000s. In English, those are called "red sprites" and "blue jets", see my page about it.

I can find in the report indications of the rationality of the thought of the witness; which can be expected for a mathematician. For example, to the question "Has there been any transient effects", it does not answer "no", but "not that I know of".

He appears to be a "good" witness, and filled out the form the day after his observation. So I find it regrettable that there was no investigation, I think a phone call to the air force would have been a thing to do. I do not understand why "aerial navigation data is not available" - except if GEIPAN only evaluated the report well after it was written. It is not very obvious that "military maneuvers" could be an explanation for the observation - it would be a matter of knowing what the sphere was, because for the rest, it is clear that there were military maneuvers that seem to be related to this sphere. But what was this motionless sphere that appeared and disappeared from sight?

GEIPAN wrote that there is an air base whose runway would be in line of observation.

There is an air base in Holtzheim, but it is a small base of the Civil Security, with helicopters only, there is no way fighter planes would be operating from there. The observation is towards the north-west of the witness, this base is 32 kilometers to the south of the witness.

There is the Phalsbourg-Bourscheid Air Base, aka Quartier La Horie, a military base of the Army on the territory of the communes of Bourscheid, Mittelbronn, Saint-Jean-Kourtzerode and Zilling. It houses the helicopters of the 1st Combat Helicopter Regiment, no jet fighter or runway for such planes. It is 40 km east-southeast of the observation site.

In 2009, there was still the Drachenbronn airbase. But it was a radar base installed in an old Maginot Line blockhaus and it had no runway and no plane. It was 14 kilometers northeast of the observation site.

All that remains is the Strasbourg-Entzheim airport, 40 kilometers to the south of the witness. There was the BA 124 air base there once, but it was closed in 1992, the place was turned to a civilian airport thereafter.

The nearest military aircraft runway is BA 132 near Meyenheim in the Haut-Rhin, more than 90 km south of the observation site. Then, there is no RTBA (Very Low Altitude Network of the Air Force) in Alsace.

For the moment, therefore, I do not understand why GEIPAN indicates that the observation was "made in the axis of the runway of the near air base".

The witness proposes as a "the least worse" trivial explanation that of a weather balloon. This could be envisaged, but on the condition of not taking into account the disappearance, reappearance and final disappearance of the sphere; which would seem pretty "ad hoc".

The moon situation must be checked, especially as a comparison of brightness with it is evoked by the witness, and although the "disappearances" do not fit well either.

On March 30, 2009 at 11:50 a.m., the moon was visible at the 97° azimuth and the 39° height. It is approximately to the east of the observation site, while the direction of observation given by the witness is north-west. Moreover, the moon was in its first crescent, with only 17% of its surface lit by the sun from the place of observation, therefore, not showing at all the appearance of a sphere.

An advertising blimp with sky-colored sides and reflective front that rotated? This could have been it, but the angular elevation between 50 and 60° seems a bit high to me for such a craft, specially as the sphere seems to have been at some distance.

So, or the time being, I do not see a well assured trivial explanation.



Sources references:

* = Source is available to me.
? = Source I am told about but could not get so far. Help needed.

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