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ALSACAT is my comprehensive catalog of UFO sighting reports in Alsace, the region is the North-East of France, whether they are "explained" or "unexplained".

The ALSACAT catalog is made of case files with a case number, summary, quantitative information (date, location, number of witnesses...), classifications, all sources mentioning the case with their references, a discussion of the case in order to evaluate its causes, and a history of the changes made to the file. A general index and thematic sub-catalogs give access to these Alsatian case files.

Case of Reichstett, about 2000:

Case number:



On December 1, 2006, "Antoine", of Reichstett, who says he is now 11-year-old, reports to the website "" an event that dates from the time when he was 5 or 6 years old, of which he says that he is "not sure it's true."

One morning he had seen in the hall next to his bedroom on the ground floor a sort of white sheet with shoulders and a head. He was not sure what he had seen it because he was half asleep.

By the time he was about 10, he had told a friend about this, and the friend replied he should have checked, but he says again that he was half asleep.

He says he thinks it was the spirit of his great grandmother who died the year he had this vision, but thinks that a ghost is impossible because it was his parents who built the house, a little over 10 years ago.

He finishes: "Since then, nothing happens to me, luckily, because I'm easily frightened."


Temporal data:

Date: About 2000
Time: ?
Duration: ?
First known report date: December 1, 2006
Reporting delay: 5 to 7 years.

Geographical data:

Department: Bas-Rhin
City: Reichstett
Place: In bed in bedroom at home, entity in the hall.
Latitude: 48.645
Longitude: 7.752
Uncertainty ratio: 1 km

Witnesses data:

Number of alleged witnesses: 1
Number of known witnesses: 1
Number of named witnesses: 0
Witness(es) ages: 5
Witness(es) types: Young boy.

Ufology data:

Reporting channel: Reported to a website about the occult and the paranormal.
Type of location: In bed in bedroom at home, entity in the hall.
Visibility conditions: ?
UFO observed: No
UFO arrival observed: N/A
UFO departure observed: N/A
Entities: Yes
Photographs: No.
Sketch(s) by witness(es): No.
Sketch(es) approved by witness(es): No.
Witness(es) feelings: Puzzled.
Witnesses interpretation: Ghost?


Hynek: CE3
ALSACAT: Hypnagogic hallucination episode.


[Ref. oce1:] STORY ON "OCCULTE.NET":

Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 12:50:03

From: inc

Pseudo: panza

Firstname: antoine

City: reichstett

The story: I am not sure that is true (I'm 11 now) but when I was 5-6 years old, one morning I saw in the hallway next to my room (I sleep on the ground floor) a kind of white cloth with a head and shoulders and yet it is impossible that there ghosts because it is my parents that built this house there is a little more than 10 years ago. I'm not sure of what I saw because I was half sleeping.When I spoke to my friend Anthony Koehné (that's about one year ago now, almost) he told me I should have checked, but as I said, I was half sleeping. I think it was the spirit of my great-grandmother who died the year of this vision. Since then, nothing happened to me, luckily because I am easily scared.



This has a priori nothing to do with UFOs or UFO occupants or extraterrestrials. However a certain school of thought in ufology considers that this has to do with UFOs as as being a "global phenomenon."

Unfortunately, it seems that the most obvious explanation for such experiences often escapes them.

The simple explanation is that it was a hypnagogic hallucination, a "vision" more "consistent" than a dream but nevertheless not real; which occurs often to children, and when one is, precisely, "half asleep". The real link with ufology is the following: there are many similar cases in the ufology litterature with the difference that the "seen" entity is not a ghost but an "alien".

How and why hypnagogic hallucinations occur can be discovered by reading these references:


Hypnagogic hallucination episode.

Sources references:

* = Source is available to me.
? = Source I am told about but could not get so far. Help needed.

File history:


Main author: Patrick Gross
Contributors: None
Reviewers: None
Editor: Patrick Gross

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