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ALSACAT is my comprehensive catalog of UFO sighting reports in Alsace, the region is the North-East of France, whether they are "explained" or "unexplained".

The ALSACAT catalog is made of case files with a case number, summary, quantitative information (date, location, number of witnesses...), classifications, all sources mentioning the case with their references, a discussion of the case in order to evaluate its causes, and a history of the changes made to the file. A general index and thematic sub-catalogs give access to these Alsatian case files.

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Case of the Hardt forest, on August 28, 1977:

Case number:



The ufology GEOS group published in April 1978 a report on an object seen at about 10 kilometers from Mulhouse in the forest of the Hardt, probably on August 28, 1977.

Around 4 a.m., four friends had decided to go back to Mulhouse, after being at a ball in Colmar. Jean-Claude was driving the car. Arrived at about ten kilometers from Mulhouse, the car suddenly failed without explanation. Only the headlights stayed on.

The car had crossed the rest of a bend, freewheeling, and Jean-Claude stopped on the low side of the road that continued in a significant stretch of straight line for about 7 km.

The four friends searched in vain for the nature of the car failure. The car was a Renault 5 "Alpine" that was not even five months old at that time. Jean-Claude had indicated that the engine went off as if it was out of gas.

Inside the car, a radio-cassette was playing, and had also failed at the same time: "You see, when you play a cassette tape and that you turn off without first using the stop button, the tape slows down then nothing anymore."

It was as if the power was off, yet, the headlights were still operating; which allowed them to cross the turn of the road without trouble.

Seeing that they could not do anything, Jean-Claude had cut the headlights and they decided to continue on foot.

Half an hour later, they came to the Hardt forest, where they saw a huge object, shaped like a malformed ball, which has appeared between two clouds. The ball was red orange in color, with a kind of white light was around it. This white light hurt the witnesses' eyes.

The witnesses remembered they perceived a sound during the appearance of the ball between the two clouds. It was a deaf sound, like a vacuum cleaner when cut, soft and strong but low in volume.

They had first thought the object was the moon.

But they soon changed their minds, because the object began a descent to the ground, or at least they assumed because they have not really seen the descent of the object. It was between two clouds and suddenly, he found himself to the left.

When the ball started its descent, the sound ceased.

At this time, the white light that surrounded the ball disappeared, and the ball then began a trajectory Z, shown in a sketch:

Between the positions taken during the descent to the ground, the ball stopped. The path between two points materialized by a line bright orange, which is reminiscent of the witnesses that the moving speed was extremely fast.

When the ball had finished his "Z", it was just above the trees, majestic and particularly impressive for its size.

When the object was above the trees, there was a pine glade, fir, and others, below. The clairire meesurait in the 50 meters in diameter, and the object it poses.

The descent was slow. Arriving on the ground, the ball seemed to take the shape of a rugby ball.

In height, it exceeded the trees less than 25 meters in height, and witnesses believe that the object could be measured fifty meters in diameter.

At that time, witnesses were located approximately 300 meters of the place and on the other side of the road. They may well observe the object behind the trees, and they head in silence towards the ball.

At this time, from the direction of Mulhouse, a Renault 16 arrived, and immediately the ball is off, or disappeared. She had been placed on the ground that for 10 seconds at most.

Witnesses went to the scene and found the traces left by the object.

The weather had been nice to warm weather, soft, and there were few clouds.

The GEOS report notes that the moon had risen at 6:03 local French time and had set at 5:30.

So, when Jean-Claude and his friends arrive at the estimated landing site, making their way through the vegetation, they see traces they think were left by the object.

The thing had been placed in a clearing surrounded by trees, on the ground covered with grass. When they arrived at the scene, they had noticed that there was no object, but that the ambient air seemed warmer than outside the clearing and that inside, the grass was yellowed.

Jean-Claude remembered the presence of a strange odor, similar to the odor that emerges when you unblock or when you "work on pipes". It was said in the 1978 that one can still notice the traces because nothing seems to grow in this place. Near the tracks, there was also a neat cut tree.

The report presented Jean-Claude Gesist, the main witness, as being 20-year-old, an electronics buff, brave, not believing in UFOs, having now changed his mind, appearing sincere, and still wondering what it was he observed.

The initial author was none other than a ufologist with whom I had already spoken, Patrick Seray. Seray rehashed the case in 2016, noting the presence of a near full moon at 10° above the horizon, noting the frequency of such minsinterprteations, and the absence of evidence as for the traces since nobody went checked. He specifies that his text had not been considered as an investigation, and regrets that two bulletins have done as if it was.


Temporal data:

Date: August 28, 1977
Time: 04:30 a.m.
Duration: 2 minutes.
First known report date: November 28, 1977
Reporting delay: 3 months.

Geographical data:

Department: Haut-Rhin
City: Mulhouse
Place: Forest of La Hardt
Latitude: 47.844
Longitude: 7.394
Uncertainty radius: 1 km.

Witnesses data:

Number of alleged witnesses: 4
Number of known witnesses: 1
Number of named witnesses: 1
Witness(es) ages: Young adults, 20.
Witness(es) types: Young men.

Ufology data:

Reporting channel: Told to ufologist Patrice Seray.
Type of location: roadside then forest.
Visibility conditions: Night
UFO observed: Yes
UFO arrival observed: No
UFO departure observed: Yes
Entities: No
Photographs: No.
Sketch(s) by witness(es): No.
Sketch(es) approved by witness(es): No.
Witness(es) feelings: Puzzled.
Witnesses interpretation: First, the moon, then something unidentified.


Hynek: CE2
ALSACAT: Possible Moon.





Date: Probably August 28, 1977.
Location: Forest of Hardt ( 10 Kms from Mulhouse)
Moon: Rise 6:03 ( HLF ) Set 5:30.
Weather : Beautiful, few clouds, mild temperatures. Sweet.


Nature: Landing with traces.
Subject: Ball orange-red, huge.
Duration: Two minutes approx.
Witnesses: four in number.

Investigation Investigation Service GEOS ref. 288h77.


At 4 o'clock in the morning, our friends decided to go back home in Mulhouse. They were at a dance in Colmar.

Jean-Claude takes his car, loads his companions and they leave. Arrived about ten kms from Mulhouse the car breaks down suddenly right in a turn of the road (...) and without possible explanation. Only the headlights remain lit. The car crossed the rest of the turn in freewheel and Jean-Claude stops on the edge the road.

Facing an important straight line of about 7 kms. Our friends looked in vain for the nature of the failure. Note that the car, a R.5 Alpine, was less than five months old at the time of the incident.

According to Jean-Claude the car had the engine off as when one falls out of gas.

Inside the car, a radio-cassette decj was functioning. But also at the same time itfailed. And, in the following manner:

"You see, when you plug [sic "load"] a cassette and you disconnect it [sic, "eject it"] without stopping the "play" button, the cassette slows slow, and blam, nothing anymore."

So as if the power was no longer opertating. However the headlights were still working, and so they could pass the turn without trouble.

Seeing that they could not do anything about it, Jean-Claude turns the headlights off and they decide to walk away. And it is a half-hour later that the phenomenon occurred...

Arrived at the Hardt forest, located about ten kms from Mulhouse, they saw a huge object, malformed ball-shaped, come in between two clouds, It was red and orange and a kind of light verging on the white surrounded the object. It is this white color that hurt the witnesses' eyes.

Initially the witnesses think they see the moon. But they quickly change their minds, because the object began a descent to the ground. At least our witnesses supposes it [sic, "suppose"] because they do not really seen [sic, "see"] the descent of the object. It was between two clouds and all of a sudden, it is more on the left....

At this time the white light surrounding the ball disappeared... The object then began its trajectory in Z in space. (see sketch).

Between the positions took [sic, "taken"] by the object, during the descent to the ground, the ball stopped. The path between two points materialized by a bright orange line. This made the witnesse think the speed of movement was extremely fast.

When the ball had finished its Z, it was just above the trees. Majestically and especially impressive for its size.

Witnesses remember they perceived a common noise when the ball had appeared between the two clouds. This sound was muffled, like a vacuum cleaner when it is being turned off. The sound was gentle and loud, but of low volume.

After the appearance of the ball, and when it began its descent, disappeared [sic, "the sound disappeared"?]

Returning to our subject, when it is above the trees. Below the object, a clearing of trees (pine trees - fir trees - etc... ) It measures 50 m in diameter. This is where the object lands.... Arriving on the ground, the ball seemed to take the shape of a rugby ball. Its descent was slow. It exceeded the height of the trees. Our witnesses believe that the object could have been about fifty meters in diameter. The trees measuring at least 25 m.

At this time, the witnesses are about 300 meters from the location and on the other side of the road. They observe it very well be behind the trees. And in silence, they walk towards the ball.

This is when coming from the direction of Mulhouse, a R. 16 [sic "comes" ?]. Immediatley the ball goes out or disappears. We will never know. The landing lasted 10 seconds at most.

Our friends go to spot and find the traces left by the object.....



The object landed in this clearing surrounded by trees. The land is covered with grass. Witnesses noted that the air was warmer on the site of the landing than on the surroundings. The grass is yellowed, as if slightly burnt. No smoke. A strange odor... that our witnesses never smelled, but which nonetheless recalls the odor given off during pipe work. But it was lighter, and it didn't bother.

Even today, having visited the place, you can see these traces.


The next day, Jean-Claude returns to the place to get his car back. To his astonishment, it starts up again! As for the radio-cassette player, taking out the cassette, he notices that it is blocked. To be reported in the region a base of Mirage. No high voltage line on the premises. Five weeks after this event, in Mertzein [sic], an object lands in a field and a white man comes out...


Jean-Claude GESITS, the main witness, born October 22, 1957, does not believe in UFOs. Now he has changed his mind about it. He seems sincere. He always asks himself a few questions about his observation: Who caused the breakdown of his vehicle, who stopped his radio-cassette, what did he observe that day?.

He an electronics buff. He is brave.


Many of the side effects caused by UFOs can be found here:

- Traces.
- Odor
- Noise.
- Car breakdown.
- Radio and headlights failure.
- Effects of lights on the eyes of witnesses.

What seems most incredible is the size of the object. The kind of traces noted, is also rare [sic] described during landings.

File not closed. To be continued therefore.



819b CE2 08/28/1977 v 04 H Forest of the Hardt
10 km from Mulhouse
NI [="Not Identified] "Les E.T." n° 6



Ref. F/00/68/77 08 28 (01) IQ: 1,0,1,1,1 (4) IE: 0

Sunday August 28, around 4 a.m. (UTC: 2 a.m.) 4 residents of Mulhouse (68) are returning home in a R5 alpine on the road that runs along the Hart forest. Arrived at about ten kms from Mulhouse, the car breaks down before a bend. Fortunately the headlights are still on and the driver manages to park his vehicle in neutral gear. They decide to continue on foot. After half an hour of walking at night, they see a huge orange glow between the clouds. The phenomenon seems to descend while zigzagging towards the ground. A thud is heard as the ball seems to land behind the trees in the distance (300m). A vehicle then appears and lights up the landscape, when it moves away everything has disappeared. The witnesses go to the place and note traces in a clearing and note a strange smell. The traces of yellowed grass were noted by the investigator.

Explanation: reconciliation of facts with no real link with a probable confusion with the moon (E.Maillot 91).

Source: GEOS investigation ("Les E. T. 11 nr6 April 78), Delaval cat. 90.

[Ref. psy1:] PATRICE SERAY:


Object on the ground near Mulhouse
On August 28, 1977 at 05h in the morning.

This case was the subject of a pre-investigation on November 28 and 29, 1977. Only the main witness could be heard, being of the same corporation as me (77/02). I noted this when writing my report: "A site visit proves therefore essential as well as additional investigation with the three other witnesses."

Date: Very probably August 28, 1977, at about 5 am.
Location: Forest of the Hardt (10 km from Mulhouse).
Moonrise: 7:16 p.m.
Moon set: 5:30
Sunrise: 06:30
Sunset: 7:49
Full moon on August 28 at 21:10
Weather: Clear beautiful, little clouds, mild weather, warm weather.
Observation: landing traces.
Subject: Huge red orange ball.
Duration: two minutes.
Witnesses: 4, the main one being Jean-Claude G ...

Narrative summary:

Around 4 am, four friends decide it's time to go home in Mulhouse (97) [sic, 68]. They are then in Colmar at a ball.

J Claude takes his car, his companions get inside and he starts. About ten kilometers before Mulhouse, the car suddenly fails in a turn. Only the headlights are on and the vehicle passes in freewheels but fortunately at



moderate speed, the rest of the curve without real danger! J Claude manages to then stop the vehicle on the low side.

Facing them, a long straight line is drawn (approximately 7 km). They seek in vain the cause of the failure, especially incomprehensible as the car, a R5 Alpine, is only five months old.

According to J Claude, the only witness interviewed, engine cut itself as if it had been out of gas. Inside, the radio cassette player continues to operate then it also fails. The failure is so odd that J Claude describes it:

"You see, when a casette [sic] tape is inserted and you turn it off without using the "play" button the tape slows down and blam, nothing! (Sic)"

So if we want to understand this part, it is as if the battery power no longer flowed. But the headlights still functioned, though!

Noting that efforts to restart the vehicle were vain, J Claude decides to turn off the headlights and encourages his companions in a forced walk by foot.

It was after a good half hour walk that the phenomenon manifested itself.

Arrived at the edge of the forest of the Hart, they see a huge object shaped like a "malformed" ball arise between two clouds. It was red orange in color with a kind of whitish halo, hurting the eyes! A deaf sound seemed to accompany it.

At first, they think of the moon, but they change their mids quickly because the object initiated a descent to the ground. At least they assume it did, because the phenomenon that was the moment before between two clouds finds itself suddenly leftmost and visually lower.

At this point, the white light disappears. The object then begins a path following a "Z" in space. Between the



positions of each leg of the "Z", the ball observe a stop time. The path between the points is materialized by a bright orange line. This, for our witnesses, is reminiscent of an extremely fast speed.

When the "Z" is completed (the object is just behind the trees, majestic and especially impressive in size ) J Claude remembers he perceived a sound like the one heard at the beginning of the phenomenon. A loud noise similar to that of a vacuum cleaner that is turned off.

A well perceptible noise although of low volume.

During the trajectory "Z", the noise had stopped!

While the object is behind the trees, the witnesses are unaware that underneath lies a clearing measuring fifty meters. This is where the subject object lands. Once on the ground, it takes the form of a shape close to that of a rugby ball.

The descent is very slow. the huge size is described by the witness who narrates the events as "exceeding the trees (?)"

According to J Claude, he was with his friends about 300 meters of the object, he claims it was about 50 m in diameter. The trees are reaching 25/30 meters in height.

J Claude silently waved so that all head to the object, but, from Mulhouse, "a R 16 comes and immediately the luminous ball takes off or disappears. The object seems to have only stayed about ten seconds on the ground.

When J Claude and his friends arrive at the estimated location of the landing, in making his way through the vegetation, they find traces they believe to have been left by the object.

The traces

The UFO landed in a clearing surrounded by trees.Tthe ground is covered with grass. Witnesses on the scene note that there is no object but the air seems warmer than



outside of the clearing, and inside, the grass is burned, yellowed, to be more accurate.

J Claude remembers the presence of an odor similar to the smell that emerges when one opens or "works on the sewer pipes." When he tells me this story, J Claude says the traces can still be seen where nothing seems to grow anymore at this place. Near the traces, a cleanly cut tree!


The very day of the observation, J Claude returned to the spot to retrieve his car. To his amazement it restarts correctly. There is a military base 5 km away, sheltering Mirages and Fouga-Magister. No high voltage line. J Claude remembers that five weeks after his adventure, he had heard that an object had landed in a field at Mertzein [sic] and that a white man had emerged.

J Claude was born on 22 October 1957, this main witness seems sincere. He admits he did not believe in this kind of phenomenon before the observation. He wonders if the failure of the vehicle is linked. He had no particular fear and it was actually him who first went to the object on the ground. He would not claim to be very brave though.

This leaves in wondering.

In this story (not investigated - recall), we find the characteristic atmosphere of the stories of UFO sightings at the time and even now. there are the famous side-effects such as noise, peculiar smell, the failure of the car, which, even if it occurred before the appearance is tempting to link to it.

This failure raises questions, however, at least should ask questions, to those who think an exotic object can produce this kind of effect, even at distances (space and time). Indeed, how to



explain that the second vehicle then arriving when the object was on the ground had not "suffered" the same effect?

Is the moon set really foreign to all this? The description of the witness ("between the clouds" and "close to the ground") irresistibly evokes an effect of "slip" characteristic of a moon lying in front of tired witnesses.

I have seen this many times. But the path does not match anything so classic! The yellowed grass as described by Jean Claude is not in the realm of proof of any landing. Only a site visit could check if this yellowing exists and if so if it is out of a natural yellowing, for starters. The dimensions given by our narrator for the clearing are exactly those he considers for the object. Does this reinforces the consistency at all? For hime maybe, and it could be unconsciously.

Fifty meters! Hell! But even considering this as perfectly true I know at least one case (duly investigated) where the refraction of the rising sun on a low layer of clouds had caused some excitement on the part of witnesses. A mass greater than a house! (We'll see this later).

In conclusion, items not so strange than they seem and other more disturbing and an absence of checks. This is the case of many testimonials about the UFO phenomenon, especially at this time when the means had nothing to do with those that can be used nowadays particularly via the Internet. It is the same ignorance by ufologists of the memorial reconstruction and adaptation to the specific language of each witness by his studies and his experience. This aspect of the phenomenon inside the phenomenon appeared to me essential for a proper reading grid.



Going back to the above case, another information still: even if this road has little traffic at the time of observation and it our witnesses had to walk nearly 7 kilometers before arriving to a city (Mulhouse), it would have been very important to find the driver of the R 16 who must have seen something before the light turned off suddenly. Indeed, if the ball actually the exceeded trees, such a phenomenon was seen from afar by the occupant of the vehicle. Why did he not stop then? Has he recognized the object in question? Was there nothing to see?

What is even more extraordinary is the publication of the case in a UFO magazine in the Paris region at the time of the facts, without any warning, as a case verified in situ, unequivocal and unambiguous!

Better, I learned that another magazine, of the tiny group of "Frontières de la Science", whom I belonged then, is said to have published this case in 1978 at pages 11/14 titles "D. S. investigation... the name of their president then?"

I can not endorse this as no investigations were made either by me nor by this gentleman. Nobody saw the ground traces that are "still visible today" (ie 1978 according to this magazine).

Again, a false information. ufology does not need this. Anyway, a quick check via Stellarium made later indicates that the moon was very close to the ground as it was at a 10° angular height in the west-southwest. Visually, a moon near



the horizon appears larger than when it is high in the sky. It is a fact that everyone can check. Less than 24 hours later, it was the full moon (illuminated upfront at 99.2%).

How could the witness could not see the moon? Simply by confusing it with another object. The discussions we had before about UFOs have had some influence despite an apparent skepticism.

Although surprising, the assertion that misunderstandings with the moon or other planets are more common than it appears, is a verified fact. (See the work of CNEGU about this thanlks to the SAROS cycle) and the reader will have some examples in reading the rest of this booklet.



I have a certain amount of information and remarks to add.

The "GEOS France" or "Groupe d'Etudes des Objets Spatiaux" was an ufology group created by Gérard Lebat, ufologist and night watchman, in 1968 in Villejust in Essonne, on the inspiration of the GEOS group of Swiss. GEOS France published a bulletin titled "Hypothèses Extraterrestress." The group ceased its activity at the end of 1981.

Jean-Claude had spoken of a sewer-like odor perceived on the area of the alleged "landing". Knowing the Hardt well, having driven it all over the place for decades, I can tell more. It happens that there is, across the Hardt, a canal baptized with an eloquent name (*) by us Mulhousians. This canal drains the wastewater from Mulhouse. This, on the one hand can be a corroborating element that the adventure has taken place, and on the other hand, it helps to locate the places approximately. I will get back at this later.

(*) "Schisskanal".

Patrice Seray reveals in his text that it was he himself who had listened to Jean-Claude, that the two knew each other and that they had talked about UFOs together before the sighting. Therefore I share the regret that the other witnesses were not heard, that the place was not visited, but how could anyone have done it? I will try to find the place myself, but am not sure this is possible.

Patrice Seray, then friend of Jimmy Guieu, had indeed been a member and even was the vice-president of the ufology group, "Frontières de la Science", which had several dozen members. The signature D. S. of which he speaks, improperly affixed according to him to his article in the bulletin of this group, is indeed certainly that of the president of this group, Didier Safranionek. Some say he supports the famous and proven Cergy-Pontoise hoax, others say the opposite. Some indicate that Patrice Seray supported the hoax, others the opposite. There are in fact very strong quarrels there; which I do not want to get too involved in, being neither concerned nor well informed.

In view of the narrative, I totally share the main point of Patrice Seray: the breakdown affecting the car is not proof, the mention of the traces either, the presence of the moon is established for the probable date, its position is (appxoximately) the one that was indicated. There are many misinterpretations caused by the moon, mistaken for a UFO, it is not rare, there are some in this ALSACAT catalog. The maneuvers in "Z" seem to oppose it, but I have a doubt since only one witness is interviewed, and that he like the others returned late from a ball, probably tired, especially since they had walked a long time, and maybe not very sober - I do not judge, but I refuse to keep this idea silent, I have never been "politically correct" in ufology.

I do not agree with Patrice Seray's remarks about the Renault 16. Of course we can argue that it did not break down like the R5 Alpine, and that this calls into question the assumption of a link between failure and UFO in this case. This link is in any case most fragile in my opinion given the spatial and temporal distance between the two facts. But, we are told that when the R16 arrived, "immediately, the ball went out". This constitutes an element - insufficient - against the Moon, and above all, it would explain very well that the driver of the R16 saw nothing. However, there is no reason to see this as a "bulletproof element" to the detriment of the lunar explanation.

It would also have been necessary to know whether the witnesses had moved on the arrival of the R16, perhaps going to try to alert the driver. Did the ball "extinguish", or was it hidden from their view following their movement? Did they really see the ball die out, in front of their eyes? If so, the moon is in trouble, if not, the moon is winning again.

I'm suspicious of the size-in-height indication of the supposed UFO. It is said to have "landed" and is then said to be "above" the trees. It would exclude the moon. But should we hear "the base touches the ground and the top exceeds the trees"? Or more simply, is it a mention that its lower part was partly only under the treetops? It was not clearly explained. As it seems that the witnesses were 300 meters from the "landed" thing, and that there is no mention that they approached it while it was still on the ground, this "trespassing" of the height of the trees, in my opinion, does not give the vertical size of the thing, and there is no certainty that it was actually posed on the ground. This could be simply inferred by Jean-Claude when he noticed the "traces on the ground", attributing them to the UFO; which is not justified a priori. The 300 meters themselves are not a measure, but a subjective impression, perhaps again caused by the distance of the clearing, noted on the way there.

I will now try to find the place. What I know is:

The Route Nationale 422 no longer exists as such since 2006, it is now Route Départementale 201. Its route is relatively parallel to that of the A35 motorway which it runs along in places.

We find there - my blue line - the straight portion of exactly 7 km after a bend:

Map 1.

We have a single straight position of 7 km running near the great forest of the Hardt clearly visible on this map. It is on the A35 and I marked it with the green line. At the bottom of the line, we arrive in the suburbs of Mulhouse. It is therefore after leaving Ensisheim, in the bend, that the car failed.

Stuck there (somewhere along the blue line) and deciding to go on by foot, they certainly decided to go all the way to Mulhouse on foot on this road - perhaps hoping to get picked up hitchhiking. If they had turned back towards Ensisheim, they would have moved away from the forest. Having walked "half an hour", therefore walking 1 to 2 km, they must have probably been somewhere on the road around the red line.

We could also draw a circle whose center would be the air base BA132, the location of which would be 5 km from where Jean-Claude returned to pick up his car the next day. If I take the distance between the end of the base and the place of the car breakdown, I get 5.5 km.

In the forest area where I think to locate the observation, I find several clearings, some of 50 meters in diameter. They are found in the yellow ellipse:

Carte 2.

The "smelly" cabal for evacuating the Mulhouse sewers is 1.7 km from the clearings, to their east (red line). The wind could have brought in the smells.

I can't guarantee I've found the right clearing, obviously. The closest are 600 meters from the road. There are several clearings, and I have not yet located the pines or firs. And it is odd that they had the impulse to cross at least a kilometer of countryside to get closer to the "UFO", and then to enter the forest, also odd to find an estimated duration (by them or by Patrice Seray?) as having lasted "2 minutes". But I can at least guarantee that the UFO was neither in their North, nor their South, nor their West, it had to be generally towards the East. They were on the road, and the UFO was "in", or at least heading to, the forest.

Here is a more general map, with the two cities, the BA 132 air base, in green the area with clearing from where, I think, the witnesses could have observed the UFO:

Map 3.

I still have to check the position of the Moon. Patrice Seray indicates: to "the west-south-west", at an elevation of 10°.

It turns out that at 4 a.m. on August 28, 1977, from the place of observation, the moon was at azimuth 216°, that is to say the southwest, at an elevation of 24°. It appeared at 8:54 p.m., and set at 7:12 a.m.. It is a full moon with 99.2% of its surface illuminated.

At 5 a.m., it is at 230° and an elevation which is still 18°. It would only be at 10° at 6:05 a.m., at azimuth 243°.

It is possible, but not proven, that the UFO was the moon.


Possible Moon.

Sources references:

* = Source is available to me.
? = Source I am told about but could not get so far. Help needed.

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